Friday, March 30, 2012

Paper crafting - cuteness!~

Obsession, once upon a time ago.
Now forgotten. maybe it's just the age factor.
Maybe it's just life. Phase change.

Cute crafts -
Just to ease your eyes on :)

Happy weekends peeps!
Nice plans ahead yeah? :)

Me?House cleaning!!!!
Past times favorite these days!
Maybe some newborn prep as well as next week will already be 8mths :)



Last Day for PMS.

Tomorrow is already 31st March 2012.
Last dat for financial year 2011/2012.
Last day to remember and write what have you done all year long.
That is KPI concept.

Alhamdulillah dh settle :)

Just to quote the last sentence in my KPI/PMS completion.

"P321A and P620C project had really dominated this year's man power segregation and requires 100% commitment which has pushed me to the limits. However, due to lessons learnt from previous project, cooling system design faulties and last minute project bottle neck had been avoided this time due to proper monitoring, organization of tests, data control and design failure avoidance.

Hope to continue on minimizing last minute design faults for the upcoming projects and more trainings for technology explorations"

Hope to still be able to be here to write PMS 2012/2013 pula.
A lot of things to consider, when half your passion is already gone.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Pump on the Block

Autumnz MARVEL Single Electric Breastpump 

It comes with the following features:

2-Stage Pumping (T1 & T2) : 'stimulation' & 'pumping' stages for effective & efficient pumping
Anti Backflow Device : prevent milk contamination
Multi Suction Levels : 8 suction levels to choose from
Dual Power Source :  main electric power or batteries
Ultrasoft Silicone Massage Breast Shield : with comfortable massage bubbles design
Light, Compact & Portable : only 200g, 11cm diameter and with quiet motor unit
User Friendly: easy to assemble, use and clean
Autumnz MARVEL Single Electric Breastpump comes with 2-Stage Pumping to mimic baby's natural suckling pattern. 

What is 2-Stage Pumping?
While breastfeeding, babies suck in 2 very clear stages:
- fast and light sucking to start your milk flowing
- slower and deeper sucking to get as much milk as quickly as possible

Autumnz MARVEL Single Electric Breastpump has the following 2-Stage pumping ability to encourage higher level of milk production:
T1 (Stage 1 – Stimulation Stage) – short & fast rhythm with lighter suction to activate milk letdown
T2 (Stage 2 – Pumping Stage) - slower rhythm with deeper suction to encourage maximum milk flow
The combination of these 2 stages will produce quicker let down and encourage milk flow.

 I think I need a new pump as exclusively pumping for Iman for 7mths last time had really worn out my beloved spectra 3 :)

Thank you Spectra 3. 
 Eyeing for this Autumnz new gadget :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tak comey takpe...

Ok ustaz.point taken.hahahaha~
Just to end a stressing day at work!

Jom balik!!~


Easy Kraft's Mac & Cheese

Salam peeps :)
Rainy morning in SA today..but still hope that spirits to work are still alive :)

Sharing something easy to prepare for a working mommy :

Mac & Cheese in a box ::
Makes both mommy and Iman happy.

Good Bargain :)

Iman loves Mac & Cheese. But the original recipe is quite tedious (and not to mention expensive too). It was quite a relieve when mommy came across this magic box in the local supermarket. Price? Less than RM5! Yeay!!~

Must try item, and tasted really nice actually.
It needs milk, butter and some stirring :)
The less milk you add in, the thicker the consistency of the sauce become, the tastier. Takes me less than 10mins to prepare. I added some one medium tomato to add color and flavor to the dish.

End product :: Still in the pot :)

Best thing is that :: Iman loved it- and finished a large bowl at dinner last nite. 
I cut the pasta into small pieces to ease him to chew on them. Every spoonful was followed by a ‘’ which indicates sedap la tuh :)
Then goyang2 punggung chewing.
Good boy!!~

Eat your meals Iman, and grow healthily.
Now mommy knows that you’re a pasta lover, just like mommy :)

I love you Iman!!~
Grow up to be a good and bright leader.



Monday, March 26, 2012

Surat Cinta 2004

We just moved so a lot of sortings and re-organizing were happening in the house.
Even Iman is confused with the whole piles of things around :)

Going through our degree and certificates files last weekend, we came through my husband's younger brother fahmey's cert files. The file was in the house as he was keeping it with us, as his house is now only a rented bujang house, so it's safer in our residence.

Flicking across Fahmey's file, hubby found an old letter addressed to Fahmey. A love letter!!~
Menarik2!!!~ Jahat sungguh kakak and abg fahmey ni..surat cinta dia pun nak bc,kan?
Tipu lah if you don't. Dont'cha?

Written in pencil, dated circa 2004, it was a classic.

We were laughing at the sentences, as it was from a year 6 girl whom apparently Fahmey was fancying, but was not interested with him. Her sentences of rejection were at the politest tone which made us quite impressed of what a 12yr old could write off.

 Jiwang karat xyah citer la..hehehe.

To make it more clear to Fahmey, we came to a sentence that made us both stopped.
Translated, it would sound some sort like this,

"It is not that i don't like you, but as i have told you before i have feelings for your elder brother. If it is not because he is now 18, and I'm only 12, i would have long approached him to let him know my feelings. It is quite heartbreaking to know that he has already someone else who appears to special to him"

Wallaweih..minat abg rupenya..mcm cerita melayu samarinda belit2, 55 episod plak.
As Fahmey has several brothers, we did'nt notice anything at that moment til it came through my mind.

