Monday, December 5, 2016

First Day of Work

Hari ketiga kembali be kerja sbnrnya! Started on Thursday 1dec aritu alhmdulillah..Monday blues as usual. With boss cuti.hubs cuti..well, work must go on kan?

It's December already BTW.and today's mak's birthday! Ah I miss mak. She's away ikut my dad on his business trip, the perks of being a cikgu I must say : cuti akhir tahun panjang! Well, happy birthday mak! Next week kita celebrate,k? :)

Well, also marks my 3rd breastfeeding journey as a working mom. I don't know why but my supply this days is just enough. no more plus but its OK lah.alhmdulillah. Mikhail drinks only 3oz x 6bottles at the moment so taking home 18oz is a must :) let's see how it goes. And loving my lacte pump BTW. Best best. Nanti kita review after 6mths mcmana..

See u guys!
Missing my lil guy.



Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Resipi Muffin Oatmeal Raisin w Choc chips yang moist!

Hujan hujan mcm skrg ni budak budak cpt je lapar. So, nak tak nak ptg2 wajiblah ada kudapan kudapan ni utk dah lamaaa betul x baking, makanya terlintaslah nk buat simple muffins bersama sama them two.curi2 masa smentara adik tido..jejommms.. Resipi ni sbnrnya modify ikut tekak sendiri dr hasil googelan jugee..let's cekidaut!


*1 1/4 cwn tepung gandum
*2 sdk baking powder
*1 sdk garam
*1/4 cwn Milo

1 1/4 cwn instant oats
1 1/2cwn susu segar
1biji telur
1/2 cwn minyak masak/jagung
1/2 cwb gula pasir

*1 cwn raisins
*1cwn chic chips


1. Campurkan semua bhn yg bertanda (*) dan ketepikan.
2. Rendamkan oats ke dlm susu segar sebentar, seblum dicampurkan telur dan gula. Gaul sebati.
3. Masukkan minyak masak dan kacau lg.
4. Campurkan bahan (*) yg telah digaul td sedikit sedikit sehingga habis.
5. Masuk kan ke dlm bekas muffin yg disukai 2/3 dr muatan dan taburkan sedikit chip di atasnya.
6. Bakar dlm oven pd suhu 200degC slama 20mins
7. Enjoy!!!!!

Makes 12-13 muffins.

Selamat mencuba korangz!



Saturday, November 19, 2016

Breastfeeding journey 3.0

50 days post partum, the journey this time has already its ups n downs. Mikhail had been a good boy, latching directly from day 0 alhmdulillah. I've been given the chance for skin to skin from birth for him tho I had a c-section delivery which led to direct milk production alhmdulillah.

Mikhail had some jaundice problem for his first 2 weeks of life which needs me to wake him up every 2hours and sometimes my condition had made me too tired to wake him up. Ending up to my breasts to swollen and engorged. I had to pump out some to lessen the pain. But the colesterum is thick so I managed to get 2-3oz only despite the engorgement.

I had issues with cracked nipples as well! Sob! And it was really bad I cried on each feed!! I tried few tricks including putting a lil bit of ebm on the tits and let it dry but it didn't work. Then I tried bepanthen, and tried proper areola latching and voila. Elok kejap ja.. Bepanthen mmg jadi la..alhmdulillah. If baby develop merah merah pre nappy rash pun elok cpt. One time sapu dh OK. Alhmdulillah..

10 days to go to start working guys! I had to stock up some ebm at least for baby Mikhail. The .trick is actually to pump the excess milk after each feed. Every feed if possible. And keep the yield to be stored together. I'm not an oversupply mom so my daily excess yield would be around 7-8oz only (200-250ml) but that would do good for 3 feeds inshallah. and by emptying the breast, the refill would be much more. And of course I need my milk boosters as well. As for now, oats, hot Milo, coffee and red dates tea works for me alhmdulillah. Kena mkn nasi for quality thick milk for me. Adoi.. Lapar every time, all the time..

I guess that's for now.praying hard for this journey around at least for the first 180days (6mths). Inshallah.



Friday, November 18, 2016

I miss blogging...

As I went through my long abandoned blog, I just realized that I have quite a lot of things I didn't blog about especially on happy-nings around me.

Raya haji pun xdak cerita, my bro in law wedding, mom's return from hajj..the birth story of Zulhayqal Mikhail. Hmm nanti kita cerita satu satu inshallah.

