Friday, October 30, 2015

Post exam and Tadika Arif Minda

Aslm wbt

Hi uols!
Lama sgt kan tak tulis penulisan luahan perasaan or heart to heart kan? bukan lah H2H sgt tp mcm tulis pnjg yg cerita semua bebel bebel. asyik tulis, pastu rs inappropriate pastu pdm. pastu tulis pastu padam. haih mcm mana tu. Kerja pun makin byk. Pasal kerja ni pun satu hal. Company dr luar mcm nk tutup dh, tp projects nya, mashallah byk betul. Yg dlm syarikat ni pun rasa kompius, org luar taktaulah mcm mana kan? Bila otak letih, balik kerja malam dh letih. Layan jugalah anak2 main, sembang2 tanya pasal school, pasal kwn2 diorg. Macam2 ceritalah keluar. Just nak enjoy the moment where dpt menyembang dgn mommy tu rs sgt best. Risau dgn anak2 yg rs mak ayah ni jauh sgt dgn diorg, asyik kerja je or tak ambil pot pun psl diorg..mula lah rs tersisih, rasa terabai. Nauzubillah.

Banyak kali juga buat pertimbangan nak tukarkan iman ke tadika lain, nampak ok byk activities Arif Minda ni cuma, utk Iman progress dia mcm mommy rasa slow sikit. Tak taulah sb teachers ke sebab diri dia sendiri ke. Tp nmpk mcm Arif Minda ni sgt2 academically oriented. Risau juga. Ada exams semua since 3yrs old. Hmmmmmmmm.. Aritu teacher yg buat management of the branch dok push tanya whether iman still nak sekolah TAM or not, mommy dah kata yes. Wpn mommy tak abes fikir lg. Klu ikutkan everything's ok arifminda ni, except claims yg kata English approach tu mcm a lil bit lacking. Communications with parents pun bukan dlm English jadi timbul rs ralat sikit. Other than that, and nuggets murah for snacks (adoi, spoil betul mommy tgk nuggets murah ni), diorg mcm happy je in Arif Minda. We'll see how. Next yr Iman dh 5yrs old. Dah kna daftar utk Sek Kebangsaan. We'll see how it goes.

For this lil munchkin Zulhafidzey Amsyar, he seems ok for his first year in Arif Minda. Alhmdulillah dh fully toilet trained, he becomes more pickier than ever in eating his food. Mashallah. Kadang2 nak nasi dgn kicap je. Berat pun kekal 11kg je for a 3 yrs old. From observation, Amsyar is a lil bit mild tempered compared to his big brother, and he surely loves cuddles and hugs and kisses. Mmg opposite to Abg Iman yg allows mommy to kiss and cuddle only when he wants to go to sleep. Dah sleepy br allow goodnight kiss. Mahal nau pipi tuh :p Amsyar, he gets along with other kids alright and yes, i can confirm that he's a lefty. Org kata lefties ni creative, yalah kot. He could write letters nicely and could memorize quite a bundle of surahs and doas from schoo; alhmdulillah. Nothing more i pray for u guys except for to be always happy, smart and healthy.

So there goes my story, sikit sikit jelah. Jerebu pun dh subsidue in Kl and Shah Alam alhmdulillah, and the rain comes in daily doses these days. Mommy is a content mommy tho all work and a lot of stress lately! Diwali hols is coming, the school hols is coming and we have our weekends all full this coming November! Mcm2 la plak. Sempat selit satu short getaway pun dh kira ok nih. Jomm! Iman's concert coming and my cousin's wedding ending it all on the 29th of Oct (new baju please!) !  Too many things to look forward to! So welcoming November with all smiles!!!

Esok dah weekend! so let us all make it a great one! Inshallah!  :)
Nak masak ape ye weekend ni? Last week buat keria. Ni 3rd time kot buat seumuq hidop. Berguru dgn siapa tah tak ingat baru jadi gulanya. rupenya dh masuk keria kena tutup api! Tu rahsianya :P

Take care ugaiz.


Mommy Z
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Friday, October 23, 2015

Our One-day Legoland Trip!

Hello there!