" Abg, Fahmey umur brapa ek?"
"20, nape?"
" kalau Fahmey 20, abg 26...then, 'abg' yg budak tulis surat ni dulu bermaksudkan abg ler. sb beza abg and fahmey ialah 6thn. masa tu kan fahmey 12 thn, sebaya dgn minah ni and 'abg umur 18 masa tuh' yang minah tu minat adalah abg"

Get it?

Terus blushing, merah padam.
Haha..ada peminat cilik rupenya. Fahmey's friends was eyeing for him once upon a time ago..baru discover 8years later.

I was mocking him for this.
Fahmey's crush, had a crush on him and rejected Fahmey for that reason.

He blushed.
Cinta budak sekolah..hehehehe.

Then he blurted out "Smart juga rupenya abg zaman sekolah ek?xsangka pulak..,"


Doa Selamat and Solat Hajat New Home

Monday blues.
Still tired from all the work done on Saturday.
Yet, yesterday was already full-day sleeping day. Boleh tidor most of the day?
Teruk betul!~

Alhamdulillah-all plans worked out well.
Doa selamat and solat hajat for new home already settled after Isya' last Saturday-24th March 2012 :)

Thank you for all family, close friends and neighbours for coming!~
Thank you for gathering together praying for the safety of us in this new home of ours.
Thank you for the food brought as well :) 
Thank you Allah for making all our plans come true :)

Thank you mom for the cakes and also dearest neighbour next door for the kuih kaswi :)
Quite a miracle though.

Small budget, small ceremony, small house with big hearts in it :)

Letih juga la when you cooked dinner for 80 ppl all by yourself.
But I managed it!! Yeah!!~*pastu pengsan*

7..5mths pregnant really made it quite tough for me to cook for more.

Menu for the day :: Nasi putih, Ayam gulai, Sambal Udang, Kobis goreng, Sambal cuka, Gelama masin grg and ulaman.
And also, oranges, watermelon and chocolate pudding :)

**regret for not taking any pics for the event due to extreme fatigue and also malu kat tok imam nak amek gambar :'(

**For all friends out there insyallah we'll have another makan2 session for Hari Raya, Iman's belated bithday and new baby welcoming (cukur jambul).Insyallah if everything goes on well. Do pray everything to go on well :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Plans for tmrrow :)

Tiring Friday with so much to do and so little time.

Yelah plan byk tp kudrat and kakitangan kerahan nya xde..where's my adik2 when i need them??!!
Sorang mmg kat Egypt tu..mmg xleh nak buat apa la.Sorang lagi terceruk kat Jasin tu..belajau.
Sorang lagi nk ke S'pore pula class trip..aiyoo.
Tggal la yg jantan2 :: lg angkat perabut bleh la.minta tlg potong bwg kang lain plak jd nya..huhu~

Planning for simple event tomorrow.
May everything turn out good. Insyallah.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension - the combat!

Hi Ladies!!
Thursday is sharing day :)
Forget about my dissapointment entry yesterday.
Let's be more positive starting today and start living ;)

Let me share.
Suffering from PIH during my pregnancy with Iman last year do taught me a lot..well a lot!
And gave me the strength to try to do better this time. Esp with my age getting older and older each year, I have to act fast. Potentially, being pregnant in your 30's or 40's will not be as good (good?) as you were in your 20's and maybe you could never get pregnant again pun.. so all the while, with the health and strength we still have, why wait?

So, end result :: get pregnant as much times as you can whilst you are still in your 20's. :D

Ok back to the main topic for today
Got some tips from the elders and also mistakes from last year's pregnancy.
If in terms of engineering :: Lessons learnt :)

Let's share if others out seems to be having or tend to be having the same problem.
Maybe some may not show drastic reduction, but we should try. Org melayu kata :: ikhtiar :)

[disclaimer :: all are from observation and self taught experience. to my doctor-friends/nutritionists out correct me if the theories below had been proven wrong..huhu (--")]


1.  Number one rule :: I need to cut off all the caffein. Big NO NO to coffee, nescafe..dan yang sewaktu dgn nya.susah juga yang ni sb I'm a big coffee addict.Best to cut off la kan? I'll try to limit bit by bit..then terus cut off, however difficult. Yes ladies, I admit I still drink coffee whilst pregnant. And that was the main factor contributing for my PIH. Ok, for now...we go slow on this.Susah, when you're working hard to run without caffein in your system (--")..but I've tried milo.So far it works up-to 60% (^_^)V

2. Decrease or if you could demolish unnecessary salts in your diet.Malay food is full of salty items..masin adalah sedap kan?Telur asin, ikan masin is very tempting..kicap, taucu, mmmm..byk tu.Even simplest food could be loaded with salt. Moderately try to reduce..undertaste of food (tawar) is always better than overtaste (masin mcm tertumpah lori garam) kan? :)

3. Fish oil! :) A lot of researches shows that fish oil lowers your BP level.

For me, it helps..i think so.So far record for BP is better than previous pregnancy :)
Try Neorogain, or this one from Cosway.
Bila makan ibu pun rasa lbh bijak (haha..ok yang ni tipu)
i choose to have this babe~

Let's see to some sources such as webMD.

"A type of fat called "omega-3 fatty acids" is found in fatty fish like mackerel and salmon. Large amounts of fish oils may help reduce high blood pressure, but their role in prevention is unclear. Taking fish oil pills is not recommended because high doses can cause unpleasant side effects. The pills are also high in fat and calories. Of course, most fish, if not fried or made with added fat, is low in saturated fat and calories and can be eaten often."

4. Managing stress

This is the MAIN factor for me I think.So starting now, Ill try to waive all factors that might possibly contribute to stress..esp unnecessary work stress. 

