Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Tuesday morning the sun is shining.

Just to write out some burden. To loosen out a bit.

Stressed out with CIMB. The synchronization in between depts. It has been 89+working days.
And still pending. Gilaa...Burned out with people with different wavelengths who have different way of thinking.I'll try to fight for my right. And never give up! This case had really took a toll on my mood these days.

Hope for things to turn out OK.

Too many things that makes me stressed out these day.

The neighbour who parks infront of my house for months not wanting to move his car.
We plan to write 'for sale' on an empty bottle and put it on the car tonite.hahaha..monster neighbour.

The girl who is married for 2mths+ but pregnant with 4.
I could smell fishy things when the morning sickness and baby bump was 2wks after her solemnization.
2 weeks? like seriously? Then i knew.Hmm. takpelah.good for her to cover up things rapidly.
The baby is innocent. That is what matters most.
But too fragile to even stand up during a meeting.
Memalukan kaum perempuan betul.
still a loooong way to go adik

Hmm..budak budak zaman skrg.
May all things be good for you.

And is just Maybe its just time to turn the leaf upside down.

Dear May..please come quickly. Dear Saturday..please come quick too..
I really need a good rest for now.

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