Monday, September 30, 2013

Professionalism & Bye bye September!! :)

Just to share some keys to success in ur workplace anywhere you go and in any situation :

Respect other people.Respect. Respect. Never jatuhkan air muka org. No No No..
Never post or repost things (eg email) intended to show you're better than others.
Stay calm but stay firm with any decision.
No means no. But always be considerate with circumstances

Get your job done!
Complaint, but do not complaint too  much

Be grateful.
The grass is almost at all times greener at the other side..from far!


Bye bye Sept.
May we meet again next year. Inshallah

Missing these two muchkins today!

All day monday blues missing them both!
Iman has a fever and Amsyar down with flu.

Hopefully nice mommies out there could pray for their quick recovery as well.
Inshallah! :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zulhadzrey Iman's TT journey!

I need to record this!

Today 25th of Sept 2013, at 2yrs and 7mths lil Mr.Zulhadzrey Iman had finally made it! I have tried toilet training Iman for quite some time and finally Iman had been diaperless for 2 consecutive days during day time. So big yeay for Iman!!!

He was the one who wanted to be diaperless.
Dah tak selesa agaknya.

The toughest for mommy was to ask him whether he needs a go every 15mins. And trying not to be angry if he misses the call..arggghhhh! Ok Ok..take a deep breath a keep calm..and move on of course ;)

Thank you to kakwan, Iman's babysitter for all the support ;)
I will need a board of achievements and star stickers for this, just to emphasize on his achievements and to encourage him more!

Mommy will be shopping small boys underwear this wkend of course!

Wish me luck on this mommies out there.
It's day 3..and i hope it'll be smooth sailing as well.

May Iman be diaperless to school next yr inshallah :)


Mommy Z

Word~less Ws - Simple Lauks for weekdays are always the best!!

Our everyday lauk. Well some of them :p

10mins Grilled Chicken

Buttered Rice / Simple Chicken Rice

Best and fastest combo : Sotong Kunyit and Telur dadar! Heheheehehehehe

I think i rather call them as campak-campak and serve rather than masakan.But home-cooked meals are always better than bought ones kan??? :)  Hehehe :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I-City di malam minggu. Yeay! :)

Last weekend we brought Iman and Amsyar for their 1st trip to I-city. Lama oi x jejak i-city. The last time was in 2010 when we just got married. Seems like a lot had changed ever since but the artificial lighted trees remained the main attraction here.The main agenda was actually to meet my lovely lil sister in law yang follow a trip to KL after her UPSR exam. Saje je lah jumpa mugo dh dekat benar.

Cik Iffah and Amsyar :)
Iman fell asleep and was amused when we arrived as if he stepped in a wonderland.
Well, i would be too i a were in his shoes.haha.

The rides were quite pricey but enjoyable. We chose the not so scary ones and of course kiddy like for darling Iman and Amsyar : The Giant Wheel and The Double Decker Merry go round. The Giant wheel cost us RM10 per person whilst the Merry go round RM5. Both kids got to ride for free sebab tak sampai 90cm lg. Iman is already 89cm, though! Quite tall for his age :)

Just some pictures of us.Though not that nice due to the darkness ;p
Just enjoying the breeze of a weekend night together. Orang melayu kata ambil angin :)

Daddy and the boys.

On the way to the Giant wheel. Ramai org kena beratur :)

Daddy gayat! hihihi

On the Giant Wheel.

Merry go round

Alhamdulillah, fun and interesting place to be for Iman and Amsyar:)
Nanti kita dtg lagi. Dekat je tapi tak sampai sampai :)



Monday, September 23, 2013

Kiss kiss..on a monday morning!

Having black and white background for a change~
So, how?

Mcm bukan blog sendiri rsnya, kn?

It's really difficult to change what is norm for us kan?
That's quite normal.

Just some things to begin my Monday missing those two muchkins of mine :)
Buka calender to see all the meetings and plan for the week pun dah berpinar ni.. @_@

Overheard on the bed this morning whilst mommy and daddy were rushing to get dressed to work.

" Amsyar, meh sayang sikit. Meh la..sayang sikit..cium sikit eh?"
 *kiss*kiss* on the cheeks

Haha..sebijik ayat mommy!~

Have a nice monday guys!



Friday, September 20, 2013

Jalan jalan Jaybee 2013! Mostly tempat makan di JB jer :)

 Salam Jumaat Mommies out there!

