Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our hospital experience.2012

Hi ladies,

Small Deeds Brings Bundles of Joy.
Let me share with you the story.
I did owe you some stories from our hospital trip recently, kan?
Ok let me get you to juice of it. You guys like juices kannnn?heheh
Tapi- i would like to warn you-if you don't like loooong entries-please don't cont reading ;p


As per previous entries, Iman was already in bad condition when we reached Dr Tan on Wednesday the 24th. His lips were even chapped due to dehydration. Amsyar on the other hand was coughing terribly and sometimes the wheezing is quite noticeable. Without much hesitation Dr Tan himself wrote our referal letters and send us to go get medical help at any hospital of our choice. 

After some family discussions we decided to go for SALAM medical center again. As Iman's record is already there. However, due to the house was in total mess, i did some cleaning and cooking before we did check in the day after. Iman's fever was on and off that time. He have'nt any milk since the Saturday before. He ate his food. But threw up later on. It was really quite a mess already all together.

Checking-in procedure was quite long. Amsyar was admitted as well as he needs his neb gas and physio by daily basis.We waited till 4pm before getting our room. Iman and Amsyar was put on normal saline drip straight ahead.

Amsyar's fever broke that night as well..but as morning approaches both were already healthy as new! Maybe the aura of being in Hari Raya Eidul Adha makes them cheeky and feeling better than usual. Mom and several close friends came to visit us, but mommy and daddy were too exhausted with all the drama and heat breakouts already.Budak2 kenit ni, bila dh sihat mulalah bosan duduk berkurung dlm bilik. Iman had his meals and his milk and seems to be recovering well. he was already practically jumping around.
That night we slept early. 8pm dah lights off. Mommy cannot stand the headache anymore.poning!

The next day, i asked Dr Nazir for discharge as everybody was quite ok already. He was on his usual ward round morning routine. He said both boys were already better but he needs me to stay until monday for monitoring. I asked him if I could monitor them by myself. He said that is possible but still they would like to have the babies there for 2 more nights.I even told him our insurance coverage was running low-so if things are'nt serious anymore-we would like to go home. He was not listening. Or he refused to listen. agaknya dh terlalu rmai mom's yg mcm tu. And then walked away.

After he left, I called the nurses to tell them that i really want to discharge from the hospital. They asked me to wiat for the doctor whos was still in his rounds. So then, i waited. After 15mins, i called them again to ask for the doctor- and to my surprise-the nurses said that he already left the premises. What?? saja kasi panas ajer tau..

Then i went to the nurse's counter to tell them i'm going for discharge. Please prepare things that i needed. Either to sign, the billing and also the medicine.They said OK. They will call the doctor for me. I said OK I'm off to pack our things.

And i packed. Within 10mins all things were ready to be stuffed into the car bonnet. The nurses were shocked when they came and said the doctor said no discharge. I said to the nurse " kalau tak bagi discharge  tak pelah -bayar je lah bill kami. dok 3bulan pun tak paaa.."

Nurse - "ok, ok puan.sign sini.esok kena dtg lagi tau-kita bg antibiotic kat sini.IV ni kita tak buka sb esok nak masuk antibiotic lagi"
Me- "Oklah i follow-as long as discharge today"


Next day, we went to the hospital again to meet the nurse as requested. 

Nurse - " Puan, bilik and treatment kita kira ON lagi smlm you sign the borang for tidur luar only. bukan discharge"
Me- " Aik, i cakap nak discharge-bukan nak tidur rumah, siapa suruh hold bilik.kita mmg nak discharge. knp susah sgt nak faham bhs melayu"
Nurse - " Ok lah.kita buka bill puan.sebab puan nak discharge. So, Puan nak kita bg antibiotics kat budak2 ni?"
Me- " Eh boleh choose tak nak ke?"
Nurse - " Boleh,"
Me- " Kalau mcm tu no lah. Lama ke prosedure, kan dh kata nak discharge dr smlm - takkan baru nak proses?"
Nurse - "Tak pasti Puan brp lama, Puan tggu lah"
Me- I tggu 30mins.klu lambat i blk,"

Right after 31mins- we headed back.
Kerja terhegeh2-tak kuasa aku nak tggu tau.


