Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello there? Anybody home?

Still in da office.........

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!!
I need my 3 days break this weekend!!!!!!


Need to syukur for what he gave me.

I do love my job.
Sometimes it really takes the real lion in me to roar to the bullshits they're playing around.
But is till do it woman-ly.
At least that's how i think.

And the bosses..are sometimes too old too keep up with us younger people.
Being older doesn;t really makes you smarter actually.

I think 20% up from last year would be paying much for the efforts i'm doing now.
And going better.
The only one thing is to not get pregnant!!
Or else. Habis.
My company is rigid and discriminate like that.

Take it or leave.
Many more are anxious to join.
Just praying KJ would lead us to the right path.

**jom balik!! Mlm jumaat oi! Rugi oi!!



Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Rezeki dlm pelbagai bentuk

Mmg bukan rezeki sy bertemu dgn org yg salah.


Tp bukan boleh buat apa.
Patutlah org tak suka Proton.
Bukan pd design nya. Bukan pd harganya.
Tp pada servis nya.
Yes. Pada servis Proton.


Terima kasih krn membunuh harapan ku

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some people said it well...

Bravo hanzo!!
Well said, all in all from the eyes of an outsider :)

The launch of the new Proton Suprima S was supposed to prove that Proton has shown its capability to produce a world class car and design and specifications that can meet other C segment rivals from established car marques. However the moment leaked information on the Suprima specs and pricing has been unleashed on the Internet, it is actually a blowing horn in disguise, indicating the “Proton Bashing Session” has begun. Keyboard warriors has been warming up their fingers and emotions either to defend or to bash Proton’s latest creation during the launch date of August 17th.
Take a look around on motoring blogs, forums and the social media and unexpectedly, the new Suprima has met with less fanfare. In fact it was digital warfare between Proton fanboys and Proton haters. The keyboard warriors has been ferociously bashing the Suprima, from the hideous design (let’s face it, design is subjective matter), ridiculous naming (named after an adult diaper from Germany is a little distasteful), trims and equipment, engine, performance and the one that gathers the biggest complain of all (including yours truly), the steep pricing. Somehow, every ordinary Malaysians has turned into Jeremy Clarkson when a new Proton car is launched.

The launch of the new Proton Suprima has met with less fanfare
The problem is a part of your in laws, Malaysians are some of the hardest people on this planet to impress and satisfy when it comes into motoring cravings. Yes we lived in a unique country where we have to rely on cars as main mode of transportation due to the current abysmal state of public transport and our national cars are the obvious choice if you were not born with silver spoon feeding. There no need to mention about our car pricing as well, as many known, our country has the highest car prices in the world after our neighbor down south. The sadder fact for Malaysians is Proton is still struggling in their home market and internationally where Hyundai and Kia, once on the same league with Proton, has emerged as a top 5 automotive player in the world.
Back on our context, when the first generation of Proton cars were based on badge re-engineering of older Mitsubishi cars, Malaysians ranted we are copying designs and we will not be not good enough to design our own car. So Proton took the feedback from some “Pak Cik”, and few years later when Proton launched its first self-designed car with the Waja and Gen2. Still some concerned mid-thirties from Kuantan bashed the Waja has no basic safety features to protect this family from becoming the next Milo tin. To be fair on the same time period, Japanese and Korean cars on the same category were equipped with standard two air bags, ABS and EBD. Proton heard them so they added these basic safety features with additional cost, with the Waja and Gen 2 reaching RM60-70K range which is not cheap, complains of the car being too expensive for a national car came from the mouths of many Malaysians.