Do what you are assigned to do. Jangan layan ad-hoc requests and out-of jobscope additional work. Avoid all arguments and try to maintain cool all the the time. It is really not worth to get high BP due to work related stress. The money they cover for you for maternity will not be higher pun if you catch additional sickness due to them :P

5. Eat/drink as much calcium! This is really true for me. I hated milk whilst carrying Iman.Bad thing. Lesson learnt! I don't really know how technically calcium relates to the body's BP leveling..but let's have a look about calcium what i have found.

Calcium is one of the major minerals your body needs to function properly. Most adults need from 1000 to 1200 milligrams (mg) calcium per day and teenagers need about 1300 mg per day. Your body also needs adequate amounts of vitamin D to be able to utilize calcium properly.

Consuming three cups of dairy products each day should provide you with enough calcium. One cup of dairy is equal to one cup of milk, one cup of yogurt or 1.5 to 2.0 ounces of cheese (about the size of two dominoes):
  • One cup fluid milk has 300 mg calcium
  • One cup plain yogurt has 488 mg calcium
  • Two ounces of cheddar cheese has 400 mg calcium
  • Two ounces of blue cheese has 300 mg calcium
You can increase your dietary dairy calcium intake a few ways:
  • Add dry milk powder to soups and sauces
  • Drink milk as a beverage
  • Use low- or non-fat milk in smoothies
  • Eat low- or non-fat yogurt as a snack or for dessert
  • Top cooked vegetables with cheese
  • Add a slice of cheese to a sandwich
Yummy Calsi-yum bleh juga la kan?Yummy yummy  :)

6. Get your vit Cs loaded in!! Naturally :)
Vitamin C seems to expand blood vessels and constricted arteries, consequently helping to lower blood pressure. Red cabbages, red bell peppers, citrus fruits (mandarins, oranges, etc), kiwis, strawberries, and potatoes all are rich in vitamin C.

7. Garlic. Load this in your soups and stir fry's. Yummy as well !

8. Potassium helps maintain blood pressure levels. Magnesium relaxes blood vessels and allows the blood to flow easier.

Clinical studies have indicated that consuming food high in potassium helps lower blood pressure. Vegetables high in potassium are, among others, tomatoes, potatoes, cantaloupes, bananas, beets, Brussels sprouts, avocados, and oranges.Foods high in magnesium are chocolate, avocados, spinach, almonds, sunflower seeds, and barley. 

Yummy food as well ni..not that bad for keeping healthy reasons :)

9 .Practice relaxation or slow, deep breathing.

Practice taking deep, slow breaths to help relax. There are some devices available that can help guide your breathing for relaxation; however, it's questionable whether these devices have a significant effect on lowering your blood pressure.Try before meeting your doctor for your BP testing. Works for me.

10. Celebrate celery!!~

"According to Chinese theory, celery is effective for hypertension because it acts upon the liver; one type of hypertension is associated with the liver.In Mainland China, celery juice was useful in reducing hypertension in 14 out of 16 patients. The juice was mixed with equal amounts of honey and about 8 ounces was taken orally three times each day for up to 1 week. Fresh celery juice can be mixed with vinegar to relieve dizziness and headache and shoulder pain associated with hypertension. In cases of hypertension of pregnancy and climacteric hypertension, drink fresh celery juice every day"

Sedap juga celery juice ni. Blend in with cucumber and lime..nyum nyum :)

11. Last but not least. Cut off all the red meat, and inner parts : hati, limpa, paru..put more to lean meat and fish. As a meat lover, this is very hard for me..meleleh air liur tgk daging bakar dgn nasi kerabu. Kalau teringin sangat, mkn skit la..won't hurt kan? :) But try to avoid at most times if not all :)

This pregnancy target : no more PIH!~
No more more daily BP readings..letih woo.
Tip top till the end.So far so good..

Alhamdulillah.and i hope it will stay that way though its quite tough when you're working and all the big jobs and projects starts to boom once you've hit the third trimester.alahai.. :'(

But worth trying kan?Ikhtiar tangga kejayaan.

The good thing is that this target is achievable, bukannya mustahil pun kan?

Ok lah..just to share these this morning..have a nice day peeps!
ok ok..letak gambar budak iman ni dulu..enterframe kejap :)

Growing much smarter each day :)

Till then,



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Work needs passion. I have lost mine.

Frustrated and de-motivated these days.
Because, one colleague had been explained by the boss that the reason her promotion was detained is as she was on maternity leave last year.

One of the reasons la.Mmm...
So it is not fair to promote her, though how well her work was.
As she was only rated 10/12 mths of the year.
Sounds familiar?

Well. This is huge DISCRIMINATION!
If that’s the case..then only men and women who ain’t that lucky to get pregnant that year la yg dpt promotion that year.
Terus rasa nak balik rumah at 2.30pm and not clock out for the next 7days.
[kena clock-in kalau x gaji xmasuk (--")]

Last time I worked because I love my work.
Then I work because I need money for the debts I need to pay.

Not long after knowing all other companies had upgrade they employees salary rate way higher than us.. I worked because I ain’t got time to update my resume yet.

Now, I don’t know why I work here anymore.
Maybe it’s time I find some time to update my resume.
Big sigh

Beware you out there in the industry - I may come as your next new boss!~
(huhu..berangan je nak tukar keje terus dpt jd bos org! :P)

ps- At 7.5mths pregnant, I found calmness and stress relieve hand washing Iman's daily garments at home after work. Tenang thinking that he will wear nice smelling clean clothes his mother washes for him. Sblm ni pakai main cmpak machine je.Weird enough but true.

