Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Argghh...marah sungguh tengok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hate this!!
Nak nangis je kekejaman manusia yg terbongkar di sebuah taska di Masai..
Biadap sungguh!!!!!!!!!!! Ikat2 pula!!~
Selutape mulut lagi..ahh those cute lips!!Kesiannya!!~

Sedih tengok..malas nak komen lebih2..Sad but true- this could happen to any child :'(

Ya Allah jauhkan lah anak-anak aku dr segala kekejaman manusia :’(

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Pic credits to you

Finally . . .alhamdulillah!~

26.02.2012 marks the date of keys receival. 
A place to call our own :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Melaka :: Our lil family first visit :)

Hi peeps!.
How's tuesday so far?
I'm a bit excited today as yesterday was a double celebration for us!! But let us keep the story and continue with what happened during the weekends.

25-26th February was Family day for daddy's office in Tg Bidara Melaka.
So off we went to bumi Hang Tuah Melaka. It was quite interesting as it was our 1st outing to melaka as a family :) The family day activities were on Saturday. So after checking out :: apalagi..jom jelajah bumi melaka!!~

Me, raised and grew up in Melaka :: was quite astonished myself of what Melaka now looks like. mak aih...berubah gila esp Bandar Melaka. I think the last time i went to bandar melaka was a loong 7yrs ago.hubby lagi la..last lawat a famosa semua masa drj 4!!huhu~

So let's enjoy the pics from the hp jerr :: jom jom jom :)
*camera tarak sb mak bawak pergi tgk Taj Mahal**

The plan was actually to have a stroll via river cruise walkway, through the stadhuy's buildings, menara taming sari, samudera museum, then back to Afamosa. Ending all with a trishaw ride back to the car park.Tp nk buat mcm mana..cuaca x mengizinkan :)

So these are where we managed to go...

We're officially here! Dataran Ayer Keroh :)

Panas terik..@stadhuy's Building (building merah) Banda Hilir

Finally-mommy's voice lbh menarik dr fountain.

Kepala iman benjol : terjun tiruk from stroller masa kat walkway river-cruise :)

Daddy & Iman : Stadhuy's Building

Muzium apetah :: otw to A famosa

Family Photo : Finally!~

see the train behind?

Iman & Mommy :: suhu masa ni terik sungguh!~

Weather was really really hot and sunny this time..tapi strolling around, sampai juga ke muzium samudera=The ship museum. Good that the museum requires you to take off your shoes..and it was really cool inside.Sejukkan badan dulu!

Iman was so excited once we were inside...crawling ke hulu hilir..happy sungguh! Mommy and Daddy dh drained out dh time dulu!~
Best klu ada small cafe inside the big ship..pekena ice blended dulu ka..

At Samudera Muzium. Entrance fee : RM3 adult. Children RM1.
Babies enter for free :)
At Samudera's entrance :: Iman..waive iman ! :)

Blurr..with Hang Tuah replica :)

1st muzium visit :: Bersungguh2 tgk :) Macam dh tau membaca aje :p

Excited jumpe canon :)

Ok jom :: next stop. Xleh lama2..Iman cepat boring :)

Next stop :: Menara Taming Sari.
Cuaca dh xbrapa cantik dh time ni..but we bought our tickets and nak juga naik.
Adults ride for RM10. Children RM5. Babies ride for free :)

This is how the tower looks like thanks to mr google.The platform moves from ground level to 80m in the air. Suspended in air- you could view the whole city whilst the platform revolves :)
Quite fun..

These are our pics despite the bad weather :)


Mommy's tummy dh obviously seen! ;)

Ready for take off!~

View from above

More views from above ::

Weather getting dark.

The river cruise

Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall

The Samudera Muzium we went just before

Mommy tunjuk swimming pool..Iman sibuk tgk birds.

In the Menara Taming Sari elevated lift :) Iman's already sleepy.

Excited dpt tengok view of whole Banda Hilir  from 80m in the sky :)

All in all in was a fun trip for us. Most of all Iman really did enjoyed it!
Despite the heavy rain that made us trapped in the Menara Taming sari base building for 3hrs (xsempat g Afamosa pn!)..Melaka was fun and interesting!

