Monday, December 31, 2012

Orang Melaka

Last night, we accidently attended a meeting held at my aunty's house.Us-our small family, mom, dad, and adik kinah my sister.Meeting Anak-anak rantau negeri melaka or something.tujuan asalnya nak visit my grandma and my aunty at my aunty's house in selayang but, the meeting was held in her house.

Ah, yes. My father is from Melaka :)

In that meeting was this old man who loves to sell his pantuns, esp to my mom.
Knowing that I'm her daughter. He sold one to me spontaneously.
Lebih kurang mcm ni..dah ingat2 lupa.

Kembang merendang pohon belikat,
Amuk sang tenuk melanggar betik,
Dari jauh hatiku terpikat,
Sungguhpun gemuk ku pandang cantik.

Aiyoo pakcik.Malu i.hehehehe

Eventually,i think he thought Iman was my mom's ( mother looks kinda young!)
And Amsyar was sound asleep in the next room.
The funniest thing is that he thought that me and hubby were siblings (ok not that funny tho to hbby ;p)

Ada org hati bernanah je mlm td.

Relax la yang.pakcik tua dh takde gigi dh kot.
Abg kena blajar jual pantun sweet2 juga lah pasni..

Last day to work in 2012 already.,k?


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Short of stock :'(

At 7mths day 3, I'm already short of stock!!
So today Amsyar is away with 5oz+4.5oz+4.5oz+4oz.
Praying hard to be enough for my baby.
Mommy must work harder after this!At least to reach 1yr by now.
Azam thn baru 2013 (azam every yr actually besides to lose weight.haha)

Amsyar pun badan dedar2 because of teething :)
My baby is growing teeth already. Buds not yet out so he's a bit grumpy these days.
Few attempts already to 'asah' his hard gums on me, tho!Aiyahh..

Owh nice to mommy.......

Some mommy and amsyar times :)

Iman on the other hand, jatuh from motor on Monday and then tumbled down our house's flight of stairs on Christmas. Practially skipping down the stairs, then slipped and tumbled.mujur takde apa2. sb landing bukan kepala dulu.Yang incident motor tu, dia panjat motor Dede (my bro Ali), then the motorcycle was not parked properly. Apalagi menjunam la dgn Iman skali.Tu lah main main lagi..mommy ckp takmau dgr kan?but he's a tough one. Nangis 1min, then was laughing the next.Huhu..risau je mommy tgk.

Geram betul dgn si abg ni.bila tidur je terus mommy jd lembut angelic sgt to my eyes.

Ok then. Back to work.



Monday, December 24, 2012

Amsyar Turns 7! Yeay!!

Hi mommies..!!

Just to share -Yesterday the 23rd notes Amsyar's 7mo bithday.Hiphip hurrah for adik amsyar!
Growing healthily and more cheeky than ever :: he is now weighing at a hefty 8.5kg. Alhamdulillah :)
Amsyar could now eat a variety of purees and yet still could manage 5x4oz at the babysitter's in no sweat..gogo adik! :) Dah pandai mengengsot ke depan dgn laju menjai mop lantai dumoh mommy..and dh pandai rebut still calm and sit diam2 bila diletak dlm car seat/baby carrier time mommy mkn kat kedai,and time mommy bwk keluar teman sidai kain on weekends!!

Sian adik mommy update pendek ajer harini.
Next time yerr..


Gegar2 lah adik, tak reti dok diam!

Minat sungguh dgn animals..

Rebut buku dr iman..nak bc sengsorang!!

One of mommy's fav snap :) Baby's Silhouette

Takpelah kan adik.

Next time,k?

Last but not least....

Hehehe..dh mcm minah arab geypa pkaikan serban palestin ni.....

Mommy loves you Zulhafidzey Amsyar!! :)

Till then.
Happy Holidays everyone :)


Friday, December 21, 2012

Quick notes on my PC

Week 3- Dec 2012

1. Design review for Radiator Compl-Special Mule prep. Due today!!
2. Confirm design w Nadia-need to submit new radiator design.New subframe brkt pending. redesign needed.
3. Design for Radiator hose Upper. special mule and f0 onwards
4. EBOM salah!!! 25C0**p*-add UC 16L
5. General specs for radiator fan motor-develop.initial release. target 2months for initial release.
6. DVPNR-kejor yeop kejor-due 26th dec. 3vendors pending- scan and release in SPINE.URGENT! iso audit on wk 1 jan.
7. Mtg app with F*dex next week.For special dulu details.siapkan dwg!!!
8. DFMEA-update.minta dr Taufiq Hidayat amended version to review.Due next wed.
9. Review data from D*MY. by Friday 21st.