Iman is 13mths today!~

Alhamdulillah Iman had finally taken his first steps yesterday.Yeay!!~
Some mommies may find this quite late. But I always believe that every baby is unique :) 
Milestones achieved are unique as well :)

Counting to 10steps in a row baru valid for mommy to declare. And he did it!
My baby could now officially walk unsupported. I waited for ages for this moment :) 

Congratulations baby!!~
 This achievement really out shined others so far that mommy could remember.

At 13mths :: Pipi dh makin tembam :)

Tangan debab nak pegang angry bird on own shoes.


At 13mths, Iman had achieved a lot like other 13mths old do.
Now a toddler, Iman demands to eat by himself. Jerit2 nak makan sendiri. Holding his own food and spoon.
Independent sungguh! By last, food ends up more on the floor than in his mouth. Tapi xpe, belajar. Favorite finger foodies- cucumber, apples and bananas of course! :)

Wants a bite, tapi nak pegang sendiri..aduhai *pengsan*
In terms of speech skills, Iman baru nak blajar simple words. Masters in several words already ::  in calling daddy, ma-mei (his version of mommy), g-mammma (grandma), pak Udah (my brother Ali), saying cu (susu), nak and a few other simple words.

Responses on questions asked :: Cepat2 g kat horse bila mommy tnya mana horse?Tepuk2 horse.
Mana motorcycle? Cpat2 g kat motorcycle :)
Bila mommy tnya siapa nama Hadzrey Iman?Iman angkat tgn saying aye! (saya!)
Bila mommy tnya siapa budak baik? Iman angkat tgn saying aye! (saya!)
Bila mommy tnya siapa budak pandai? ? Iman angkat tgn saying aye! (saya!)
Then clap hands.. :) Sejuk hati mommy..

Suka tiru gaya org skrg esp his idol :: daddy.
Bahaya daddy kena berperangai baik and lbh bersopan santun pasni.
And character is now more distinctive..teliti, aggressive, sensitive and adventurous :)
Once pernah daddy pernah hail someone outside the window while driving and iman tiru.
OMG! Not good!~
No no Iman..that is not good.

Owh..its really hard when it comes to teaching manners and good behavior. (--“)
Best is to demonstrate but even we are ourselves not that well mannered. Aiyahh..cmana tuh?Huhu~

Mission still not accomplished: Teeth brushing lessons!
Ok we’ll see about that soon!

So far, Iman seems happy and undisturbed with our new homey. Well, mommy thinks as long as mommy, daddy and all his toys are still around :: nothing else matters much.Good boy!!~

Ok, Iman be a good boy and grow up strong, intelligent, well mannered, beriman and healthily :)
Mommy loves you so muchoo!!~



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Things are Meant to be Shared 05 :: HOW TO RAISE A READER

Let me share something interesting.
I believe there is no such thing as too early to introduce your baby/toddler to books :)
And it always brings a smile to me when my Iman chooses his books over his miniature car collections.
Sejuk perut mommy. Worth every penny I spent.

And I don't really mind if he tears up his books while reading them.Pelik ke?
But hubby has different ideas about that. For him, once dah start more books for you.kutip2 semua with your cars pula..hmm..

A BIG no-no la daddy.
For me, books would be at most pun RM20 ( ah yes, children books are expensive!).
But genuine interest for books and reading is priceless!Apa salahnya teach him that koyak is salah.Keep the koyak book, and start reading for him another one.Yeah, that is how my mother taught me.

Yes, you cannot force a child to read his books.Or everything, all the fun in reading will be gone.
Your child, your choice.

Ok lah : Let share some things from babycenter.


It's never too early to steer your child toward books. But for toddlers, the goal is not to make sure they can read the classics before they're out of preschool. "The phrase to remember is 'developmentally appropriate,'" says Roni Leiderman, associate dean of the Family Center at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. "Parents often come to me wanting to push academics too much, too fast, too soon. In fact, children learn best through play. Make reading a joyous event for them."


Record the moments that matter in your toddler's amazing development.
There are many developmentally appropriate — and fun — ways to help your little one learn to love books and stories. And, surprisingly, not all of them involve sitting down with an actual book.

Use books to bond
"It's not about reading the words," says Leiderman. "At this age it's about learning to love the interaction with Mom, Dad, or a caretaker." When your child sits in your lap as you read aloud, she doesn't just enjoy books, she also enjoys the security of your undivided attention.

Set up a ritual
A regular reading time establishes a calming routine young children love — that's why the bedtime story is a time-honored tradition. But don't forget that many other daily events also provide good reading opportunities. Once in a while try establishing a new ritual with a breakfast story, a bathtub story, a just-home-from-daycare story. Some toddlers (and older children) who are heavy sleepers are much better able to face the day when their parents "read them awake" rather than hustle them out of bed.

Choose appropriate books
Toddlers love board books, bathtub books, and pop-up books — any type they can hold easily and manipulate themselves. They love stories accompanied by bright, clear, realistic pictures. And of course they love rhymes. That's not to say your 2-year-old won't appreciate the stories her big brother chooses — who knows, Rocks and Minerals may end up being her favorite book. Just make sure she has access to simpler books as well.

Repeat, repeat, repeat
Stifle your yawns if you've read The Very Hungry Caterpillar every night for the past month and your child still asks to hear it again. Repetition is a hallmark of the toddler years. "The reason children love to read the same stories over and over and over again is that they're so thirsty to learn," says Leiderman. You'll soon find that your toddler has memorized her favorite passages and is eager to supply key phrases herself — both signs of increasing reading readiness.

