Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Ramai demam kat ofis arini.Team member sorg siap kena denggi.
Seksanya denggi. Teringat pas bersalin last year..kena denggi.

Tapi rsnya kat ofis ni bukan takat demam biasa diorg ni.Skrg ni demam bonus [yeay!~], demam malas-sb-project on hold, and demam raya pun ada.Mood pu dh kedaung dh semua org.

Bagus juga.
Senang den nk cope and ingat balik apa yg dh ditinggalkan 2mths ago.Alhamdulillah

Ni dh 4.45pm.Dr td pun mmg dh berfikir2 apa yg nk berbuka ptg nti.Bersedia kemas2 nk turun ke surau solat asar, pam 3rd session and then chiow!!~

Selamat berbuka hari ke-11 berpuasa mommies!!~

Mommy Iman&Amsyr

Mode: Lemau

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ramadhan Weekends :)

Entry ini ditulis dipagi hari isnin, yang mana I'm due for pumping session, and badan rasa amat keletihan.Berpuasa, tetapi hati tidak setenang hari2 berpuasa sebelum ini.Merindui anak2 yg dh dua hari dok berkepit, melayan kerenah abang dan adik.Menunggu pengumuman bonus yg bagai buah durian tak gugur2 [ok lah i take durian as cth sb tahu buahnya ada..tahu will jatuh anytime from now, tp tak tahu isinya manis atau tak] dan mengira2 mcmmana nk teruskan minggu. Update work to-do list and also mommy's wish list..tapi fikiran tak boleh focus.

This is what is called Monday Blues.

So guys, how's the weekend? The second wkend of Ramadhan, and now where already in day 10 of fasting. Celebration hues are already in the air, right?

So preparation is in the mind of almost everybody by now.Almost la.
Raya is all about kuih, baju raya, duit raya, balik kampung.
All celebrations. All Festive.
All about money.

 Nak dijadikan kisah, pg Sabtu tu, i followed my mom and sister to PKNS SA to have a look of what is being offered there.Iman and Amsyar, of course la wajib di tag along as hubby bekerja. Orang as expected punyalah ramai, so we decided to park underground in SACC. Tambahan pula mak nak shop around few things in KK Decomart SACC, so in case 'terbeli' byk brg, senang nk simpan kat kerete {which is mmg terbeli byk pun]. I just shopped around..viewing some deco and bought potpourri for our home.
Mmg byk bende menarik, tapi x de yang menarik hati.

Pergi ke PKNS, mmg la sesak yang amat. Nampak kepala org lbh drpd baju yg dijual di bazar sementara tgh2 kompleks.By last we decided to go to level 1 yang lbh lapang and lengang (senang sket nak manouever stroller!). Lagipun, butik yg menjual kat level 1 itulah juga yg sbnrnya yang menjual kat bwh. Mak dptlah juga borong jubah berbondong2 and baju2 melayu bapak and adik2. I end up spending 1hr in the surau nursing.Mujurlah surau PKNS SA mmg antara surau shopping kompleks yg plg suprb lapang and besar yang pernah i visit.congrats PKNS for mengutamakan ruang bersolat.Wpn ramai..mmg selesa :)

By last, I ended up pulang dgn hasil only a Boboiboy Baloon for RM5 yang iman nak sgt2, a PaMa mag August issue and a pot of red dahlia for RM12. Exhausted, but at least now i know that in PKNS a pair of Melayu suit -Amsyr size is RM50. OK mahalnyerr..

Yesterday, was our weekly grocery trip to Mydin mall..mmg slalu ke situ pun sb brg murah and dh tau brg mana kat mana so sng cari. Hajatnya naklah juga grab few pairs of pyjamas utk bebudak ni. Baju tidor raya. Beli yang murah2 aje.Pureen ke.OKBaby ke.

Tapi sampai je dpn Mydin, nak masuk parking lot dia yang bleh muat beribu tu pun dh jem. Susah2 sgt Valet Parking ajer. Bayar RM2. Hah i like!~Sebab dgn baby, stroller bagai..malas nak menambah pening semata2 mencari parking.

Tp itu baru baru cerita pertama.

Belum masuk bab sesak yang amat smp troli xdapat nak bergerak and stroller tersepit di tengah2. Belum cerita iman muntah sb perut kembung xmau mkn nasi and demand nak juice ajer sejak cr pagi. Belum masuk cerita Iman nak air kotak soya,mommy terpaksa buka satu w/pn blum dibayar and then he squeezed half the content on the Mydin Mall floor.huhu @_@

Belum cerita check out counter lines yang panjangnya berjela2 dgn every troli infront kita penuh mcm there's no more food to be sold tomorrow (-.-!)