10. Gaji is on Sunday! Yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11. BBW sales??

Ok..ok..buat yg no 1-9 dulu.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WW- Mommy's Precious two

" I love you adik"

"Yeah, i knew that since forever AbgIman .. :)"

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Easing Your Toddler's fear

Hi mommies!

Let's share something on parenting today.
Since I've been quite occupied these days.

I found that recently Iman had developed a very noticeable fright for cockroaches ( lipass..euwww, ni mommy pun takut!), and also thunder. Yelah sejak dua menjak ni asyik lah hujan lembah kelang ni kan. Everytime the lightening strikes he will run to me cause he already know that after that would be the thunder.

Yang tang lipas tu, i think from an incident ada lipas terbang2 and mommy jerit jerit. and then the lipas terbang right onto iman's head. Scare the hell out of him (and me too). 

Got this from babycenter. I think it quite helped me to learn something out of his current development.
It is normal for him actually to behave as such after all :)

Toddlers and fear

It's normal for your toddler to be fearful. After all, anxiety is a natural condition that helps us cope with new experiences and protects us from danger.

Some toddlers are frightened of very specific things: bugs, dogs, the dark, or loud noises, like the vacuum cleaner. Others are afraid of new situations or meeting new people. Most of your toddler's fears will fade as she becomes more secure in herself and her environment.

What you can do to ease your toddler's fears

The following strategies may help, but don't expect your toddler to overcome her fears right away. It can take months — even up to a year — before a child gets over a fear. In the meantime, it's normal for your toddler to obsess over the thing that frightens her by showing fascination with it, modeling it in play, drawing pictures of it, or talking about it incessantly. It's her way of working through the issue.

Don't make light of her fears. 
They may seem silly and irrational, but they're very real and serious to her. Try not to smile or be dismissive when she reacts with fright to, say, a flushing toilet or a siren. Let her know you understand how it feels to be afraid of something. If you're reassuring and comforting, she'll learn that it's okay to feel afraid and it's best to deal with her fears.

Trying to convince your toddler that there isn't any reason to be afraid will only backfire. You'll probably just make her more upset if you say, "Don't worry, there's no reason to be afraid of the dog." Instead, offer security and reassurance: "I understand that the dog frightens you. Let's walk past him together. If you don't want to do that, I'll hold you while he walks past us."

Use a "lovey." 
A so-called comfort object — a raggedy baby blanket, perhaps, or a well-worn teddy bear — can help some children with their fears. An object like this can offer an anxious child familiarity and reassurance, especially at times when you need to leave her, such as when you drop her off at daycare or tuck her in for the night.

A lovey can also make it easier for a child to do potentially scary things like meet new people, attend a play group, or visit the doctor. So allow your toddler to hold on to her special toy or blanket. She's likely to stop carrying around that mangy-looking monkey by the time she turns 4. By then, she'll have learned other ways to soothe herself when she's frightened.

Explain, expose, and explore.
A scared toddler can sometimes get over a fright if you provide a simple, rational explanation for what's worrying her. You may put an end to her fear of being sucked down the drain along with the bathwater by saying, "Water and bubbles can go down the drain, but rubber duckies and children can't." Or explain that an ambulance has to make a really loud noise so that other cars know to get out of the way.

For some toddlers, a demonstration can be reassuring. Your child may be relieved to see that while a vacuum cleaner can suck up crumbs, sand, and dirt, it can't inhale her toy train or Daddy's toes. A walk at dusk can help make nighttime seem more magical than scary. Or if your toddler's trembling at the thought of getting a hair cut, let the hairdresser snip a strand or two of your own hair to show that it doesn't hurt.

If past experiences are fueling your child's fears — previous vaccinations, for instance, making her panicky about a trip to the doctor's office — don't sugarcoat things. But don't dwell on the bad stuff, either. Gently tell her that while the shot may sting at first, it'll be over quickly, and that the two of you will do something fun afterward. The promise of a reward can help to distract her from the scary event.

