Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Catu Raya.Help!!~

Baju raya - mommy, daddy. iman, amsyar
Bazar Ramadhan..mahainyerrr.
Kuih Raya.Kerepek raya. Pretzels raya..hehehhehe
Duit raya.raya.raya.ni byk juga ni..
Duit travel balik kg (petrol&tol)
Servis kereta
Langsir/karpet/cat rumah etc etc
Baju raya utk emak.
Baju raya utk adek.
Telekung raya utk emak.



Monday, July 29, 2013

Third Trimester alhamdulillah~

Ramadhan day-20 already.

Jom fikirkan sejenak-

First Trimester of Ramadhan - 10 days mencari rahmah
Second trimester - 10 days of maghfirah (keampunan)
Last 10 days - 10 hari menjauhkan diri dr azab siksa neraka.


So far so good.
All things settled for Eid celebration for both kids and their daddy as well.
Mmg hyper bershopping musim raya ni, tp kena hati2 sb most retailers naikkan harga brg dulu before their so-called mega raya sale. Terkejut tgk baju kikilala iman yg sama beli 1mth before ramadhan, harga jd +110% before 50% off. Baju lbh mahal wpn dh ada discount 50%!!
So hati hati tau.

Got good panasonic ceiling fan bargain from Seng Heng. Alhamdulillah.
RM 179 for Bayu3. Ok kan?
Ceiling fan lama tiba2 kaput, boleh?

Got new lamps for the dining area and living room from Houses Lightings, Puchong :)
Yang ni mmg plg murah kami pernah jumpa.Alhamdulillah.

Done some spring cleaning for the house.Some carpet washing.
Some room deco :)
Some hantarans making in between -opps! Yang ni kita cerita after this :)
Mmg g office pn dh mood raya rasanya~


Iman and Amsyar both dh makin licik and berakal. Amsyar pn dh boleh tahan ke'hero'an nya.
Dua dua pn sihat2 sahaja. Active and petah.
Iman dh boleh buat ayat panjang2 and adik dh byk words yg dia boleh pronounce.
Yang penting, dua dua dh boleh suruh tolong mommy ambil itu ini sikit2.Sonang kerja den :)
Membesar lah anak2 mommy. Melasak. Mommy tak marah.
Itu adalah fitrah, anak2 yg panjang akalnya :)
Moga Iman dan Amsyar membesar jd org2 soleh yg memberi manfaat kpd org lain selagi hayat dikandung badan. Amin :)

Mommy pn redha je dgn milk supply utk amsyar yg makin lama mkin sikit. Satu hari skrg avg 7-10oz shj. alhamdulillah.Bila dh ptg, klu lapar sgt dh xperlulah pam. Buat sekadar mampu utk diri sendiri.
Tak perlu paksa.

So, raya mana thn ni?
Rumah mak atau mertua sebenarnya sama shj, sb mana mana pn parents kita abadan abada juga, kn? Cumanya klu beraya dirumah mak sendiri, perasaan nya ade lah happy terlebih sikit, itu aje.hehehehe :)

Happy last trimester of Ramadhan uolls :)
Mlm 7 likur. Yeay!!
Minggu mengutip kuih2 raya yg dh diorder. Yups..kita order saja.
Lbh cost effective!! :)

Ok ttb boss pggil nk kna mengadap director (--").



Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Nothing else could best picture the gratitude except for alhmdulillah.

Awaiting for paycheck revision this coming August.

And more goodnews to come from hubby's office down below.alhamdulillah.


Let's count our blessings not our losses.
What we already have not what we wanted to.


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ramadhan Journey : Iftar day-8

Due to my babysitter's unavailability yesterday, my beloved sister & Bro took the responsibility to day-care lil amsyar and big bro Iman. Need to work out with calling Iman big bro now, just to boost his confidence and let him feel that he's in charge now, just some leadership training. My sweet lil caliph :) Mujur ada adik, else i need to take the day off which is nearly impossible these hectic days.

