Friday, April 25, 2014

Mencarut pagi pagi

Morning peeps!
Bukan mencarut sgt lah.
Just discussing with Iman some words he learnt.
Well, somewhere.

Two days dah Iman stayed kat school, after school for day-care.
Alhamdulillah he loves it as for now.
Dah boleh cope nampaknya. and dah dpt sesuaikan diri.

Schooling is total fun.
But with some draw-backs as well bila dh jumpa ramai budak-budak from different backgrounds.

I caught Iman saying 'babi' few times.
And in intense and 'correct' situation. Macam waktu dia tak puas hati and kena marah.
Yang plg tak tahan tu he said it to me.
I know for sure, he doesn;t even know the meaning of the word, and how it is so absurd in our society to say such thing to other ppl.
Terpengaruh dgn siapalah ni sayang?

Well the damage had been done.

So few days ago, i sat down with him. And asked him to bring me his farm animal book.
Sampai di page with pigs on it, i asked him " ini apa iman"
"Pigs..oink oink" -well i'm open about pigs and dogs in terms of knowledge-
"Dirty kan pigs..eiii..yucks!?"
" Eii..dirty! Pigs suka mkn sampah kan mommy?"
"Yups pigs suka makan sampah, well iman, horse in malay apa?
"Pandai! Well, cows?"
"Pandai! Well, now, pigs?"
"Ermm...apa mommy?"*confused face*
"well, pigs are babi, babi tu pigs.."
" Haaaa? babi tu tak baik...nanti mommy cili sos kan mulut!"
" Hmm.pandai pun..Tp babi tu pigs. Klu kita ckp org babi, kita samakan dia dgn pigs. makan sampah.dirty..takbaik kan?"
"Iman faham tak?"
"Faham. Tp boleh ke cakap babi?"
"Ish..sebab tulah tak boleh, mana boleh ckp tak baik kat org.."
"oooooooooo..habis boleh ckp apa?"
"Boleh ckp yang baik baik je.."
"Boleh ckp kuda?"
"Kuda boleh, tp kenapa nk cakap kuda?"
" Heheheheheehe....amsyaaarrr kuuudddaaaaaa!"
*runs away*

I really hopes he remembers that.really.
But then later..

Iman : " Daddy do you know babi tu apa?"
" Babi? *jeleing to mommy* Hish cakap apa ni?"
" Ni lah babi.." *showing his farm animals book*
" Yups ini babi. pig"
"Takbaik kan ckp babi daddy?"
" Yups tak baik"



Daddy : Yang,Ok ke ajar dia cmni?
Mommy: At least dia tahu perkara sebenar.


I'm far from being a good mom.
But really hoping to be a good example and moral icon for Iman.
Well, all moms out there does too kan?


Happy weekends lovelies!
Payday weekend! Yeay!

*urghhh..finally payday!*



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