Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend's Mission :: Husein's Engagement 29.03.2014

Saturday 29.03.2014.
Antara Gapi, Rawang

Selfie laki bini satu..otw panas panas hantaran last tak siap lg ;p

Alhamdulillah sampai at 4pm sharp as promised. It was sunny and hot alhamdulillah.

Ahli ahli rombongan. Well a part of it. Spot Iman?

My father with the hantarans.We brough 5 dulangs. 6 including the sireh junjung. DIY by sis Zaynab.

Simple yet meaningful : A ring, a cake, a towel, an Al-Quran, chocolates, and of course the sireh junjung.
Well, experience made everything much easier. Whipping up everything in no time :)

and by last..

The ring ceremony. From MIL to be to Bride to be. Inshallah

The pretty bride to-be, sister in law to be, Sarah with my beautiful cuzzy Kak Midah. Tak ingat nak amek pictures with me :p

My maklong and grandmother :)

Alhamdulillah, everything went well and we, the groom side asked for a year to tie the knot. Inshallah. Thank you very much for the hospitality of the family welcoming us for the ceremony. Thank you also to our own family members for their time and support for this ceremony to run smoothly according to plan.



Walking down the memory lane 4years ago :)

Hahaha,,nak jugak ya?

Happy Belated Engagement Anniversary dear hubby (ada jugak ye?).
Thank you for everything you have done all these 4years. 

A loving father, yang suka kemas rumah, tak kesah sidai baju, rajin lipat kain, the handyman around the house and suka mandikan anak anak :) tak kesah lah suka komplen bini masak tak sedap..hehehe

I love you.

Not much changed except for daddy was a size S (UK) back then. Now size L :p

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