Thursday, August 28, 2014

Throwback last week - Chassis Potluck

Our office potluck this year :)
I bawak Ayam masak merah..licinnnnnnn!

Laku I menggoreng 10pm and sambung 5.30am :)

Happy Thursdays uolls.
Can't wait for tomorrow nak blk salak tinggi.

And don't forget book or tickets now! Till 31st august only.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm not sorry I am a woman in your world

Its tough working in a men's world. But I have no regrets. Its an advantage actually if u take it that way.

I had this meeting earlier with a big boss from another dept.he's a big boss, but not the highest in the rank, so he still have bosses to report to. Middle aged, not so tall, he was fiery with questions of all sorts. Apparently, i was given a hard time by him in grilling me with questions technically and dynamically while he kept sceptically deceiving me. Kemain lagi uolss..iolls jadi darah tinggi.jenis bila kita nk jawap dia soh diam.and bila kita explain, dia kata jawapan out of queation.padahal dia xmau dengar. Today I knew why. Only today. Allahuakbar! T_T

Apparently, I was favored by his big boss who was a prominent man in our organization.Boleh? Hahaha. What a #*$&%. I know.

I tak marah u.
Well I knew it when he mentioned it himself.

Tapi td I was on the top stove. After 2hrs of grilling, I fed up. Let it be. If u want to pay 10mil.then pay. If we decide to or not to, my paycheck will be the same. So why bother. You are paid to decide.I'm paid to present the cause and findings. Why should i care,kan?? But I cared. Then he gave in.hahaha.

Bahaya wanita kan?

Being emotional is just human. In my organization I really do find many men getting PMSs more often than us women.hehehe.

He opened up.
He wasn't suppressing me, he was training me to be a 'lawyer' for my engineer self.yeah right.

Rupanya..dia tak puas hati kenapa boss dia suka i. Hahaha. i cannot answer that when or boss had a reputation of favoring women over men. I was born a woman.hahaha

He grilled me to get the juice out of me.damn! Esok nk hantar I present to Mr XY his boss.

Exploited plak rasa.
Whatever la as long as semua members of the floor xkena tempelak dgn naga rambut merah tomorrow..I redha.bengong pun ada rasa.

Ntahlah.kena byk doa yg kita ni sentiasa dijauhkan drpd hasad dengki Dan fitnah manusia.

I'm an engineer in a lawyer's hat tomorrow.
Let us see, keluar bilik meeting tu hidup ke mati esok T_T

Else tinggallah ..
Eng.Zahra Roslan (BEng Mech,BBa) RIP

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Penutup Syawal :)

Sambutan Hari raya Iman at school last Friday.
Bye bye syawal.
Hingga bertemu lagi


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Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekends with my loved ones

I posted few posts before.
But all seemed lost.

Happy Monday babes.

Waiting for Friday ni


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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Raya raya week 3 :: Potluck, Open House and my nasi beriani :)

Assalam lovelies!

Just sharing some photos from our office potluck, birthday celebration and also a small gath with my 17yrs friendship friends. met twin babies umar n uthman as well in their house in kem perdana Sg besi (1st time masuk Kem askar!!)tp xteringat ni amek gambar!! :)

Well, all went well and the boys behaved (most of the time) alhmdulillah.

Smlm baby zaid dtg beraya. Besar dh baby zaid.dh nk Balik Egypt dh in few weeks time.sob sob.bila tah dpt jmp lg..

Omey omey nephew mommy long.

Alhmdulillah dpt msk nasi beriani 1st time buat! Jadi and licin! Kita lwnkan dgn daging Hitam n ayam kari kering..Yang penting soulmate suka. Dia req buat lg next time..

Guna rencah beli je ni.nanti dh pro sikit kita cuba resipi sendiri.tak salah cuba cuba kan?

OK masih dlm mood raya ni.doakan mlm ni berjaya memasak merahkan Ayam Ayam utk potluck no 2 office esok! Amin.

Have a nice week lovelies!

23 syawal 1435h

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Raya dan adab berziarah raya rumah org

Morning kwn Kwn!

Masih berhari raya lagi kita ni kan.kita kan budaya beraya sebulan.Esok br nk berpotluck raya dioffice utk wanita wanita office.He he he.
Seronoknya! Nak mkn byk2!

