Thursday, October 31, 2013

October happenings : Proton Family day at Sunway Lagoon (26th Oct 2013)


The most awaited event of the year in the company :)

The venue this year again is Sunway Lagoon.
Well, it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better this for. Thanks for the managing team to be taughtful enough to organize seperate events for PONSB, PTMB and Proton Edar. It was really nicer and less crowded than the year, and years before. We had a great time, Alhamdulillah. We were aiming to spend more time but it started to rain at 4pm and the boys were too sleepy and dozed off by themselves by 3.30pm, we packed and headed home at 4.30pm :)

Memorable indeed as the boys are already in the age of enjoying rides and swimming play pools.The rides were of course limited to them due to their young age (and height) but there are really some which are ride-able :)

Food somehow was not really a thumbs up. The organizer maybe should simplify meals next time to be honest and provide kiddy meals as well for under 2 yrs toddlers :) We had roasted chicken from Rasamas for lunch which i thought that if next time they could provide Nasi ayam from the chicken rice shop would be a better choice. Previous events were served with KFC as the lunch provider which was also far better than Rasamas :)

Bye bye Iman!! :)

Thank you syg for the great picture...yess.xpe..blur sket je (T-T)

Nyampah tau. pictures dia naik rides clear jer.
Oh yes. We took turns :p

Ke laut daddy ni amek pics :P

Amsyar terlena dlm kebasahan. This was after the pool. But tak amek pics as both of us were wet that time ;p

Hungry Iman

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Wild life park..Iman loves the eagle and crocs.mommy yang serammm 

Makan time :)


Thank you PONSB for events like this. Siapa yang saje tak datang tu..its up to you lah kan? But tickets, food are provided with a splash of fun, then why not kan?

Tahun depan buat lg :)



Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WW - Weekdays Tea Time at home :: Cucur bawang :)

Our fav cucur bawang ikan bilis lembut lembut style :)

Everything is nicer when its homemade :)


Mommy Zahra

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October happenings : Mak Uteh farewell ;)

Zakiyya with Iman :)

Last week, October th 22nd was my lil sis flight to Doha then back to Egypt.
Yup, she went back to egypt.
All my doas are with you my dear. May Allah protect you always :)

So we were there, at KLIA sending her off. Together as well with lil Iman and Amsyar.
Iman was really fond of his Mak Uteh.
He was really sad at the moment he realized that mak uteh was really walking away (to the boading terminal of course).
Both boys watching the bags being wrapped. Amazed ;p

Amsyar merajuk, as he wanted the small orang utan doll that costed rm69! Not worth it dikk..takpayah.

Boys being boys..buying off time :)

Vroommm vrommm ! :)

And the boys managed to persuade geypa to get them these.. alahai..
Dgn mommy tak dapek la korang..huhuhu





Byebye mak uteh.
Deep down kakak is really worried sick about you being pregnant, alone in a very unstable country like egypt.
But maybe takdir has already been written that you'll be there.
So may all the doas be with you and may Allah protect you from harm.

Have a smooth pregnancy, delivery and study journey inshallah.

Take care lil yah..your always be my baby sister lil yah..


Friday, October 25, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Iman and his antics..

Iman is hitting 36mths next February. So its about time that his speech skills develops rapidly this time around. It is surely funny with what he usually utters out. Sometimes unpredictable and really genuinely frank. Haha.

Mommy just need to polish him a bit about being polite and thoughtful soon!

As usual i could not predict what new vocab he had just recently picked-up and i tried my best to teach him each new thing he asked in English. Yes, that's quite hard as both of us are hard-cored malay speakers. But it's really worth it so far with things around the house and in everyday environment.

He understands simple english like wash your hands, wash your face, wipe your mouth, throw the rubbish in the bin, keep your toys away, take your green stool, kick the ball, take one tissue for mommy,  and have a quite extended array of english nouns as well. Just simple things like train, horse, cat, dog, chicken, fork, spoon, ball (ha this one of course!), aeroplane, tunnel, car, bicycle, bug, butterfly and the list goes on. We will work with verbs after this. Inshallah!

There are some conversations that i found really funny on how he uses his words. Here are some.

