Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Parenting Views

I always prefer the traditional way of upbringing.
I prefer story books, puzzles, paint brush and crayons over i pads and tabs for my children.
And playgrounds and bicycles over angry bird games.
And getting messy playing with ants and leaves in our small yard.
And play-doh over cartoons.

And yes, my boys have no cartoon idol.
And knows about ultraman via masks i bought for role play instead of Mr TV.

Call me backwards. But this is my way.
Let it be this way. 

Have a nice week ahead peeps. I'm off for two days thursday and friday.
So yeay!! We're on holiday mode!Balik kampung yeay!!
Selamat mengundi in advance to you all on this coming Sunday which happens to fall on my birthday ;)
So happy birthday to mommy in advance tooo...

Take care peeps.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday mornings

Brainstorm brainstorm brainstorm.
Throw ideas.

There is no such thing as a bad idea.

Pump pump pump.
Brainstorming while pumping. There is always place for multitasking.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Re-Post : Iman's birthday Bash! Back then in February

I'm posting this again sebab last time when i was supposed to this, our internet connection was not OK. So posting was no fun, and mommy did'nt really capture the moments of Iman turning 2 on mommy's online diary. So to not let go the memories off the lane uncaptured mommy wants to re-cap.

We started the small celebration with a short trip to Cameron Highlands. A short half day trip but it was really a nice one. Thank you Daddy Iman for driving us all the way up via Tapah. Actually going up via Tapah is much exciting compared to Simpang Pulai. All the kampong roads and nice scenery and Org Asli selling their forest treasures, very rare and unique.

So we arrived at the one of the viewing deck, took our time there, visit the Kea Farm Market and had some fun on a strawberry garden and that was it. Quite tough for a 2year old i guess. But Iman enjoyed it too :)
So let the pictures do the talking yeah?

Birthday boy : Zulhadrey Iman 

Sunny Morning. Nice!

Hello there Tea Trees! So green you are :)

Just a walk on the deck is exciting. Mommy wanted some scones but takde pulak hari tu.

Happy boy.

Strawberry farm. Amsyar looks kinda funny here :)

Strawberry Ball and Candy from Kea Farm Market

Amsyar wanting strawberry ball as well :)

Mata dh kuyu


Then it back home we hold a nice small party for Iman :)
All DIYed by mommy and Aunty Chik.
Food was prepared and cooked by mommy except for the Birthday cake sponsored by Grandma.
Tags and ideas were joint-ly designed by Mommy and Aunty Chik Iman :)

And the theme was RAINBOWS!!

It was really an ad-hoc party. But it turned out really nice tho.
Alhamdulillah. We welcomed 100guests to our home. Alhamdulillah almost all  invited showed up :)
Really happy for that as guests brings rezeqi to our small home. Really thank you all for coming to our small house. Maybe next time will make a larger party to invite more people, inshallah if we have more rezeki and energy and time :)

Preparation was done in barely a week. Let us see some pics :)

Mommy prepared dadih in 3flavours :)

Doorgifts in paperbags for the nice guests. Printing done by lovely auntychik. Simplest packing for special ppl.

One of the special guest. arrived early due to mommy need to catch flight to Penang.

Tq guys for coming. Iman still in loose day wear before party

Table set-ups. Mommy labeled all the bottles and jars just to make it look pretty.

Cakes, Pasta, Mee goreng. Ball balls, Fruits and Sandwiches for the hi tea. Xmuat meja sb meja kami kecil ajer

Auntychik on the run. Susun kan foodies

Nice banner printed by Auntychik. Laminated so that we could recycle and save trees (and money too)

Lollipops popcorn cake jelly and pudding :)

Happy Birthday Iman. TQ geyma for the blackforest SR cake :)

Cake cutting at 5pm. Yeay. Pic blurr la plak

Iman wants to cut the lollipop too :)

Our small family :)

Bitthday boy wants cake 


Actually I was really shocked with all the presents from the guests, i was not expecting any - well it really did'nt cross my mind that ppl will be coming with gifts (yeah..mommy ni mmg forgetful!its a birthday party pn kan). I only want ppl to come and eat and mingle and talk for an evening tea. But it was really memorable.
And alhamdulillah it was really a great time for all of us.