By last, hubby asked me to bring Iman to the changing room.Just to bring him out of the crowd. Just to calm him off. Biar dia sorang je beratur.  Maka dgn kelajuan 1km/hr mommy menolak stroller with one hand and pimpin iman with another hand (Oh yes..we mothers could do that!) we arrived at the changing room safely only to notice that Iman was still holding a lollipop yg masih tak berbayar (-.-")! Iman oh Iman.

Mmg smpai rumah ptg smlm quarter to 7pm. Mujur Megah seafood superb nasi kerabu and nasi dagang was available for sale di ptg Ahad. I was just happy to peacefully berbuka dirumah, di hari Ahad bersama famili though berlaukkan nasi bungkus.

Maybe itulah sbnya sy penat hari ni.Maybe jelah.
Still coping and adjusting my new phase of life. As a mother of two.

So how's your weekend di bulan2 Ramadhan?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

1st three days as a working mother of two :)

Salam to all mothers and ladies out there :)

dh hari ke-6 berpuasa insyallah..
and sudah masuk hari ke-4 sy kembali bekerja.Yeay!!

So far so good. 
Mmg agak kelam kabut nak handle 2babies at one time.
Nak kejar masak sahur, pam susu, pengurusan susu, and berbuka semua.
Berpeluh2 juga.

Tapi bila dh masuk hari ke-4, dh OK sket.
Dh bleh manage..especially waktu pagi hasil kerjasama suami isteri. I do this, you do that. i uruskan susu, bekal and baju babies-you tlg change the diapers.hehehe. Alhamdulillah by 7.10am everybody's already in the car.7.40am mcm tu dh slamat touch-in kat RND building :)



One thing I love bila Iman dijaga oleh his babysitter kakwan is that, bila sampai umah-dia dh betul2 drained out. Mmg whole day play-play-play and kurang naps. So he's always having the blast of his days at her home..main sepuas2nya.kejar kucing, play ball,play buaian semua. 

That's really what i want in a babysitter. To have real play.To let him learn and enjoy.

Bukan melepek dpn tv dr 7am to 6pm.Sikit2 tidor..masuk buaian. Senang kerja makcik pengasuh tuh. Dh tidornya sepanjang hari.Maka akibatnya, this lil hectic toddler pun tend to be overweight, xsehat sb peluh xkeluar..asyik tidor aje.Bila smp umah mulalah active semacam..yelah dh tidornya sepangjang hari.huhu~

Sekarang both Iman and Amsyar dh dihantar ke pengasuh yg sama :)

I feel really blessed dipertemukan dgn pengasuh iman skrg : KakWan. A petite kelantanese, who is also a mother of 6.Umur pun xdelah tua sgt. This year would be 36. So baguslah, xdelah xlarat nk mengasuh anak kecil :) Alhamdulillah stakat Iman dh dkt 18mths. Belum pernah lagi ada incidents yg xmemuaskan hati. Alhamdulillah~


Nights kat rumah pun still hectic utk mommy. Masih nak menyusu, mengemas, membasuh baju, melipat segala. 
And siapkan menu utk sahur. Mujur juga menu berbuka kebiasaannya beli aje kat bazar. Sb mmg xsempat, smpai kat rumah dh kul 7pm.Mmg letih..mmg xsempat..hehehe..alasan baik punya.hehehe

But last night was different. 
9.15pm rumah dh senyap sunyi. Hubby plak down with fever and toothache. Telan panadol after berbuka terus 'terawih' dlm mimpi ajelah. Iman pun dh tertidor dgn a bottle of Ribena after iftar sesama td. Baby Amsyar pun dh tido sejak after  Maghrib. Terkulat2 juga mommy. Bila senyap sunyi mcm tu mulalah sangap.Terus tak productive jdnya.

Sempatla juga mommy layan "Hot Guys Who Cook" at DivaUniversal 702 skjp.hahahha~

Sempatlah basuh membasuh segala mak nenek mittens,booties,feeding bottles, strerilize siap.
Before ending up sblah daddy half an hour after. Rasanya lah. Mujur tak terlajak tidor. Terjaga betul2 bila Nightline start. Klu tak alamatnya ke-suboh la kami sekeluarga kat living room.huhu~

Maybe dah biasa dgn hiruk pikuk anak2..hubby makes me don't really appreciate the opportunity to have the time to myself.Ye ke?



