Monday, April 21, 2014

Picky Eater's Choice : Spidey Pasta!

Simple but interesting!
And the best thing it works!

Let's see..

Poke through your favorite cut out sausages. Fettucini, angle hair or spagetti will do.
Depends on which species of spider you want to make that day, your pasta could be as long as you like.
Me, i'm making short legged spidey.hahaha..

Rebus in chicken soup, or just plain salt water with a tsp of oil.
  Serve with veggies as eyes (i used carrots but forgot to snap a picture)!Yeah!



Faces after finishing 6 spideys..hehehehe

kembang idung idung chewing off spideys!


And adik..of course.
Well umm...
Ate only the short legs!

No camera pls mommy!

Have a nice Monday lovelies!
Still feel guilty for forgeting Iman's on Holiday today and made him bathe and wear uniforms (--")
Well, mommy needs a vacation i guess. Or a shopping spree ;p


Mommy Z

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