Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weddings :: Kelantanese Style :)

Salam peeps :)
Most blogs are now full with raya entries-well let's keep the raya entry 1st and do wedding entry instead.Excited about weddings?Let me share what I've found in Kelantanese weddings :)

This time around our raya was not really wholly raya as we have a wedding on.Our raya this time was sparked up with the event of my SIL's wedding. Her akad nikah was on the 3rd of Syawal and the reception was on the 4th so most of our Raya this time was focused on the wedding.The wedding went OK as any wedding should. She chose peach and purple to be her wedding day theme which turned out to be lovely :) I love the most their dais. Cantik!~

Nice :)

Everything went as scheduled and the lovebirds are already off to their honeymoon destination. Well, I'm not here to share what happened, but just to share some odd things i found only in kelantanese weddings :) I'm grateful to be married to a kampung boy whose family still retains the traditionalism values especially in weddings. I really love to learn new things and modern weddings are much too familiar to me-self as my own mother is not that so into traditional adats and Malay customs :)

The Love-birds : Congrats kakngah!!~

So here i list down few things I found to be only and exclusively in Kelantanese weddings (haha..gila lah tradisi melayu sendiri pun i xtahu!!).Jom terjah!!~  :

1. Adat "Madah Bese" [madah kpd besan].

 This is when the mother of the bride calls the mother of the groom to invite to come to the reception. Pretty odd for me as obviously the mother of the groom should know when the wedding will be hold, but this is tradition.*roll eyes*

2. Adat "Ngele"

This one -I like. This is when the mother and father of the bride gets to collect money from all his/her guest during the reception. Mind you, in kelantan the reception starts as early as 9am and considered to end at midnite. So flow of guest coming is the whole day. The receival of money is not restricted during the reception only-this will be before the majlis and continuous until 2-3 days after the reception. This money will be theirs fyi (the parents money) :) We down south also have this as well, and we call this salam kawup :)

3. Beza Majlis pada namanya.

We down south call weddings 'majlis perkahwinan' but in kelantan they have either- 'majlis kesyukuran' or 'majlis perkahwinan' which indicates a lot in terms of people coming. If they announce the wedding as 'majlis kesyukuran' or 'aruah', usually the adat ngele does not applies. Meaning that ppl coming do not have to give out money to the bride family. Instead they come giving grocery items like eggs, susu pekat manis, sugar and even rice/pulut. This custom for me is really rare. I never ever see ppl coming to weddings bringing these here in KL :)  Different with 'majlis perkahwinan', where 'duit ngele' is given and in exchange, the guest usually gets a small packet of doorgift they name as 'seesa'. Usually 'majlis perkahwinan' is done in the bride's house and in groom's house they only have the down-to earth 'majlis kesyukuran' :)

4. Adat "Ngenal"

"Ngenal" is actually an adat when the family of the groom meets the bride at the dais to get to know the bride at the reception in the bride's house. Each family member will bring a partial amount from the agreed sum and usually gets more than that. They need to pay a sum of agreed money as toll before getting to meet the bride, and gets a bunga telur in return. The sum has already been agreed during either the meminang or bertunang ceremony and the bride herself will prepare a small box to keep the money next to her on the dais.This money is hers of course :)

5. Sewa kerusi, tak payah meja. Buffet -free style!

This one i like.Cost down idea..hahaha. Usually in very small kampungs and usually during the reception on the groom's side. Just like open houses here in KL.But for me, this is really not really appropriate for a wedding tho.

6. Weddings held in Syawal are normal and often :) for me ;p

7. Hantarans are usually given in same number and must have pulut kuning with bunga telur as the 'head' of the pelamins :) Here we have sireh junjung as head.usually.

8. If the majlis is not a ngele majlis [see number 2] usually a kesyukuran majlis [see no.3]- friends, family and neighbours will come with presents like sugar, rice, susu pekat manis, lychee in tins etc and the usual presents people give in weddings as well. :)

Other than that, i only learn out recently that kelantanese called the dais or in Malay Pelamin -> "Pengajonge". And as mentioned before, doorgifts are also called "seesa" Hehe..pernah dengar ke?
Me-first time.Saya org KL..hahhaha ;p

All in all-weddings mana2 pun is a happy-ning. A happy event :)
As long as the akad is sah, the others are just a mix of culture.
Traditions that colors us to be who we are. Reminding us of our roots and heritage.

