Friday, April 29, 2016

May is coming

And its going to be a looooooooooong weekend!

So double yay!


I guess this pregnancy has really taken a toll on me for blogging. I can hardly write anything these days its like a mental blockage of somewhat. Things happening as usual and the kids are having their mid-term next week (yeah..4yr olds and 5 yr olds sorta exam hehe). Iman came to me and told us that the teacher said, no talking or peeping your neighbours when the exam ongoing. Kalau teacher tak nmpak, Allah nmpak. Really Iman, mommy do pray this innocence lasts as long as it can!

Two cheeky boys bucuk tamau monday on a lazy sunday

Amsyar on the other hand keeps on asking when is his birthday coming. Bulan ni ke mommy? I told him, yours is May. So when is this May? he asks. I said its sooner than you could imagine it is :)

Enjoying some clown show last weekend in Aeon Shah Alam

Its really going to be May soon, right? We're already in end of April :) and next week's May already marking half the journey of baby z no 3 :)

May - is a very special month for us.
Our anniversary falls in May (28th). Our birthdays - me (5th), hubs(21st), amsyar(23rd) are all in May. Iman asked before how come his birthday is the only one different from all of us? as it is in February. I told him it is as he is very special. yeah really extra special as he was conceived in May- which of course i didnt told him that! ahaha..

Apart from that is May has Mother's day and Teacher's in it  as well :) i had just ordered flowers for iman's and amsyar's school teachers for Teachers day. And some for me via their school celebration..haha order for myself ;p  there were few other options for the dedication small gifts the school were organizing, and i asked iman to choose whether he wants to give his teacher a flower or a chocolate gift, and he said he doesnt want to give both. Instead he asked me to buy a shawl for his teacher ;p ok iman, we'll see about that :) This lil guy really loves school :) Alhmdulillah a lot of improvements with this new teacher of his - Teacher Ain. Garang teacher ni tp Iman suka, katanya ;)

Iman on his school trip
Iman's Class mates :)
Ok lah lets get the dough rolling and some oven heating in this office! No real plan this weekend actually apart from balik rumah mak di Sepang and hubs off to Penang to buy me some jeruk buah salak ;p No lah..he's off for the company's annual treasure hunt race to Penang. Staying there for a day and then back. A guy's thing so enjoy your 'bujang' time hubs. We'll see off to to something once you come back :) A picnic ke.. in this kind of weather everybody's avoiding the outdoors kan? panas!

Race items -car number 55. Hope its a lucky number (my birthday! 5th may =055 geddit? :P)

Ok then. See you soon :)
So welcome May, you're long awaited, ahaha!


Muka sembab at 20weeks


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pinky hopes on her way!

Assalamualaikum mommies!

I guess its time to share here :) Yups. We're pregnant with no 3!  Alhmdulillah with all the patience to finally wait when the time is right for a new family addition. Well i've been posting very much a lot in my ig : zahra_memey bout this news but let me put it in words here ;)

So lets begin with a lil intro to lil no 3 ;) We're now in the second trimester already alhmdulillah. To be exact this week is already week 18 which means we're almost halfway at 4 and a half :) Alhmdulillah, rezeki came as planned, 2016, after raya, both rayas inshallah.  My first check up 3 weeks ago didnt yet show any sign of whether baby 3 is a boy or a girl yet so mommy is still excited with the guessing game :) We all hoped for a girl this time of course. Inshallah. But Allah surely knows whats best kan? The check up revealed everything was fine. On track. Singleton, heartbeat rate ok, mommy's vitals - blood pressure, blood count, urine et all- checks out ok..well except for the weight..sobs. The doctor prescribed me with obimin. And she mentioned habbatus sawda was ok for me. So yay!.

The first trimester was a roller coaster. A bad roller coaster, and it was really better when actually no one knows esp the office team :) Some went wild guessing when i took a 5 min rest in the surau after a marathon of puking out the day's lunch, but nobody really knew except for few close family and friends :) I tried really hard this time to be stronger, and kept my head busy with designs and sketches and guess what? It worked wonders. I bet the third time around really made me aware of the do's and don'ts for first trimester esp on food to avoid (like aubergine,mushrooms) and what smell to keep distance from. Some fruits smells turned me off even this time. And i could not cook. AT ALL. Which was quite a disaster as at a certain point we ran out ideas of what to take away (well, i skipped dinner most of the time pun sebab mmg tak lalu).