Finally the entry on legoland!! Well here it goes! Last (few) saturdays (12th Sept 2015), we went on a day trip to Legoland via Kelab Proton. (Mashallah dh lebih sebulan tak update lagi! OMG!) Thanks to the club, we managed to get really cheap tix plus transportation to and fro, so yeay! It was Iman and Amsyar's first long distance bus trip so at first i was not really sure what to expect. We brought food and a bundle of extra shirts in case the kids threw-up in the bus. 5am sharp, all 9 buses from proton left Proton premises heading South to Johore! Yeay!!

Daddy n Iman on the bus

Me, and the RND gang :) - kakbib, rahmah and Z. 

After a few pit stops, solat at RNR seremban and breakfast, we arrived Legoland around 10-ish. It was running late so we rushed to grab as many rides as we could! As Amsyar is only 3 and is shorter than minimum height, there were a lot of rides restricted for him. Pitying him, we skipped all rides that could not include him, but still enjoyed the rides he could play. Tu pun we didnt manage to get all rides! :) Time was really against us..huhuhu.

If you're planning to come here, Legoland is actually divided into several activity zones and separates the wet park with the dry park. The activity zones im talking about is actually the dry park.

Zones includes

  • The Beginning
  • LEGO Kingdom
  • Imangination
  • Land Of Adventure
  • Lego City and ..
  • Miniland
Banyak rides yg menarik and open playground for the kids to play with. But we skipped most of the playgrounds to get more rides covered. Well we skipped the entire Kingdom and Lego Technic place which was quite a waste. Surely kena dtg lagi ni.sehari mmg xcukup nak cover semua. The kids were exhausted but really happy. penat but happy alhmdulillah. and they remembered most of the rides. Alhmdulillah. Nak review satu satu pun tak berapa feel bila dh lama2 ni. You can click the link below for further information.

View interactively here

Our map.

As amsyar is not 90cm yet kenalah cr games/rides that fit for him. Banyak jugalah wpn byk yg tak boleh naik. Tu pun byk yg kna skip skip skip. Rugi! Masa kami g tu, bukan cuti sekolah or public hols so waiting time for each ride mmg singkat or no need to queue at all. As all of us have different preferences, we split up at the entrance and move in small family groups, kadang kadang je terseremepak. We aimed for the dry park first, nanti dh penat p berendam at the water park :)

 Our first pit-stop = Junior driving School. The ride was simpler for toddlers (2-6yrs old) and much exciting for the bigger kids. Nanti inshallah we come again for the bigger kids ride ya..and for all the rides u boys arent tall enough to ride at the moment :)

Lets just enjoy the pics  which are not really in order :)

Amsyar trying hard to control the car ;). Iman was already a pro ;p

One of the landmarks

Inside the 4D cinema. Nice one with all water splashes and all

Behind legoland hotel. Huge Knights!

Iman from inside Legoland Express

On the Lego Express train. Daddy berkerut panas

Teman iman on Beetle Bounce. OMG what a funny pic

We had our lunch stop at the Pizza eatery in the middle of Imagination area. The food was really nice tho quite pricey. We had one regular pizza, one spagetti, one casserole of lamb cannelloni and few mugs of brocolli soup for about rm70. The servings was plentiful and the cannelloni..sedap gila!. Thumbs up for this pizza place :) Haih teringat plak. My friends didnt even stopped for lunch but knowing the boys..we need our carbs fix

Lets just enjoy the pictures. This entry so not deserve more delay ;) 

Met Chef Emit in the pizza place :) Kebetulan. Lucky we were indeed! :)

Goofing around with the large lego girrafe :)

We with the Darth Vader

Some miniature of Star Wars planets like Naboo etc. Awesome giller. sorry for the poor lighting

The only waterpark pic we had :P The boys had a great splash here for the last 1hr. But one hour is not really enough!

The tix counter outside Legoland entrance

Maps, Tickets and receipts :)

All in all, the trip was really great. But one day to explore all is really not enough. We'll surely repeat the trip again maybe after the boys are a bit more taller and could enjoy more rides inshallah. For those plannng to come here, dont forget your bottled waters and food packs. They dont check much but do bring in those foodies in discreet to respect them lah. Bawak siap tapau dlm plastic mmg over lah kan. But no-worries, you could always go in and out as much as you like (on the same day) to get a grab at the eateries at the opposite mall :)

Till then Legoland! We'll come again. The bus arrived Proton Shah Alam at 10pm sharp alhmdulillah. Berenti for maghrib in an RnR in JB( tak ingat nama RnR) and dinner. The boys snoozed all the way back whilst mommy stayed awake watching movies. The bus was really dark and quiet mana tak semua tidor. 