The boys were fond of their Mak Uteh and Pak ngah, so leaving them was not really a large problem :) They loved them as well too, and this maybe Mak Uteh's last chance to stay with us as after Raya she's getting married off already :) It is good for me to have them around as well for some extra helping hand on a hectic Ramadhan working day. So after work, i planned to cook special dishes for them as a token of appreciation for their help ;)

Despite the hectic day, i managed to whip-up some dishes while my sis look after the boys after working hours. Yeay!! We hade sweet sour sea bass (siakap), kailan ikan masin, ayam msk hitam and several other dishes. Hubby came back home bringing some dishes from the nearby bazaar too, together with my favorite tepung pelita :) But frankly, homemade food is way way better than bazaar. Simple pekasam could make you eat 2-3 helpings in a go :)

Really busy these days, and just writing down few words here really made me feel released a bit. Alhamdulillah. Working, cooking cleaning and keeping up to wake up early to cook for sahur everyday really wears you out as a mommy and wifey. Hubby dearest depends mainly on me as his sahur alarm and in worst times, i forced him out to help me in the kitchen on the peak hours of sahur. Bancuh air sket sket sb mmg xcukup tgn!! i could hardly open my eyes at 10pm every night.

Hopefully this Ramadhan brings me more pahala than dosa for all the hard work and complaints. Sometime its really hard not to complaint (--")

Ok lah.since morning break is only 10mins here. we have limited time to type long entries (T-T).

Selamat berpuasa semua :)
It's our 9th day already in count down and hopefully the 1/3rd of Ramadhan that has passed by brought out the best in all of us.

Thank you for reading.
Bye2 :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ramadhan journey day-7

 Puasa puasa juga. Kerja kena jalan.
Yesterday we went to audit our consultants in UTM KL.
1st time smp UTM semarak ni..masuk kampus terus terasa muda 6-7 thn..hehehheeh

Tests. Jom validate :)

Kerja tongah paneh bulan bulan poser ni mencabar!!!~~
Mencabar kesabaran

Collaboration team

With the NVH genius : Prof Salman Leong :)

Kerja ttp kena jalan.
Field visit to consultants doing work.
Kita audit sket diorg. Byr dh mahai kan?  :)


Blk flat ler.
Puasa la katakan. Dr shah alam ke jln semarak tu sejam juga lah nk smpai kan?
Mujurla ada rezeki bergolek.Dpt berbuka beramai2 kat Grand Dorsett :)
Alhamdulillah.Rezeki anak2 :)

Food was ok :) Choices baaaanyak and gerai2 pn byk. Yang penting sedap berasa!! Alhamdulillah tp xsetara Concorde buffet but better la dr Grand Blue Wave or Quality hotel (worst!). Stalls and food byk and menarik. Ikan bakar, sup gearbox, roti john, abc, kuey teow sumer ada :)
Udang, ketam, kambing bergolek mmg wajib ader la.. yang penting choice range dia from ulam kampung and masakan traditional melayu sampailah ke braised lamb and penne cabonara semua ada :)

Mommy's favorite : Udang berempah, Berry Mousse and cheese cakes dia..dap dap. Tempoyak and kerabu kerabu dia pn sedap..hehehe.

Iman ate 4 prawns all to himself, pasta, and of course grapes!! Pastu mulalah berjoget :) excited sb rmai org kot!Siap joget atas pentas dgn Jaafar Onn and Haiza..ohhhh..anakku :)

Tp pic dgn Jaafar Onn and iman berjoget takde. Sb batery mommy dh flet.se flet mommy smlm :)

Tak dok diam dr awal smp ke akhir (--")

Our table

Ni baru sampai.engin xstart lg..baru usya line :)

Terliuq plak puasa2 ni..huhu

Have a nice day mommies.
A loooong day for me today. Pump ttgal kat umah! (--")

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Try-fel : First try, cold desserts are always a winner in Ramadhan :)

Swiss roll layers :)

Covered with Custard and then Fruits. Any fruit shall do. Fresh or Preserved :)

Last step : Add Jelly. Chill and enjoy!! Tunggu buka puasa 

Simple as ABC kan???

