Friday, September 28, 2012


Lets talk about milk today.
Saja sebab stress mlm td Iman dh tumpahkan 5oz susu br pump yg letak atas meja xsmpat nk simpan lagi.
Bertutup.Tapi bila the bottle dh kena baling ala2 lontar peluru dgn kekuatan olimpic athlete.
Maka terbuka lah jua tutupnya yg rapat itu.
Dh lah letih br nak belajar2 buat tendum pumping.

Sedih.Sampai menangis.
Iman pun nangis sb tgk mommy nangis.huhu~


Ok lets talk about happy things la plak.

As of now, Amsyar is 4mths 1week old.So far susu utk amsyar still ada.still cukup.
Still with frozen stock wlaupun tak seberapa. Alhamdulillah diberi peluang utk still BF and stock up EBM for my lil precious..

Syukur sgt2.Hopefully could meet my 6mths target.For now we must target small first.
Achieve.Then move on!~

I've came through some mommies with 1200oz per month frozen stock which is amazingly a lot.
Murah betul rezeki dia.Mashallah~

Tp bila kira2 (i kan engineer-so we count for facts), cuba bygkan yer- 1200oz per mth so in 1 day average mommy should be able to stock up to 40oz. Mak aih..40oz stock!!
If in Amsyar's case- he needs 24oz bekal per day (6 times 4oz)
If plus the stockings target-mommy needs to pump up to 64oz (40oz+24oz)!

Mind calculating to achieve this..hmm..Let's see..
If in 24 hrs, you pump 12times (2hrs in gap). Each session-you should get 6oz.
If you pump 6 times- each session you should get 12oz.
If you have to pump 6times then the sessions should be, maybe 6am,8.30am,11.30am,2.30pm,6pm and last session 11pm?.I think if you need to BF at nights the most sessions you could make it is 6-no?

That is really gigih ok?But is that possible for me?
Realisticly-it is.cuma antara nak atau tak.and need extra stimulation for getting the 12oz each session target!~

Oppss..too many numbers ya?sorry can't help it ;p
I'm not targeting the 1200oz frozen stock per mth tho.
Just getting the amazing facts into picture.

So far i have found out that some things really makes BM much a lot than usual.
Let me share.As it works for me.

Best booster.

1. A happy mommy makes happy milk (ahh?ayat apakah ni). But this is true.Be happy.Chase away the bad thoughts.
2. What makes mommy happy? Favorite food!!!!!!! (tak kesahlah apa pun!).
If coffee makes you happy-go for it.Better than eating oats in pain and nak muntah.
3. Lots of water. I mean lots and lots! Really guys.3L at least.
4. Lots of love.A loving partner is a milk booster.Tak percaya? Tgk mommies pump byk mana every jumaat morning.hehehehe..
5. Soya milk and also rice.Plenty of it.
6. Many so proclaimed milking booster solutions don't really works on everyone.Some may work.But not to all.You name it-spirulina, alfalfa, protein shakes, dried longan, sarsarapilla..People are unique. Trying is no harm.

Well that's my list so far.
Maybe moms out there could share if you have any.

Have a nice weekend mommies!
Create nice memories with your babies :)
They're small young and innocent only once.



Thursday, September 27, 2012

Big Baby and Small Baby :)

Hi mommies,
How's the week so far?Alhamdulillah-hopefully.

Mmm..Amsyar has grown 4mths old and Iman had reached 19mths old last weekend.
So just to share some of their development progress so far.


As of 19mth old, Iman had almost grown out his teeth including molars.
Near to complete-upper jaws now have 9 teeth and lower have 8.
I think this pic shows most of his teeth :)

Big tough and strong now-Iman is a fighter and now struggling to express his emotions especially when he is dissapointed when i don't understand what he really wants due to very limited vocabulary. Pening juga mommy sampai kdg2 mmg kena dukung Iman so that he can show what he wants.