The thing is that with baby no 3, it was always afternoon sickness, the headaches, the vomiting, the dizziness ... straight until we went to bed. Mornings were great tho, alhamdulillah. So i keep my mornings busy and packed, all the meetings, discussions, tough design work which required 100% concentration and creativity. We had no draftsman or consultant this time around so most of us are one-man show people. I was keeping the momentum going maybe which made people around me hardly notice..haha. Lalu tak lalu, i filled up my tummy with breakfast and snacks every two hours to keep the energy going. Memang tak lalu tapi kna telan. Muntah tak muntah blkg kira. Water intake mmg 1.5L by noon. Kalau muntah lagi kna top up. By zuhur, everybody was already tired kan, pregnant or not. So i blended in quite unnoticeable.kikiki. By the time, we reached home, i was already flat. Flat which means no energy at all, i only want to sleep thingy, you get what i mean? The boys were lucky daddy didn't have to go for night shift this time. I slept after maghrib till 10 or 11, and then woke up starving. Grab a quick bite, do some chores (mostly laundry jalah), read my fav book for 30mins, then i was off again till 6.30am. I was really exhausted that time. Sobs. 

And..this went on for weeks.

Until week 15 ;) Then the nausea subsidued. Alhmdulillah. As expected and as i prayed for alhmdulillah. By last week only i tried to cook, tried seafood and it was ok. The nausea had left..yay! One of the kitchen knob was even stuck due to 3 mths underutilized.. not being utilized to be exact ;p Sorry dapur, we need to replace you soon.   

Well, so here we are. Week 18. Some ticker counts week 17 some week 19. Well just let say the baby's due by end on Sept :) The mild kicks can already be felt, so mild but promising inshallah. I really do hope the baby is healthy, happy and cukup sifat semuanya. The mommy also healthy as well. During carrying Amsyar, i had no complications alhmdulillah. Hb cantik, bp cantik alhmdulillah. Breastfeeding journey was for 2years alhmdulillah. Rezeki Zulhafidzey Amsyar belaka. Kali ni mudah mudahan murah rezeki utk baby no 3 juga! Amin!

Additional supplements for baby no 3 :)

Enough for now, dah panjang sgt ni. Pray for a girl for me this time tau kawan kawan. Manatau ada yang makbul doanya dikalangan kita. Pray for a smooth journey and delivery as well, amin :)

ps- still hoping for a babymoon vacay soon daddy please :)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Masak lemak ketam. Finally!

Being craving for these since March. But to tell you the truth i cannot smell seafood the whole 1st trimester :( Sobs. Hence the delay.

But last weekend, it can't wait no more. So i bought 2 female crabs and made me-self my masak lemak ketam. My style :)

I love onions in my masak lemak cilipadi :)

The easiest way : blend 2 medium sized red onions, 5 cilipadi/cili burung, one thumb sized tumeric (kunyit hidup) and let to simmer. Add santan to desired gravy thickness. Add cleaned and cut crabs, and one serai (lemongrass) to flovor. Season to taste.

Voila! Dah siap :)

Monday, April 11, 2016

07.04.2016 _ Alfatihah buat nenek

Kembalinya nenda tersayang ke Rahmatullah di pagi Khamis, 07 April 2016 yang lepas.

Nenek in my convo jubah. 8years ago 

Alhmdulillah, perginya dia mengadap Ilahi dgn tenang dan nmpak redha sebelum waktu Zuhur. Alhmdulillah dipermudahkan segalanya, berkesempatan meilhat nenek dimandikan, dikafankan dan sama sama di solatkan. Seusai solat Asar, nenek dikebumikan di tanah perkuburan Selayang Bharu diiringi hujan renyai dan redup petang di musim musim panas ini. mashallah.

Maafkanlah cucu nenek ni kerana tak dpt menziarahi selalu, tak dapat belanja nenek selalu, tak dpt bwk nenek berjalan jalan selalu. Nenek akan sentiasa kami rindu. 

Dalam pada ini, hanya doa sahaja dapat kami titipkan buat nenek. Moga roh nenek dicucuri rahmatNya dan ditempatkan nenek dikalangan org2 yang beriman dan beramal soleh ;'(

Kami sayang nenek

Melah @ Hawa bt Mat Jelas


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Izman Hasyif's Wedding - Desa Pandan KL

Last weekend (2-3rd april) was the wedding of my cousin from my 2nd aunt NgahTun. Ngah had already passed away 4yrs ago leaving back 5kids and Izman was her youngest. As mom was one of the aunty's he had left with, mom was a bit busy doing things to make things smooth and ease him. Alhmdulillah everything went well and smooth, syukur. Altho this was an unplanned wedding as at first they asked for only an engagement. However, after discussions and agreement from both families, the knot was tied even closer, terus nikah. Alhmdulillah.

Allah permudahkan segalanya.

