Thursday, January 30, 2014

Homeschool Projects 2014 :: All about Dinosaurs Part 1

Assalam Mommies,

How is your day so far?
Esok nak cuti kan? So let's let out the positive vibes!!
For today at least :)

Just another homeschool idea that might interest you.
We were going into the dinosaurs theme this month.


So most activities were on counting dinosaurs. Reading about dinosaurs and also coloring dinosaurs.
I bought a simple encyclopedia of dinosaurs and we read together about t-rex, stegosaurus and brontosaurus and some tyrannosaurus as well :)

It was fun and amazing.
And as interesting as animals ( I think it is even more).
I told them these were the animals around long long time ago.
Before mommy was little, and grandma was little.
They are still working on that idea concept tho..hehehehe.
We'll figure out more in depth all about dinosaurs maybe before a trip to Petrosains :)

One of our dinosaurs book grabbed at BBW recently :)

One of the activities was coloring stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus :)
Mommy got them free on the net :)

Adik amsyar is a lefty :) My precious lefty. 

Then later, we counted dinosaurs. Stegosaurus' on a paper.
And cut them out. and glued them on a big board with the numbers.

It's ok. Scissors and cutting skills are really quite tricky to master :)

Opps..iman, you've cut off one of the stego's fingers..uh-oh! :p

I missed taking pictures of the end product. But all the messy and glue-ey was really a nice project to do.
We are planning to do more dinosaurs projects this weekend :) Inshallah.
But it really depends on the boys.Maybe we'll do color and shapes instead :)

Homeschooling supposed to be fun and not structured and better spontaneous fun :)
Stay tuned!! ;)

Below are some of the dinosaurs printable available online. Most of the nicest are up in pinterest :)
Google up mommies. Its all free (well mostly :p)! Just to share the idea :)

Well, after all the dinosaurs stories, it does't kill to read up any books you like kan?

Share your homeschool ideas mommies. Let's built quality time.
It's not the SAHM only who have all the time.
We, working moms also can :)

Till then mommies.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dari dapur Zahra :)

Assalam ladies,

How are you today?

Weekend aritu buat kuih keria. Kegemaran masa kecik, tp xpernah pun buat ;p First time buat kuih ni siap tanya group whatsapp bahan2.memula ingat kna cmpur telur, rupenya takyah..hehehe..alhamdulillah budak budak ni suka. Menggunakan keledek madu lebih yg borong kat cameron aritu :)

Big breakfast on Sunday :)

Resipi keria keledek ni senang rupanya, rebus keledek and lenyek.
Masuk tepung gandum smpai boleh bentuk.
Bentuk ikut suka.
Goreng! :)
Gaul air gula lepas goreng. Sedap :)

Petang sebab nak habiskan stok keledek buat yang ni juga :)
Kegemaran bdk bijak berdua tu. and daddynya juga :)

Cerita byk tapi moodnya kurang ada sket arini.wkend ni ada wedding cousin kat sg buaya.
Jd mmg itu jd highlights for this mth la selain blk kg aritu. Internet connection kat ofis ni pun agk so-so yg menjadikan mood tu jd lbih down dr biasa.

Smlm, kami bershoppung groceries kat mydin mall. Dh nk ke parking baru perasan kasut adik amsyar tggal sblah.alaaaa...syg juga kasut ni.mahal tu ada lah juga 50rm. And nmpk sgt selesa. Masa nk turun br ada akak cina tegur kasut ilang satu.. (--")

Adik Pn dh lali lali mlm td. xprasan agknya..klu x mmg dia ckp..
Bukan rezeki lah tu.ada hikmahnya..

Tujelah cerita hari ni :)
Cepatlah jumaat cutiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)



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Monday, January 27, 2014

kisah isnin

Hi there!