Then tak lama-somebody called from the hospital

Admin - Puan, bleh turun finance collect bill skrg.
Me- I dh balik, you guys lambat. esok i dtg. Ada excess ke?
Admin - Ada. Kna add up total 700++.
Me- Uish byk nya.tidur 2mlm pun sampai 7k++ dua org?You ada detail bills.
Admin - Owh-kita charge bukan utk dua mlm tp tiga.Sb kira you discharge kiranya harini.
Admin - Datang ye puan.
Me - ok.

But then smp ke sudah mmg harapan lah nak pergi kan???
We planned to settle up tomorrow ajelah.
Biar clear sikit mind.
Balik dulu.mandi2


8am phone call.
Admin - Hello Puan, saya kena tutup acc ni. nama Puan ajer yg pending ni.
Me- I nak detailed bills. i tak kan bayar utk apa yg i xguna. 
Admin - Puan, prosedur kami mmg tak bleh discharge selagi kami tak benarkan.
Me- Habis, you nak bayar ke bills tak discharge tu. I tahu dah, you guys mmg suka lah kan charge mcm2 ni. Takde apa2 pun nak simpan lagi. business mmg mcm tu lah.
Admin - Habis Puan nak sy buat mcm mana ni? klu Puan xboleh byr.Boleh isi borang untuk ansuran.
Me- Ini bukan pasal duit. Ini pasal integrity. You guys sukalah kan ambil kesempatan kat mothers yg risau anak2 dia xsehat-tahan dia lama2 then charge bukan2. Tolong detail kan charges.
Admin - Ward 3nights..bla lbla bla...........medicine Iman - RM 8xx. Amsyar -RM6xx++.
Me- Apa td? Medicine brp?
Admin - .medicine Iman - RM 8xx. Amsyar -RM6xx++.
Me- I nak details apa yg smp 1.4k tu.
Admin - Kita takdelah details sebab mmg patients tak pernah mintak pun. Doctor visit pun kita tak usik- dia kira 4days.
Me- Owh-patutlah doc bleh pkai kereta besar-xjumpa pun claim juga.hmmmm..
Admin - Puan kenalah faham- kita ttp juga akan charge smp officially puan discharge. Puan xbleh minta kat nurse je utk discharge. Kna minta kat doc.
Me- I dah mintak.
Admin - Puan dtg yer. Settlekan.
Me- Ok. ni siapa td ni?nama u siapa?u ada anak?
Admin - Nama i Anna. knp puan?Yep saya ada.
Me- Yelah klu u xde anak lg-i ckp pun xguna.u mesti xfaham.
Admin - Knp Puan?
Me- You pun mst tau kan cmne rsnya bila anak sakit. then insurance you dh limit. bila mintak discharge hosp tak bg pula. apa you nak buat?takkan you nak byr buta2 ribu riban duit ubat for nothing. yelah dok hosp utk pantau aje.bukan ada apa2 akan buat apa?duduk kat bandar ni 600-700 tu bleh buat mcm2 bleh beli pampers sebulan tau.
Admin - Itulaaahh..
Me- Ye laaah..i bukan kerja cap duit.duit ada tp nak pakai.bukan nya excess excess sesuka hati.
Admin- tu lah.i kerja i dh mcm ni.bukan skali dua.mmg slalu.nanti i tgk bleh adjust cmne. slalu patients bayar je.mana ada nak minta detail semua.
Me- nasiblah kan i jenis particular and berkira.
Admin- bagus juga kdg2. nanti i call.


Admin - Hello Puan, kita dh tggu Puan utk close account. Takpelah kita dh check blk dgn insurance, kna bayar RM14X aje lagi- excess.Ada boleh potong dh mana yg terlebih charge
Me- Eh, bleh mcm tu?Nanti i dtg. I ada kerja lain sekejap.