Believe it or not, typical Malaysians will be transformed to Jeremy Clarkson the moment Proton launches a new car
The cash rich Proton with the help of the Malaysian government has shown it’s might to the automotive world by purchasing Lotus and MV Augusta. Sure it helps the marketing side for Proton that Proton cars are engineered by Lotus and there no doubt the ride and handling department for Proton were sublime compared to their competition. Unfortunately, they have forgotten about Lotus abysmal quantity control and to add salt to Proton injury, knowing quality control is Proton’s Achilles heel which leads Proton quality woes to spiral downside. With that, all Malaysian from all races united to voice their incendiary flames of frustration towards their Proton’s broken plastics, malfunction power windows and many more. Mind you these are the complains prior the Internet and social media era comes in place.
Then some young punks on a traffic light drag race in Jalan Ampang launched their Proton like how Clarkson shouted “POWAARR” and found the underpowered Mitsubishi engines were like hamster powered. So Proton took the notch a little higher by self producing the underwhelming Campro engines. Over the time when the global oil hike crisis hit every average Malaysians, they came and unite to bash Campro engines were rather too thirsty.
During the mid noughties when Proton is losing the top spot to Perodua and losing sales from disappointments from the Savvy, Satria Neo and Gen2, Proton went back to the drawing board and understands they need to replace the aging Wira saloon. So they added a boot on the Gen 2 model and release the Persona model, which comes with basic safety features and the eye opening life time warranty on power windows. However, some keyboard warrior who watches too much Top Gear UK replied on some local automotive blogs bashed Proton for not keeping up with times as Volkswagen has already produced a turbocharged engine for mass use. Then his peers commented on some automotive forum saying two airbags is not enough and that makes Proton still a substandard car.

The new Suprima S has been launch, unleash the keyboard warriors from the 38th Royal Digital Regiment!
With all feedback obtained and millions spent, the new Preve was launched and it is Proton first global car. As you can understand the trend of this article is written, yes you guessed right, more bashing on the Preve. From the hard to pronounce name “Preve”, the underpowered and fuel sucking turbocharged engine issue are some of the few weakness every “Clarkson” from all parts of Malaysia has pointed out. Amazingly the power window issues that haunted many Proton cars were almost unheard when the Preve is launched. Also, quality issues have been reduced dramatically. Yet no a single Malaysian mentioned or praised Proton on this.
Come 2013 and now if you look back to what Malaysian wants and what Proton has delivered, you can see actually Proton is currently following global car trends by attempting to match what renowned car marques like Volkswagen, Hyundai and so on offered for their range of cars the Suprima S is offering. The thing is Proton can chose to offer a cheaper variant for the Suprima with lesser gadgets, say 2 airbags (instead of 6 on the S), key starter instead of push start button, 15 inch wheels instead of 16-17 inch offered and many more. Name it as Suprima V (value?) and perhaps it can sell at below RM70,000. But bashers will always be bashers; they will yet find a light at the end of the tunnel to find faults on the Proton.

Will the Proton Suprima S overcome the odds?
So with the constant bashing and dissatisfaction gathered from the basher’s feedback, there are a few questions pointed for them. What they can gain from all these bashing, either to become Proton vice-chairman position or perhaps to host Top Gear Malaysia TV show? Have they driven the car before? Most importantly, have they owned the Suprima S? Personally I don’t have the proper answer for these. But maybe I can answer the first one, where I had a brief test drive for 5 minutes a day after it was launched. To me, I think it is not a bad car, with great ride and handling, not underpowered, roomy interior and generous equipment list. Just that it is slightly pricey for a national car but compared to its C segment hatchback competitors it isn’t that bad. No doubt it is a better buy compared to nearest B segment cars.

After all, one meat is another man’s poison. As what great comedian Bill Cosby says, “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” sums up everything. The Suprima may never able to please everyone, but honestly on hindsight I can’t be sure if this car can be successful.


So mentally occupied these days.
With all the work, small increment. It's too demotivating.

Just can't concentrate much for Zakiyya's upcoming wedding but still trying my best to help.
The bride's room is still 20% under construction and I'm just too tired back from work these days.
I feel so guilty for Yah.

Kakak will try my very best.
Inshallah :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Quote :)

" every family, there is more often than not, a blacksheep. Pray hard you are not the one. And pray even harder you are not marry to one.........."

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WW - 5years and still going~

Accident Free alhamdulillah. 
So far.
Behaved well. Served us well.
It's really hard to say good bye (T_T)



Monday, August 19, 2013

Where's everybody??