The boys really enjoyed everything. Well actually, me too.What a trip! 

10 Muharram - Hari Asyura

Hi uols. 
Selamat berpuasa utk yg puasa :) Sempena hari asyura jom kita kaji apa itu hari asyura. Ni saya ambil dr wikipedia :) Neutral sikit utk perkongsian bersama sb hari asyura (10 Muharram ni utk yg bermazhab syiah ialah hari kesedihan (sebenarnya hari kesedihan utk semua muslims) sebab cucu Nabi SAW telah mati dibunuh pd tarikh ini di karbala oleh tentera Yazid yg merebutkan takhta khalifah yg ingin diwarisi dr ayahnya Muawiyah. Kalau ikutkkan, siapa yg lbih dekat dgn nabi? Cucu nabi atau anak muawiyah. Kata mereka kaum syiah kufah yg membunuh Sayyidina Husein ni. Tp pd masa ni belum wujud pun mazhab2 spt mana skrg. Sendiri lah kita kaji dan ingat. kita semua manusia biasa.

From wiki

Menurut tradisi masyarakat Islam, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. melakukan puasa Asyura sejak di Makkah lagi memandangkan puasa Asyura merupakan amalan biasa masyarakat tempatan. Apabila baginda berhijrah ke Madinah, baginda turut mendapati yang kaum Yahudi turut berpuasa pada hari Asyura (atau bagi mereka adalah Yom Kippur yang juga pada hari kesepuluh). Ketika itu, baginda mengesahkan dan mensyariatkan puasa sehingga ia menjadi satu kewajiban kerana baginda merasakan masyarakat Islam lebih dekat dengan Nabi Musa. Ibn Hajar al-asqalani, dalam pernyataannya terhadap Sahih Bukhari mengatakan yang syariat puasa telah dijadikan kepada bulan Ramadhan setahun kemudian. Kini, masyarakat Islam melakukan puasa pada 10 Muharram sebagai amalan sunat dan bukan kewajiban.

Masyarakat Islam turut percaya akan berlakunya kejadian besar ketika 10 Muharram:
  • Hari pertama Allah menciptakan alam.
  • Hari pertama Allah menurunkan rahmat.
  • Hari pertama Allah menurunkan hujan.
  • Allah menjadikan 'Arasy.
  • Allah menjadikan Luh Mahfuz.
  • Allah menjadikan Malaikat Jibril.
  • Nabi Adam a.s. dicipta.
  • Diampunkan dosa Nabi Adam a.s. setelah bertahun-tahun memohon keampunan kerana melanggar larangan Allah.
  • Nabi Idris a.s. diangkat darjatnya oleh Allah dan Malaikat Izrail membawanya ke langit.
  • Diselamatkan Nabi Nuh a.s. dan pengikutnya dari banjir besar selama enam bulan dan bahtera baginda selamat berlabuh di puncak pergunungan.
  • Nabi Ibrahim a.s. dilahirkan di kawasan pendalaman dan terselamat dari buruan Raja Namrud.
  • Nabi Ibrahim a.s. diselamatkan Allah dari api Raja Namrud.
  • Nabi Yusuf a.s. dibebaskan dari penjara setelah meringkuk di dalamnya selama tujuh tahun.
  • Nabi Yaakub a.s. telah sembuh buta matanya ketika kepulangan anaknya Yusuf di hari tersebut.
  • Nabi Ayub a.s. disembuhkan dari penyakitnya.
  • Nabi Musa a.s. telah diselamatkan daripada tentera Firaun dan berlakunya kejadian terbelahnya Laut Merah.
  • Allah menurunkan kitab Taurat kepada Nabi Musa a.s..
  • Nabi Yunus a.s. selamat keluar dari perut ikan paus setelah berada di dalamnya selama 40 hari 40 malam.
  • Kesalahan Nabi Daud a.s. diampuni Allah.
  • Nabi Sulaiman a.s. dikurniakan Allah kerajaan yang besar.
  • Nabi Isa a.s. diangkat ke syurga ketika diburu oleh tentera Rom untuk menyalib baginda.
  • Sayyidina Hussein bin Ali r.a. telah syahid akibat dibunuh dengan kejam di padang Karbala oleh kaum Syiah Kufah, dan mereka kemudiannya memfitnah Khalifah Yazid dari Bani Umaiyah membunuh Saiyyidina Hussein r.a. Fitnah ini digembar gemburkan oleh kaum Syiah, dan mereka mengelirukan umat manusia dengan menyambut hari Asyura tanda kesal diatas kewafatan Saiyyidina Hussein r.a. (go figure is this true?)