Really thank  hubby for supporting me on this.
Really thank u guests' for coming on a wet Sunday evening.
Really thank to auntychik for the deco, to Aliyya who helped me with the nice sandwiches and all kitchen work, Ali and Fahmi for all the cleaning and furniture moving. All in all thank you to everyone :)

Birthday boy with new haircut (trimmed actually) by daddy. Tq all for nice prezzies..really nice to have  nice  nice people to our house. 

Tq also to my two boys who helped mommy to make this party a great one :)

My lil helper :) Another one far back :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Amsyar turns 11 today! Yippeeee!!!

Amsyar turns 11 today! Yippeeee!!!
Tajuk diulang..hehehe.in a month baby Amsyar will be 1yr old!


Short entry for today as I'm off to Dmansara for a Genba visit to our supplier.
Bubbye mommies!

Enjoy your day!



Monday, April 22, 2013

Simplest Donuts and Mommy on monday :)

Tq Ryna for a marvellous donut recipe :)
Tried it last Saturday and was a hit with both Iman and Amsyar.
and of course daddy too :)

And amazingly, dh simpan in the fridge overnight - the next morning after being left to room temp - kembali lembut spt asal.Nyums nyums.. So this recipe is surely a keep :)
Although dh alter sket2 from Ryna's original recipe..hehehe.

Simple Donuts

2cups of Flour
2tsp dry yeast
2tbsp condensed milk
1 tbsp butter (Ryna uses marjerin)
1/2 cup warm water.
Icing sugar


Mix yeast into warm water, and let it sit for awhile.
On the same time mix all other ingredients until it forms a bread crumb-like texture.
Add the warm water with yeast mixture lil by lil and knead dough until it does'nt stick to the bowl.
Add flour accordingly if still sticky.
Let dough mixture rest for 30mins.

When doubled (after 30mins) punch dough in the middle and knead accordingly.
Let it rest for another 10mins, before rolling  and cutting dough into donut shapes.
Let it sit for another 10mins after cutting before deep frying in low heat.
Remove from oil bath after donuts had turned golden brown :)

Bath donuts in icing sugar/confectionary sugar. Or add toppings as desired.


Mommy blues as usual on Mondays. teringat kat my boys.
Moga2 baik2 sahaja the two of them :)

Ahaaa.. Amsyar won a baby contest yesterday, during BSP family day anjuran BN :)
Yeay! Rezeki Amsyar. maybe will blog about that soon :)

Slamat bekerja mommies!

Ps- Mommies yang g Pigeon Warehouse/ Pureen whouse amcam? Best nya!! Rembat baju kat anak and stock raya skali lah ek. Xdapek lah nak g sb quota shopping this mth dh abes and belum gaji. credit card i dh cancel since last year :'( A good thing in a bad thing juga..rugi..



Friday, April 19, 2013

Fuuuuraaaaaaaaaaaaaiyday babeh!~

Ok back to old track. and its already Friday! yeay!
Pening kejap masuk presentation knowledge sharing about suspension, struts..bla bla..
Ttba otak jadi beku bila bab structural mechs yg dh laaaaaaaama ditinggalkan~

Just few pics for today.

Peace at its best. Mommy reading time.  Nicey  :)

VVIP seat for Amsyar's weekend breakfast last week :)

Bicycle of all use, could also be transformed to mesin tebu..hehehhe

To share and wish everybody a good , warm and homey weekend. Mommy dh sabar for this weekend to come sb this week was a disaster actually, dgn late nites in the office, presentations, fail testings, and tons of data release, I'm just dryly burnt out. Just wanna have a nice weekend with my boys.Cuddle cuddle and maybe an art project or two :) And re-runs of baby einstein, yeay!!

Anybody for Pigeon and Pureen's warehouse sales this weekend?

Have a wonderful weekend mommies!



Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Adil" does not mean equal

Hmm.. how should we start here.Maybe this is not everybody's cup of tea.