A meeting on a rainy monday?
Double Arghhhhh....

Why is everything so dull on a monday??
Even the emails are so lousy.

Checked out the new Suprima S yet?
Nice features. Not so nice name. I wish it would be better.
Test drive today. If you haven't yet.
Then, you could talk.

It's just funny how Malaysians think about our Nation made car.
Funny. funny.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Raya 2013 - Pictures of us (Part 1)

Pictures taken from my hp.
As we haven't yet get pics from my family's camera.

So more pictures to come!! Yeay!!~

Raya Day 1 : Mak's Place Homesweethome!

Iman's and amsyar's 1st Eid prayer in the Mosque nearby. i've decided to just bring them there just to familiarize them to solat Raya. Amsyar was amused for so many takbir's we have. So many "Allahuakbars!" ..

One of the best family pic so far :p

Selamat Hari Raya!! from all of us! My BIG family! :)

Naughty naughty! In the car :)

Our Duyong/Selayang clan. Almost all of us :) At Pak Lang's place in Sg Buaya.

Handsome Iman

Raya ke-2 : Off to Bukit Merah

Iman with his shoes and sampin early in the morning. He can now understand a lil bit of what is raya all about :)

A better picture of us. At least.

The truth behind the picture. hehehe

Raya ke-3 : Bukit Merah - Alor Setar - Kulim - Gerik - Jeli -P. Mas

Still sunny in Bkt Merah. Nice morning indeed!

Muka bersedia nak g beraya!!

Welcome to Alor Setarr!! A cloudy drizzling morning here in Utagha :)

 ***more pictures to be added for Alor Setar story :)***

Raya ke-4 to Raya ke-7 : Klate kiterrrr

Bermalas-malasan, bergolek golekan with Amsyar

A visit to Rantau Panjang is a must when in Kelantan :)

In RNR Gua Musang. Not So crowded on raya ke-7 alhamdulillah
Latest Niece of Hubby's : Musfirah Tahani

Amsyar with Tokma. Alhamdulillah mama survived stroke. and still a vigorous fighter. able to hold amsyar now. 

Kemain macho xmoh pandang camera

Amsyar polkadotted!! Kna bedbugs..aduhai...

Jalan2 Machang Raya ke-5.!

Raya ke-7. Jom balik Homesweethome!! Via K.Lipis nearly siap highway.Cepatlah siap :)

Alhamdulillah.Everything went as planned.
Hope yours was too.


Zahra on a rainy Jumaat :)

Random post whilst my drawing loads...

Doa utk berpuasa penuh tahun ni dimakbulkan.
Alhamdulillah.Wlaupun tidak ber'isi' kali ni.
Tetap juga Allah makbulkan.
Kuasa Allah.

Dia Maha Berkuasa Maha Mendengar Maha Mengetahui.
Baru2 ni kami ada berbincang makna "Sami3allahu liman hamidah"
Bacaan harian dlm solat kita.
Bila diamati, maknanya " Allah mendengar siapa yang memujinya"
Mashallah. Indah sungguh. Saja rasa ingin berkongsi disini.
Kerana saya baru tahu. Dan faham. Dan lebih 'feel' bila membacanya.
Mungkin saya je baru tahu. Maafkan saya.
Mungkin sy dh smakin menua.Semakin sensitif.
Semakin berakal dan kurang memberontak dr dulu dulu.

Rasanya murah sungguh rezeki ramadhan kali ni.

Sampai satu ketika berjam jam dlm kereta bersebelahan life partner, kami terfikir.
Mewah hidup kita.Alhamdulillah.
Terkadang mencatu sini sana, tapi Allah memudahkan.
Rasanya doa mak dan mama yg slalu mengiringi.
Itulah sbnrnya yg memudahkan lagi.
Sb kami slalu alpa.