Current obsession - big trucks, motorcycles and bugs. Last nite as lipas terbang2 in our living room (euwwww!), and i was screaming..geli gile!Iman was fascinated at the bug at first, was almost in tears when i was screaming..oh my baby.kesian dia..ttba dh jd takut dgn lipas mcm mommy!~

One time i found him collecting ants on the floor into a small cup.Tp ants kan gerak2 so, they did'nt stay in his cup..frustrated-he cried.Then i showed to him that crushed ants (dh mati kan?) don't move so he could collect them. Just then i realized, i just taught him to be a killer..alamak!

Iman is a small build toddler.Now at 19mths-he just tipped the scale off to 10.5kg. Nak buat mcm mana as he is totally a picky eater (aduhai) and will only eat on his own! Susah sgt2 nk makan and now i could even see his ribs clearly..dh tak debab dh anak mommy. Despite his so-so appetite, he still have the energy to run around the house from morning to noon!Mcm energizer bunny tu. oh my!!~

Other skills so far-putting things together (like LEGO), jumping, going up down the staircase with only legs, scribbling, singing in his own language, reads doa before meal, put words into a 2-3word sentence,count to 5 and loves to brush his teeth where at most bukan nya teeth pun yg di brush.heheheh.

Wants to eats on his his own way.comotss!~

Bangun dr tidor-terus amek pens and paper to write onto :)

I really love the fact that Iman is really interested in books and reading them out-loud. he really loves to be read to esp when i read the books. Maybe daddy is just too monotonous and all the characters in the story sounds similar kot..hahahaa..So daddy please improve your story-reading skills,ya? We have so many more 'story-telling' years to go so far :p

As time goes by, Iman now acknowledges Amsyar as a part of this family. And at some times tries to be protective to adek..when at other times tries to run-over on top of adik as well.Oh my!~
Iman shall be a good brother Inshallah.Mommy's lil helper.

Mm..dh panjang la plak entry.So over with big baby's progress so far- i think little baby's update akan dibuat in another entry ;) Inshallah.

So have a nice day aunties sume from Zulhadzrey Iman.
Sesiapa yg berminat bleh la hantar CV tru my mom ya?

Have a nice day ladies.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Word~less Wednesdays :: Kesayangan

This was Iman's catch at Rantau Panjang last raya.
His current 'kesayangan' :)

Berguling2 tgh2 pasar nak yg ni.
No to the better and nicer (and pricey!) one.
Well mommy just wants quality.

But not bad juga his choice afterall.
And it cost me RM20 ONLY after bargaining!
Mommy is such a cheapskate!

Mujur RM20.Klu mengamuk nk yg RM200 yg daddy dok target nak beli tuk iman tu..peluh juga mommy!!~
And never fails to keep you busy..worth my RM20 :p

As long as you're a happy healthy boy iman! :)

Checking the engines and seat - comply to regulations ;p
Sorry my version of wordless is always word~less not wordless.
No fun la when with no words! Betul tak?

Have a nice day all of you!~

Ps- My mom is having her eye operation this morning in Hosp Ptrajaya.Due to cataract resulting from diabetes.Appreciate if you could lend me some of your precious time to pray for my mother as well. May you and your own mother get more blessings from Him as well.Amin.Inshallah~

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekends as a mother of two

Aman damai dan merehatkan pabila . . .

So mommy can get some me-time.
But for the whole day-the two pics you saw just now happens to be lasting for only...


Pabila jaga  . . .

Tgh syok2 main..

Tiba2 raksasa dtg..hahahah~

Memang tak reti dok diam.Ada aje kerja nya.
Peneman mommy..mommy little helpers :)

My little caliphs :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wishing upon the stars.

Harini tak cukup tenang..tak cukup tidor.Amsyar was rest-less all night long.
So mommy was too.

Unlike the usual Fridays.
The nice Friday mornings.

