Monday, April 7, 2014

Watch Engs! Hehehe..

Iman is truly daddy's boy.
He cries for daddy each time.
When a nightmare woke him up.
When he fell down.
A total opposite to Amsyar, or any other lil boys his age i guess. Yes, who wants mommy instead.
Each time.

I don't really mind. Daddy is my other half eventually kan.
And makes my life waaay easier :p

But some dialogues with Iman that shows how much  had influenced him after all. More in story telling sessions and readings. Well, he's truly a  daddy's boy but mommy will always spice his personality once in a while, right?

In his play sessions with daddy (those wrestling-ultramen sessions which mommy tak kuasa nak join!)..

" Daddy, tepi Iman nak fire ni!!!! Fire! Fire-engine! Fire man!!!!"
Hihihi.. keluaq dah segala dlm buku cerita dia!

"Daddy! Jaga jaga iman meteorite nak langgar bumi! Daddy jadi bumi!"

Yes. You heard (read) it right.
He said meteorite! Just like mommy always read to him (^.^)

Sometimes you can catch words like dinosaurs, Jurassic, construction work, and a few more mommy cannot recall in his conversation.Esp with 2yrs old amsyar (--")

Its just fun to listen to all those words from a 3 year old boy.
But some came out so funny instead as well.

" Mommy jom lah! Watchengs!"
" What iman, mommy cannot understand you"\
" Watchengs! Watchengs!!!! Shoving his hands"
" Oh Wash hands! Mashallah! Why mommy didn't notice that!"
" Yeah...wash ends!"
" Waaaaaaaaaaash..hands!"
"Ok" wait lil iman.

But yesterday mommy nearly faint hearing this.

" Mommy, bukalah sofia (Sofia the first)."
" Belum ada lg, tggu pukul 10 br ada sofia iman"
" Ala nk sofia. Sofia cantik"

Errr.. (--")
Perlu ke cantik?


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