Nak dijadikan cerita, hujung minggu lps rmailah kawan kawan jiran seblah rumah dtg beraya.berkereta kereta banyaknya..parking betul betul dpn pagar pintu masuk.ok tak apalah lagi.saya yang sedang menyidai kain langsung tidak ditegurnya..amboi.nak minta tumpang sekejap apatah lg.hati dah jenis kurang ajar ni. Sepasang suami isteri, anaknya 5-6 rmainya.terus masuk rumah seblah.

Tak lama slps itu anak2 beramai ramai main dihalaman rumah. 10-11 org ramai nya..dr umur 10,9,8 thn ke semuda 2thn semuanya ada. menggoyang2 kan pagar sambil memanggil manggil nama krg enak pd Iman n amsyar.terpana kejap Iman n amsyar.saya bwk anak masuk.Tp biasalah dh ditutup gril ,dipanjatnya grille nk intai org seblah.tiba tiba ada suara bdk dlm umur 5thn "oi panjat panjat mcm monyet! Kang jatuh terus mampus"

Mak ai.tentu ada yg lebih dewasa berkata begitu pd dia. Iman take menjawap.apalah yg dia tahu nak jawap pun. Tiba tiba mereka mula membaling batu kearah iman n amsyar yg dlm Rumah sendiri ni,dr arah pagar seblah.

Saya tutup sliding door, sb ada yg sudah terkena iman.bukan kecil kecil batunya.sudah sebesar penumbuk!

Masih lg dibaling anak anak nakal ni terkena sliding door kaca saya! Amboi! Makin lama makin byk!!

Saya keluar panggil kakak seblah dan suruh dia larang anak2 tetamunya berhenti.saya suruh alihkan kereta sekali.begitu marahnya saya.biadapnya anak anak ini!

Mak ayah sibuk beraya.anak2 dibiarkan sahaja! Sampai membaling batu Ke rumah jiran!

Kakak seblah datang meminta maaf.batu penuh di porch saya menjadi buktinya.saya bkn membesar besarkan cerita.mujur sahaja kepala anak sy tidak berdarah dan cermin sy tidak luka! Aduhai! Takapalah..bukan slh dia.

Moral of the story, pantaulah anak anda.didiklah anak anda.biadabnya ayah melahirkan anak2 yg biadap.

Kita kan masih dlm mood raya!
Beradablah.baru Lagi harmony n seronok beraya!



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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WW - Lovely Wednesday

Yeah..still here.baru boleh breathe!
Iman back to school after one day off.
Amsyar seems OK.

Mommy pun OK sebab boss cuti 4days! Woohoo!

Happy working peeps!
Tak sabar tunggu weekends sb nak g beraya! Yeay!!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Zulhadzrey Iman at 3yrs and a half

Iman. My sweet Iman turns 3 and a half this month. Which accumulates 42mths of me being a mommy :) Alhamdulillah, we learnt together to accept each other and play our roles all the way. This year's raya was much appreciated by him as he now knows and understand what is raya, what is balik kampung, and who are tokpa and tokma to him. Alhmdulillah.How fast time flies.

Fully toilet trained by now, he had lost all four of his front teeth due to ECC :) takpelah.the teeth will grow back dear. No frets. He he he.

He loves trains, blocks and aeroplanes. And alhamdulillah loves books too. It would be definitely ok if it was only him and his books. Big bad wolf please come fast, we'll really appreciate some new books on the rack :)

Just sometimes I'm too lazy to read to him. Mommy really needs some Mommy mid year kpi review mcm ni. Teruk sgt dh performance ni. Homeschool activities pun byk Ke laut musim musim raya puasa ni (--") I think since the eye infection incident hari tu.mommy jd patah arah.

He loves bicycles and balls and eats rice with only kicap these days (Adoi!) He loves playdoh as well :) and is fascinated by dinosaurs! And also Hi-5 on Disney Jr channel.haha

This naughty, cheeky and witty boy is my sweetheart. However, I pushed him too hard this morning that he fell down in the bathroom and cried. I feel guilty all day long. Sorry baby, mommy meant no harm :'(

We'll work out beautiful regimes and play great games this weekend I promise! :)


Mommy always love u.
With all my heart. And I pray you'll become a great Muslim professional who puts Allah before anything else.


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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Syawal 9th 1435h- Back to KL, esok kerja!