You can help your child learn about frightening things from a safe distance, too. She may get over her fear of Halloween characters if she sees a picture book or video about good witches, kind ghosts, and friendly black cats. If she's scared of animals, a trip to a petting zoo, where the creatures can be stroked and fed, may help.

Another way to reassure your toddler is to tell her an uplifting story about another child who does what he's afraid to do and survives the experience unscathed. Make up something off the top of your head, or browse the library for books on the subject.

Problem-solve together. 
If your toddler's afraid of the dark, get a nightlight for her room. Other tactics you can use to banish bedtime fears include a designated guard (a beloved stuffed animal), "monster spray" (water in a spray-bottle), or a magic phrase that wards off unwelcome visitors.

Through trial and error, you and your toddler will figure out together what helps to increase her sense of power and control over things that frighten her.

Practice through pretend play. 
If your child is terrified of the doctor, she may benefit from role-playing what happens at the doctor's office (a toy doctor's kit can help). Some toddlers feel more confident when they actually visit the doctor if they come with their kit in tow.

If your toddler shrinks at the sight of strangers, she may feel less frightened if she acts out such encounters using dolls or stuffed animals. If people in costumes scare her, dress up together to help ease her fears.

Don't share your own fears.
If your toddler sees you break out in a sweat because there's a spider in the bedroom or cringe when you walk into the dentist's office, then she's likely to feel scared of these things, too. So try to work through your own anxieties or at least try to downplay them.

It's okay, however, to confess that you didn't like going to the dentist as a kid, but you went to keep your teeth healthy. It helps a child to know she's not alone, and that you, too, learned to overcome something scary.

Seek advice. Talk to other parents about your toddler's particular fears and how to handle them.

What to watch out for

If your toddler's fears routinely interfere with her normal daily activities — if she won't wash her hair because she's afraid of water, or she resists going outside for fear of encountering a dog — talk to her doctor about the problem, especially if her fears have intensified over time. She may have a genuine phobia (an intense and persistent irrational fear) or an anxiety disorder.

It's also a good idea to seek a doctor's advice if your toddler reacts to a fear so severely that she simply can't be calmed.

Hmm...anak mommy mesti berani after this, ok? :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday :: Corets corets

Busy as a bee these days.
Designing work is at top when now we don't have LG to assist my team.
Ahh..bummer.nyesal kata tak pe takde consultant.
Patut 'buat-buat' tak pandai.hahahhaa.

And on top to that MIL is coming to town.satu company pulak tuh.
panjang cerita yg ini..sampai bergaduh besar jugalah laki bini.
**tp dh baik daahhhh :)

Cerita Amsyar in a quick view : he loves oats.
So skrg apa2 pun mommy buat oats. oats with apples,oats with bananas, oats with raisins, oats with pear, oats with keledek and carrots.hehehe.baguslah tu.baik utk kesihatan. current favorite : oats with bananas. 
Iman pun suka bananas. Kalau sesikat pisang mas tu, satu hari pun bleh habis. Anak oh anak..
Lepas abes sesikat mula lah every hour tandas bergerak..hehehehehe.satu rumah boleh bau project dia! to KLIA nak pick up MIL and monster. Opps..SIL.hahahaha.
Sibuk tau yg monster tu nak naik flight juga. MIL takpelah dia handicapped sb stroke.
Yang morning sickness pun nak naik flight juga.rugi duit rakyat jelata ajer tau.

Kebenaran keluar dh cop.Yeay..I'm out legally OK.
Silaplah boss lepaskan sy kua..hahaha


Monday, December 10, 2012

Parabens : Beware Mommies!!

Salam Monday mommies :)

It's justa peaceful Monday today when half of the office clan is on annual leave.
Sunyi je...

Pencil jatuh pun bleh dengar..literally.

Mood pun dh ok sket berbanding last week.
Alhamdulillah.So, kembali lah kita mendesign!!~
And berblog :)

Just to share about parabens and how lousy i was for not being aware about it before.
I thought that I was doing right to buy J&J products for Iman and Amsyar, but it awfully turned out to be not a very good  thing afterall. 

