Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Homeschooling activities :: Iman, puzzles and workbooks

Iman is 3 this year.

In exact, today he turns 38mths. And he already attends playschool everyday.

My objective actually was just to introduce him to a new world,where he could play n learn, and grow relationships with new friends. I'm not really into pushing him in completing his homework and putting a target of he must achieve a certain level of reading books. Well he's only 3, and the world was supposed to revolve around him, still.

Alhamdulillah, at 3, Iman's terrible two issues subsided. He's now more attentive and loves the flexibility i gave him in doing whatever he wants with his workbook. It's sometimes entertaining to watch how he sees things in his book. Be it matching animals with silhouettes or drawing the nose and eyes of an empty face, Be point is really to encourage him to answer why he did this and that. Why he colored the elephant pink or the horse blue. And may the rainbow have all the colors of the world if he wants it to. Let the imagination grow. At this age, nothing is wrong. For me, to do the correct thing in workbook is not really the main objective at this age :)

Well, it is really up to you as a parent to point your kid in any direction you liked. For me, small children are all unique, even close siblings. Each and everyone differs from each other individually and some traits were already with the child since birth. I'm really against force and spoon feeding, and if I things get to go my way, I choose to home-school my children and let them sit for O-level at 14. Only if. Sobs.

It is supposed to be fun and full of excitement growing up, so mom's don't fret, if your small child does not finish his homework at 5yrs old. I seldom finish mine at 10. Hehehe.

I love to look at things differently actually. In Iman's and Amsyar's home-school sessions, I tried to put aside things that looked like 'schooling'. We'll have activities 30mins for each at most. And move from one activity to another if the attention is already changed or the mood had already swayed.

Amsyar may not be able to sing abc or read but he can now differenciate t-rex from stegosaurus, and knows branchiosaurus eats greens.and iman counts baby maiosaura in its nest up to 10. But sometimes a cuddle and a storybook just makes it more than enough for us too. Alhmdulillah.

Sometimes a game of puzzle is a good matching and compute game for toddlers. As both does not yet recognize letters, Iman helps amsyar match by color, and shape. I would rather watch and observe how both solve problems. Its amazing what a 3yr old could tell and explain to lil 2 yr old brother :)

Both loves books, like mommy and we can now have reading sessions upstairs while daddy finish his football match.Of course mommy with mommy's book and a cup of coffee, while the boys whether read to themselves or share a book for two.heaven just how I liked it to be. Im a bookworm of course and daddy's not.and I would really want my boys to find the joy and excitement I found in books.I love watching then mingle with books. 

I have tons at home.and many torn and destroyed as well by them.but as I have mentioned before, let them be. Books can be bought easily, the interest is not. Once u lost them, it will be really difficult to instil them again :)

Well, just some ideas for the weekend fun at home.





hey! same like piya! coloring and the exact same puzzle! Piya loves them .. well actually, I'm trying hard to deter her interest in ultraman, batman and spiderman.. (-___-)'

Ummu Iman Amsyar said...

Takpe dora..slowly with the action figures.maybe you could buy dolls to play with the action figures.

Sebenarnya, iman has no action figures.mommy xkuasa nk beli.hahaha


jom terjah :)
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