Friday, September 6, 2019

Barely 3 months to 2020!

Assalam and Jumuah barakah everyone :)
Its September already alhamdulillah..we can say we've survived 70% of the year. A roller coaster year with episodes of high blood pressure MCs and emotional events. I can say it has been a rough year.

This month is 11th anniversary with my black 2008 persona WRV and alhamdulillah most parts are still working great since day one. The fuel pump is still its original and unlike most aging cars, he is still strong enough to go up Genting Highlands. We intended to sell it off to close relatives but on a second thought, the cost to maintain this black beauty is almost zero, so let it serve as our back up car in case of any emergencies so yeah, blacky's still with us..yay! I sould not just give off all those memories of all the adventures with this one. From our dating days, throughout three pregnancies and everything in between, this one is a true rough boy! Sadly the management has decided to discontinue the production of this model replacing it with another model not at par..sigh

I actually really need to brush up my English skills and my technical jargon vocabulary. Tahap teruk sgt dah sekarang ni. But all i can say is that the new management really gave us a refreshing new outlook of the company and our visions and missions.

Ok nanti sembang lagi..byk nak tulis tapi masa tak ada.sobs.

Love u guys


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Hill and Chill Homestay Fraser's Hill Review

Assalam. Hi all!

During our stay in FH recently, we decided to stay in Silver Park Resort renting one unit via airbnb. It turned out that the house was so nice, clean and cozy, we would like to keep our reviews about it here. Just to note that this is a free review.

For a last minute booking, we landed upon this unit of 2bedrooms and 2bathrooms for less than RM250. Here. I can say its worth every penny paid! Alhmdulillah rezeki kami masa tu.

Lets have a virtual tour around the house.

The living room area and balcony

Inside the house from the balcony

Beautiful nature view from the balcony

Bedroom 2

Subuh view

View from the kitchen balcony (2nd balcony)

Mom and my sisters at the Apartment park

Apartment park/common area

At the dining space

Kitchen area from the website as i forgot to snap one.

Overall i can give this homestay an overall of 8/10 stars for its price, location and cozyness. 
The only cons is that you have to climb up 2 storeys to reach the apartment and the are is quite remote. Maybe we'll come again inshallah~

Friday, August 16, 2019

Staycation @ Fraser's Hill 2019

Hello everyone! Its August already, the month full of celebrations and merdeka mood. This aidil adha time around upon Mak's request, we went for a short staycation to Fraser's Hill. And to be honest it was my first time there. Hehehe.

 Fraser's Hill is actually a heritage spot with a lot of British Colonial Houses/Bungalows around now became a small township with only around 500 people actually staying here. Others were like us, the people coming for a short stay. However, the township is quite complete with a police station, schools, masjid, clinic and even a post office. 

It is really a place for nature lovers seeking for a peaceful and breezy cold getaway. Located only 2hours drive via Rasa/KKB route, the windy roads uphill was really an adventure on its own, and a lovely green sigjht for forest dwellers. There are quite few nice spots we visited on our stay there. alhmdulillah everything went well and i had a relieve for my stressful past month working.

Still in holiday mood , tho..let the pictures talk for themselves.

We went for some strawberry hunting and ended up there is only one place selling and planting strawberries up there.haha

5 guys and 5 girls.heheh

The icon of the small town

We took the road not taken climbing up Jeriau Waterfalls. Its was really a nice walk into the woods. Cantik! lama tak masuk hutan

Jeriau Waterfalls in the back

Buildings build in the late 1890s

Kids just having fun

Kawsar and Mikhail jumping onto mommylong

Public park down hill

The morning me and hubs went for a nasi lemak hunt

Food stalls and shops are around but very limited.Therefore quite expensive. For me, let it be that way rather than being too commercialized like Cameron Highlands. Let the greens and the calmness offered be there for those loving the calmness and appreciate nature 

At one of the planting homes, giant Hibiscus!

My beloved

And one for the album!

So till then Fraser's Hill, we had a splendid time enjoying our coffee on the cold morning balcony, and freezing night here. We spend our night in the Silver Park Resort Homestay from AirBNB. It was really a cozy house, I'll try to write about it soon, perhaps..

Till then we meet again inshallah! :)

Bye bye !


jom terjah :)
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