Noor Bainizam & Taufiq -3rd Syawal 1433h

Selamat Pengantin Baru Kakngah!
All best wishes from kaklong and family :)
Be happy. Make babies :)



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Word~less Wednesdays :: Raya Ber4 :)

Amsyar sudah100hari :)

Morning mommies!!
Still pending on the raya entry..takpelah..this one is more important :)

Today marks Amsyar's 100th day after birth which means a lot to me and my confinement. How fast time flies . . .Dah bleh la mkn udang sotong sesuka hati, minum air kelapa and makan nenas :) Hehehehehe

100 days means Amsyar is already 3mo last week. 23rd August to be exact. 
However, due to masih mood raya, we went for his 3mo shot and weighing session yesterday. So far at 3mo++ Amsyar weighs 6.1kg and is more alert with his surroundings. He recognizes me and my face-kalau nampak mommy mmg bersinar2 matanya and makin kuat tendangan amsyar, coos alot, makes bubbles, could support his own head and loves to baby talk with anyone in front of him :)

Last night, Amsyar dh start nak meniarap halfway..and then fall onto his own face sebab tak dapat seimbangkan bdn..heheheh..sian anak mommy.Then jerit2 minta tlg funny la you amsyar. Best of all, Mommy berjaya 100days exclusively breastfeed amsyar :)

Congrats mommy!!

Just a short entry this morning cause work load is already heaping nowadays after the slow progress dgn alasan bulan puasa last month. Mommy tempek la muka buah hati mommy dua tiga keping kat sini utk kenangan amsyar dah 3bulan :)

Mommy & S.Jibeng double chin ;p

The look i always miss at work, and look forward to come home to :)

Selamat bekerja mommies!! :)



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

After Raya!!~

Im back!!!!!!!!!! :)
Miss me??

Happily back to work after a refreshing looooooong hari raya holidays!

Iman with tokma's house as background

Well this lil one was obviously happy during the whole raya feast :)

Just to keep the stories still.
And happy finally to be home sweet home again.

There's so such place i'd rather be.

Selamat bekerja semula peeps!
Keep the engine running!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eidul Fitri from us

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
maaf zahir dan batin

dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas

Zulhadzrey Iman
Zulhafidzey Amsyar


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Balik Kampung Check-List~

Ramadhan the 25th.

This year we'll be gathering in hubby's hometown : Pasir Mas, Kelantan for Hari Raya.
It will be Amsyar's very first appearance in my in-laws and his 1st time visit to kampung as well. Dah lama sungguh tak balik due to my heavy pregnancy, then Amsyar's delivery then confinement..sedar tak sedar dah 6bulan++ tak balik. Kasihan juga keluarga di kelate, as due to mama's health condition, travelling would be the last thing she wants to do. At last nearly reaching 3mths, Amsyar dapat kenal tokma and tokpa dia :)

And this time as well will be a huge challenge for me as the mother to settle on packing, plan for our trip and also plan how to kill time for my active Iman. Pening!!~

So for better and for worst, we have to make a checklist, so that mommy doesn't forget the essential things. Kalau lupa mmg the house will be full of relatives nanti as hubby's sister is getting married on raya day 4, and the washing machine is predicted to be always full-mommy must prepare for the worst.[Only kelantanese like to get married during festive seasons as far as i know..letih (--")!]. I really do pray Iman behaves in the car, our journey will be smooth and Amsyar tak mengamuk. Even on normal days, shah alam to reach pasir mas will cost us 9hours, inikan pula musim perayaan. Please Allah, let this journey be kind to us.


So back to checklist :
This would be mommy's list.