Ham it up
Lose your inhibitions when you read to your child. Growl like the Papa Bear in Goldilocks, squeak like Piglet in Winnie-the-Pooh. Kids love drama as much as adults do — in fact, your youngster may love to pretend to be the scary wolf in The Three Little Pigs. Encourage her, even if it slows the story's progress. She'll get more out of the story if she's participating actively.

Follow her interests
Choose books about her favorite activities — visiting the zoo, swimming, playing ball. Back up your kids' favorite videos and TV shows with books about the characters. You may be mystified by the appeal of Teletubbies, but if your child loves the cheery little creatures, she'll love the books about their exploits as well. Follow her lead, but do experiment with a wide variety of books before you decide you know exactly what your child will like. Your little girl who loves dress-up and dolls may, to your surprise, also be the one who asks to hear Godzilla Likes to Roar or Monster Bugs over and over.

Go to the library
Even babies like library story-hours, and they're wonderful adventures for toddlers. Your child may well discover a new favorite when it's presented by a beguiling librarian with a soothing voice and perhaps some pictures or puppets to illustrate the action. And, of course, libraries let parents — and kids — try out countless stories without spending a bundle.

Push play
Many wonderful books exist on cassette or CD. Your toddler may not be interested in them because what she really likes about books is the interaction with you, says pediatrician Laura Jana, a national trainer for Reach Out and Read. But if your toddler does happen to like them, great. She may want to sit with the picture book while she listens to the recording, or you may want to put it on while the two of you do other things. You could also record yourself — or another relative or friend — reading stories. Just remember, says Jana, that recorded stories can't take the place of sitting down together.

Don't make books a reward
Don't tell your child she can listen to a story if she finishes her dinner. When reading is associated with systems of reward and punishment, it isn't a positive experience. Instead, pick times to read that feel natural, such as when you want your toddler to quiet down before her nap.

Dealing with the wigglers
Some wiggly youngsters just won't sit still through all of Blueberries for Sal. What to do? "Sit down and leaf through something short for just 30 seconds, and then say, 'Wow, we read this whole book!' Then let them go," says Leiderman. The next day you can try a little longer session. "Some children will always be more interested in motor activities than in reading," she says. "Respect that, and don't make reading a negative experience." If your toddler is the physically active type, she may respond best to the non-book-related activities described below.

Make storytelling a part of life
"Promoting reading readiness is more than reading a traditional book," says Leiderman. While you're at the dinner table or in the car, tell stories — standards like "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" anecdotes from your own childhood, or stories that feature your child as a central character. Make books of your child's drawings or favorite photos, and tell stories about them — or ask her to be the narrator.

Point out words everywhere
Wherever you go, you can show your child that words are an important part of everyday life. Even the youngest toddlers quickly learn, for example, that traffic signs say STOP. Alphabet refrigerator magnets are staples in many homes. Other families label objects around the house, such as the shelves that house BLOCKS, DOLLS, and other toys. If your child is in daycare or preschool, slip a daily note into her lunchbox. Even if she can't yet read CAT, seeing the word printed on a piece of paper, along with a drawing or sticker of a cute kitten, will be a high point in her day and help excite her interest in reading. If this seems too ambitious, try drawing a heart or smiley face with a simple "I love you," which will help get your toddler excited about the meaning behind words.

Children from families who converse at the dinner table have larger vocabularies, according to researchers at Harvard University. Talk with your toddler, and don't be afraid to use complex words and phrases. Encourage her questions and explanations. Toddlers are curious and wonder endlessly about the world, so don't be shy about trying to explore her interests with her.

Demonstrate your own love of books
Your child wants to imitate you. If she sees books all around the house and knows that you like to settle down with one whenever you have a moment to yourself, she'll learn that books are essential to daily life. Modeling your own love of reading is more powerful than making your child sit through a rigid story time.

Books for you
Numerous books have been written for parents who want to nourish a love of reading. Try Jim Trelease's The Read-Aloud Handbook, E.D. Hirsch's Books to Build On, Elizabeth Wilson's Books Children Love, and Bernice Cullinan's Read to Me: Raising Kids Who Love to Read.

I really love to read.
I hope that one day, my children will find the joy, adventure and excitement in every book I chose to read like I did.

Again, your child, your choice :)

"Setiap anak dilahirkan dalam keadaan suci, maka kedua ibu bapanyalah
yang menjadikannya Yahudi, Nasrani atau Majusi." 
(Riwayat Bukhari).



Officially dah pindah! ~

Back to work after loooong break :)
With a back ache (--")

Yeay! We finally moved-in last weekend and settled up 80% of the cleaning :)
A huge achievement! Yeah!!

Only tons of wardrobe re-organizing to-do (lipat and susun balik kain baju)..others, alhamdulillah dh settle.
Curtains hung, kitchen arranged (baru sedar byk tul pinggan mangkuk yg sebenarnya xguna pun).
Boxes already in place for storage (khazanah lama..and also hadiah kawen yg xguna lagi..sentimental values tu..)
Dah sort out 'things' and 'trash' pun still byk lagi yg category 'things' (--")
Koleksi majalah PaMa etc, syg plak nk jual kat cina beli paper lama..aduh!~

Thank you to my adek2 for all the help.
And also to mak for baby sitting Iman for two days :)

Alhamdulillah.All efforts are already paid off :)
Just happy to have accomplished our mission.
Kita pindah masuk dulu.Then we figure out all the interior exterior designing plans.
Buat apa yg mampu dulu.Cause plans mmg panjang listnya.heheh
Poket je xberapa nak dlm..huhu~

Just to keep the payment record clean after this :)



Sunday, March 18, 2012

18.03.2010 - walking down the memory lane :)

Fate is when you are forever craving for the specific exotic food, and after long you stopped searching for it found it in a stall you never stopped by before.

