Thursday, February 28, 2013


Yesterday morning, on the way to work.

Me : Yang, smlm mimpi buruk la..nightmare.
Him : Mimpi apa?
Me : Mimpi abg kawen lain, siap ckp ' jgn lah nangis yang, mlm esok turn syg'. Ei nightmare la.terbayang2 tau!

Him : Hik hik...tandanya murah rezeki tu..hik hik hik
Me: ????

Amboi amboi...ada hati yer.
Cubit kuat2 kasi lebam kang!
Kita garang tau!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WW-Iman's Birthday.Yeay!!

Really thanks everyone for coming and those behind the scene in making mommy's wish for a nice birthday party for lil Iman come true :)


Mommy Iman Amsyar

** Sorry pictures are not in turutan coz tatau nak susun cmne in phone

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Pre-Celebration last Night

Love Love Love.

Pre celebration at home :)
Happy birthday Iman :)

Amsyar from behind..wanting cake as well.

Mac&Cheese and Grilled chicken for Iman :) Special from Mommy

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Iman is 2!! Today!

21st February is always so special.
Since 2011 :)

I'm sooooooooo excited it gives me shivers to the spine :)
It is just too emotionally oriented, when it involves first borns.
Maybe every mother feels this way.
Perhaps my mom does, with me.

It's always special to be the first.
Being not the first is also special,mind you Zulhafidzey Amsyar if you happen to read this 10-15 yrs from now.Special in your every tiny lil way :)

I'll do a special entry for Iman for this.Inshallah.
Just too excited to do it now ;p

Happy Birthday dear Iman.
All i can say now is mommy always love you.
Every lil bit of you.



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WW-Precious Smiles and A Love letter


Sometimes bila dh malas yg amat ...bukan wednesday ajer nk buat wordless.
Tp Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday pun nak wordless juga :P

Monday, February 18, 2013

One week away :)


Hello there! :)
A long hiatus is it?

Well, we went to hibernate mode for one week far far in Kampong Bakong, Pasir Mas.Kelantan.
A full week of fun play and learning-visits as we went via Tapah-Cameron Highlands route and went back via the usual G.Musang-Lipis-Bentong route. Quite a journey!
And most of all some shopping in Thailand for mommy too :)

Perhaps will update some pics later as mommy is still with headache reading all the emails send whilst on holiday.Amsyar became too attached from the long stay with him, he refused to be left in my babysitters house this morning. Even Iman did not wake up when we were getting ready in moring as usual due to being used to wake up a lil late before :) Iman did picked up sveral kelantanese dialects as well during our stay. I wonder how he'll be if we need to stay for at least a month or too ;)

Other than that just to update that my Mom will be moving to Terengganu as dad will be the Pengarah of Terengganu pula. A bad news for us tho.. as after this nak merajuk balik rumah mak sendiri dh jauh giler la dahhh..camno?hehehhe. Dad will be continuing his reign over there starting this March.Oh my!

Iman is also turning two by end of this week :)
Yippee yeay! How time flies.

Ok then, back to the headache-causing emails.

Have a nice Monday to you too :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A wedding and no more leaves to take ;(

Baru balik dr kampong.emergency.penat sangat.
Ahad mlm-Selasa.
Nangis nangis dtg kerja smp tgh mlm buta dr kampong.bgn pg sedar2 dh 6.50am.
Mujur 6.50, kalau 7.50am..masak.
Kampung pasirmas kelantan nuuuuun.
Kalau sepang, takyah cerita kat sini.sebab dekat dimata and di hati.

Nenda suami tercinta sakit kuat.

Jumaat ni balik lg.

Tp bila apply cuti kuar mcm ni.
(read the lowest line..)

Huhu guane??

Letih mcm nak nangis :'(

So utk menceriakan diri sendiri (i self-proclaim myself dedolu to be self motivated..haha), let me share a pic of us attending hubby's officemate's wedding last saturday. A nice wedding held in Masjid Al-Iman alghazali, Manjalara,KL. Nice environment, nice food. 

Congarats Emadella & Ramzan ! :)

See, our happy family :p
Ah, another must have entry to come-baru teringat.
Iman hilang in IKEA after this wedding.
Nanti laaa..

Have a nice day moms,
Life must go on no matter what,kan?

Love, Zahra

Friday, February 1, 2013


Happy 5 years anniversary to me for being faithful with P1 all these years.
Saya masuk 1st of February..Yeay!!~

Well if including those scholarship years..dah 9years dh :)

Alhamdulillah.Rezeki ku maseh disini,
Mungkin tahun depan tidak lagi


jom terjah :)
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