The rombongan on Saturday. We didn't go as the boys has to be left home :) Well... ;p
Mom n my father :) Pengantin lamo

My uncle : Ayah Nan, Njang and mom. The 3 from 6 remaining in the family.

Cousins and all. Well yg ni is not even half of us :)

To izman n wifey, selamat pengantin baru.Tahniah sangat2!! Moga hidup lebih dimurahkan rezeki aman bahagia sajalah hendak-Nya. Amin :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I want to save this. We really love you Tun.

Excerpt from Paultan today

I feel I owe you all an explanation as to why I resigned as Chairman of Proton.
I was not expelled by Proton management or owners. I decided on my own, for the sake of Proton I should leave. I therefore have no grudge against Proton nor do I want it to fail after I leave.
This is because Proton seems to be having difficulties with the Government, and for some unknown reason, sales of Proton cars have plummeted.
I know I am persona non grata with the Government. I do not want to be the cause of Proton’s inability to recover because of my presence.
I would in fact like to see Proton recover and do well.
So, please, Proton owners and buyers, don’t take it out on Proton because I am no longer the Chairman. Please continue to support Proton.
Proton has great ideas about introducing new models which are of good quality. This month, it will launch the new Perdana. Later in the year, it will launch the new Persona and Saga.
Proton cannot expect any help from the Government.
Only Proton owners and fans can help Proton. So please help Proton, your national carmaker.
1. I am no longer the Chairman of Proton. However I feel a need to merely state the facts.
2. Firstly Proton is now privately owned after it was bought at RM5.50 per share (originally priced RM2.95 but bidding pushed the price up), largely from Khazanah and a few other shareholders. Khazanah was supposed to hold shares for Bumiputras but is now representing the Government. Proton is not a GLC (Government Linked Company).
3. The Government’s policy previously, was to encourage (the use of) local content. All cars manufactured or assembled in Malaysia are entitled to rebates on excise duty based on the percentage of local contents used. Most foreign cars assembled in Malaysia has 30–40% local content. Proton has almost 90% local content. Therefore the rebate for Proton is higher. It is not a privilege for Proton alone. All foreign and local cars enjoy this privilege. Local content increases the cost of producing the car. This is because the deletion allowance by the foreign company is invariably lower than the cost of the local component.
4. The Government claims to have provided grants, various forms of assistance as well as tax foregone to the take of about RM13.9 billion in total.
5. Most of this is made up of taxes foregone. Proton records show the following:
(1) RM1,320 million as tax incentives to Proton also eligible to non-national cars
(2) RM773.8 million in R&D Grant, Special grant, Stimulus package, eligible to all automotive manufacturers.
(3) RM12,532.6 million in customized incentives, also eligible to all automotive players.
Total Government contribution from 1985 – to date amounts to RM14,631.4 million.
Details of (1), (2) and (3) are appended.
Total contribution by Proton to the Government since 1985 totals RM24,905 million.
These are made up of the following:
(i) Excise duty from 1985 onwards – RM11,785 million
(ii) Sales tax from 1985 onwards – RM9,470 million
(iii) Corporate tax from 1985 onwards – RM1,410 million
(iv) Import duty from 1985 to 2008 – RM1,403 million
(v) GST from April 1, 2015 – RM28 million
Total: RM24,095 million
Clearly, Proton has paid more to the Government than Government to Proton.
Capital injection by Government in two seed funds total RM400 million. These have been fully paid up. On top of this, Proton had fully funded the RM1.8 billion Tanjung Malim Plant from its internal coffers, which at that point had a staggering total of RM4 billion.
6. In addition, Proton provides jobs for about 12,000 workers at any one time directly, and more than 250,000 souls indirectly. Proton reduced the outflow of funds probably amounting to more than RM100 billion.
7. Vendors also create jobs and reduce outflow of funds.
8. We can forget the development of engineering capability as our policy now is to encourage imports.
9. Incidentally, all the countries exporting cars to Malaysia implement tariff and non-tariff barriers, resulting in Proton’s exclusion of importation into their countries. This contrasts with our policy of allowing foreign cars to enter Malaysia with minimal or no restrictions.
10. It should be noted that Proton has to compete in its own domestic market against the likes of Toyota (10 million cars p.a.), South Korean car makers (5 million cars p.a.), German car makers (6 million cars p.a.) and others.
11. These companies can afford to lose on their cars in Malaysia and recoup in other markets. Apart from economy of scale, Proton cannot access foreign markets except those of poor countries with low Total Industry Volume.
12. Today the Government has no pride in national products. Imports are cheap and there are more consumers than producers. In a democracy, numbers count. So pleasing the more numerous is more important than national capacity of develop.


jom terjah :)
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