My HP previously was not really in a good dah ganti baru tp yg biasa ajelah..lenovo juga. But with better selfie feature n internal memory..hehe. So time tu mmg xdaklah mood nk update apa apa dgn hp.pdhal..kat Hosp punyalah lapang ms smpai xtau nk buat apa SB xbersalin lg :)

This time along, baby Mikhail alhmdulillah manageable n sangat behave! Fully breastfeed as for now dh masuk 50 days of life. Biasalah, kena jaundice juga smpai kna stay nicu daycare and berulang ke KK smpai satu tahap mommy dh xlarat nk g and treat kat umah dgn mandian nuraz sahaja.alhmdulillah..hilang kuning nya dh..

Dah beranak 3 ni mmg pantang pun mcm itulah..I concentrated on the first 3weeks. Pastu oklah celup celup sikit, xpkai socks sb pun dh ambik yg pedas sikit2 mcm sambal tumis sikit or kuah asam pedas skit.try dlu..tgk boleh bab bersejuk sejuk ke, ambik ais ke, fruit n vege yg sejuk mmg jaga betul la.alhmdulillah OK ja pantang sendiri pun.

Cerita sbnrnya byk update kat ig..dh mcm daily diary dh. Boleh nanti tgk kt IG zahra_memey tau.OK Mikhail nangis plak.nanti kita cerita ceriti lg..



Monday, October 10, 2016

September's Final Debut

Zulhayqal Mikhail B Zulhalimey

Born 30.09.2016
Hosp Putrajaya 420pm

Alhmdulillah ala kulli hal

Monday, August 29, 2016

A long week..

...or may i say weeks!

Absent from the office for the last 2weeks, i worked only 2 weeks for the whole august! its a long story! But to cut it short, i've been hospitalized for 6 days in Putrajaya Hospital, my sister gave birth to beautiful baby girl (23rd), and my parents when to off for hajj last saturday (28th). So many things can happen in one week, right? Alhmdulillah, everything went well. I have been discharged before mom left, and i was hospitalized in the room beside my sister's which enables me to help her once in a while :)

In the office today settling few items. preparing for my boss pre maternity break items, tho he got most items covered already due to my absent these few weeks :) Not my mistake i have literally no assistant after one colleague left in 2014 :) And then my boss arranged for me to being partner-ed with one being thrown out from her previous group..hehehe. Buang, and recruit baru. Our group left with the one they dont want anymore. Sigh. I am open, i accept anyone, but if you do not want to learn, its not my problem :)

im still pregnant tho~
Hospitalization was for pre-eclampsia, which i guess needs a special post for it. My doctor (specialist handling my case) was so careful in discharging me, she actually really refused to let me go by day 6!

Oklah thats all for today's update. Kita tgk what happens for 1/9/2016 which is my next appointment with the hospital specialist. Sept baby afterall. Inshallah :)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Yay! It's friday!

Salam Jumaat! :)

Too many things planned and inshallah happening this August and September! All week long i have waited for friday to come! Yalah, who doesn't like weekends kan? Mom is going for Hajj inshallah this year, and we're still waiting anxiously for the final debut of my sis baby due end of August. Aliyya had finished her A-levels and passed with flying colors guaranteeing her a scholarship to the UK flying off inshallah this mid Sept. Fahmi my brother in law is getting married instead of just getting engaged. And me myself, we're expecting baby no 3. Haa too much in too little time. We'll take one thing at a time lah kan?

Enjoy the weekend chilling with these duos. Buying time for a nice story telling session :) Some playground/park/ice cream outing maybe. Maybe some arab food for the sunday night, boleh daddy?


See ya!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Those Lamb Chops...

August the 8th, 2016
Working post 3days weekends :) All brand new and excited to do new things today. Jom kerja!

Had some beautifully marinated lamb chops last week as requested by hubs. Pity him, I rarely cook this pregnancy around, and my lamb chops had always won his heart and stomach. Always! So yes, I had to made him some! And to my surprise, lamb chops were really iman's favorite too..tak sangka! Well, that makes mommy's work a lot easier. Sekali masak, favorite semua. And what's better than pairing those lamb, with some simple coleslaw and potato fries :)

For a lovely monday, let me share how easy the rub I made for the chops!