Oklah marilah sama2 kita sambung bekerja..and pula mengepam afterwards.
Selamat Hari Khamis everybody!!


ps-susah betul nak ambil pics iman skrg.asyik gerak ajerrrrr :p

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Word-less Weds-My sweetpie

I miss you Amsyar.
My precious lil amsyar :)

Potty Training Check List

Are you ready yet Iman????Yeaahhh!!

Iman will hit the 18mths milestone soon enough and I'm really into potty training. I've learnt that babies could be potty trained as early as 18mths. As long as they're ready. Well, for me, if Iman is successfully potty trained, there would be so much good things that we could look ahead for after.Mcm sending him off to pre-school, buying more learning toys instead of diapers..lega mommy..huhu~ But things need to go naturally kan..tak bleh by force.and my Iman is a very strong willed child after all..hmm..

 So I started on my own reading and got some more info from the babycenter.

Well it seems that since Iman always tells when he would like to poopoo and is often uncomfortable everytime he pees..he might be 30% ready for a start. So to make sure, let me share some ready-ness check-list that I've found for parents to identify vital signs that your child might be ready.

1. Physical signs

Is coordinated enough to walk, and even run, steadily.

Urinates a fair amount at one time.

Has regular, well-formed bowel movements at relatively predictable times.

Has "dry" periods of at least two hours or during naps, which shows that his bladder muscles are developed enough to hold urine.

2. Behavioral signs

Can sit down quietly in one position for two to five minutes.

Can pull his pants up and down.

Dislikes the feeling of wearing a wet or dirty diaper.

Shows interest in others' bathroom habits (wants to watch you go to the bathroom or wear underwear).

Gives a physical or verbal sign when he's having a bowel movement such as grunting, squatting, or telling you.

Demonstrates a desire for independence.

Takes pride in his accomplishments.

Isn't resistant to learning to use the toilet.

Is in a generally cooperative stage, not a negative or contrary one.

3 . Cognitive signs

Understands the physical signals that mean he has to go and can tell you before it happens or even hold it until he has time to get to the potty.
Can follow simple instructions, such as "go get the toy."

Understands the value of putting things where they belong.

Has words for urine and stool.

Hmm..we'll see how after this.Hope this could be helpful for other mommies with small caliphs out there as well :)

Iman o..iman..
My small fighter.My lil khalifah on the making~


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Sahur This Ramadhan

Ptg2 cmni..jom cerita lauk bersahur. So far,alhamdulillah tak pernah miss sahur lagi..Kalau tak brapa larat pun..kugagahi jua demi suami tercinta :) I love you abg..I'll wake up for you. Org laki biasa la..mmg cukup liat nk bangun sahur.Klu saya tak bangun alamatnya mmg xbersahurlah kami sekeluarga for the day..hehehe

Cmni ajelah sahur kami suami isteri..lauk simple tapi ingatan utk bangun dan memasak dgn penuh kasih sayang tu yg penting.
Kalau tak sayang, maunya nak bangun kul 5pagi tanak nasi,goreng telur mata and bancuh milo panas.
Inilah tanda kasih dan sayang pada suami.
Betul tak?

Besar fadilatnya bersahur di awal pagi..besar lagi pahalanya bg isteri yg berbakti memasak segala and then kejut suami yg liat yg amat nk bgn.hahaha. utk makan sahur bersama-sama.

Tambahan pula waktu pg2 cenggini ajelah dpt ber-romentik berdua-duaan mkn candle light sahur dgn suami..alahai...
tanpa hiruk pikuk anak2 membaling makanan keliling meja :P Sejak beranak dua ni..mmg payah benar kalau nk cr peluang dpt bersenang lenang makan berdua-duan begini :)

Nasi panas2..milo panas 2 cawan!

Daging goreng blackpepper ringkas :)

Mmm..sedaplah plak teringat daging goreng blackpepper cam ni..dapp..dappp.. :)

Masak apa sahur esok pg mothers out there?
Berbuka malas nk tny sb mesti ramai nya yg berbuka juadah bazar ramadhan aje?
Betul tak? *wink*wink* hehehehe

Selamat Menikmati Ramadhan semua :)



Back to work..but..

I miss you guys...

Working day 2..still blurr.
Thinking of my kids each second.

And also waiting anxiously when the clock will tick 5.15pm.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday is always...