M (mommy) : Iman, nape adik nangis? Iman pukul ke?
I (Iman) : Tak tahu. Bukan iman!
M : Iman usik ke?
I : Bukan!

I found him throwing the cake from his hands.
M : Iman jgn baling kek kalau taknak mkn
I : Tak baling. Kek jatuh.

I : Wow! Cantiknya! Wow!!
I was putting on make-up that time.
Thank you hunny bunny!

I : Amsyar, jgn ambil ni. Ni Abang punya!
We never taught him to call himself abang. Hehehe

I : Daddy, nak air oren (this was daddy's carbonated drink). Amsyar tak payah. Ni ubat!
Hahahahah.. amboi pandai ckp kat adik ni ubat..padahal dia nak.

Alaa.. tak ingat plak yang lain lain.
But Iman is really growing up mcm abg abg sket.
The brotherly manner is there, budding. Alhamdulillah.

Mommy hopes you grow up, independent, smart, and soleh Iman.


I bought them both these two sets recently.
I think it's no problem for a lil boy to play with kitchen sets, As long as the sets are not really girlish, pink and all. It's not a bad thing, you boys do cook.

What say you?


Till then,



Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Word~less Wednesdays - Happenings

 Iman and adeeb in Ditoso class, Kota Kemuning.
Right brain development class. Really need to blog about this soon!

Heaven on earth. 
Special Ice cream -Thai style. Vanilla ice cream with kelapa muda. Yumms!

Latest addition to the clan.
My cute niece, lil Miss Musfirah Tahani. My sister in law's first :)
Waiting for additions to my side as well. Inshallah next year ;)


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Raya Korban 2013

Cerita dah seminggu tapi baru nak cerita J
Xpelahkan? Haritu cuti seminggu kat klate jd xmenyempat nak berblog. Seronok sgt bercuti. Buat taktau ajer..xmau fikir apa2. Bangun makan tido makan tido. Best nyer bercuti kat kg.

Anak2 pn gembira. Pagi2 lagi dh berlari kat laman rumah yg boleh parking doploh biji kereta tu. Penat kang dia g tgk lembu. G tgk kambing. Main air kat laman rumah. Kait buah rambutan. Tokpa belikan motor electric utk depa.

Plg boring dh..diorg g round kampong naik motor dgn tokpa.
Mmg seronok lah dok kg.

Nyaman jerr.. :)

But things need to be back to reality lah kan.
Hari Ahad still kna tepuk pipi sendiri..kemas kemas barang..and balik ke bumi shah alam :0
Cukuplah cuti seminggu.
Kena kerah keringat mencari rezeki :)

Iman with the brand new motor from Tokpa. Thank you tokpa. Tidur almost all the way back to klate. Woke up in Klate to this :)

Bermain secara baik berdua, adalah sangat mendamaikan hati mommy :)

Tahun alhamdulillah ada rezeki lebih, dikurniakan rezeki mencurah2. Kedua kami ditambahkan amanah dan tugasan yg perlu dipikul di bahu masing2. Alhamdulillah.
Bolehlah ambil sebahagian dr tujuh bahagian projek lembu pakde tok penghulu.

Yang kenit pun dibawa dan diceritakan knp kita korban.
Korbankan lembu.

Cuma mereka masih belum faham. 
Apa erti sbnrnya pengorbanan


Takde plak pic family sebab sgt sibuk pg raya tu..and still lg jetlaged :P
The third of raya (Thursday) baru dpt berjalan sket ke KB. Alang2 ke KB kita ke PCB.

Barulah ada pic family :)

Cerita jalan2 lain kalilah kot.
Kita buat dwg dulu!
Lagipun pg td dh masuk lewat sket..hantar Zakiyya kembali ke Egypt.
Moga-moga Allah melindungi dan merahmati kamu adikku.


Till then,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.
Mari sama2 renungkan..apa erti pengorbanan utk kita :)


Monday, October 21, 2013

Blue Black

A lot of stories.
But a tonne of work to do.
Will blog later inshallah.
About our Kelantan trip.
Raya Haji 2013
About Ditoso :)

Soon la..

Monday blues on the Monday after a loooong holiday.
More to Blue-black than blue if you ask me.
I miss my babies.

And this big baby of mine tooo.. :P


jom terjah :)
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