Fate is when a total stranger said hi to you, in an exhibition you did'nt even intend to stop by that very day. And not long after that married you.

Fate is when you're lurking around not intendind to buy any property but fall in love at first sight at the house you book to buy the next day.

Fate is when you get what you wished for when you have already stopped trying.

Fate is when you believe hard in what you wished for is always listened by Allah and is given to you when the time is right :)

Fate is when I met you and decided to marry and settle down with you :)

Menggigil la tuh..hehehe~

With the strong women who brought us to this world and raised us up :)
My beloved in laws

That was once upon a time 2010.
The day we promised to live together forever in front of people who raised us up and we love so dearly.
Truly, a husband is a gift from God.

Thank you Allah for all this love and happiness.
 Now 2yrs later I'm heavily pregnant with our second pride and joy :)



Friday, March 16, 2012

Pinky Kitchen Area :)

Selamat hari Jumaat peeps.
How's your day so far?

Presenting :: Our self-painted pink kitchen.
Appear striking in this pic.
Actually its a quite softer tone.Macam sirap bandung terkurang susu sket kalernya.

Too pink too handle?
Xpe..yg penting I like! :)

Pink!~ Identity pemasang rel dirahsiakan sb side view nmpak perut royroy~hehehe

This was yesterday. Two days on AL for scrubbings and rel installing.But still soooooo much to do.
And right!We're moving in this weekend!!!~~



ps- I think I'm having braxton Hicks already.Oh boy!~

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Word-less wednesdays - Iman 12 mths 3weeks :)

Problem susu now..refuse to finish milk and now pandai nak picky2 makan (--")
If susu kotak dutch lady perasa strawberry-habes..aiyohh..mana bleh syg intan payung ku Iman.
Nanti gigi kamu rongak belaka dek gula..aduss..

And still not want to let-go-hands to walk alone.
But yg itu mommy xrisau sangat. i know Iman xmau susahkan mommy kna kejar2 dgn perut besar sb iman dh pandai walk, run and hop!~
kan kan??

Love you Iman.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CSM- Hardware City :: A Good Bargain for DIYers

Hi ladies :)

This is not an advertisement.
Just to share some good bargain I've bumped into.
Best hardware deals esp paint I've found so far . . .

The shop name is CSM hardware city own by this guy in the picture under.

Yeah, I might appear womanly ( acheh perasan!) and sometimes motherly but I DIY most of the tings and tangs around the house. I drill my own curtain stills and hanging up picture frames were never a problem.I even managed to knock-up my own small 'dapur masak' table long before I got married to Mr about that? *bangga*bangga* Well, I'm an automotive engineer so that should tell a lot even kan??(pekerjaan tak melambangkan kewanitaan langsung..aduhai.mujur mak mertua xpengsan ms 1st time dpt tahu dulu) hehehehe..

But now with a man inside the house, I need to appear needy and buat2 konon tak pandai to use the hammer.*berlakon I insan yg lemah* Sebenarnya malas nak bertukang2 sumer..gegar2 lemak kat tgn sumer. What's the use of all that manly muscles around the house kan? Well, sebenarnya :: to share a secret about man :: lelaki kalau tau you capable of doing something..will never try to help you..haha..

Ok back to the main point..

Location ? Seksyen 27 Shah Alam. Map is included down under. I think they have another branch in Sri Muda..but never went to that one.

The good thing is that they have a wide range of DIY items :: brushes, poles, paints, cement fillers...including batery drivers, drills, lawn mowers, tile cutter and so on in a reasonably low price. And the shop is very easy to spot located just in shop rows down the main street of seksyen 27 (Alam Megah) Shah Alam.

For instance ICI Dulux Weathershield in exotic colors here in CSM cost me around RM 122. Where all other places I've surveyed will cost me not lower than RM145 for 5Ls.
Seamaster Weathersheen also cost me for only RM90 for 5L and Nippon Matex Gold  for interior with excellent colors cost me only RM17 per liter. A good enough bargain for me :)

Maybe y'all out there have found better bargain around shah alam. Just feel free to share.

Hope this helps much for the DIYers all out there :)



Tapai Goreng!!~

Finally found in Alam Megah Shah Alam last Sunday!!!

Tak sangka ada plak jual kat bumi Shah Alam ni..ahaaa heaven!! :)
Thank you Allah for listening to my prayers :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Kisah rumah dan mengandung

Salam ladies~

Selamat hari Isnin :)
Still in monday blues mood?mmm...

Alhamdulillah, entering week 29 this week :)

Reading tru a fav blogger entry of mine:: Pn Hannah this morning,  reminded me how cruel Malaysian esp Malay men could be. The story was when I was waiting for my turn in CIMB last week for my housing loan issues.The bank was full. All seats were already taken (--")

I am now obviously pregnant and that day it happened that i was alone. And needed to bring Iman together.
Waiting, 7 mths pregnant, carrying a 1++ yr old hectic lil boy, nobody offered me a seat where most of the seaters were men- young and old. Mostly Malay.
Tunggu lah daku berdiri..kejap2 putting my boy on the floor holding his hands so that mommy could stretch her back straight kejap..10kg tau Iman bukan ringan (--")

Semua nya set2 jantan xguna.
Sama mcm most men in Proton even.remember one entry long time ago?