Perkara sunat dilakukan pada hari Asyura

  • Puasa Sunat Asyura dengan niatnya dibaca Sahaja aku berpuasa esok hari sunat hari Asyura kerana Allah Taala.
  • Melapangkan masa / belanja anak dan isteri.
  • Memuliakan fakir miskin.
  • Menahan marah.
  • Menunjukkan jalan yang lurus / membetulkan orang yang sesat / orang yang salah (terpesong aqidah (tauhid) dan akhlaknya).
  • Menyapu / mengusap kepala anak yatim (menghormati dan memuliakan mereka).
  • Bersedekah.
  • Memelihara kehormatan diri.
  • Mandi Sunat dengan lafaz niatnya: "Sahaja aku mandi sunat hari Asyura kerana Allah Taala."
  • Bercelak.
  • Membaca Qulhuwallah (Surah Al-Ikhlas) hingga akhir seribu kali.
  • Sembahyang sunat empat rakaat dengan lafaz niat: "Sahaja aku sembahyang sunat hari Asyura empat rakaat kerana Allah Taala. Pada rakaat pertama dan kedua selepas al-Fatihah di baca Qulhuwallah sebelas kali.
  • Menjamu orang berbuka puasa

Selamat Hari Asyura semua! Alhmdulillah looks like the haze in Shah Alam dh subsidue. Kalau di Kelantan ada acara kacau sura pd hari ni utk jamuan berbuka puasa. Sedapnyaa :)

Weekend ni kita mau rehat puas2. Iman n Amsyar pun dh habis exams, kita boleh start project baru :) kita start re-deco playroom depa. Buang baby toys yg dh tak sesuai and rosak. Tampal segala art works yg bwk blk dr school. Jom! Tak sabar!



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jerebu in Shah Alam :'(

Announced at 7am this morning that we're here in Shah Alam is at 211 API. So a bigger no-no for me to be outdoors ya. I dont want to repeat my 3-hrs hourly neb. So sorry boss and health is much precious than your projects :)

Nak wish happy wednesday pun dh tak feel. Iman and amsyar dah habis exams. so yeay! But school's out until today.mujur day care buka. Mommy pun dh start feeling mcm tak brp sihat. Mcm nk demam. Nanti we'll see mcm mana. Nak kena settle kan juga works sini. Belum settle psl jerebu timbul plak psl demam kepialu or typhoid ni. Asalan dia from food hygiene and mostly pembawa are foreign workers.Takut and geli ok sb ia adalah jangkitan from fecal-food bacteria transfer yg namanya Salmonella Typhii. Dah kesan maybe also from ice supplier. Nauzubillah. This time around kita avoid "foreign" chefs and cooks, masak kat rumah wpn egg benjo je for dinner..takpa.. :)

Takut kan skrg. mcm2. Kena doa byk2 moga family kita dilindungi. Baru ingat nk p mkn sushi galore rm3 next week. Dah ada cases mcm ni mcm seriau pula.

Take care ugaiz!



Monday, October 19, 2015

Sabtu dan Ahad

Hello peeps! Happy monday everyone! hows the weekends? ok tak? Rasa mcm tak cukup 2hari berhujung minggu. Last saturday mom turun KL to send my brother away for his business trip :) So we took that opportunity to meet up for awhile. Sama tak muka me and my mom? Boleh find the resemblance tak? Mak is petite build standing only 155cm tall :p

Hubs was out working so we were daddy-less on loose at the airport. Iman mmg seronok lah dpt a "huge field" to run about.. He got a new friend from Iran and ran non-stopped around the airport. My brother's flight was another two hours to go so we ought to find him some play ground or gym or something to pass the time out. Apparently, KLIA's Kfc had one nice play area which is quite secluded. Mujurlah, so the boys were two happy tods that day.

