Friday, May 31, 2013

Bye bye Lovely May

Tower tower..make more tower!~

Obsession. Good obsession. Good boy :)
Now obsessed on building tall tall tall towers.

May you grow up with high achievements high as you like your towers to be ..

So how's ur May everybody?
It's already the last day u know? and on top of that we're already 40days heading to Ramadhan. Inshallah.

May is always special in all ways for me.
And this May was yet much much special for us. With the General Election, balik kampung Tganu+Klantan. Birthdays, birthdays..our lil sister dirisik org.
Then Anniversary. Amsyar's turning 1.
The voucher's from Aeon for Cost reduction appreciation (this one i shopped for kikilala cute polo shirts!) and the HR letters for me and hubby (yeay!!mission accomplished this yr).
KLCC Shopping and Aquaria visit (Ohh..this one owes an entry!)
The Ikea kitchen makeover.

All in all.
Everything could be summed out as an endless count of blessings to our family this May.

Despite the fever rush of Iman & Baby Amsyr. The 2 bottles IV dripped for Iman in Putrajaya on daddy's birthday, the EL due to baby hi-fever and babysitter's baby also hospitalized and all.. I am blessed. Alhamdulillah.

May Allah bless ur lives too my dear darls!
Make more tall towers you all!
My sister the bakal pengantin is coming home soon too! :)

Have a nice coming weekend!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Otai among the otai Kilauan Emas 3

juara kilauan emas 3

Dek kebosanan mlm2 rabu takde masterchef celebrity, kami sekeluarga terjebak melayan kilauan emas ni utk beberapa minggu kebelakangan ni. Favorite kami ? Mestilah brother Mior rock brother yg beranak 7 ni..hehehehe..

And yesterday abg rock brother ni dah pun selayaknya ditabal kan sbg juara KE musim 3 ni :)
Alhamdulilah..he deserved it.
Otai mmg masih berbisa!

Layan tak KE ni?
Tak layan ke?Rugiiiiiii :P
Best song ang mior ni before this : lagu Once tajuk apa ntah..

Tahniah Mior!!
Habis dh Kilauan AF 10 plak utk destress dimalam2 weekdays seusai bekerja :)

Iman learns to speak #4

During dinner time yesterday

Iman : Pedas.Pedas.Yang, owh yang...air yang. Air ni ni. (sambil tunjuk cawan dia)

OMG! Guess what, he was talking to me.
And was copying the exact words his daddy uses... (--")

2yr olds sure have BIG ears and BIG eyes you know.hahahah

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Alhamdulillah..triple joy for our anniversary this time.
Thank you Allah for all your designated plans.
Alhamdulillah :)

Happy mode is ON.
Me and hubby - We decided to take things positively.

Just keep calm and carry on.

Let's count our blessings :)
Have a nice Wednesday peeps!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

For Zulhalimey Zulkipli

Cinta itu indah.
Lebih indah bila ada dirimu
Yang sentiasa mententeramkan gundah gulana ku.
Yang melayan segala pahit manisku
Yang ku rindui dan merinduiku
Yang faham segala isi hatiku
Yang fasih akan segala benci suka ku

Detik jatuh cinta dgn mu dahulu sememangnya indah.
Serasa begitu indah, seindah mentari dhuha menerangi alam Seindah pelangi seusai hujan Seindah tiupan bayu laut ptg nan permai.

Saat yg tidak mungkin kulupa
Getarnya,menggetarkan jiwa
Memberi makna sbnr bahagia
Yang menyempurnakan diriku seadanya.

Selamat ulang tahun perkahwinan kita yg ke-3,sayang

Moga tuhan merahmatimu, krn rahmat itu lah payung utk ku..

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Amsyar!!!!!!!!

You're 1 today!!
Happy birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday Dear Zulhafidzey Amsyar...
Happy Bithday to you!!!