Ada juga indian. But he was really old.Macam 60++.Warga excusable.
Aish..nak buat cmne...letih den raso (--")
Bila la rakyat Malaysia ni nak berubah jd lebih prihatin, courteous and bertimbang rasa? Kalau lelaki gagah perkasa tu rsnya klu berdiri 30mins pun, xsama dgn rs if you're 7mths pregnant, dokong anak kecil and berdiri menunggu 2mins :'(

I think simple lessons like this must start at home
So we'll have this in our next parenting mission :: to train my boys how to be courteous and gentlemen yg bertimbang rasa!!Yeah..I'll do that!Just now to figure out hard how.. (>_<)

Mmmm..malas nak stress2 pagi2 ni..letak gambar my lil hero Iman satu buat penawar hati..

Muka minum ice blended mesti yakin.w/pn gelas lebih besar dr muka tuan :P

Just to update :: Our previously pink homey is already grey!!Yeay!!~
My kitchen is exotic bloom pink! Yeay!!~
Now really feeling the place is much more mended our way to be called a place of our own.
I like!!~

Well, weekend Project aritu is to paint the house exterior and interior (dapur aje :) ), and also full wash the house.Alhamdulillah everything turned out as planned. Though we kinda run short of the exterior paint..need another 5L.

**Loteh den..sakit segala sendi ngecat,membasuh segala..

Thank you hubby and adik2 for all the effort and work.
Hopefully the hearty luncheon I've prepared is adequate for all the tears and sweat shed :)
Family is really cheap labor with love as a bonus.hehehe :P

Cat cat and mengecat :)
A clearer view :: a new color :)

Laman tepi before keje menebang.
After segala mak nenek tumbuhan ditebas :)

Still, a lil more to go! :)
Excited to move in mode already ON.
A lil more for the painting work,plumbing work and garden clearing work to go!!~ Chaiyok3!!

We'll be moving in soon!!~~

Till then,



Friday, March 9, 2012

7th Months Check-Up Update :)

A bit busy today..2days on EL..huh (--")
But whilst the data is loading. Let's do some sharing. Just for my own documentation as well bila esok lusa kot2 nak tgk semula :)

To start with...I'm already in 28wks! which is equivalent to 7mths!
Another 12wks to go!~ time flies!~
Let's go with yesterday's check-up.

BP- 126/74...woohoo..I like!!~
Weight - added 1kg
Urine-clear :)

Baby's weight already 1kg++ :)
Baby's head already downwards position.Patut la dh payah nak jalan
Amniotic Fluid cukup.
Uri atas.Normal position.

Seemingly good at 28wks :)
Good thing-no need for sugar laden drinking MGTT tests!~
And by trend-no PIH :)

Last pregnancy, I was induced for the cause PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension).
Blame the projects, stress and unhealthy eating style. Yes, that time i ate whatever i feel i want to and stay back as late as 8pm in the office finishing work. Gila kan?

But that was then.
What i've learn is that Pregnancy is actually the time to take time off for you and your body.
More me time.
Work can wait.If you resign,they'll find a replacement in no time.
Body and biology clock cannot wait.huhu~

OK..engine data already loaded :)
See you then..

** My doctor asked if I'm interested for 3D/4D detailed scanning which will cost me RM160 and will last for 30mins for the whole process.Need to be fast as the clock is ticking and after 8mths..there would be not much left to see as everything is already crowded.

Info : Klinik Aman Alam Megah Shah Alam offers 3D/4D scanning for RM160 :)



EL is emergency leave. Only mothers understand why anak demam is called an emergency.

Two days on EL.

Iman's down with fever. Highest temp recorded 40degC :'(
Nak nanges tgk iman lembik.Nasi xmau. Susu xmau.
Ubat mau pula..ajaib sungguh.
Agaknya the meds was cold and sweet..mcm mkn gula2(?)

Alhmdulillah now already as new!!~

Semalam hyper xmau tidor..cess. susu baru tido..
Iman iman..mlm2 Jumaat payah nk tidor pulak.Mommy and daddy byk keje nak buat :P
Just happy that you're well again dearest son.Anak demam mmg runsing~
Biarla mommy kna buang kerja skalipun sb slalu sgt EL.
Boleh re-apply keje.Buat online biz dr rumah hatta jual nasi lemak skali pun.
Rezeki ada dimana2.

Anak bukan boleh ditukar ganti.
Only mothers understand why anak demam is called an emergency.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Iman kena gigit!~

These were pictures taken yesterday after we picked him up at Kak Zu's house.

pecah darah..kena gigit. Rear view

side view

side view.zoomed out.hehehe~

oblique view.[apakah?]

I think ini kes gigit menggigit Iman skrg pun boleh tahan mengetest power gigi dia 7btg tuh!
Poor baby! Mujur x berdarah..pecah darah aje.

Xpelah..boys will always be boys kan?tempat mengasuh tu pun semua yg dia jaga adalah boys 4org age ranging from 7mths to 4yrs..

Iman kan anak mommy yg tough?hehehehe  :)

** just figuring how to teach him to brush his teeth. last time he saw me brushing my teeth and stared.mcm heran.cute betul! Just maybe for now there might be more toothpaste swallowing kot drp teeth brushing! OK-mommy's next mission :: toothbrush & toothpaste hunting for Iman!!~



Monday, March 5, 2012

Update on house :)

Hasil weekend clean-up umah baru.

House condition = 60% selamat and bersih utk diduduki.

New lamps installed.Fan installed-tp xidup pulak..
Lawn keliling umah 85% cleared.
House not yet washed.
Mommy needs weekend babysitter for baby Iman.
Mommy is 7mths this week (ok xberkaitan......)

Target :: Next week to move-in!

Yeah..we're moving in SOOON!!!!!!!

Semangat sungguh padahal on Monday lenguh segala sendi..


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Parenting Jokes :)

Just something funny to share.
Hope ill not be that critical..huhuhuuhuhu~

Being a parent changes everything. But being a parent also changes with each baby. Here are some of the ways having a second and third child is different from having your first.