Monday the 23rd. July.

Back at work day 1.
Ramadhan day 3.
Full day pumping day 1.
Baby Amsyar is 2MO today!Yeay!

Mode : Missing my kids badly~

ok.short entry.

Have a nice Ramdhan u guys out there :)



Friday, July 13, 2012

Nak balik ofis baru nak melaram ke oi?

 It hitted me hard when a friend of mine asked this question.

When you wear make-up, tighten your corsets, and spray perfume outside your house and open then when at home-Who do you really would like to please? The men in your team?
Your husband should be your highest priority.
Please look into this.


Ye..ye..image kena jaga.

That's why a when a friend asks me why i put on some make-up and touch up my lipstick after solat Asar. Kan dh nak balik? aha..I told her, that the whole day in the office, i met up with men, sit in a cubicle in between two men, why should i please them? Xkuasa. Nak balik, turun kat lobby jumpe suami. He don't deserve a serabai baru-balik-dr-office-and-stressed look from me.

Apa salahnya kan,klu we want to look pleasant for the one we love?

Pagi2 wangi..kat ofis wangi, dh petang jumpa suami..bau ketiak.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Home Sweet Home :)

So it has been 7weeks and we're already packing to get back home.
Tomorrow we'll start loading stuff from this house back home.

Owh..i really do miss my own home.My own house.

Hubby pun dh nanges2 (literally) merindu kami semua in that house. Partially merayu us to come home as soon as possible. And I think best is to live it to the max..balik aje seminggu sblm start working as he will not be around pun during weekdays so it's all up to me.
Am i truly ready?

Trying to visualize myself..as now i have a toddler straddling around the house and a newborn baby to take care off.And now we're on our own. No more handy helping hands of Iman's mak uteh, aunty chik or even pak ude. We're on our own now my boys..back to reality!~

Tak pelah..we'll try to manage. The house might be not as tidy as before.
The dishes, the laundry might be a struggle after a while.
But we'll try to manage. Try to adjust.

I really need to whip myself with a lot of sabar with hectic Iman.
Sabar zahra..sabar.
I do not want to pinch,poke or slap my own baby.
Oh my.No.

My mom's advice :
Just let the house be as it is. Bersepah pun Xapalah. Don't push yourself. Xsempat tak payah buat.
And take your time to the fullest with the kids. Play with them. Enjoice their childhood. Make the house an enjoyable playground to be for the kids. As the kids will grow out of it before your very eyes. Yet the house will be just still the house. Rumah cantik berseri2 tapi anak2? . . .


Lama tak update pasal Iman.
My cheeky 17mths old now runs whenever he could, that i barely see him walking. He imitates people around him really well and knows how to pretend laugh, cough and even cry. kelakar. He dances to music, 'azan' when he hears the azan, and prays together with us.

Alhamdullillah..every day I find him growing up much clever than the day before. Iman loves animals..for our trip to the zoo is still due until Amsyar hits 1yr, he is very amused with the animals/insects around the house. Mcm cats, birds, cicak, tupai, siput babi and ants. I really don't mind if he loves to explore around the house,and outside. Feel the grass, play with water hose and get wet, lick peanut butter off a spoon and get all messy, and draw free lance way on as many A4 papers as he like. He should explore and play and learn. Learn how to be independent and confident.

His daddy always thinks otherwise. Kna discipline, jgn comot, don't touch the cat, do not spill your milo, do not tear up your books..huhu (--!).

Ala daddy he's not even 2.
That's his jobscope. For now.While he still thinks the world revolves around him :)

I don't know. We come from different upbringings..which both have it's own pro and cons.
Susah kdg2. Me- no 'rotan'in the house until perhaps he's 7? I don't really think hubby is with me for that idea. We'll see.


So what is this entry all about is basically to tell the world that our house is always open. But please don't mind the messy-ness..this is an early warning.haha~
Boys should be boys after all kan?

Good luck to myself to be back home with only the boys.
Now it'll be the boys and mommy :)
Back home.

Ahh..its just nice to be back.
Home sweet home :)

Just nice timing as Ramadhan is just around the corner.