Just a discussion last night with hubby on our way home on the concept of 'Adil. Yet, as i could recall from my secondary school lessons that Adil is actually putting/placing things on it's right place.
Being sama rata or giving equal chance to every body is actually not a perfect way to depict 'Adil. Yet it happens to trap his friend's Boss (let us name him Mr J) in giving Performance rating to his sub-ordinates.

Mr J ni baik sebenarnya, personally, and to me seems to want everybody have the equal chance to get a good rating despite how the performance of the person. i know this kind of attitude well, yalah..nak menang hati semua. To be the boss that is favoured. Ahhaaa.. but yet it trapped him in between when the management decided to change the upgrading policy.

Let me share you the story, before the system was re-assessed, a performer only requires 2 Commendable ratings in a row where the Third year he should only need to meet the requirements to enable him to get an promotion. So Mr J gave ratings based on this quota. How hard you have performed, responsible for several outgoing tasks (ISO rep for example) with perfect attendance and no MC - if your quota for 2 yrs in a row for Commendable ratings have been fulfilled, you will be given a 'Meet Requirement' rating. Yalah dh cukup quota, bglah pd yg belum cukup quota, even tho yg belum cukup quota tu is not a 'real' performer. This way barulah 'adil'. Semua dpt merasa. Hmm..please excuse my language, but this is really bull shit man! 

I don't know bout you, but if I'm the performer i OF COURSE la will be demotivated as i had worked hard, but only rated as an average and the non-real performer gets a higher rating on the base of ' bg semua merasa'. But this is not yet the worst.

After the system has been re-assessed to be more stringent  - A performer needs to have 3 Commendable ratings 3 years in a row for promotion pur[oses. Now, Mr J is trapped when one of his subordinates let us name him as Aqim needs another Commendable rating for upgrading, which he deserved, and was intended to be promoted by with the previous system, and did'nt get this yr because Mr J though that he had been Adil by being equal to everyone even though knowingly the other person's performance is not as good. If he really did judged with adil, he will never place/rate the deserved person a non-commendable ratings. And to get things correctly, no matter how the system changes, the deserved ones will get what they deserve. Betul tak? Point taken is it? Sekarang Aqim needs another 3yrs with commendable ratings to upgrade, by hook or by crook. See? Hai la Mr J, rezeki yg suap anak2 awk skrg dh sepatutnya jd rezeki anak2 Aqim.


Moral of the story, big rank, higher pays comes with a higher responsibility  Please do all judgement wisely and stay close to the basic concepts adapted from the Islamic values you have been exposed throughout time. Islam is not just a name, it is a lifestyle. If you stick to the principles, inshallah you will always be in the right way, and FYI Mr J is of course a muslim in this case :)

So good luck Mr J. Its quite bad you have to learn this the hard way.

Ingat boss, jadi boss seblah kaki dh dlm neraka sebab sekat rezeki anak isteri anak anak buah.
Groom the potentials, brush and motivate the rest to be potentials.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WW- Homemade Blackpepper Beef with Cheese Puffss

Once in a blue moon. For the small tummy and big tummies :)

Ps-Amsyar is already near to 1yr.Yeay!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wild tamblings ramblings

Its 9.29pm and I'm still here in beloved workplace waiting for hubby to come fetch me.
I really need another job.Desperately.

Call it descrimination or whatever you like cause here, if you're on maternity leave for the yr..you're not entitled to get good ratings. So here I am overworked, and underpaid.

I was tempted to say this to my boss who deleted my slides to hide things under the carpet from the DOE before the meeting

 "sorry la boss, I have been demotivated all for awhile..and somehow I'm not sure if i'm not gonna be pregnant Next yr. So tata and goodluck for tonights concept approval"

Tp biasalah..I xsampai hati to throw it outloud to his face. I still hormat my boss, as he's just the nicest boss so far I've met.


Miss my boys.Hopefully could see them before bedtime~
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mac & Cheese. Baked specially for Iman

Once in a blue moon :)
Let dinner be fun and yummy for Iman. So mommy decided to make some baked mac&cheese last nite.
With some beef and carrots and tomatoes and capsicum too.