1. Baju raya all.
2. Baju Tidur x 9pairs each
3. Baju harian (at least 5pairs each)
4. Diapers mega pack 1pack each (Iman L68, Amsyar M80)
5. Bekal susu Iman 1kg pack
6. Toiletries mommy daddy (whole package-!!~)
7. Toiletries iman (syampoo,soap,minyak angin, bedak, lotion,tooth brush)
8. Towels x 3 (mommy and daddy share)
9.  Baby wipes.
10. Medicine (ubat demam baby, ponstan for daddy, minyak angin, minyak gamat, pil chi kit teck aun for diarhea, panadol soluble, panadol actifast, plasters,  and dettol).. oh my!
11. Kasut raya for everybody
12. Songkok for the boys (and daddy of course)
13. Butang baju melayu for the boys.
14. Iman's bag of toys [toys,books, etc]
15. Amsyar's rattle.
16. Baby's tilam/small comforter
17. Amsyar's booties,mittens and napkins.
18. Undergarments
19. Mommy's tudungssss (at least 10pc)
20. Socks.
21. Jackets for Iman, Amsyar, daddy - in case need to travel at night.
22. Sampin songket daddy


1. Amsyar's Car seat
2. Baby bag - diapers x 3 each, a pair of clothes, mini toiletries kit, changing mat. baby wipes, small towel.
3. Iman's nursing kit - susu, thermos, plain water, ribena.
4. Foodies - For Iman (biscuits, bread, cheese, peanutbutter, rice crackers, milo kotak)
5. Foodies - For adults iftar (bread, plain water, livita, kurma, coffee, peanuts, gula2 kopiko etc etc)
6. Minyak angin cap kapak.
7. Plain water.
8. Pillows and blankies for the kids.
9. In car toys.Must be new toys to appear interesting to the boys.
10. Telekung mommy/kain pelekat


1. Mommy's breast pump.
2. Bottles.
3. Sterilizing pills.
4. Mommy's milk/soy drink
5. Mommy's oats
6. Travel pack [ice packs/cooling bag]
7. Mommy's multivitamins.
8. Berus bottle.
9. Bottle cleanser.


1. Kuih raya nak bawak balik x 4 bottles/jars at least
2. Kerepek raya x 4 types at least.
3. Hadiah2 raya sebab lama tak balik.
4. Sampul duit raya.
5. Handphone/gadget charger
6. Camera.
7. Buku klinik panel/list of panel clinics/medical insurance card.
8. Qur'an/Surah Yasin.
9. CDs of raya songs/nasyeed
10.  Barang hantaran SIL.
11. Mosquito repellent (ahaaa..mujur xlupa)

~End of list~

Well, that's mommy's list.
Guess what daddy's list looks like.


1. Service car.
2. Get all things that have been packed by wife into car.Arrange kasi muat okeyh?
3. Get wife and kids into car.
4. Drive carefully.
5. Identify all potential summon spots.
6. Make sure cash is plentiful. Touch n Go card reloaded.
7. Tools, torch, and handy knifes for emergencies.

~End of List~

Sorry yang~ Just kidding!~
But can't help to add more to your list :p

Have a safe journey you guys!
Balik kampung is sure a BIG thing for mommies and daddies as well.

The checklist is basically my personal checklist, but I think the checklist applies to most of us as well :) Buat checklist ajer pun dh berpeluh. Mau 3hari 3malam nk kemas ni (--") 

Wonder if all could fit our car,tho.sigh.

Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri.
From us

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mood dah mood raya!!~

Tajuk mmg xleh tahan betul.
Macam budak2..hahaha.

Teringat masa kecik2 mmg tunggu mlm raya semata2 nk nyanyi lagu..esok hari raya..esok hari raya.
Pastu rebut2 nak beli bunga api...seronok rasanya.

Semua dh pasal raya dh this week.Me-I'm really for this coming loooong plant shutdown just to spend some time with both my cuties :) Aahh yes..we're having a 9days plant shutdown and me in particular took extra 2days leave :) Rindu betul kat dua org cheeky boys tu esp on Mondays.Just can't wait to be with them. Tambah pula Amsyar sekarang dh pandai 'sembang' dgn org sekeliling and responses to tickles with giggles..mmg mencairkan hati mommy.

Iman plak now dh pandai melompat...jump jump jump! So we started already to play "lompat si katak lompat" together. Iman loves singing and running and jumping and exploring mommy's kitchen cabinets. Huh.. i really could lose weight with him.