3.30pm-at the counter.
Admin- Puan, I dh mintak discount dr doc utk your 140++ tu.Dia senyum ajer. Ok lah tuh.
Me-Eh yeke?tq lah byk2 anna.susah cr org mcm u.
Admin- Takpelah. You sign sini and sini. kira lump sum settle la.
Me-tq banyak2 eh.u all dh kaya kan?takyahlah tekan engineer cabuk mcm i.


Sometimes, its worth to be fussy.
Sometimes a small deed for some stranger-means the whole world for them.
TQ Anna. You did made my day.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

rezeki berkat tak ni, daddy?

Just some thoughts i've got.my2cents about rezeki yg berkat.

i dont know, but i think  a lot of men and women as well selalu terlepas pandang ttg rezeki yg berkat. berusahalah sedaya upaya.berdoalah every day waktu dhuha, ttp still rezeki tak sebanyak mana.
Men la esp as the house main breadwinner kan?

mcm2 situation.let's just take several.
time beratur panjang kat tol. tiba2 kita potong jalan org lain - bg signal ke kiri himpit2 masuk..dah kena potong 'markah' rezeki kita kat situ. bila jalan tgh jem..ttba ko sedap amek lane kiri emergency jalan straight ke depan..ha 'markah' rezeki anda kna potong lagi.

or perhaps bila ada makcik terkial2 nak masuk parking yg dia tunggu dr td.anda ttba masuk tempat dia dh 'chop' td. haa potong rezeki org dh tuh.

maybe ramai terlepas pandang.

ntahlah..kdg2 kita yg 'baik' ni sakit hati juga bila ada mamat bodo ttba sng potong 'Q' kita.
slalu saya tak doa byk la.
sy doakan keturunan dia jd lbh bijak dr dia.
supaya tak menyusahkan anak2 saya nanti andai suatu hari diorg ni terpaksa bekerja bersama.
org tolol slalunya anak2 dia lbh tolol.aduh.

payah juga kan,nk control emosi.

tulah.bila agak2 rezeki rasa 'payah' sgt. check balik account kita sesama manusia.
dh clear ke blum?

1st time beraya in HOSPITAL!

Got to share this one.maybe later.not now.
mcm hal till we got discounted for 600++ from the hospital bills.
Stay tune.

owh hi mommies!!~
Long time no see ya?

i promise.jap jap.
buat kerja dulu.



Tuesday, October 23, 2012


October the 23rd.

Amsyar's 5th month old birthday!~
Doing well. Excellently well. Diapers skrg pkai size L.
Iman's alhamdulillah-doing fine. Finally yesterday was vomit-free day! Yeay!Worth my EL.
As of last sunday weighing session in SALAM Hospital- he is already 11kgs.
Mommy yg puzzled sebab xmakan pun gain weight. Acaner tu?

Daddy's also recovering. Tulah main embun lg pas abes piala FA aritu!~
Demam till 39.5degC. Doc terus bg MC.
Xpayah muntak2 terus dpt ;p

Mommy la play nurse whole weekend.

Mommy's not well tho~
Maybe sebab letih jd nurse whole weekend.
Maybe laa kan?

Hoping that the UPT test nak ambil ptg ni turns out single-line sahaja.
Matik la mommy!~

Friday, October 19, 2012

For Drama Kings.Especially :)

Happening tomorrow...
Hubby's going. I'm not.
Looking to support ATM la for that. hahahahahha! gelak jahat ;p

Demam Piala Malaysia 2

Tikets already purchased..since yesterday.amboih kemain lg daddy yer..

Early morning lagi, the love of my life sent this pic with a song to me...

Sumbat gol Sumbat gol

Kito Anok Kelate
Bako Oghe Berani <--huhu wordings mmg xleh blah!!~
Bilo Masuk Pade
Kito Gomo Sengoti
Kito Gomo Sengoti

Sumbat gol Sumbat gol

Sumbat gol Sumbat gol

Kito Anok Kelate
Bako Oghe Berani
Bilo Masuk Pade
Kito Gomo Sengoti
Kito Gomo Sengoti

Sumbat gol Sumbat gol


Sumbat gol Sumbat gol

Huhu..whatever la daddy.nanti mommy hapalkan..hahaha
ingatkan hantar lagu baru Datuk CT dgn Hafiz tu ker..kan?hehe.