Even public parking was really2 cheap.Choose 60sen per hour or RM5 per day!

Dah macam tourist dh kitorg :)

Maybe next time bleh continue the journey-mommy teringin nk masuk dataran pahlawan.mcm byk boutiques je dlm tuh..hehehe.

Maybe soon~

Till then,



Monday, February 27, 2012

Walking down the memory lane : A year ago

Came across this album this morning, pics taken a year ago..uhh.memoriess :)

Fresh from the oven..GA 37+wks

After being changed :)

First day :: first attempt to unconsciously smile :)

First rooming in nite

First jambul :: aunty chik buat

Daddy's love at first sight

UV rays :: suspected jaundice.Tapi xde pun..alhamdulillah~

Besar 2 jari mommy ajer

First bath :: alamak censor sket..

Ai i loveeeeeeee newborns!Suci murni je..halus mulus.
Teringat Iman xmau buka mata sampai dekat seminggu :)
Kalau buka pun sikit ajerrr..

Skrg..?buka mata xmau tutup.Mommy buat2 tido pun still xmo tido.

Have a nice Monday peeps!~
Mommy sakit kna sulam2 update dwg, email and berblog..kekeke~
Monday blues sket arini..



Sakit pinggang . . .

Just arrived from Melaka 0010 last night.
Short trip should be, made long - thanks to a lorry accident near Seremban exit.
ang jom heboh 'party' in ayer keroh.
4hrs++ on the road.

Badan sakit sb riba Iman tru the journey.
And also sb ronda bandar hilir the whole afternoon till late evening.
Perut dh boyot..masih ada hati nak jalan2 jauh~
alhamdulillah kaki xbengkak :)
pinggang aje yg sakit sgt sgt sgt!~

**pening lalat mode in the office this morning**

Friday, February 24, 2012

How a baby's face changes :)

Salam wbt :)

Hmm..dh buat dh entry ni td..pastu eksiden apa tah masa nak edit..terdelete (--")
Xpelah..sebab dh niat nk masukkan entry ni td..kita re-do.
Nak buat cmne..member satu ofis pg td pun kena re-do design concept sheet yg dh approved sb big boss termisplaced hardcopy and soft copy tetiba xjumpa bila cr balik..huhu~

Melalut byk2..jom layan perubahan wajah anak bujang ku ini selama setahun :)
Mmg the first year is the anak yg mmg dr vulnerable dh jd nakal naik-turun-tangga-goyang2 bontot soh mommy tgk!~

Iman day 3- at home at last BSP

Iman day 10 - 4.5kg already
Iman 1month-jambul2 kesayangan mommy

Iman 2months-baru lepas kna shave masa buat cukur jambul

Iman 3months-sugar bun. masa ni xpandai meniarap lagi.

Iman 4months- dh master meniarap :)

Iman 5months-jalan2 bazar ramadhan with daddy

Iman 6mths-Raya Aidilfitri. Me 1st raya as a mommy :)

Iman 7mths-masa ni dh pandai crawl :)

Iman 8months-dh pandai nak menyusur furniture.Master in sitting all by himself :)

8.5months-bubble spa st mommy's :)

9months-minat books. The walker master :)

10months-naughty sweet pie
10mths-mommy's angel soundly asleep

11months-Mommy's macho model

Counting days to 1year old

At Iman's 1yr old dinner celebration :)

Lain kan?True kan what i said before..a baby's face changes :)
Just happy to have you happy, healthy and growing smart, dearest Iman.

**mujur Friday.bleh la re-do missing entry.huhu~

Off to Melaka tomorrow morning with daddy's officemates. Xpelah kita turutkan ajer.. Looking forward to introduce the sand and the beach to lil Iman.Kesian dia..dh 1yr +, baru 1st time nak jejak pantai :)
Sebenarnya mood dh more onto moving our new homie :)

Have a nice Friday and a nice weekend peeps!!~




jom terjah :)
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