Saturday, July 3, 2010

Demi Proton ku sayang..

Today I'm in Nuneaton, Warwickshire UK-day 6 already..away for business affairs. Its 6am in the morning but sun's already out like 3hrs ago..Well summers are always like that and I'm still trying to adjust my time with Maghrib at 9.30pm and Suboh at 2.30am!! Ok la demi Proton yg tercinta..ku heret kaki, beg and hand-carried car parts ke bumi org puteh ni..tggal hubby yg tersayang.Sian dia..hope your doing well dear. I love you so much!! We have plans to go to Wales this that's great la after 5days stuck in the Mira lab doing engine cooling testing smpai nk xpe demi negara tercinta yg teringin anak2 bangsanya membina kereta turbo sendiri..saya rela.

'twas great yg NO parts designed by me- tercabut during the test. Well exora FL is kinda my baby for now sblm the next project starts.. so good baby..sume OK. For DOM spec at we can sell you in Malaysia :)

Well another 7days to go..tabahla Zahra.
Miss hubby..miss jeruk mangga.Which i crave since day 1 here-lupa pula nk bwk.


jom terjah :)
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