Mood dh mmg kelaut sgt sgt dah.
Dah beraya dgn mak ayah sendiri in we're off to kelate this coming Friday.Tak sempat nk jumpa lagi dh nk beraya :) Hadiahkan mak sepasang telekung. Mmg suka betul dia..lapang hati bila mak suka :)

Oklah just wild ramblings on a Monday evening.
Nak fikir berbuka mlm ni nk makan apa plak :)
Fikir pun guna energy, so kna fikir ptg2 sket ;p

Till then,


Friday, August 10, 2012

Good Bye good friend~

Chassis loses another star.
Hope things are better ahead for you ~

Thursday, August 9, 2012

20days Ramadhan Breastfeeding Journey-so far~

Hi mommies!
How is your Ramadhan so far?

Sedar tak sedar dh hari ke-20 berpuasa. And dah hari masuk 3weeks start bekerja and hantar Amsyar ke rumah pengasuh. Sekejap je pula rasa. And sejak dr hari pertama berpuasa jugalah mmg agak terasa keletihan pam susu/nursing bila berpuasa. Bukan nak mengeluh tp mmg terasa lapar nya esp bila Amsyar menyusu direct on weekends. Dahaga mmg xyah nak cerita lah~ Bila direct feed mmg tahu yg Amsyar enjoy the feed and minum lbh dr sewaktu bottle fed. nampak Amsyar lbh selesa. Memang la..kan? Tapi with all amsyar's coos and smiles kekenyangan..all the dahaga and lapar seakan hilang. seakan lah..heheheh~

Alhamdulillah juga lah supply susu agak consistent in every pumping session. Tapi mmg kena discipline and tekad sb mmg brain dh function to supply whenever there is demand. So for every session, though taklah meriah mcm org lain but still could feed Amsyar daily needs. Basically Amsyar will drink 6x4oz bottles during the day and breastfeed on demand at night. So I should religiously pump to meet that demand while in the same time pump in weekends for stock. Thats the routine for now, so not like other mommies yg over supply bleh buat stock ratus ratus bottles, my stock is very minimal. Alhamdulillah so far. If we could keep on this way, we should be able to win this game, Amsyar. But we should keep our target small and take baby steps to it :) 

Just to share my pumping sessions :

6am (after sahur) : 5oz
9.30am in the office : 6-7oz
1.30pm in the office : 5 oz 
4.50pm in the office : akan diusahakan to get at least 4oz! (oh my!)
11pm (1hr after amsyar sleeps) : 5-6oz

So hasil tuaian sehari adalah dlm average 25oz. Not much but is sufficient :)
Which will be used habes the next day! :p
Mmg jarang yang amat to get to save even 1oz weekdays. (--")

So far so good. Tengoklah klu mommy dh xbrapa rajin..huhu~ Me need very high motivation! So far mr hubby berbesar hati tlg cuci bottles, kemas bag pump mlm2 and keep on the stock tick together -kadang kadang la. At least la, dr xambil pot langsung kan? And I'm grateful he's willing to carry the pump to and fro the parking lot and office daily so far. Love you dear. Best motivator is your own partner sebenarnya :) Once, sb terlalu letih nak pam at night, i told him that if he pays me upah rm1 for every time i pump i could already be quite rich when the months ends. yelah satu hari 5 kali. satu bulan?ha..ok la bleh lepas beli sandal. Haha..good idea juga kan? Klu nak lagi kejam rm1 for every oz. (^.^)V

We have a looong way to go more. Yang penting keazaman mommy :) 
Chaiyok Zahra! Dlm CV sendiri kemain tulis segala good traits- self motivated la, easy learner la, enthuthiast la..bila on field kenalah buktikan, kan? Breastfeeding is really a journey. I'm grateful enough that Amsyar direct feeds properly. Mmg betul la each and every child is unique, even if they're your own. Masing2 ada rezeki sendiri, masing2 ada kelebihan sendiri..yang penting ibunya senantiasa berdoa xputus2 utk anak2 nya yang dikasihi. Acehwah ayat..! :)

Ok then..

Ramadhan Mubarak uolls!
Dah malam 7likur dh ni..dh bleh nyala pelita.
Dah mlm-mlm terakhir. Malam2 mencari lailatulqadar.

I just wonder is breastfeeding and mengasuh anak, pahalanya setanding bersolat terawih?Cause on some nights, I really could not even open my eyes to pray due to fatigue.

Just wondering.