Hubby woke-up as early as 4am to fetch his lil sister from Klate this morning.
For an interview in KL tmrw.
And reached home back at 7am.
So we're already running late.

Rushing.We packed everything and everyone in the car already when I got a sms from the baby-sitter.
She needs an emergency leave. Her baby is hospitalized.
So we unpacked the car.And the babies.
And left both my babies with hubby's 19yo sister.

Iman was crying when we left.
Leaving me devastated as we drove off.
We had no choice. I am left with 3days annual leave days until end of year.
Oh my!

And now at 8.50am in the office. The last thing i want to do is work.

Waiting for 12.45 to go back home to see how they're doing.
How slow the clock is ticking today.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Am i breeding a little monster now?

Iman has his own head now.He's the one ppl call strong-willed child.
My strong willed Zulhadzrey Iman.

We sometimes need to follow.
Which i found now to be the wrong method of nurturing.

Sometimes i found it really difficult to keep myself sane even in my own house.

Imagine how i need to shake and listen to my canned condensed milk, evaporated milk and mixed fruit cocktail tins-all because iman had teared off the labels :D And how frustrated i am when he tears off the my latest fav magazine edition when i had only managed to read till page 3!

And once he cried his eyes out just because his hotdog was chopped into 3 ( i was intending to make him eat easier) until he puked out his whole stomach content on my newly bought 3-days old black and red carpet!Nice!! ( - -").

Belum lagi time dia naik atas badan adik dgn his plastic motorcycle!~
Oh my..

Mommy nak pengsan!

This was one of the incidences captured by my friend during our office Raya Celebration recently.

Berguling atas lantai in protes to daddy. I don't remember why.This was the 3rd guling kot.1st and 2nd was because nak masuk pool (- -")

Nak makan sendiri. Then started throwing fork, spoon and food to kak rozi on the opposite!

I think it's normal for boys his age to show off their feelings as for they have still very limited vocabulary. Some sort of expressing their feelings. Normal development. Just mommy needs to find ways to keep self sane.sigh.

Seriously i need to find some tips from the experts.
One tip from my mom.

1. Don't give in into tantrums. Just ignore.

I need more!!

Besar dh anak mommy.

Family photo :) Eh? tetiba masuk entry sekali.

"Little kids really want to see how much power they have versus how much you have,"

That's challenging.And I'm planning to go back to school soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Resipi Sweet Sour Ikan Jenahak Simple :)

This was last weekends menu.
Asyik asyik ayam daging rendang rendang musim2 raya ni.kita tukar ikan plak.

Nice and yummy.
Nyaman. pun dlm kuali lagi.berasap :)
Rupanya ikan jenahak sgt sdp buat sweet sour.nyamnyam.
Resipi senang pun nak share juga.sebab lain org,lain cara sweet sournya kan?
Jom share.


3 ekor ikan jenahak sederhana besar
Cut and fry until golden with tumeric powder,seulas bwg putih and garam.


3biji bawang besar diracik
1 labu bwg putih-potong dadu
1 inci halia diracik
2 biji cili padi

2biji tomato didadu
5sudu besar cili boh/giling
5sudu besar sos tomato.
5sudu besar sos cili
1sudu cuka makan.
1sudu kicap manis

Air secukupnya


daun ketumbar
bwg besar potong bulat

1. Goreng ikan garing2.Ketepikan.
2. Dgn minyak yg sama, kurangkan kuantiti sampai agak2 cukup utk menumis-tumis bwg putih,bwg besar,halia, cili padi.
3. Bila dh naik bau-masuk kan cili boh.Tumis smp pecah minyak.
4.Masuk segala sos,kicap and cuka.
5.Masuk tomato dadu and bwg potong bulat.
6. Perasa kan secukupnya.Klu masam tmbah gula.
7. Siap!! Hidangkan dgn nasi panas and sayur cmpur.sedap :)

This is for a family of 6 tau..hehehe :P

Senangkan?Boleh buat wlupun hari bekerja and dh letih kerja and pam susu.
Jom buat visi baru utk masak dirumah setiap hari :)
Jimat duit.