Salam mommies already working post raya celebration. How's or day(s), eventually? :) We're now on our way back to KL after 11days in Kelate :) Lama kan? Well, take apalah skali skala.and the unforeseen circumstances coming into our ways..nak beat camna. but life goes on and we surely need to do what's best out of it, don't we? ;)

Mama, Hubby's mom, finally got discharged Sunday evening after 4days 3nights in the hospital. Alhmdulillah, tho not fully recovered yet, she was doing really fine. I guess it is the determination and spirit coming from her kids who still needs her and her responsibility of taking care her sick mom (Hubby's grandma) made her not capable of being sick for long. Half body paralyzed from waist below, her high spirits made her able to slowly walk by now, alhmdulillah.I really hope u become better mama, I pray for ur health, and my own mother's health to be always great.Inshallah.

So we decided to just go back home today, skipping our journey to tganu. I really hope my mom would understand. Sorry Mak, we'll find time for tganu Inshallah.

We chose to use KLipis- Karak route this time, and stopped for Muzdalfa Chicken and Pizza at RnR Gua Musang for awhile. The chicken was so-so but I liked the bbq pizza although the crust was a bit too hard.hehee.

Pray for our safe journey Inshallah.
See u soon KL.



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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Syawal day 6..still in Kelantan

Assalamualaykum wbt

How's life so far?
We're still here in Pasirmas klate praying for the fast recovery of my MIL, mama. With nasi lemak aroma lingering and the water too cold for a bath, DH is still wrapped under the warmth of his old blanket at 10am. It feels too soon to go back to reality.

Mama had shown great progress alhmdulillah.But still needs to be under proper monitoring as her bp is still 170/100. I hope she learns her lesson and will be more disciplined in taking her meds.

Me? I miss my home my crib, my kitchen, my small cottage. I miss my own mom but not to the extend of being homesick yet. Hoping that mama will get well enough for us to bid goodbye without feeling guilty. I'm still considering extending our stay until next Saturday and take 3 days EL. I'm so sure that once we're back in KL it would be so hard to be back.*sigh*

Goodbye plans of pulau redang n such.Luckily I didn't make any reservations yet. Just not yet. Next time perhaps.

Will try to make up the most of our stay here. Syawal warmth is still around, and its so calming and pleasant to be in the serenity of the countryside. Maybe we'll see into crossing the border somewhere in the afternoon for some Thai delights and cheap stuff like johnson lotions and shampoo by the dozen.he he he.

Just what I know now, we're ain't leaving anywhere soon. Yeay!

Jomm g cari mee cambo and some maggi tomyam siam and maybe some lokcheng too.

Love from Golok-Pasirmas border,


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Friday, August 1, 2014

Raya raya kami

Smlm berkesempatan berhari raya dgn Kwn kwn sepejabat yg berada sekitar KB.seronok rsnya.slamat ini cerita anak2 hnya dikongsi bersama, tp bila dpt bertemu mata, lebih seronok rsnya :)

Syukur atas kesempatan ini. Anak anak pun seronok nmpknya dpt berjalan jalan Ke Rumah Rumah rakan2 klate rumahnya luas luas belaka! Mmg berlebih tanah jadinya ni main dan berlari. Terima kasih Tuan Tuan rumah atas jemputan :)

Itu cerita smlm raya ke-3, raya kedua kami pusing kg.jln2 Rumah sedara Mara suami.kutip raya. Xsabar rasanya ni mengira duit raya anak2. He he he

Gambar raya pun dh OK sikit. Xdelah kna amukan bdk 3thn yg xmahu bergambar.hailah anak :)

Patutnya harini kami ke bachok , berbakar ayam tp mama pula jatuh darah tinggi. Seriau rsnya. Mama dh terkena stroke kali ke-2. Allah :'(

Doakan mama ye kwn2. Sedih sgt hati pg tadi mama buatkan air kopi secawan utk saya. Dan smlm perturun resipi pudding karamelnya seadanya. Menitis air matanya bila saya pakaikan baju elok sikit utk ke Hospital td. Tak mampu bergerak Dan bercakap cuma menitiskan air mata.

Walaupun kita cuma menantu, sy syg mama seadanya. Mama, sy janji akan syg sepenuh hati dan jaga anak sulong mama yg nakal ini selamanya selagi hayat dikandung usia. Cucu cucu mama Inshallah saya akan didik sepenuh jiwa. Inshallah. Selagi rezeki jodoh masih ada, selagi rasa mawaddah wa rahmah yang Allah kurniakan antara kami masih bersisa. Inshallah.

Mudah mudahan mama sihat n kuat semula. Dlm pada masih kita bermood raya.
Aminnn :'(

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jom terjah :)
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