Biarlah..kita layankan ajer minat daddy ni.
His passion on the time being. sementara berdarah muda.
Mommy, Iman & Amsyar tgk kat umah ajerr :)

pesanan penaja :: sampai stadium awal nanti, jgn lupa semayang asar & maghrib yerr?heheheheh :)

Demam Piala Malaysia 1

Dancing and singing together last night...

Daddy : Bo Lawe Staro Demo 
Iman : Omo Omo Omo !! (read : Gomo Kelate Gomo!)
Daddy : Boh main Staro demo
Iman : Omo Omo Omo !! (read : Gomo Kelate Gomo!)
Daddy : Bo meney staro demo 
Together : "Gomo Kelate Gomo"|omo Omo omo!!

Mommy : OMG, did he really just sang that ????????? *pening*

BTW- Iman's alhamdulillah, dah sihat and dancing already. Thanx alot dearest friends for the nice wishes :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

To be strong is not easy.

Tajuk sbnrnya tidak menggambarkan kandungan penulisan.
This is actually a e-diary entrance. Nothing much. Just my day.

Semalam was quite a horrible day for me. Iman was unwell-he was vomiting, not drinking milk and berak berak. In 4hrs (7.30am-11.30am) he had vomited 4times at his BS and pass motion twice. At 1.30pm we went to fetch hime and brought him to our favorite clinic nearby.

Mak on the other hand was in Putrajaya Hospital havng her cataracts removed. A full anaestetia (how to spell this?help!-i even could not spell gyneocology -see?)..ok lah she had her body full bius, which left her feeling very nauseous and could not walk straight. She was admitted at 7.30am, was the first in line for the operation theater and was dicharged at 1pm. Cepat kan? I was really worried all the time at work (yes, i worked yesterday) and could not concentrate. At 1pm, i finished all my tasks for the day and was granted with a half day.

That is when we fetched Iman and baby amsyar and all their clothes and milk and all those what-so-ever baby needs from the house.Kept the EBM from the morning session and off we went. Iman was already flat but was really content to see us. He had just a bottle of juice with him made by his BS. My mom (tho br lepas surgery) reminded me that milk will just induce vomitting. Betul la tu kot. I'm not sure.

Sampai kat clinic, doctor kata maybe just keracunan makanan. Just? I hope so. She prescribed us with ubat tahan muntah, some ubat angin and oral dehydration salt to be consumed. We'll see from there la kot. Bought some pisang goreng and air kelapa on the way for him and alhamdulillah, iman looks pinker. But still he rejects milk.

That night, at mom's after monitoring his condition, i gave him milk. 1 hour after that, he vomitted. more milk. I've made some thin milo for him. So that he could go to sleep. He slept. We brought him home. at 12midnite- he vomitted again. Despite all the ubat tahan muntah. I was already exhausted, after all the cleaning of Iman's mess, cooking at Mom's for all her guests before who came to visit and all. I pumped some more milk for Amsyar's miss out sessions for the day and passed out somewhere near 2am. 

I woke up at 5am with Iman's sobbing. He already poo-ed in his diapers. Maybe he was not confortable and was forced to wake up. We went washing off his mess in the early hours and tried to get some more sleep afterwards.At least if could get another hour would be already nice for me. Amsyar was already awake that time. His morning milking time. His routine. But no-Iman was still sobbing. Hubby gave him some plain water so that he would doze off, but no-he was still sobbing. By last, we end up Iman on my left and Amsyar on my right latching on.


That was this morning. Now i'm already at work-still exhausted after my morning coffee. I'm awfully sorry for Iman that i could not be there beside him today. As i need to work. This is the worst feeling ever. Leaving your own sick child. I feel like quitting my job to just be home for them. I hope kak wan my babies' caretaker will do her best for them but still, it should never be at par of how we treat our own children.

