Monday, April 7, 2014

Hidup berjiran


Monday everyone!

How was ur wkends? Hopefully everything's fine and nice.

We spent the wkends at home.mommy was not feeling well.I don't know.the body just doesn't co operate.too much was in my mind till my body just needed some rest I guess. I think the CIMB case was really stressful, with the officer who had a totally different wavelenght from me. I went to bed at 9pm on both nights. Alhmdulillah. Last nite hubby even waked me up at 11 to have some tapau-ed dinner. I really owe him so much.he worked both days, and took care of all of us after work at night.

Well, do you have neighbours who like to have in front of their house clear of cars, yet parks in front of other houses? I do. *sigh*

One, renovated the lawn gate until it could open as large as the house, but loves to park her cars in front of other people houses. Another, has 2 cars, parks one car inside her porch.and left another car in front of mine. The car has not been moved for more than 2 months since I guess. What a bummer. If I have guests, we need to squeeze our cars.

The point is, why there are people so selfish n do not bother for other people feelings. Last time this neighbor complained that the guy next to my house came to ask her to move her car from in front of his I know why.




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