Ok lah juga boleh sokong kempen anti-zionist products afterwards. Johson&Johnson kan one of it, besides the biggies in my daily consumables list :: McD, Nescafe and Nestle.

So let us learn about parabens today.

What are parabens?

Parabens are a family of chemicals that occur naturally in some foods and are added to many products to extend their shelf life. They're used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and toiletry products, including some baby products.
Parabens are inexpensive, highly effective preservatives. They prevent the growth of mold and bacteria that could spoil products or potentially harm consumers. Different parabens stop the growth of different organisms, so products often include a combination of parabens to protect against a broad range of microorganisms.

How do parabens get into the body?

They’re in some of the foods we eat. It's also possible that small amounts of parabens are absorbed through the skin.

Are parabens dangerous?

Parabens have been widely used as preservatives for over 50 years. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review, an organization that evaluates the safety of ingredients, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are satisfied that parabens are safe. However, the European Union's Scientific Committee on Consumer Products is still reviewing the safety of propyl, isopropyl, butyl, and isobutyl parabens.

Parabens have been found to mimic the female hormone estrogen, although they're 1,000 to one million times weaker than natural estrogen. A controversial study published in 2004 led to widespread concern that parabens in underarm deodorants could cause breast cancer. This study has since been discredited because it involved only 20 women and was poorly conducted.While studies have found some parabens can affect the reproductive systems of male animals when ingested or injected, we don't know whether they would cause similar problems in people.

How are parabens regulated?

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review recommends a specific limit on the concentration of parabens in cosmetic products sold in the United States.In the European Union, this limit is enforced by law.

What can I do to protect my family?

If you want to avoid parabens, look for products labeled paraben-free. (Many leading manufacturers of baby products use alternative preservatives.) Or check labels for these common types of parabens:
  • methylparaben
  • ethylparaben
  • propylparaben
  • butylparaben


Parabens are usually found in most baby products Manufacturers use them in their products as a preservative. If you want to check you products to see if there is a paraben in the baby product you are using, check for these commonly used preservatives (namely methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, and butylparaben), which are listed on labels. The have recently been identified as xenoestrogens. An xenoestrogen is a synthetic compounds that mimics the sex hormone estrogen.

These parabens are absorbed very quickly into the babies blood stream. It bypasses the gastrointestinal tract where it might have been broken down so cosmetic products are one of the worst ways to be absorbed by the body.

In the July 2002 issue of the Archives of Toxicology , Dr. S. Oishi of the Department of Toxicology, Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health, Japan, reported that exposure of newborn male mammals to butylparaben "adversely affects the secretion of testosterone and the function of the male reproductive system".

"In this paper, we have shown that butylparaben had an adverse effect on the male mouse reproductive system and that it damaged the late steps of spermatogenesis in the testis," the researcher reports. "A dose-dependent decrease of both round and elongated spermatid counts in stages VII-VIII seminiferous tubules was observed, and the elongated spermatide counts were significantly lower in all of the treated groups. The serum testosterone concentration decreased in a dose-dependent fashion and was significant at 1.00%. These data demonstrated that butylparaben can exert an adverse effect on the male reproductive system at doses that are well below those of the accepted daily intake (ADI) in Japan."-Oh my!!

If you have young girls I'm sure you couldn't help but notice this growing trend of sexual development at younger and younger ages. Pediatrician and increasingly reporting the appearance of puberty in girls as young as two. There have even been some reported cases of girls having their periods in kindergarten.Lotions, soaps and cosmetics may all be contributing factors to these reproductive abnormalities. Women of child bearing age as well as babies should avoid parabens as a precaution.Double my!!

Finding products that do not contain parabens is not as daunting as it sounds. It may require a trip to your local health food store as opposed to the drug store where you usually buy baby products. However, just because something is labeled organic does not mean paraben free.
Always check the label.

Take the last sentence seriously, mommies : Always check the labels :)

I'm still searching for affordable alternatives,tho.
Maybe will share once found.Now Amsyar mandi with just a drop of body wash. Itu pun klu rasa2 cm macham sgt. Kdg2 takyah babywash pun. Bukan busuk pun anak mommy ni. Iman pun sama. cuma klu dh main kat luar mmg kena scrub habis lah kuku2 and feet. But still with minimal soap/babywash.
That's the least i could do :)

Happy Monday mommies,
Kepada yg bercuti hari ni.. Selamat bercuti.
Saya pun kalau masih berbaki banyak cuti.akan saya ambil hingga 1 January kelak.