Happy mothering you guys! ;)



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WW-half cooked

tedious job..but i find as tension releasing~
hopefully could finish before Ramadhan..as i need this ramadhan to be fully utilized.inshallah

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bunyi plan banyak..kena lah execute!~

Salam hari Isnin :)
How's your monday so far?? :)

Mine is ok..hehee..dok umah goyang kaki mmg lah ok kan?hehehe~
Anak dua org, mana nk goyang sgt oi..byk bende nk buat~

Amsyar is going to be 7weeks this week. So I have only another 1.5wk to go..
Plan to go back home this week and a whole lot of things to do before starting to work again.(err..try blk baju kerja?,cari segala seluar kerja...tudung? semua dh ilang..)

And alhamdulillah last saturday Amsyar dh ditrain dgn bottle..and he's ok with it :) alhamdulillah.. tersedak2 sikit sb flow laju sket dr biasa..tp seems ok so far. Guna bottle tommee tippee mcm abg iman dulu..skrg Iman dh pkai mcm2 jenama.nak wean off bottle je abg iman before 24mths insyallah..

Macam-macam hal bila dh dekat nk kerja ni..tambah pulak tgh bertungkus lumus nak buat hantaran utk k.ngah for he wedding this coming hari raya :) Dah selamat beli semua brg kat nilai 3 yesterday. Hopefully the pengantin suka :) Mencabar juga task kali ni 11 dulang dgn theme peach purple. Dah ada idea semua..cuma nak buat tu je bila..huhu. Semua nk buat kan?haa..mcm tu la..mmg bebetul multi tasking..guna segala ceruk kudrat yg ada.Inshallah~

And latest - since dh lama bercuti dok rumah, kita resume blk hobi lama..latest reading :)

Buku ni dh lama. Published circa in the early 80's. tapi theori nya seems interesting. more onto phsychology kanak2.
Harap2 lah bleh mommy practic kan kat Iman. Jimat byk tu if we don't have to buy diapers anymore :)
Nak seribu daya kan?Xsuka seribu dalih...

Oklah..since both boys dh tido..inilah masa emas utk mommy. jom menggubah and plan for this coming weekend. Ada apa this weekend? tungggguuuuuuuuuuuuu.... :)

Till then,


Friday, July 6, 2012

Sekalung takziah dr kami sekeluarga..

This was in Harian Metro yesterday..

En Roslan was a good friend of my husband's.
An exec in our styling design department..and this accident was only 2km from our plant in Shah Alam on his way to grab lunch with few colleagues. My husband was on annual leave on the day of the accident, else he most probably would be in the car with allahyarham as well. Oh my..hampir gugur jantung saya even to know this.

Allahyarham selamat dikebumikan di kampung halaman nya di Behrang, Perak. The tahlil held yesterday was also attended by hubby and several friends bringing together the collections of donation money from RnD and his personal belongings.

Sesungguhnya ajal maut itu di tangan tuhan. Life's short.
Today your joking with your beloved ones. Tomorrow you never know.

Sekalung takziah drp kami sekeluarga.
Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditmpatkan dikalangan mereka yg soleh.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012



Hahaaa...semakin hari semakin cerdik anak mommy ni...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3weeks to go~

3weeks je lg?
where have my 5weeks gone?kejap sgt rsnya~
3weeks before starting work again..so this time we need to set a target.

Basic to-do list for me so that mommy could start working peacefully:

1. Train lil Amsyar to stay awake in the day and sleep continuously throughout the nite for at least 4hrs.

2. Keep up stocking milk. this one really needs my effort...

3.Introduce bottle feeding to lil munchkin Amsyar.

4. Prepare Amsyar's bbsitter basket-toiletries, new small comforter..etc.etc

5. Plan how we're gonna sleep berempat comfortably once back in own house.

6. Plan how the morning routine will be as now we have new addition to the kelam kabut-waktu-pagi clan. Ahh..do you believe that before this i wake up at 6.40am..hehe..But we manage to get everybody out of the gate at 7.05am with a hot tumbler of coffee to be shared on the way.jgn xcaya yer..plus i do the ironing in the morning ya? :) ok routine will be changed.tp bad habits do die hard don't they?

7. Shopping spree for mommy :) yeay..sogo card member day this 13th and14th anybody?

Mmm...hoping all well goes well.
While still having some small thoughts of being a SAHM..


Monday, July 2, 2012

Amsyar in da house...

Salam world!!

Mommy says I'm 41days today~
So no more pantang food..my milk will be creamier and filled with more flavour..inshallah :)

See ya all soon!~

Have a great monday everybody..
We'll still at geyma's.Sb mommy kata kat umah bila daddy kerja xde org nk tlg jaga amsyar dgn abg..hehe~




jom terjah :)
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