Monday, September 17, 2012

I think this is weird

I like to study about people and their behavior.
I don't know.Its just very interesting to see how ppl could think in such ways.

The more you blog hop..the more you find how amusing how other ppl really thinks and view things about life.A stumble upon a blog of a person who happens to be a pharmacist, and have a list of pharmacists friends who named their blogs with quite odd names.

I'm not trying to belittle anybody here.
I just want to share what i found to be amusing. Amusing for me. At least :p

I haven't yet stumble upon a blog of an engineer with the title *The Angry Engineer*.
Or *The Stairway to engineering*.
Not yet.

Ok.enough said.

My Iman. My terrible two.

Sometimes having a hyperactive son could turn around your world upside down and makes you go crazy.
I mean crazy.

Last Friday we had this raya celebration for my office.
Results: Iman was berguling on the floor in front of the main stage,demanding nak masuk pool.

Last time i caught him playing with his baby powder.
Poor out the whole bottle and was 'swimming' in it.
Happily i say you~
Muka dh nampak biji mata je..dh mcm ju-on tu tau!

Mommy : IMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANN! What are you doing???!!!Mommy penat tau!
Iman : (comes to me..muka kesian..patting my shoulder)..Barr mmi..sabar..sabar..sabar.. boy..rasa nak gelak jer ;D
mmg out of my mind la..a 1.5yo could say something like that.hahaha~

I do hope naughty hyperactive boys are really clever boys as the elders always claims.

If you happen to read this when you're old enough.
And if it happens that mommy is no longer here with you in this world..
Always remember that you're always my sunshine.always.
and mommy always love you :)
Both of you.

Iman & adik -morning after Chassis Raya Night :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

RND RAYA Celebration - Ladies Potluck Day :)

Potluck day!!!
This was last Friday, 14th Sept 2012 during jumaat prayers.
Happy makan2 day..and the best thing is that we chose to have it only with the girls/ladies so that it would be more fun-tastic!

After a week of planning and booking menus among each other : we chose to have it during Jumaat prayer.
How fun!

So let the pictures do the rest of the talking lah :)

Before : Tupperwares and tupperwares..the guys were already suspicious from early morning as the aroma were lingering around already.

Bungkus dr umah.Kumpul setempat away from the guys :)

We started at 1pm.
With opening remarks and bacaan doa of course.Baru ladylike.
We're such polite ladies tau, even when the men are not around ;p

Gourmet : Mcm2 ada. Dr nasi tomato ,spaghetti, ayam golek to roti jala and kuzi ayam.

Nasi kerabu, lamb stew  pun ada :)

Laksa and ketupats and kuah kacang :)

Pulut kuning & segala rendang :)

Fruit tarts,kek lapis,mini muffins :)

Bread pudding


Winner of the day : rojak buah. Org klate sebut colek buah :) Knp winner?sb ni kitorg yg buat..heheh.bias.

Tunggu majlis start :) We r sopan are'nt we?

Kusyuk pilih :)

creme of da crop : chassis girls! (missing : Dyana)  ;) the masters of the colek buah.

Most of the clan :) Tgn yg menggoncang buaian..yg turut membuat kereta

All in all- i loved the tiramisu (takde dlm pics la plak..) and also the kuzi ayam with roti jala. Truely the winners of the day. Everyone had fun and gained extra 3kgs by eve.Hehehe..

Such an event! Makan is always a fun event kan?After all, potluck is like a volunteerily makan2 event. Takde paksaan to cook or bring food. Which made it more fun-tasticko :)

Next year bleh buat lagi.Without the boys please :)
Much better that way.
Yelah in RND pun, ladies are the minority pun.

Best part of all - bungkus time!!~ Xkasi can pd guys punyerr :p

We girls just wanna have fun!! ~ :)


jom terjah :)
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