Suka travel jauh jauh. Sb suka dok dekat2 berejam2 dgn anak.
Dgn suami.
Tak perlu berdepa sudah tersentuh.
Begitu dekat.
Bukan selalu.
Himpit2 satu kereta.
Nyanyi2 lagu radio dan CD.
Sampai habis 70lagu. Diputar ke nombor 1 kembali.
Bukan selalu.
Sambil mkn keropok dan merancang masa dpn.
9-10jam bukan sekejap.
Tp seronok :)

Thank you to those yang hadiahkan duit raya for my lil iman and amsyar.
Alhamdulillah..we were overwhelmed! And really grateful!
May Allah Memurahkan rezeki dan menyempurnakan segala urusan kalian!
Thank you!!~

Ok.drawing already loaded.
Till then



Thursday, August 15, 2013

Post Raya :)

Sesambil menunggu email loading for days yg tak 51 and still counting (--")



I'm back guys!!
Fresh from klate :)
Arrived 2100 yesterday after 9hrs++journey and a few pit stops.
Tired but happy.
And totally blurred this morning :)

Raya was great!!!!
Ramadhan was full alhamdulillah~
Raya in Sepang with Iman and Amsyar 1st Eid Prayer in the mosque.
Then in Sg Buaya with my dad's family.
Then in Bukit Merah, Perak.
Then in Aloq Setar.
Crossing the Titiwangsa via Kulim-Baling-Gerik-Jeli.
And lastly in Kelate: P.Mas-Machang-R.Pnjg :)

So in short our raya was BBST-SgBuaya-BKT MERAH-ALOR SETAR-GERIK-P.MAS yeay!!
Traveling is a must for us on festive seasons.

Its just nice to be with family.

Gambar raya?Iman and Amsyar were in Peach pink theme this year :)
Nanti lah..nak kena go through email dulu :)
Tungguuuuu....... :)

tp boleh tgk juga kat ig saya.sila sila follow :)
Id : zahraroslan

Have a nice Thursday lovelies.
Tomorrow dh Friday.
So yeay!!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Cuti lebeyyy diorg dh umum!!

Alhamdulillah. Rezeki tak diduga :)
Boleh lah kacau rendang and dodol tghari rabu nanti inshallah.Then sambung cuti smp Rabu minggu dpn :)

Letih mengemas segala baju raya kasut bj kerja etc mlm td xhabis lg (--")
Byk berbeg beg mcm sedozen anak dh rupanya..

These 2 days berulang ajer dr BBST ke ofis di SA sb iman and amsyar dijaga oleh makcik2 nya. Babysitter dah chiow back blk kg since Friday since sekolah dh umum cuti berganti :)
Boleh tido all the way- on a positive side la kan :)

Have a nice monday mommies!
Nice redup 27th Ramadhan :)



Friday, August 2, 2013

Kad raya virtual utk kamu semua :)

Ikhlas drp kami sekeluarga..buat yg memulakan perjalanan pulang ke kg hari ini :)
Saya gigih bekerja hingga hari Rabu.Inshallah :p

Tahun ni raya di KL aje dulu. Raya belah lebih gumbira buat mommy lah :) Mana taknye beraya dgn family sendiri. Awal2 lg dh booking menu apa dgn mak. Sayang mak..mak saya modern, jaga pemakanan and tak begitu gemar memasak, tapi klu anak2 yg masak mmg confirm mkn byk :) Jgn tak tau mak sy slim melim ajer org nyer.Anak nya ajer yg xslim slim :) Raya ke-3 baru memulakan perjalanan ke Kedah inshallah ke rumah makmak saudaraku disana. Dan raya ke-4 baru lah ke bumi cik siti wan kembang..Inshallah.

Lama sgt dh tak ketemu ibu mertua ku, mama.Mmg mommy yg beria ajak daddy blk.
Dlm ramai2 tu sy mmg syg mama.Genuinely syg..bukan sb nak ambil hati atau nak jd menantu pilihan.
Tp sebab sy tahu yg dia juga syg sy :)
Alhammduilillah, nikmat dr Allah.

Salam 7 likur to all..
Still ada kesempatan mencari lailatul qadar.
Inshallah :)




jom terjah :)
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