500g lamb chops of preferred part
1 medium sized onion*
5 cloves of garlic*
1/2 inch of ginger*
2tbsp of course ground black pepper
3tbsp of ketchup
5tbsp of soy sauce
1tbsp of oyster sauce (optional)
1tbsp of cumin powder
Salt to season
1. Pound all in (*) together to form a paste.
2. Add paste and all other ingredients into the lamb. Rub thoroughly until all is mixed.
3. Let lamb sit/marinate for at least 1hour.
4. Grill your lamb up to preference. Better without any additional oil. Glaze left over rub seasonings whilst grilling.
For some gravy, add milk/cream into the used grilled pan. Mix and season to liking. Serve

Senang sahaja kan?
Tastes better than your steakhouse for sure!

Happy Monday everyone!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

3rd trimester at 8 months+ pregnant

2nd August 2016
Syawal ke-28

Lama tak share perkembangan baby Z3 :) Kalau ikut kalender, this week dah masuk minggu ke-34 tp klu scan size baru 32 weeks at 2kg+. I guess maybe scan date yg betul, mana mana pun janji adik sihat and menendang dgn jayanya, alhmdulillah. this time around mmg rs ms teramat pantas! Dgn raya nya, and puasa nya (yay! We've made it for full 1mths ramadhan!). memang x paksa tau ms ramadhan tu, siap mmg ada kurma and biscuits dlm bag sentiasa 'in case'. But alhmdulillah, genap 30hari puasa kita.

Third trimester ni biasalah. semua br perasan perut tetiba dh besar. Yups, perut dh besar, jln dh mcm penguin sebab kepala dh kat bwh. dh in position, and rsnya mcm dh engage. last check-up 2wks ago post raya, belum engage lg and doc kata perut nmpk kecik, tp bila ukur and scan alhmdulillah ok. Hb ok, berat ok, blood pressure ok, urine ok. Susu and vits still on skrg dh tukar to Marigold HL pula sb Dutch Lady lo-fat rs mcm too milky pula tiba2 (--"). Vits kita masih go on with Vitalea yg dh sesiap beli utk pantang sekali (60 days -> 120tabs). 

Pregnancy kali ni was smooth alhamdulillah, though dah masuk 30s and post 2 csect, i was expecting the worst, sakit blkg takdelah teruk mana, and sentiasa top up on minerals esp isotonic drinks etc to avoid leg crampings. Cuma letih lah, i slept daily 9-11 sblm bgn balik to do house chores or read to the boys. And for this time i developed eczema on both foot kat bahagian atas. Gatal juga but doc takboleh prescribe steroid due the pregnancy, so i just put some vco and bear with it dgn doa by delivery hilang lahhh.. amin!  dulu with amsyar and iman develop juga eczema but kat ketiak. homai mmg pedih2 and gatal and need to be sentiasa kering which was really difficult with my job nature. office pun dh level 3. from one place to another took me 10mins walking at least (--') So yes, my mc's this time was quite minimal (3 hari je ...since day 1 pregnant) alhmdulillah. Cuma skrg to move around mmg quite difficult and sometimes i forget i'm pregnant bila perut tersadung pemegang tangga lah, bonet kereta lah, and my feet swells after long hours of part trial terlupa nak duduk. mcm itulah.....

Everything dah mcm ok kan? going on smoothly, normally alhmdulillah, cuma belum start check-up kat hospital. Next week inshallah. Previous scar pun xde sakit or apa, cuma ambik extra precautions, kita tak tau kan, sebab risk of uterine rupture (rahim pecah) ni higher for c-sects moms esp bila baby dah membesar. Yang tak pernah c-sect pun boleh rupture, inikan pula csect mommies. 

About prep menyambut org baru, last week dah start membasuh koleksi baju2 abg amsyar yg still elok. tak byk pun sbnrnnya. Lampin yg berpuluh2 helai dulu pun dh tinggal 8 helai sahaja, yg lain tatau g mana, misplaced (T_T) Barut alhmdulillah still in stock >20pieces assorted sizes. So maybe kena tmbah 5pcs shj lagi. Bantal baby dh beli, minyak telon dh beli, bakul baby dh beli. bottles dah order from lazada. hah tu jelah..yang tak beli lagi..baaaanyak lagi! 