Just to jot down what happened for our short wkend in JB last week before the week ends.
More on jalan-jalan cari makan JB i presume :)
Memorable and just a short free and easy getaway for us. Out of KL for Sept!

Next getaway? Raya Haji :)
Balik kampung jer. But still travel and cuti. Just spending time with the kids is really nice already for a working mommy like me :)

Total km for weekends :) 775km! 

So this was the 1st trip to JB for Iman and Amsyar.
Total travel was with 40L tank fuelled for twice for 775km
So (775km)/(40Lx2)= 9.69 km/L

So if with current petrol pricing at rm2.10/L
We are running at rm0.21/km :)
Ok lah kan for a 1.6 sedan :)

This was after 3hrs journey non stop. Amsyar finally gave-up :p

Iman in daddy's sunnies :)

And Finally..tiduuurrrrr to kill the time ;) Lega mommy.

It took us quite some time to find the homestay my mom booked for us. It were 2 apartments with 3 rooms fully air conditioned fully equiped with a working kitchen, microwave oven and cooking utensils. Bagus bangat. The homestay was located in the middle of the town 2mins drive to Dangar Bay.

That night the newly-weds treated us some dinner at Banafee Cafe in the middle of the town. A cozy cafe with Arabian style interior deco. Food was awesome! Especially the Nestum Prawns. Must try if you happen to come here. Other food was oklah..Alhamdulillah

Tukang Belanja..thanks guys! :)

The Driverssss :)

Baca doa yukk !! Muka letih sungguh oh.

Legendary Banafee Cafe Nestum Prawns

Maklang and Mak

Siakap 3 rasa

Some Vege and Soda Bandung :)

Soup tulang in a Pestle :)

The big table 


JB day 2 : The Lazy Sunday.

Intentionally we wanted to go to The Little Big Club to meet Thomas and Barney. And just to see around Nusajaya, etc. But it was raining heavilly that morning till 2pm afternoon! Sigh. There's no was we're going to risk the babies to just go out on a rainy day, kan? Tak memasal kang demam. Guane?
So we stayed in the apartment layan movie "Titanic" on HBO that day. Titanic? Belasahhhhhh asal ada cito.

After Zuhur baru gerak. So burnt jelah plans for Legoland or Barney sb these tamans tutup pukul 6. Not worth the tickets dah.

Apa lagi, just jalan2 cari makan la..and we found a nice restoran near our homestay which happens to be quite famous : ZZ Sup Tulang.

Turned out, it was really nice! And reasonably cheap jugalah for good food. The restaurant concept itself, was like dining in the jungle which made the experience quite nice for little iman :)

They serve only Mee rebus daging/ayam, Special mee rebus tulang, Mee Soup, Soup tulang, Ayam Penyet and Nasi ayam. So only specialties on the menu ya?

Daddy with Mee rebus tulang and air Kelapa :)

Iman with tulang. He loooooves tulang :)

My dad, mom and brother Husein

Our table :)


Marvelous Dish. Rupa seeedappp!

See the tulang? Iman oh Iman

So gooood! Says Amsyar :) Paklang behind in the second table :)

The rest of the day, we just went to see where Legoland is. Seems like they're building a Lego Hotel but still under construction but already near to complete. Maybe next time we'll plan for that :)

Dangar Bay and pantai Lido is just not that interesting either :) Just jalan2 and balik homestay. Planned for seafood BBQ or to see what's in at Malay Village restaurant but mlm tu, the boys ketiduran..


JB day 3 : The Real Agenda 

Acara menghantar pengantin perempuan ke majlis bertandang pihak lelaki. Kalau org klate sebut sambut menantu :)

So, Zakiyya dh officially declared to be org JB dah :)
May Allah bless you both adik adik ku.

Now i have 4 brothers already on my side :)

The Newly Weds.

Nice setting :)

Loved the attire and the hall deco. So serene and pure. No dais. Just a booth. That's more than enough of course.  And the bride's baju is just as simple as the bride :)
Cantik :)

Xmuat!! Opss!


Rombongan Pengantin Perempuan :)

After back to KL la..the next day kerja :) Jammed as usual Seremban Nilai but we managed to reach Home sweet home at 8pm! Alhamdulillah!

Iman takmau bergambar :p

So bye bye JB! Till next time!!!!



jom terjah :)
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