Bored on morning like these.
Was planning to go to Denso (my vendor), but my boss asked me to send my colleague instead.
Macam tau tau je nk berjimba ke tmpat lain  and enjoy lunch w the vendors (--")
He asked me to attend 2 meetings instead. sheeesh ;p

Sigh   -.-

I'm just missing the boys, i think.
Who doesn't on mornings like these.
Muka serupa kan budak dua org ni?
Bila tidur lah br nmpk jelas. kalau x, not that obvious :)

i wish i don't work.
and stay at home.
and play whatever with the boys.
and cooked hearty meals

and got paid..hahaha.
berangan jelah.

ok ok.
i need inspirations.
Positive vibes please come to mama!!
And oh. It's a 4 days working week rupenyerr..
So yeaY!!

*please cepat these 4 days berlalu*
*please please please*

Hoping so as this week is full of outstations.
Off to Melaka, TGM

Well, patutnya bangi today.

Oh well. -.-"


Made more of this smlm. From cameron bought keledek madu.
I wish i am home. and could get some of this.
Current favorite of the boys.Yups..daddy as well :)

Gambar last two weeks.
Takpa recycle.
Output lebih krg jer ;p

So pengat keledek anyone?
Mai lah umah, ptg ni  :)

Have a nice Monday peeps.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Mommy's tips and homemade ice pops

Hi there.

Kids are gifts from Allah. To keep our hearts filled up with love and kindness and all the goodness in the world.Husbands are gifts too. Your life companion. Your soulmate, the one who simply completes you.

One small tips from a working mommy like me.Who commutes to and fro to work with my soulmate.Wear lipstick or at least some nice light makeup everytime ur anticipating of being with ur hubby :) Buat apa pkai make up utk boss or ur work colleagues.i rarely re apply any make up in between workinh hours.but I do wear some after solat asar. Sb lepas tu, ill meet my honey bunny.#muntahlahkalaunak

Stressed at work, the last thing he wants to see is he's housemate's face all comot and busuk too :p


Senang je :) Its the effort that counts. It's not a new thing when i get questions on why i wear a lil makeup after asar 10minutes prior time out. At least nak kita cantik utk dia. Cheers :)

Morning smile. 7.20am :)

6.30pm :)


Made these yummy pops from extra pengat keledek last time :) The boys enjoyed it alhamdulillah. At least, the pops are chemical and preservatives free and sugar content controlled as well :) could be a great idea for you mommies out there for a change this weekends along :) Ice pop holders from #daiso

Nice and refreshing, eyh?  :)

Have a nice weekend ahead!


Mommy Z

Mommy's Oath :: Islamic Parenting :)


1.I am raising my child to be a successful vicegerent (khalifah) of Allah, who will help create a truly Islamic World.
2.Today I will try my best to know and understand all the influences upon my child’s development.
3.Today I will try my best to help my child understand the power of negative influences to take him/her away from Allah, and the power of positive influences to take him/her to Allah.
4.Today I will try my best to shield my child from the power of the negative influences to take him/her away from Allah.
5.Today I will try my best to enhance (increase) the power of the positive influences upon my child to take him/her toward llah.
6.Today I will try my best to notice some positive things my child does or says, and tell him/her how much those things are appreciated by me and by Allah.
7.Today I will try my best to say nothing negative to my child. Even if I have to correct my child’s wrong behaviour I will try my best to find some positive way to do so.
8.Today I will love my child unconditionally, but I will try my best to express that love at times which are most beneficial to my child.
9.Today I will try my best to be an example of a good and right human being (Muslim) for my child.
10.Today I will pray for Allah’s help that I can be a good parent for my child

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kisah Kami Balik Kampung January 2014

Durians, Cold weather and Botak

Our cuti started on Tuesday, so we headed back east to Pasirmas after Suboh that day, stopped at few stop pits and arrived 15minutes to 5pm. It was a long journey.Enough said. But truely worth it once arrived :)

The ambience and environment in the kampung is really indescribable. The serenity and the sense of everything moving a pace slower really makes the inner side of you surrender to the beauty of simple life. Bangun pagi pagi pas suboh, dok kt tangga minum kopi panas. Sidai kain dlm embun, gigil gigil. Pastu keluar naik kereta, tingkap buka habis cr nasi sarapan nasi berlauk ayam gulai atau nasi kerabu ayam bakar yg cuma rm1.50 sebungkus. Kuih mcm2 jenis boleh dpt rm1 5biji byknya. A true laidback. Its like in a totally different world. Yang best, keluar jalan kesana sini, tak perlu bayar toll :)

The coldness was really nice actually. They recorded night times reached as low as 20degs. And morning showers was really impossible..not until 11.30am :p Sejukk...brrrrr :) this was really unusual actually. In July it would be scorching hot as early as 9.30am!!!