Till then,


ps-Kalau daddy setuju kita upgrade fridge kita, lagi lagi la mommy bersemangat nk buat stok!Hehehehe..

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cuti Nuzul Qur'an :)

I love loong weekends. Kalau boleh biarlah tiap2 minggu cuti hari isnin nya :)
Haha..dasar pemalas~

And among all weekends-the best is just to stay at home lay back beramai2 di ruang tamu waktu ptg mengisi waktu bersama keluarga. Time for family activities-main sama2, Iman horse riding daddy, read books, amsyar play rocking.. Basuh kereta, do laundry together..masak and also mandi beramai2..then tido pengsan beramai2 dibwah kipas piu piu...hahaha.. Begitulah. Sangat domestic goddess sekarang.

Sebenarnya weekends ni dh full with visit to geyma's house-iftar and sahur together, and followed by shopping spree to ioi mall and plaza alam sentral on Sunday. Sb raaamai sgt org..segala2 nya jd extra penat. Penat pun pnat bila KIKO, Pureen, Anakku semua sale sampai 50% off mommy yg teruja lebih2. Hasilnyaaa...

Haha..banyak juga kan yang dpt ditangkap?Overalls tu mmg mommy dh lama berkenan :) Sandals and kasut pun skali..tapi total damage tak sampai pun RM300. Berbaloi kan? Hehehe Baju melayu mommy dh beli xyah la beli lagi. Tahun ni kami sekeluarga sedondon warna __________. Cuba teka?gatal sungguh kan?Blog ni mak uteh iman rajin baca..nanti bocor rahsia...Hi mak uteh iman!!  :) Hehehe..

Dapat juga baju daddy sepasang kat alam sentral. Ok juga lah pilihan yang ada..alhamdulillah. PKNS mmg sesak yg amat so kami xberani jejak.takut sesak napas..hehehehe. Shopping baju anak2 pun mommy dh puas hati.tak dpt baju raya mommy tahun ni pun dh ok dh :)

Ok.Just quick update. Dah hari ke-19 berpuasa, so mood raya dh mmg hangat terasa sgt dh. Tahun ni pun giliran beraya di kelate, so still lagi in configuration nak buat activity apa dgn iman atas kereta to kill the time. Kena buat strategi awal2 so that takdelah mengganggu perjalanan paaaaaaaaaaanjang tu nanti.

Last-jom layan pics latest bambam amsyar.Penyejuk hati mommy time2 mommy geraaamm dgn Abgiman nya yg strong willed and independent you Amsyar. Mungkin itulah hikmah anak dekat2 rapat2 :)


Tembam..tembam :)

Oh..i just want to go back now!!~

**payah nak dpt pics adik senyum :) Takpe..nanti mommy cuba lagi ..hehehehe

Till then,

Semoga hari hari terakhir Ramadhan tahun ini kita manfaatkan bersama :)



Friday, August 3, 2012

When mommy talks...

Ramadhan 14th.

Just finished my pumping routine as usual.Alhamdulillah~

I don't know.I just feel down today. Maybe its just the routine exhaustion you feel by the end of the week.
I pump 5 times a day -day and nite whenever amsyar is not nursing and manage to get around 25-27oz and I'm really exhausted especially during these Ramadhan months. Amsyar drinks 6 bottles of 4oz milk daily so i cannot skip my sessions except for weekends.Is that really normal?Or my Amsyar is really getting it off in each feeding?Mmm..

I just feel so exhausted these days.Maybe it's just normal.
I'm a mother of two small boys. That should be a good excuse..hahahaha!~

Maybe it's just me.So demoralized these days with not so many task to do in the office.
Thank you Allah, we're having Nuzul Qur'an off day this monday! :)
I shall have plenty of time to myself and with my boys.
May next week be better and more motivated.Less nagging.Be a better mommy :)

Happy long weekends mommies!~
Use your time wisely though :)
Me-I just would like to lay back and watch my boys grow.

Being messy is just part of being boys :)



Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shop around . . .kindergardenss?

Current passion whilst bored in the office : Shop around kindergardens and playschools for Iman.
[awal kerr?]

Then i just realized that i never had been sent to a kindergarden.
Mom home-schooled me.
I even know how to read in Malay and English at barely 3++ yrs.