Selamat Berbuka Puasa Mommies!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Reminiscing Sg Sendat July 2013

The Beauty

Us in khemah kecik.khemah ni utk honeymooners oklah..hehehe :)

The Mommies (yg smp awal :))

Potluck - kami bwk rojak buah ajerrr...sonang kerja den..Adeeb sexy ;p

Part of the Foodies..karipap, laksa,spageti,nasi lomak omak..hehehehe

Pembakar ayam tegar..super man in action :P

Tunggu daddy bakar ayam..smp ngantokkkss :)

Our fort. Tempat best dh diambil org..xper sini pn hokeyy :)

Sodap pulak poser poser ni tgk bbq chicken ni.. ;p

Enjoy..!!!! Next next year boleh g lagi :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Iman's and Amsyar's 1st camping trip :)

Iman, the true Hero of the pic :)

This was last Sunday. A short trip to Sg Sendat, Hulu Yam :)
26km from the heart of KL.
One hr drive from our house via Selayang :)

A great short getaway, au natural.
Turned out niceyy :)
To welcome dear Ramadhan.

Thank you hubby dearest for this trip.
It was actually a small get together for hubby's office. A potluck.
But not many were available to come.
Good enough the closest gang of his were there..so dh cukup quorum la utk geng dia..hehehe.
Yang lain takmau p pn xpalah~

Kita plan lg lenkali,k?



Friday, July 12, 2013

Ramadhan Journey : Iftar day 2 and Tips to bring children to the mosque.

Salam mommies,
How is your Ramadhan so far?
Me, Terawikh in the mosque blum lagi ada record :p
Berbuka masak apa today?

Hari ke-2 berpuasa barulah terasa gagah nak masak mknan utk berbuka sendiri. Kerja dh letih, tp bila sampai dirumah, mood utk berbuka bersama suami tersayang seakan2 membunuh semua rasa letih.Acheh ayat. Sebenarnya, dh g pasar ramadhan for the 1st day and happens that semua yg ada either too pricey atau too oily atau nampak tak semnggah. Tak brp kena dgn selera. So i decided to cook for the next day. Sahur mmg wajib masak la.

Menu simple, cepat and mudah : Mmg sesuai for a working mommy like me.
We had siakap sweet sour, daging blackpepper, ayam goreng and some salad.
Of course with nasi panas2 :)

Iman was really happy that mommy cooks! He's always like that 7.15 dh tggu kat meja bersedia nk makan. But we tried to teach him some basics-tunggu azan maghrib baru bleh makan. Bila azan je, dialah yg plg teruja! Walhal bukan nya puasa pun..hihi..aih la xsabar nak tggu iman dh faham erti Ramadhan and berpuasa, xsabar nak tgk kerenah dia ;)

Haa..xpuasa ek?

For sahur , we had simple menus. Hari pertama puasa was just Ayam merah. The next day was daging goreng kunyit and some ayam grg. And today was nasi grg with some daging masak blackpepper from yesterday.

But i'll share some tips i've got from some nice sites about motherhood and ramdhan :)
Maybe some of you shall find usefull. Maybe in the next entriessss...Inshallah.

Today just some tips for bringing children to the Masjid.
Yes, it's difficult, but the vibes and aura of Ramadhan is much nicer when being in the Masjid with the others appreciating this Holy month.kan?Jom share :)