Zulhafidzey Amsyar Zulhalimey
Born 3.29kg
23rd May 2012 10.01am
Putrajaya Hospital

Grow up healthy and wise my sweet sweet child.
May you grow up to be somebody yang memberi manfaat kepada ummat yg lain.
Mudah-mudahan Allah memberkati hidupmu anakku.



Mommy, Daddy and Abg Iman

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WW - Newborn.

Even the picture could make you imagine the sweet sweet smell of a newborn.......

ahhh..rindu sungguh bau itu~

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A nice weekend is what everybody needs

Hello mommies!! Iman here in da house! So how's ur days going on? Mommy and me had a nice weekend, with geyma and geypa and aunty-chik and uncles : Ali and Husein and Hani too. Somebody came to geypa's house to seek for my aunty's hand. So alhamdulillah, this brings rezeqi to our house for all of us :)

Mommy was happy cause these books she ordered from PTS had finally arrived on time. It was a good deal as the postage was free from the publisher. Mommy was grateful that her friend Aunty Noen introduced this online publisher in her blog not long ago, where mommy could order without needing to go to the bookstore, park, chase me around the mall and so on.Hihihihi.. Mommy a bookworm nerdo you know. Mommy wishes me to be like her as well. Inshallah.

Mommy made these nice blackpepper beef puffs for geyma for mother's day. It was a great time, as geyma came down south from terengganu this week so that we could celebrate Mother's Day together. Mommy loves geyma you know. I love geyma too. She's kind.and nice and never scolds me. Not like mommy. I guess all gramdmothers are like that too. BTW mommy says she'll publish the recipe soon! Inshallah. I don't know the recipe, but mommy says it's kinda simple. I only know that it tastes good. Daddy love it as well :)


After the guests went back, and geyma had gone back to tganu, mommy decided to bring us to Putrajaya for a dip. It was a hot and sunny day, so a dip was really nice and refreshing, it won't be always to get to spent time like this, as daddy normally works on weekends. I love swimming pools and floats and water. It does'nt really matter for me if mommy brought my float or not but mommy says its nicer if we did.

Amusingly Amsyar happens to be braver than me when it comes to pool swimming. He really enjoys it. Daddy says that we should do this more often. I pray that his company will pay him more so that he do not need to work on weekends so that he could spend time with me and amsyar. I really hope my prayers will come true soon.

Amsyar floats!!Yeay!.


Yesterday, the GDex van came and sent mommy a package. And to her surprise, it contains of books for me! Yeay! Another 4 Dr. Suess books in addition to what we have currently. Mommy says, when she was little (i can't really imagine how she would look like if she is little ;p), she used to have the same books, but the books where lost or torn or destroyed already. She brought me the re-printed version for me, so that i could enjoy the books too. The good thing is that these 4 books were free as the publisher mixed up mommy's previous order and sent her the wrong books before. Mommy did'nt really matter about it actually because she wanted them all actually. She says these were rezeqi for me..hihi. Alhamdulillah.


This is Amsyar in his favourite port in the house esp for special 'big' projects that require full concentration.  hihi. Poor Amsyar, he is down with fever and flu. Mommy says he's getting all those because he's learning to walk and is teething. Most of the times now mommy screams out loudly while nursing Amsyar, as Amsyar loves to bite! Oh my!Poor mommy.This lil brother of mine is turing 1 next week.I wish he could walk fast so that i could kick balls with him in the evening. Kicking balls from the walker is no fun you know.hmmmm..

Ok for now.I'll write soon. Inshallah.
Have a nice week and nice weekend ahead!!


Yours Truly,

Zulhadzrey Iman.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day you all lovely mommies out there !!!

Maybe just some me-time when you lil ones are sound asleep :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Family whereabouts - Balik Kampung

Assalamualaikum everybody!~
Hi mommies! :)

Hows ur Friday so far? Quite exciting isn't it? Yelahh..tomorrow kan Saturday.
Mommy day.House keeping day. Home Schooling day.