And I was bored at school when i was in standard 1 sebab sumer org lain was still learning their vowels.I dah master.I even scored 400/400 marks for the exams.darjah satu bleh lah dpt 4flet.hahaha.
Really mom.Thank you for this :)

Yet.ok jerr~
I turn out to be a person though.

Is it really worth the fuss to send to all those smart hi-class kindy??

Lollipops..pop pop :)

This was Iman's first lollipop :) After the visit to Mydin mall.
Mommy asked Iman to behave and sit properly while mommy is nursing baby amsyar.
And Iman listened. The lolli distracts him too much :)

Sugar once in a while is ok :)
As long as you brush your teeth.

Happy dpt lolly :)

Nyum nyum nyum

Tastes so nice mommy..maceh!~

Owh ya..forget to update..Iman now has 4molars already!Gigi geraham to munch munch munch!~
And he also knows to say maceehhh [read : terima kasih] each time he gets what he asked for.
Good boy!Mind your manners :)



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Amsyar is already 2mo :)

Late entry already.Forgive mommy lil sweet Amsyar. 
To date amsyar is already 2mths and 1wk old! Sudah 72hari umurnya.Alhamdulillah, untuk hari ke 72 Amsyar dpt fully membesar dgn susu mommy nya w/pn starting dr day 60 terpaksa minum EBM. Mommy tahu syg, EBM xsesedap fresh milk. Tp mommy needs to work :)

Just maybe these few days I'm just a lil too tired to update. [alasan of lateness..huhu] Buka blog pun tak ada mood nak update.segala-galanya letih.kalau boleh mahu tidur selama mungkin. Mungkin disebabkan berpuasa.mungkin juga disebabkan mengejar kepantasan masa dibulan ramadhan. Sekejap je dh sahur.tgh bersahur sekejap je dh imsak.sekejap je dh ptg. cuma masa menunggu masuknya waktu maghrib dr start cerita dejavu tv3 je terasa panjang.hahaha.

Wajah penenang hati mommy :)

Zulhafidzey Amsyar bolehlah dikatakan anak yg mudah dijaga.Tak meragam, tak pernah kena diaper rash, tak pernah perut berangin, boleh ditinggalkan bermain seorang, menangis pun slow je bunyinya. Menangis hanya bila lapar atau dah terlalu bosan, klu dh kenyang-siap boleh tertido sendiri. Setakat ni mmg semuanya mudahlah. Even xpernah ditrain pun bottle feed, tak ada masalah utk di bottle fed. Mommy yg bagi pun xmengapa [ni kes susu pengasuh dh panaskan before nk balik berlebihan]. Alhamdulillah. Rezeki Allah. Mudah mommy nak jaga adik. Mommy sayang adik sama je mcm mommy syg abg Iman. Tak ada lebih tak ada kurang :)

Skrg Amsyar dh 5.0kg. OKlah alhamdulillah Badan pun dh semakin tegap and dh pandai berborak borak dgn org. Pantang ada org dkt mesti dia nk tegur and bercakap excited smp terjerit2.comel. skrg baru pandai response pada senyuman dgn senyuman. Belum lagi pandai ketawa. Alahai..tak sabar mommy nak tunggu dr satu milestone ke satu milestone :) Teringat ms dgn abgIman dulu. Skrg abgIman dah besar, dh makin bijak, dah makin aktif.Tak pernah nak duduk diam. Mommy tahu dia dh mg tak sabar2 tunggu adik besar sket..nak diajak bermain.buat geng :)

Tak sabar rasanya nak berhari raya tahun ni.sebab amsyar ada bersama :) First raya for our small family of four. Raya ke-tiga for mommy and daddy as a family. And now we're four :) Mommy and the boys. First time juga nak bawak Amsyar jejak bumi kelate jumpa tokma, tokpa yang xsempat lagi nak dtg tgk amsyar. First time for a lot of things for amsyar. My lil precious. 

Grow up healthily,strong and wise my little boy.
Mommy's prayers are always with you.
Everyday. Every moment.

I love you.



WW-August Beginning

Spotted at Kesas Highway this morning.Hicom exit.
Astaghfirullahal azim.

May Allah Protect us from all these misfortune.

Ramadhan day-12


jom terjah :)
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