Friday, January 18, 2019

Penang Trip 2018 Itenery

Our itenery in short and simple (light and easy):

Friday (30/11/2018)
8am - Road trip starts with heavy nasi kerabu breakfast in BSP
1pm - Arrived in Penang (Sg Dua)- ready for Some Mee Udang. We chose Ida Mee Udang. any is nice.
2pm - Jetty Q for Ferry to penang.
3pm - Check in Hotel and Rest
5.30pm - Scroll around hotel area for some sightseeing and ice cream!
8pm - Dinner at Padang Kota (Pasemboq and laksa)
9-11pm -Night stroll at Padang Kota & drive around Georgetown to see the town - Komtar, Old British Buildings, Gurney Drive etc.

Saturday (01/12/2018)
7.30am - Breakfast at the Hotel
8.30am- 10am - Pool dip!
11am -3pm - Penang Hill
3.30pm- Line Clear nasi kandar.
5.00-7.00pm - Batu Feringghi and Telok Bahang beach stroll
8-11pm- Jacuzzi time at the hotel and Zzzzzzzzz

Sunday (02/12/2018)
7.30am - Breakfast at the hotel
8.30-11am - Pool dip!
12noon - check out
1pm - Rumah P.Ramlee
2pm - Nasi beriyani Claypot Kapitan
3pm - Chowrasta Market for souvenirs, Tshirt and Jeruk Pak Ali
5pm - Head back to KL!

Hope this helps those asking.
It was a really light and easy trip as we have three lil boys in tow. They're all grown up and behaving now so trips are nicer now!

Enjoy guys!



Tuesday, January 15, 2019


This time around we chosed to discover things in Penang. Just a short 3days 2 nights adventure as i hardly ever visited Penang despite of its reputation as a famous foodie location and nice tourist attraction that is pocket friendly. So then we picked 30th November till 2nd December for our short getaway.

Frankly speaking, i think we need 4 to 5 days to discover all, maybe next time as this time around we stayed in Georgetown and covered most of the Northern part of the Island only. I've booked to stay in Northam All Suites Penang, for its location and room price, and it turned out to be really nice. We had a room with a view and a jacuzzi, which everybody loves. Next time maybe we'll stay by the beach.

In front of Northam's All Suites

Seaview from the pool

Poolside at Northam
Pool dip!

Well, just to share the pictures there as our family momento and maybe if you would like to have some ideas of what to do in Penang when u visit next time, lets see what we've being up to in Penang! A nice stay to forget a lil of all the hustling and bustling in the city (read office) and a good way to end 2018! all maybe are not in order of our activities but i'll summarize all in the end, inshallah.

1. Rumah P.Ramlee Georgetown

inside the house!

2. Makan makan spots 1 - Line Clear Nasi Kandar

From the parking lot behind LC

3. RNR stops to refresh!

We had few stops all the way to Penang. One for breakfast and another was for bathroom and smoking (daddy's stop). It was just a fun drive trip, so we were not really chasing time to arrive.

RNR stop!

aww.. love you two!

4. Makan makan spot 2 : Mi Udang Sg Dua

Sg Dua is actually on the peninsular side of Penang. The mee udang was marvellous! Fresh freshwater prawns cooked with a little bit sweet and tangy gravy.sedappp!

Sg Dua Sawah Padi. Nice weather kan?

the udangss

4. Our First Ferry ride crossing to Penang :)
Yups. Rm7 per car for a 15mins trip from Butterworth Jetty to Georgetown! The queue was quite long but the ride was interesting.

Our new baby

5. Makan makan spot 3 : Padang Kota Lama!

This one is a must eat spot. Apalagi kalau bukan pasemboq Hussein! the laksa there pun marvellous.

In front of the hotel

Group family photo. Alhmdulillah for my small family

6. Penang Hill (I guess..this needs an entry of its own!)

Crowded! so this maybe the first and the last trip to Bukit bendera aka Penang Hill.

Nice view mashallah!

Selingan pictures taken from our hotel window of level 35! and some hotel pictures

A part of the breakfast buffet in Northam's

Mikhail &!

5. Makan makan spot 3 - Kapitan Beriyani Tandoori!

6. Telok Bahang Beach visit :)
Mikhail chillin in Telok Bahang

So thats all.Bye Penang! We had a great time there!!Till we meet again (soon!). Mommy needs her share of es tingkap and sarbat! Ehehehe. Thank you Allah for the opportunity and time to visit places.




jom terjah :)
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