BTW- discovered a nice blog about home schooling and ECE (early Child Education) with some marvellous tips..check it out here. Moga bermanfaat.

The days were so short when its time for a getaway. Balik kampung is surely a getaway for us.Serenity of the kampung where 10am is still too chilly to bathe is really mendamaikan jiwa. :) Really looking forward for the next balik kampung trip. To mom's and my MILs place. My mom dah pindah Tganu..Bandar Al-Muktafibillah our journey really needs to head east coast, via tganu and the beaches..all the way up to sempandan Thailand - Pasir Mas.

Iman and his sunnies. Its really a treasured moment to be with the kids all day for full 6 days :) Love is in the air everywhere. I feel that the kids are much much happier in trips when we're are around them 24-7. Maybe  more secured and more confident with us around.

Just some 'mommy&daddy' time-off just to be 'husband&wifey'. Need these time off once in while although just for an hour or two. This was on our way to Rantau Panjang for a short shopping trip. A must when were back in Klate. Why not-Rantau Panjang is just 15mins drive away from MIL's. :)

Hidangan yang memang rugi kalau miss setiap kali ke RP. Gerai kecil seblah Mydin yang ada nasi bubur and nasi sup yang terbaeekkkkk :) Favorite mkn place for both of us. And for mommy -only chicken and meat ya? No perut-perut ..smada perut tua atau muda. One thing I could not bear to swallow which is a fav of hubby.

Some PRU 13 pics of course!! Well this was the main agenda actually of the whole journey last week. This was hubby's 1st time. Nak cerita dia punya excited - sampai menggigil semangat nak g pagi tu.8am dh turun dr rumah :) Alhamdulillah, tertunailah hasrat dihati utk mengundi kali pertama. Me? ok lah next PRU. bukan tak patriotik but there were issues. i'll register for P125 kot next PRU. To make sure Husam Musa wins :)

The night before the campaigns end at 12midnite

Ok . saya sudah!! Obviously the vote would go to the person in tshirt pic laaaa :)


Pics terabur..tapi takpelah. These pics were taken in tganu before we went back to Klate :) Jalan jalan Terengganu jom! First time mommy jejak Masjid Kristal. It was a really really hot day in Tganu! Alhamdulillah sempat solat jamak Zuhur & Asar time ni. Cantik masjidnya...subhanallah cuma agak kecil and tidak brp terjaga terutama kawasan kompaun luar yg berhabuk tidak di mop. Mudah-mudahan menang kali ni Ahmad Said dpt peruntukan sikit bajet utk menggaji kontraktor pembersihan utk menggilap kristal2 tingkap and lantai masjid indah Terengganu ni.

Exploration and learning could be anywhere.

Dirt and green grass of the Masjid Crystal's compound :)

Best family photo unfortunately :p Self portraits with touch screens is def nearly impossible! 

In front of Taman Monumen - but we decided not to enter due to extreme hot weather and no stroller ;)


Mini red warrior

Banjaran Titiwangsa top -on the way back via Gerik_KKangsar

Amsyar's not feeling well that day


So that was basically what happened last week in a summary :) Last Wednesday i was on MC for toothache where hubby happens to be on too.Such a coincident,eh? Sehati sejiwa lah katakan. Despite all the pain which magically dissappears after the MC was given, we headed to hunt for these balls. Yummy... a good pain killer and fatigue killer for Monday's 12hrs journey from Klate-SA indeed :)

And some DIYs as well for our small kitchen project.heheheheeh.. i likey!! Thank you darling, my Mr DIY for all the works on request..hehehheheeheh.Halfway done on organizing. Jom organize lagi...definitely our WIP projects now.

Tata mommies,

Happy Mother's Day this coming sunday to all mommies in the world!!
And to my beloved mother Cikgu Siti Roslina Muhamad as well :)

Have a nice weekend ahead.
Thank you for reading :)




jom terjah :)
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