Your Clothes
1st baby: You begin wearing maternity clothes as soon as your OB/GYN confirms your pregnancy.
2nd baby: You wear your regular clothes for as long as possible.
3rd baby: Your maternity clothes ARE your regular clothes.
Preparing for the Birth
1st baby: You practice your breathing religiously.
2nd baby: You don't bother practicing because you remember that last time, breathing didn't do a thing.
3rd baby: You ask for an epidural in your 8th month.
The Layette
1st baby: You pre-wash your newborn's clothes, color-coordinate them, and fold them neatly in the baby's little bureau.
2nd baby: You check to make sure that the clothes are clean and discard only the ones with the darkest stains.
3rd baby: Boys can wear pink, can't they?
1st baby: At the first sign of distress - a whimper, a frown-you pick up the baby.
2nd baby: You pick the baby up when her wails threaten to wake your firstborn.
3rd baby: You teach your 3-year-old how to rewind the mechanical swing.
1st baby: If the pacifier falls on the floor, you put it away until you can go home and wash and boil it.
2nd baby: When the pacifier falls on the floor, you squirt it off with some juice from the baby's bottle.
3rd baby: You wipe it off on your shirt and pop it back in.
1st baby: You change your baby's diapers every hour, whether they need it or not.
2nd baby: You change their diaper every 2 to 3 hours, if needed.
3rd baby: You try to change their diaper before others start to complain about the smell or you see it sagging to their knees.
1st baby: You take your infant to Baby Gymnastics, BabySwing, and Baby Story Hour.
2nd baby: You take your infant to Baby Gymnastics.
3rd baby: You take your infant to the supermarket and the dry cleaner.
Going Out
1st baby: The first time you leave your baby with a sitter, you call home 5 times.
2nd baby: Just before you walk out the door, you remember to leave a number where you can be reached.
3rd baby: You leave instructions for the sitter to call only if she sees blood.
At Home
1st baby: You spend a good bit of every day just gazing at the baby.
2nd baby: You spend a bit of everyday watching to be sure your older child isn't squeezing, poking, or hitting the baby.
3rd baby: You spend a little bit of every day hiding from the children.
Swallowing Coins
1st child: when first child swallows a coin, you rush the child to the hospital and demand x-rays.
2nd child: when 2nd child swallows a coin, you carefully watch for coin to pass.
3rd child: when 3rd child swallows a coin you deduct it from his allowance!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fail to plan is planning to fail~

Salam peeps!!
Selamat hari jumaat again!~

Just to note a small accomplishment for myself. February 2012 marks the month with the most entries I've ever posted!! 28post is a wow for meself..haha.poyo je lebih.a small pat on the back for that.ok lah least, when the year end comes, I could read what happenned throughout the year, betul x?

Apa maknanya?

Maknanya, zahra xbusy bulan february hahahaha~
Sb tggu kereta dh finalize design then nak launch launch-xlaunch2 lagi.
Then new project macam hidup segan mati xmau..
Macam mana tuh?~

Mujur juga la sb bleh la kita guna masa utk new homey project. and project goyang2 kaki in the office sambil layan baby Z dlm perut tendang brapa kali.heheheheh~
And planning project birthday Iman yg tergendala since 21.02.2012 :)
wOOHooo0O!great pleasure bila tak busy :) :) ~

So back with Iman's Birthday preps..i think we should cost down on most plans :'(
Due to restrictions in pocket depth (ade ke istilah ni?), we shall eliminate most plans (--") we have triple BIG things happening in the same time.
Entering a new house is money babeh. A new baby is also money (thank you Allah -  hospital Putrajaya is nearby, cheap, and cosy! why do you want to pay more?).
Leaving us quite unbalanced in the end.
Uhuu..sobssobsss (T_T) ~

Love, I owe u a birthday partay!~

Just hoping for some rezeki terpijak to assist us..ade ke yg nak bagi?LHDN xmau bagi refund cepat2 ke?
M2u cepat2 sket yerr.. :) Rezeki birthday party Iman tu *wink*
BTW-lega dh DONE with E-filling.Better late than never-pastu-lupa-pastu bila org lain dpt duit..ko nganga..heheheheh~

Well better if we plan, and if the plan doesn't work out as it should we shift to plan no.2 kan?
Rather than we do not plan at all.ahaaaa~

ok.ok.mommy will try.



Good Things are Meant to be shared 04 :: Resipi Minda

Salam Jumaat everyone!
Just to share something I got from good friends who are role model mothers in my office: Pn Roziyah, Pn Shamsiah and Pn Azizah.Bagus juga when u have the opportunity to learn from the seniors.

These moms are senior mommies of 4,5 and 6 :)

Back to the recipe ::

Makanan Minda untuk terangkan hati anak-anak

Blend semua bahan2 ni :

1.       Almonds
2.       Kismis
3.       Minyak Ikan
4.       Kurma
5.       Madu
6.       Habbatus Sauda (Serbuk)
7.       Buah Tin
8.       Ekstrak Daun Zaitun (Olive Oil)
9.       Air Surah Toha
a.       Fatihah (1x)
b.      Surah Toha (Ayat 1-23) – 11x

 Minum as often as you wish, better made as breakfast shakes in the morning or as ice blended
 Sukatan adalah ikut sesedap rasa and citarasa anak2. You're the mother :: you know better.

Worth to try. Ikhtiar :)
Berkat doa ibu ni...mustajab!~~

**personally : i think it's good for the mommy as well. mommies yg bekerja kuat memerah otak and mommies yg mudah lupa [like me!] :)



jom terjah :)
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