The boys really did enjoyed this. Relax and easy vacation. Alhmdulillah.

We had nice pulut durians, a bbq nite gala, got amsyars tresses cut off and balded :) My coleslaw and Kenny Rogers style bbq recipe was a hit.Yeay!! Hubby's nenek who is bedridden pun seemed happy during the bbq night. It was really a great feeling to see precious ppl in your loved ones life happy. Happpiness is really a contagious outspread ;p

We also had a maulid kenduri in hubby's cousin's place. Ayam kg goreng, solok lada/tene and nice gulai daging w umbut was served. Mmg best, sebab im the foreigner (org luar) so i just did the light jobs and did not have to cook..hehe. And most nicest treat of all for mommy was a great full Body massage..for only rm30.Legaa.. Hehehe.
Alhmdulillah everything was as planned. Simple and nice just to my likings :)

Dating at Rantau Panjang

This was our balik kampung routine so far. hehehe. Sejak the boys don't mind being left with paksu and tokpa, we had this shopping spree as routine. Bukan nak beli apa pun, saja2 cuci mata, mkn nasi air sedap/ kuey teow sup and cendol. Makan makan lokching and eskrim murah. Hehehehe.. Mundok was closed due to the flood and almost all the shops were ruined. Rantau panjang was affected as well but was OK when we were there. There was a fire which ruined some part of the bazaar before. The ruins were still there but the portion involved was so small that it didn't really amputate the business of Rantau Panjang to resume as usual :)

The catch overthere? Some chocolates from the duty free, some nice cotton blankets and several fareeda-like tudungs for rm17-rm20 each, yeay!! :) Daddy got some trousers and bought a shirt for his grandmother's brother. Aiyoh..pnjgnya grandmother's short datuk saudara :) Favorite datuk saudara sbnrnya :)

Our fav each time :)

Gaya mcm pengantin baru ke? Hehehehe

Back to KL via Cameron Highlands

Saying goodbye was really heart throbbing :'( After 5days of all the enjoyment, we had to come back to reality :p We weren't in a rush so daddy took a turn to Cameron via Lojing on the way back, and of course it was nice to go back through Cameron. Sambil menyelam minum air :) 

The ambient was so cold i guess aroung 15degC kot. Maybe because of the monsoon change as well. Well, Cameron is always mommy's favorite place. But going up via Lojing really took a toll on us when Amsyar threw up in the car, followed by Iman afterwards, Bukan nk kata anak anak, mommy pun nak muntah. Maybe due to we had a late lunch afterwards in Tapah as well. Perut dh masuk angin.

Cameron was not that busy that day although it was a Sunday. And we stopped a few core places like Al-Mashoor Strawberry Farm, Kea Farm Market, and Brinchang. Bought nice keledek madu and few jams and tea and headed down. Nak stop for scones at one of the tea houses, Iman was already blue, nak muntah, so we just drove back home via Tapah :) Yelah, dah nearly 6hrs in the car. Tapah to our house (Saujana Putra) was only 2.5hrs drive.

Back to school.

The trip was fun but Iman missed two days of school and his school's Maulidurrasul celebration. Ruginyaa..So, after cuti, need to freshen up with what has been left out and set a new clear target lah. Well, same goes to mommy as well in fact :) Iman seems happy and determined doing homework with daddy's supervision. Truely a daddy's boy. Dari bgn pagi, mandi siap sampai sikat rambut pun daddy yg buat :) . I'll need your spirit my boy to start working again :) And finally after 3weeks of school, Iman got his uniform in his size. You're so petite actually..hehehe. XS pun labuh. I always see him as already all grown up, but yet still my baby. Well, i think all mothers do :p

Blurry due to taken from the car ;p

Till then,

Have a lovely day my lovelies :)

Mommy Zahra

Berbudi bahasa amalan kita.

