Monday, August 8, 2016

Those Lamb Chops...

August the 8th, 2016
Working post 3days weekends :) All brand new and excited to do new things today. Jom kerja!

Had some beautifully marinated lamb chops last week as requested by hubs. Pity him, I rarely cook this pregnancy around, and my lamb chops had always won his heart and stomach. Always! So yes, I had to made him some! And to my surprise, lamb chops were really iman's favorite too..tak sangka! Well, that makes mommy's work a lot easier. Sekali masak, favorite semua. And what's better than pairing those lamb, with some simple coleslaw and potato fries :)

For a lovely monday, let me share how easy the rub I made for the chops!

500g lamb chops of preferred part
1 medium sized onion*
5 cloves of garlic*
1/2 inch of ginger*
2tbsp of course ground black pepper
3tbsp of ketchup
5tbsp of soy sauce
1tbsp of oyster sauce (optional)
1tbsp of cumin powder
Salt to season
1. Pound all in (*) together to form a paste.
2. Add paste and all other ingredients into the lamb. Rub thoroughly until all is mixed.
3. Let lamb sit/marinate for at least 1hour.
4. Grill your lamb up to preference. Better without any additional oil. Glaze left over rub seasonings whilst grilling.
For some gravy, add milk/cream into the used grilled pan. Mix and season to liking. Serve

Senang sahaja kan?
Tastes better than your steakhouse for sure!

Happy Monday everyone!

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jom terjah :)
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