10 Tips for Taraweeh with Tots in Tow

From aaila.org

Here are 10 tips to encourage your child to stay on his best behaviour in the masjid, so you can have a more pleasant and rewarding Taraweeh prayer during Ramadan.
Tip 1
Select a masjid that caters to children.  Many masjids offer childcare services for worshippers, making it easy for parents to enjoy meals and give their undivided attention during long standing periods of Taraweeh prayer.  Of course, not all masjids have this luxury.  Even so, some are certainly more kid-friendly than others.  Look for a masjid that you and your child both feel comfortable in.
Tip 2
Encourage your child to fast during Ramadan.  The pious predecessors of the Prophet (SAW) encouraged their children to fast.  There are differences in opinion as to what age children should be encouraged to fast.  Nevertheless, you can still make gentle attempts at getting your child to give up eating by distracting him with toys, as did our pious predecessors.  You can even offer a special reward if he fasts all or most of the day. Use affectionate persuasion, but don’t force fasting upon him.  How can fasting help control your child during visits to the masjid?  Think about it . . . how do you feel after fasting all day and then finally sitting down to savor a scrumptious meal?  Your blood sugar plummets and you’re ready to doze off to sleep.  Your children are no different.  Having your child fall asleep during Taraweeh prayer can be the relief you need to focus on your prayers and avoid having to correct him to be quiet or sit still.
Tip 3
Endear your child to stand for the Taraweeh prayer along with you.  It’s not uncommon for children as young as eight-years-old to stand for the entire Taraweehprayer!  Don’t force it upon your child, however.  All children are different.  Offer him a special treat if he stands throughout much of the prayer with you.  You’ll find him trying his best to stay on his feet, fighting the urge to rock back and forth and nod off.
Tip 4
Talk to your child prior to leaving home.  Explain to him that you understand how difficult it can be sitting still for such a long period of time.  Explain specifically what type of behavior you expect from him, within reason.  Tell him that you want him to sit down while you’re praying.  Let him know if he wishes to talk, he should use a hushed tone.  If he sits quietly throughout most of the prayer, you’ll give him a gift from your “Ramadan gift bag” on the way home.  Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive.  It could even be a special dessert such as an ice cream cone or donut on the way home from the masjid.  Or, even a special sweet treat you cook up at home.
Tip 5
Carry along a “Taraweeh activity bag” with an assortment of toys such as coloring books and crayons, pencil and paper, puzzles, sticker books, hand held toys  and whatever other entertaining toys (without images)you think will keep your child’s hands busy and mind occupied while you’re praying.  Why not visit the local dollar store and have your child pick out toys he might enjoy playing with.  After you get home, stuff everything into a back pack for your child to carry with him to themasjid.
Tip 6
Bring a bag of snacks. What better way to keep your child’s mouth closed and hands busy than with baggies filled with savory snacks.   Treats with mini pieces such as bags of nuts, popcorn or fruit snacks are ideal.  They make it practical for your child to share with his friends and they don’t leave crumbs behind.  Be sure to remind him to pick up any bags or wrappers he may have used.
Tip 7
Take an outside break.  Sometimes being inside for an extensive period of time can be just too much for your child. When your child gets cranky and disruptive to others, give him a break.  Allow him (and yourself) to take a breather outside and take in some fresh night air. After calming down your child and gathering yourresolve, return inside and continue your prayer.
Tip 8
Remember that you are training your child.  Don’t expect a perfect soldier.  He will falter at times with your instructions. That can be expected.  Your child is not an adult.  And besides . . . even adults have limitations on their attention spans.  Your child is just that—a child.
Tip 9
Lower your expectations of attaining a perfect Taraweeh prayer.  Times are not the same as when you had no children.  Your child will inevitably take time away from your devotion.  And that’s Ok.  You are now in charge of a child you have been given as a trust. Your responsibility is to teach him his purpose in life—to worship his Lord.  Through your patience, guidance and example he will learn an important facet of Ramadan—standing earnestly at night and enduring the fortitude of praying to His Lord.
Tip 10
For some children the structured environment of a masjid for such an extended period of time is just too, demanding.  In such situations it’s reassuring to know that for sisters, praying in the home gains more rewards than praying in the masjid . . . talk about convenience.  So you can still receive bountiful rewards from your Lord right in your home while praying Taraweeh.  And at the same time allow your child to experience the many blessing of this holy month of Ramadan.

Salam Ramadhan Everyone!
And Happy weekends tooo..


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ramadhan 1434h


hari ke-2 kita berpuasa.alhmdulillah bkesempatan sahur bsama suami utk hari ke-2 utk thn ke-4 berpuasa bersama.

Cuma kali ini lbh istimewa sb suami dh byk menolong wktu sahur terutamanya, tlg basuh pinggan, bancuh air, yelah waktu suntuk mommy mmg xcukup tgn :) Hanya Allah shj dpt balas segala jasa, and kurniakan pahala setimpalnya..inshallah~


Moga2 sikap mulia abg, ringan tulang menolong isteri/ibu ni menurun ke dua dua anak teruna pula nanti :)

Mudah mudahan Ramadhan kali ini lbh bermakna utk kita semua. Inshallah.