Pagi pagi lagi mmg sia sia seorg lelaki ni dr dept seberang kilang kena perli dgn saya.

“ Hello, chassis dept”
“ Hello. Ridhwan”
“ Oh maaf. Nama saya Zahra”
Krik krik 2saat.
“ Oh. Saya nak bercakap dgn Ridhwan.Dia ada?”
“Oh sy ingatkan suara sy garau sgt tadi.Maaf Ridhwan takde ditempatnya”

Pernah lg skali dr dept lagi satu call.

“Hello. Chassis”
“Bukan, saya zahra”
“Jasni?”long pause “ok ok jasni ada?”

Hahaha..nasiblah kamu klu saya yg angkat phone.
Apa salahnya berbahasa sikit. Budi bahasa kan amalan kita?

Hidup kita mestilah kena beradab.
Jgn kita tergolong dlm golongan biadab :)

Peace :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WW - Sang Botak dan Sang Cheeky

Boys. My boys.
So much similarities in between their differences.

Both i love.
So much. So dear :)
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rezeki tak terduga alhamdulillah :)

Oppsss...bukan double line yerr..
Excuse me ;p

Belum lagi.
Inshallah soon.
Doakan kembar perempuan pula kali ni.
Tp tunggu abg iman and abg amsyar pandai tolong mengasuh adik seorang satu ;p

Rezekinya iniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.................. :)

RM50 siapa nk bagi ;p
Pastu g shopping beli brg 300.hahahaha

Boleh lah lepas beli bende sket sket. *rambang mata*

Well.. we're back after one week in Pasirmas Kelateyyy :)
Stay tuned!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Resipi Ayam Bakar BBQ ala Kenny Rogers

Assalam lovelies,

Panjang tajuk resipi nya..hehehe.
Saja je nk share kat sini utk ingatan masa hadapan juga.Next time nk buat mmg akan buat resipi nk ajer :)

Picture waktu mlm so malap malap

Resipi Ayam Kenny Rogers

3ekor ayam
3cube kiub ayam knorr
20g herba campuran/mixed herbs
15g Oregano flakes
1/2 cwn Crushed black pepper
1/2 cwn madu
1cwn sos tiram
3tbsp Gula perang
Halia 2in+ bwg besar 3biji + bwg putih 1 labu diblend halus

Garam secukup nya

Cara cara

Perap ayam dgn semua bahan sekuang kurangnya 2jam.

Bakar atas bara arang hingga Msk.

Sapu Marjerin diatas ayam semasa membakar

Inshallah sedap :)


Mommy Zahra
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

House Projects and the weekends

Assalam mommies,

So how's your day? Cuti harini kan? Maulidurrasul.
Jom 30sec kita berselawat.

Allahumma solli ala Muhammad wa ali Muhammad.

image googled


ak cerita yg hari sabtu dpt DH hadiah GA liana jasni.alhamdulillah!! Yeay! Rezeki tahun baru.thnx dearie..boleh la buat lg lps ni.  :) Thank you so much. Can add to my collection :)

For us, at home mcm biasa lah..home projects, cooking projects and homeschooling. Just this wk, mom came for lunch all the way from tganu so we postponed our dino making on Saturday. And read dino stories instead. hehehe..

For Sunday, I made some pengat keledek for hubby for a change :) Asyik donuts and cream puffs je..lets go back to kg style basic. Amsyar mmg suka Sgt..licin 2mangkuk! Hahaha..made it less sugar for our general health resolution this yr.hehehe


Let me show u around the House today. Acheh mcm cantik sgt je..i need to get some ideas for these two is our reading corner and another is our small playroom. Both are still in the making and really need a make over. Maybe we'll start after CNY, so if you have any ideas, big or small, do drop me a line,ok? Hehehe..

Enjoy your days off mommies!!!
Pray for our safety back and fro :) Balik kampung 5 days ni..yay!

Till then,


jom terjah :)
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