List of 'safe' products.But could make my pockets bocor..

Thursday, December 6, 2012

You don't have to read this.

Sgt tiada mood utk berblog.

Bila dpt je data utk Malaysia's upcoming nasional car model (chewah ayat!)
Terus serabut perut.
Semua xkena.
Byk kna ubah.Byk kna update.

Serba tak kena.
Ttba boleh rasa mcm ada tendang2 inside my tummy?
tak mungkin.takmungkin.
oh my.

Missing my babies now.
Wanna go home.
Masak mee hailam for hubby.
And baby nuggets for Iman.

Jom pump susu.
Hoping for a lunch hour 5oz collection.
Masa moody-moody ni lah dok kira susu.
Slalu xkesah sgt pun dpt brp every session.


**maybe MIL is coming to town kot jd lbh serabut.
O my.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My house. My style :)

I love this.It ticks something inside me.
Quoted from one of my fav blogs.

Semua wanita pun sama bab kemas mengemas alih mengalih ni kan,tak kira dapur kita kecik,budget tak besar asal sedap di mata kita dan keluarga cukup lah. Pada yang ada ruang besar,budget pun besar mesti sangat seronok boleh ada pantry,separate laundry room with all the modern gadgets;) 

Again our kitchen or any other room in our house reflect ourself, the word 'nice,cosy,happening is very subjective.The most important is ;it got to be clean,put things in it's place and give 'life' to it by spending time with your family in it. A room or kitchen is meaningless if we keep tiptoeing walking in it to avoid knocking into our crystal or chandelier.

I think it's true. Buat apa hiasan byk, carpet gebu, wall paper mahal2 or furniture yg tak boleh sentuh nanti tggal hand-prints kenit kenit, sofa gebu tp kids please play tempat lain - kalau anak2 kena duduk diam2, tak boleh gerak bebas dlm rumah sendiri?
Let them explore and learn.

Hak bermain hak mereka :)

Rumah saya kecil aje. Kami tiada bajet nak berenovate, ber wet-dry kitchen bagai. Tapi inilah syurga kami. Kami selesa. We love to be home. To eat in our own kitchen. Tp lie down in our own rooms.

Our sanctuary. Our home. Our baiti Jannati.

Khasiat Halba - Fenugreek :)

Salam Mommies,

This one is being grabbed from another blogger.She blogs about her TTC journey and I'm so sorry that I've forgot to save her link.

Dear owner, pls forgive me :'(

However, let me share what she had shared before so that the 'pahala' keeps on flowing to her kind deeds and may she have beautiful babies soon. Inshallah :) JazakaAllah sister.

I have continuously used Halba for my milk booster. But little did i know that it has many good things besides as a very good milk booster :)

Please do try. I was quite wandering before, knp asyik keluar angin je..(haha) ? It did'nt cross my mind that it was because of the halba. Just simply sangai (goreng tanpa minyak) halba, keep it in a tight container, and consume 1 teaspoon daily. Telan mcm telan pil 'chi kit teck aun'. Some, on other hand prefer to soak the fenugreek overnight and drink the herbal water the next morning. Both methods are really up to preferences and for me, both works wonder equally :)

A good thing worth sharing and better that halba is really cheap!~ :)

This is how halbo looks like. tq

  • Mengawal kencing manis
  • Menguatkan jantung
  • Sangat membantu untuk mencairkan kahak
  • Melegakan sakit kepala/ migraine
  • Menyembuhkan buasir
  • Menyembuhkan radang kulit dan bisul
  • Mengawal anemia
  • Pencuci perut 
  • Membuang angin

  • Melancarkan haid
  • Melegakan senggugut
  • Meransang rahim dan organ pembiakan
  • Mengawal kegemukan
  • Memperbanyakkan air susu bagi ibu yang menyusu

  • Kurangkan ketagihan rokok dan dadah
  • Menambahkan tenaga batin (digunakan oleh tabib China untuk merawat mati pucuk)

  • Menghilangkan kembung, sebu dan senak (membuang angin)
  • Baik untuk kecergasan dan kekuatan badan serta tumbersaran kanak-kanak

Happy trying mommies!! :)


Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekends with the boys

Hi mommies!