Kat ofis lemau jer rasanya.bkn sengaja, tp mmg terasa letih di tambah pula dgn keperluan bekalan susu utk Amsyar dan timbunan kerja.mmg xterlarat gamaknya..harus lbh bersemangat!!

Alhamdulillah, tercapai juga hajat nak berhubung semula dgn kwn2 seangkatan sebumbungan sepersekolahan dahulu dgn group wassap. Seronok bc celoteh kwn2 lama. Yang kita kenal luar dlm :)
Biarlah bg yang tak mau join.hak mereka.kita tak paksa. kadang2 perlu juga mencari kekuatan, mencurah rasa pada mereka mereka yg kita tahu tak akan judge kita. :) :) :)

Salam Ramadhan semua!!~



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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Konvensyen Bidadari PICC

Shouting out for ALL bidadaris out there!!!!  :)
If you're free, why not? :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ideas for our saham..

Saham akhirat..jom buat.Just several ideas..add if you wish :)

1. Beli bedak baby yg botol besar.letak kat surau perempuan.tulis WAQAF.Damage cost : rm10

2.Beli biskut kering/marie/chipsmore dsb letak dlm satu tupperware/tin biskut.letak kat pantry ofis.tulis WAQAF.

3. Beli telekung utk surau.

4.Adopt a kitten in need.Pilih yg plg kotor, bwk blk bersihkan wangi2..bagi mkn.Lepaskan semula

5.Plant a tree. Near a playground. Kalau pokok buah pelam lg bagus.

6. Buy an extension cord/plate. For the office's nursing room. Buy tissues as well.

7. Buy hand soap and dishwashing liquid for ur office/pantry's sink :)

8. Buy a popcorn or an icecream for the small/young beggar at ur local pasarmalam. Give cash if you want to.

9. Activate a chat group connecting all your old friends. To build up again the silaturrahim long lost in time..better, organize a meet-up and cook for them :)


Just several examples. Lets add yours.

This is actually our actual savings.
Our savings in the banks may go the the grocery store, the car mechanic or sometimes unnecessary subscription of Astro channels that you never watch pun.

Small acts kindness could some times make the day of another person :)

Happy Wednesday everybody..
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekends :: To melaka and back..

Weekends are nice :)
If spent wisely.
The only time with family.
For working moms like me.

On Sunday we went to Melaka to send Iman's maksu off to MRSM TGB.
My playing ground when i was small.
We went to visit my old neighbor as well and amazingly she still remembers me despite all the years :')
We moved out around 1997.
How many yrs is that? :')
She said Iman resembles my lil brother when he was Iman's age. The yr we moved out :)
How time flies.

Then off to Ali's College. 
KKTM Rembau College of Art.
Belajau rajin2 adik2 ku.
Dah jd rembau most wanted ni..
Quite happy for him.
Hope he does well.

Pit stopped at Jasin's new Mydin mall. Large mall indeed in such a remote town.

The day before, as everybody's home at mom's place, we fixed together nasi lemak for late breakkie.
6pots of rice, and one whole fat chicken for sambal.
10 eggs and few hundred bilis fishes (heheheheh).
Some cucumber and kacang goreng too as condiments complimenting the meal :)
All licin by 2pm!!

Just a great meal for hubby to start his journey to the stadium for the TRW game!

Tahniah TRW for winning against JDT !! :)

My Hero :)
With BIL Fahmey..semangat betul dua beradik ni tauuuu!!

Semangat tau..dgn kereta2 jd mangsa :p
Mujur menang :')

All 8 of us were at home last weekend. 
Zakiyya safely arrived from Egypt for Ramadhan and Syawal.
Even Aliyya was home.

Except for my dearest mom, faraway in Terengganu.
The house is no same without the Queen :)

Uh Oh!! Kantoi ko dikkk..

And lil Amsyar took the opportunity to explore geyma's vanity table as she's not around. Habis Q tips geyma kna selongkar. Sorry geyma..hehehehehe.

Have a nice Monday everybody~
Have a nice week ahead!


jom terjah :)
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