Mom dropped us off home afterwards leaving of for home. No other plans for this week so Sunday was our day at home. Haze is really getting worse yesterday, so indoors would be a good choice. Dah stay indoors, we made it a all-cooking day Sunday. Ambil opportunity bakar rumput2 baru machined last maal hijrah public holiday empena haze juga. Dah berjerebu gini, bakar sampah sikit pun xperasan apa (--") Betapa teruknya jerebu..

Big Sunday Breakfast with the boys

Nama pun cooking day, teringin nak mkn asam pedas, tp daing and ikan yillek. Asam pedas ayam pun apa salahnya :) Buat asam pedas, telur dadar and sup sayur, mmg kejap je licin budak budak and bapak budak kerja kan. Daun kesum pun tadak, bunga kantan pun jadiklah. Asam pedas saya buat ni pekat mcm org melaka nya style, ada cmpur sikit ketumbar, jd kaw punya :)

Sayur pun masuk blog :p
cerita sikit sikit jelah kan, jerebu jerebu ni mata pun kelam rasa. Pedih. Nak tunggu cuti  next 10 november pula nak plan macam mana. anak2 dh abes exam and minta tidor hotel. Nanti kita pikir pikir kannn :)

Tu je

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Salam Maal Hijrah and Week Recap :)

Assalamualaikum wbt :) Public holiday kan harini? Happy New Hijriah Year everyone! Tadi dah ckp kita kerja harini kan? Hmm mmg pun tapi mcm kelabu asap sikit arini. Blur smcm je memanjang ;p Nak kerja pun xbrapa nak kerja sebab daddy and the boys stays home today. PH kan, so school and daycare pun off harini. Disebabkan mommy dh tggal nyawa nyawa ikan tang cuti, makanya daddy jelah cuti jadi Mr.Mama for the day :) Spend the day out with the kiddos :)

USJ to Seafield via ELITE

See the roads? Clear taw. I is nyampah sebab semua org bercuti and kitewww keneww kerjewwww. heheheh. Jalan ELITE ni klu hari biasa 7.30am mcm ni....mashallah segala mak nenek lori bas kereta pick-up SUV MPV sesak abes sini :)

Kebetulan, this week pun mmg exam week di Tadika Arif Minda. Iman, 4 yrs old pun exam tau. Adik amsyar 3 yrs old pun kena exam juga wpn ada certain papers adik takyah sit for lagi :). Comel je umur kecit kecit dh kna exam bagai. Mommy pun xdelah tekan apa sgt, rmai je mommies yg kiasu tekan anak this and that, which is sebenarnya good. Tp I choose biarkan jelah dulu. Let them be like their way :) Baca buku sikit2 just quick revisions, dah. Nombor blkg kira, janji korg faham. 

Zulhadzrey Iman. Apesal double M tu iman? :p

Smart little 3 and 4 yrs olds comel je jawap exam :)

Amsyar :) Muka konfiden ;p

A pic sent by hubs this morning. The boys at home! Jelezz..

Last night sempena arini cuti, saja jalah p jln cari kasut nak pkai. G dkt2 je.. Aeon bukit Raja jer..rembat kasut dua psg. Pi merewang saja..pastu nk balik singgah Uptown Shah Alam. Rembat t-shirt iman n amsyar sorg dua helai ada pics ultraman lah..boboiboy lah :)

Yang ni tah bila nak pkai..ada sales jadi rembat jaa...5-6thn xpakai heels mcm ni

Lama betul tak beli heels, dok try try dpt greenlight dr hubs. tp masa tu still hesitate takut bazir. skali hubs amek and bayarkan. hahaha..tak pakai kang..kita soh dia yg pkai!. Neway, thank u hubs..muahciked

Dgn budak masyam...

Nak air pun sama sebijik dgn idola = Daddy

Coconut Shake Uptown. harga boleh tahan - RM6! Pitamm

Balls balls jer pun dah Happy jer..masa ni dh 11++pm still mata buntang 

Malam tu kul 12++ baru sampai umah tp bebudak still mata buntang tamau tidoq. Pagi ni jenuh nak kejut nk ajak hantar mommy p work. Sekali sekala tak kerja boleh la..selalu selalu tak boleh laaaaaaaaaa..

Ok lah take care uols. Nak sambung kerja. Korang sambunglah bercuti nuu...

With love and eye-bags,


jom terjah :)
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