Iman had 3plates of this (of course in small portions) and mommy think that's too much already tho he asked for more. He loved it. Alhamdulilaah.. Mommy always knows that pasta would always be his fav!~ :)

Sometimes mommy need to pay for the guilty feeling for not being a good mommy everyday.
And it just felt soo good..just to see him soooo happy :)

Love you Iman.

...and of course Amsyar tooo..



Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mommy oh mommy!~

Hi lovelies,
I think it has been long for not rambling my own thots here. Just some general updates on the boys, some nasi lemak pictures and not much.

Maybe it's not good to complaint, but i am truly fully burnt out everytime i reach home these days.

Yesterday, i was stuck in this brainstorming meeting till 6.45pm, and they still wanted to continue, but i really had to leave. My limit was 6.30 actually and i had liberally extended it yesterday.
I had 4 meetings all day where 3 needed technical decisions from me. I was over-worked, slimily smelly and exhausted. Not a good thing.

Reached home at 7.30, i started to work in the kitchen - deep fried some drummets, and cooked rice - i pumped milk (to meet my daily milk kpi as i only pumped once in the office before), sang abc, twinkle2 little star and 'daddy ku pulang dr kota' to Iman and Amsyar in between chores. Sb hujan, lebih sedap masak simple so prepared some telur dadar and sambal sardines with some sliced timun sejuk :) The best combo ever on rainy days.

Sempat watched Romantika featuring Dr Sheikh Muzafar and Dr Halina at 9 while rebut remote astro with daddy who wanted to watch AFC game on TV9. Drowsed away to far far away land i think before 10pm whilst nursing amsyar, and woke up again at 12 to do the laundry and fold the bucket of fresh laundry while the boys were already sound asleep.

I have no idea when iman slept.
No goodnite storybook sessions.
No goodnite kisses.

I just felt terrible.

I'm just too exhausted these days.
I just pray my boys will forgive me for not being a good mommy on weekdays.

Mommy promise to be fun and good mommy with plenty of play and good food on the table on weekdays my darlings.

Mommy will try.

I need a better job.
Engineer & Mommy is not a good combo.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Iman learns to speak part ermmm #2 i guess

My mind is thinking of Iman. Mostly about Iman these days.
So let us talk about Iman today :)

Last night i caught him saying this while watching an adv of Najib's manifesto.

Najib : (On TV) Satu.........
Iman : DUA!!!
Najib : (On TV) Satu.........
Iman : DUA!!!

Najib : (On TV) Satu.........
Iman : DUA!!!

Hahahahahhahahahha..dpt tangkap?

Supposedly Satu....MALAYSIA!!
Hahahhahaha.Funneh la you iman.
Hehehe..kids are darn too innocent!~

Many asked me where Iman got his Korean looking eyes.
I think this picture shows some similarities.

Hahaha...so much of celebrity googling while pregnant i guess.

Have a nice day guys :)
Have a wonderful busy day! Thanks to my old mentor from testing team, now I'm really over digested with rpms and engine outputs......huh!

Need a new job.


Iman & Potty training~

ok i get it :)

Hello from BabyCenter!

It's Potty Time
 Many 2-year-olds — girls especially — are ready to start potty training. If your child can pull her pants up and down, follow simple instructions, and stay dry for three or four hours, and if she dislikes being in a dirty diaper, bring out a kid-size potty. Show her what it's for and invite her to try it out several times during the day. If she's not interested, back off and try again in a month or two.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday and still thinking....

Salam... hi mommies!
Hows ur day so far?
hopefully every thing is good as always..

Just some things running tru my mind these days.. with some huge decisions to make. Maybe its already time for me to opt for a change.

Amsyar n iman are both doing fine

.amsyar's already 10mths and going mobile already.transitted from creeping to crawling and now cruising..he is not yet walking and has NO teeth..heheh.He knows how to clap and cling to mommy..and lovesssss kisses and wet smoooches.hahahaha

Iman on the other hand, is already two yrs and 2mths old. My handsome smart boy. He nows loves to sing, knows his abcs, loves bugs and is totally fascinated with wild animals..

Well that's just for today!
And some pics of them just for a short end.

And a good thing, CustomerService found out Little Caliph is opening in Saujana Putra Avenue...just addinv more opts for iman.yeay!



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jom terjah :)
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