For mommy lagikla..this year inshallah my mom nk perform Hajj so, kita kna pantang sendiri inshallah. Dah takmau susahkan MIL sb dia pun tak sihat sgt dah. So byklah yg kena put in plan bila pantang sendiri ni, thing to DIY, lauk2 simple. Periuk nasi mini pun dh beli for hubs tolong tanak every morning, inshallah..ok ajer as the older boys will be going to school whole day, so kita with baby ajelah. Boleh inshallah, nak set-up pantry and pumping station kat bilik sahaja as I plan to rest sahaja for confinement. Simple2 sahaja. Beli mandian herba sikit, cari tukang urut.. tu jalah disamping menjaga diri sendiri dan berharap diri boleh buat stock susu byk2! Doakan i berjaya okeh?

Tu ja kot update this time around. Panjang pula..maaf! :)


Mommy Zahra

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Raya raya weekend :) Syawal 10/11/12 and 18/19

Hello there! :)

July - Cerita raya tak habis lagi selagi belum 30 Syawal. Geng2 chassis pun sibuk buat deco raya utk pertandingan antara jabatan utk pengadilan 1 August (27syawal) nanti :) Mmg every weekend, rmai yg buat open house, rumah kiteww jer tak buat buat sb mommy xlarat uols. tumpang mak nye open house and makan makan umah my sister in Nilai Impian ajelah.

Btw- the two past weekends were full alhmdulillah with jemputan raya everything, raya chassis was on 12th Syawal. Mom's house was on 11th and the mommies RND raya was on the 10th. So penuhlah jumaat sabtu ahad tu dah.

Zakiyya with mom's spread : rendang daging, ketupat, spagetti, nasi tomato

Soto at mom's
Dad with 3 of his siblings, and spread of cousins belah bapak :)

The other weekend, 18/19th Syawal was with invitations from our neighbours and friends, and also a birthday celebration for my BIL in Sepang on that Sunday. Mlm tu mkn mkn at my sister's house in Nilai Impian. Mmg lama rsnya dapur xberasap ;p Rezeki semuanya kan, org yg dtg (mcm i) dpt rezeki mkn kenyang, yang menjemput..inshallah murah rezekinya menjamu org mkn :) Alhmdulillah. Iman n amsyar had no complains, makan sikit, lari je lebih, both boys suka je :)

Spread at my sister's in Nilai Impian. All favorites ni :)

Sekitar raya raya RnD mommies :)

This weekend pun ada lg jemputan, yay!

Haih, takpelah..rumah kita takdelah kot this Syawal around. Tgk bulan2 lain pula kita buat makan2. Aqiqah adik baby nanti ke..inshallah klu ada rezeki lebih :) Amin! Esok pun ada potluck kat umah one of the RnD mommies. Inshallah. Mommy zahra bwk perut je kot.hahaha.

Nanti kita share pictures siorg diorg deco deco raya RnD Proton. Pertandingan antara jabatan yg tgk agak meriah juga sb RnD bergabung as one entiti semua buat di lobi. yalah jgn tak tau RnD sahaja 1000 org kot (rsnya lah).and  they made raya food and whatnots siap kugiran band menyambut tetamu. the other depts at their places pun xkurang hebat juga.. takpelah.we ols join just for fun, isi masa in between tests, meetings and data drawings. kita enjoy jalah.

Selamat berhari raya dipenghujung syawal!



Wedding Zulzamzuri (Abgchik) @ Kelantan

Wedding berlangsung di Pasir Mas Kelantan baru baru ni (1Syawal-3Syawal 1437h)
Tahniah abg chik & wifey (Che Rose). Kaklong sekeluarga mendoakan agar sentiasa aman bahagia and dimurahkan rezeki hendaknya. Amin


Kita layan gambar2 nya lah ya.. 

Adik beradik 8 org dgn menantu lama and baru. Alhmdulillah.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Raya Chassis Design 2016

Sekitar majlis raya raya proton chassis 2016. Tq pada pihak penganjur :)

Ahad, 17 July 2016.
Proton Auditorium, Proton HQ Shah Alam.

Chassis Iron Ladies 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

#teamrayamertua Syawal 2016

Raya dgn mengingati yg telah pergi dan kemana kita akhirnya



Kerja dlu 3 hari. Weekend kita cont raya



8 Syawal 1437h


jom terjah :)
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