Just to share-Amsyar's menu this week.
Mondays mmg gloomy sket.So, kita coret2 sket kat blog. Moga2 timbul lah semula mood nak bekerja dgn lbh effective lagi.

Last week, mommy dh try dgn carrots, then pear+raisins.
Tp Amsyar tak brp suka carrots.Maybe br trial week jd dia masih lg confuse dgn food yg disuakan.
Minggu suai kenal.biasalah~

So this week kita try apples pula. Mommy guna golden rose apples.
Manis and texture dia lbh crunchy sblm di rebus :)

Then to add to menu kita ada sweet potato+carrot.
Sb tgk amsyar suka kan rs sweet potato.
Mudah-mudahan rasi anak mommy dgn both mix ini :)

Sweet potatoes.Carrots.Apples

Tukang tolong mommy cubes kan amsyar nye food.
Tak lain and tak bukan..

Masterchef-to-be : Chef Zulhadzrey Iman!!~
Muka concentate..tgk tlg mommy :)

New fringe :)

Payah tau nak amek pic iman ni..asyik gerak ajer.

Iman's task : Tolong pick up the cubes and put into tupperware.Tolong mommy :)
Comel Iman, amek satu satu cube.hahaha..
At least dpt nak penuhkan masa dia kan. Seronok juga ada helper :)
Dah pandai sebut potato. Each cube dia masuk kan sebut potato.
Sweet potato-dia jd comfuse.hahaha

Daddy dh potong rambut dpn Iman.dh jadi mcm ada fringe..hehehehe..mcm girl dh mommy tgk..
tggu next birthday la..nak potong rambut, Buat mcm new image gitu on his 2nd birthday la. Tapi subject to daddy's approval la. Tak mau dia potong rambut Iman ni. Sayang katanya :) Mommy pun syg juga. tp kalau in 10 strangers yg jumpa. 8 kata dgn yakin iman is a girl..camno? Hehe..ikutkan hati..mommy nak ajer tocangkan rambut iman into 2 pony-tails.hahaha..

 This weekend mmg dok kat rumah ajer.Suami saya kerja.Projects kan dh byk kena la kerja. Mommy pun jenis yg suka dok kat rumah ajer.tak brp suka berjalan-jalan sgt. Suka buat home projects. Baking, cooking, homeschooling. Watch TV- Hmm..congrats to Harimau Malaya sb dpt benamkan Garuda last saturday. And tahniah juga pd Izyan for winning 100 grand for being M'sia's 2nd Masterchef. :) nampak sgt hantu tv kan?sume cerita aku tgk. Yelah wkends je pun dpt tv all by me-self daytime. Baru leh layan re-run House and CSI. Klu weekdays mlm2 mmg daddy yg konker.hahaha

Adik Amsyar in Iman's long lost baby cap :)

Bersyukur dpt spend time with my boys. Alhamdulillah i have these two boys. Altho sometimes..i just lose it!! Kena buat azam tahun baru-jgn marah anak lah pas ni..Bila dh diri amatlah bodoh marah budak kecil yg tak faham pun dia kena marah sb apa...hmmm..
And still struggling for contraception. Hmm..amsyar dh 6mths. So fully BF dh tak mengkebalkan mommy. 
Well really need to be serious on this. Went across several blogs with talking about TTC. and felt really sad- and made me much2 grateful for the gifts i had from Allah.

Zulhadzrey Iman
Zulhafidzey Amsyar

And yet when some times of the month, we struggle to make ends meet even to buy a jumbo pack of Drypers, i know i have to be really grateful as in some homes, the cry and laughter of a small child is for so long waited and in odd cases never did come.

Ok. have a nice week to come mommies!!

ps-ptg2 cmni kat offc mmg rindu bangat kat my boys!!~



Pegang kuat kuat tau!!

"Mommy, iman nak naik car dgn adik :)"

"Waaaah! Syok nya mommy naik dgn abg!..cepat jalan abg! Jgn lah tgk tv!"

" nak jatuh aje ni abg..mommy.adik nervous!"

" Ok adik jgn main horn pegang kuat-kuat tau!!~ Vroom vroom!!"


jom terjah :)
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