Friday, April 3, 2020

WFH day17

Assalam all, hows the MCO going on so far?

I miss the office.
I miss the routine. The hectic mornings and the fatigue nights. The adrenaline of car testing and results viewing. And the heart fainting challenges.
But ill enjoy every second of be able to be with the kiddos and cook 245 times a day. And to do house projects. We finished dozens yay! Just to live life and breathe the evening breeze and take a moment to realize there's flowers blooming in the lawn.

Let me just post some pictures of our daily #dapurzahra ideas. Just to remind all of us in the future..we tried to stay safe, keep cooped in our homes and played our parts inshallah..

Stay strong everyone. Stay happy to be mentally strong as well.

Till then


Monday, March 23, 2020

Rezeki Allah

Ya Allah..terima kasih atas nikmat ini.All the hard work. After 10years to gain the trust. Its not easy i tell you for a girl in a guys world.

Alhmdulillah ala kulli hal.

One for the album. Ig and Fb is too mainstream..

Friday, March 20, 2020

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

WFH - Kenangan Pandemik 2020 Covid 19

Assalam semua..

Di kala semua dlm kekalutan menangani waktu waktu krisis melanda..kita yg jarang berada dirumah rasa tersangat bahagia sebenarnya dpt bekerja dr rumah. Anak anak pun seronok sepanjang hari bersam kita.moga kesempatan ini kita manfaatkan sepenuhnya dgn pelbagai aktiviti keagamaan dan ilmiah yang selama ini kita mmg nak sgt buat tapi tuntitan masa tak mengizinkan.masa untuk muhasabah diri.masa utk membaca segala buku buku yg lama tergendala..hatta ambik sedikit masa utk merakam cerita cerita dlm blog yg slalu diketepikan.

Semalam kami membeli juga apa yg sepatutnya..bukan panic buying, pembelian pun tak sampai rm200 untuk semua sekali, lebih kepada keperluan bulanan biasa ditambah dgn anggaran makanan kering lebih sedikit sebab musim kita kuarantin dirumah ni breakfast lunch dinner semuanya dirumah. Dgn anak anak bujang yg semakin membesar ni lagilah..laparnya 2jam sekali.

Apa apa pun kita ikut saranan PM utk duduk dirumah shj. Kita amalkan safe distancing, dan jauhi kawasan kawasan yg sesak seboleh bolehnya. Dan di tambah kan lagi dgn pagaran pagaran doa moga Allah lindungi kita sekeluarga inshallah...

Stay safe everyone.


Mommy Z

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

LHDN taxing time!

Alhmdulillah, Its already week 10 of 2020 and we're entering March!!! Well March means a lot of things to me, which includes the taxing dues for our income tax! 

I have settled mine this morning. Yay!This year around there are a lot of relieves from the government really focusing on the M40 people like us who struggles to meet ends in our own ways. Dont you ever think people with higher wages do not struggle ya.. But alhmdulillah, there is still always dinner on the table and extras to give people in need whenever we cross upon them.

sourced from the net

The above sums a lot for 2018 and 2019 relieves..only the sspni is 8k and KWSP is different as now non goverment could only claim 4k instead of prev 6k. But a total sumed of 7k if you take life insurance. Maybe it is just to encourage govt servants to take up kwsp, im not sre

Thank you new Malaysia Goverment! Welcome aboard new 8th PM TSMY! We really put great hopes for you to beat Tun M or be much much better :)

March marks a lot for the past two months of 2020. The PM changed, mak's eye surgery, the COVID19 effects to our business and counterparts, our short weekend staycation to Melaka. Swiss Garden Melaka --> you're da bomb!

Alhmdulillah ala kulli hal! See you next time.. I'll write up inshallah for the stay.
Happy tax claiming you all! Stay safe and healthy!


Mommy Z


jom terjah :)
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