If you are a stay at home mom and happen to read this- please be really really grateful that you have your time to raise your own children. And have a single income that could support you to live in harmony. I wish i could quit my job and be at home, but really- today's economy doesn't allow me to do so. I think I'm not alone.

I just need to be strong for now and pray for the best.
And just continue working.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Word~less Ws-We are brothers :)

Abg jgn lerr gerak2!kita musti control macho.


Diskusi adik beradik

Abg : peluk sket,bleh?

Adik : Go away!! Abg bucuk!! Xsuka gosok gigi!!!!!~

Amsyar pun skrg dh pandai dh nk melawan abgIman dia.
Bukan main lagi budak kecik ni tau!~

Mood ke laut sket arini.
Dah beberapa hari.
Mood nak cari gaduh dgn org ;p
Mood geram.
Menyampah pun ada.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Lil Neighbourhood Playground

Last Saturday berkesempatan lah berjalan ke playground kat depan rumah. Walaupun hanya selang 3-4 rumah dh bleh ini adalah our 1st visit there.
Mmg xberkesempatan sblm ni.

Cantik playground ni. Luas, bersih and equipments pun alhamdulillah masih cantik and terjaga.
Rumput pun terjaga rapi.

Alhamdulillah.Prospect playing ground utk anak2. I will volunteer myself on preserving this ground for the years coming- inshalllah.

Org slalu kata Bandar Saujana Putra ni terceruk and terpinggir. Itu dulu lah skrg tidak lagi.
Jgn tak tau.skrg semua sudah ada :)
Petronas pun dh ada sebijik dlm ni..cuma belum beroperasi lagi..hehehe.
7E and speedmart99 pun ada kot2 ada kecemasan short supply of apa2 :)
Mydin blum lg laa.. :)

Iman had a great time tho.balik terus pengsan.
Amsyar pun sma.
Dpt la sikit quality time mommy and daddy di mlm minggu dating dinner dgn aman sama2 :)

ok..iman naik yer.daddy jaga dr bwh.daddy dh overweight

Yeay!!~ Daddy jgn lepas tau!

Hmm..bosanyer.xde ke anak2 dara taman ni nak lalu2 playground nih?

Iman hati2 yer. Daddy tlg goyang.OK2.Check2 durability.OK pass.Syok juga nih.
OK.durability juga nih.ada lah 15thn xnaik bendalah ni kot.hahahahahah~

Ok iman hati2.naik buai plak..

Eh dh hilang :)

Iman ajer dr td.
Amsyar mana amsyar?



Sedap sgt lah angin sepoi2 kat playground ni mommy.
Lena adik tidor..

Macam2 lah adik ni.

Saje jer update sket ptg2 :)



I miss you on Mondays!~

in fact mommy misses you on any day pun!~


*monday blues today*
super sigh (--")

Friday, October 12, 2012

Bento Jumaat :)

Pagi jumaat sejuk2 ni, bwk nasi minyak left-overs from dinner mlm td :)
Aahh..yes! Smlm I have managed to cook nasi minyak for dinner!
Hubby was so happy for the dinner i've prepared for him..he took another helping of it.
Lari diet yang..hahaha.

Yeay! Another notch of achievement for home-made dinner for me :)

Masak actually for 3person tp my brother yg live in with us xbalik pula mlm td.
So, ber nasi minyak la kita pg2 ni :)
Intended to take pics of our dinner smlm and share the recipe sb it's darn br hidang,pusing nak amek camera..ada org dh terjah nasi dia..hehehehe~

One of his favorites sbnrnya nasi minyak ni.

Alhamdulillah, he loved my version.

Just a quick update.
Have a nice day ladies!
Mlm ni jgn lupa TRW vs Red Giants!!
Tp mlm ni sy tgk bersama anak2 aje..cik Zulhalimey syg sy tu dh beli tiket RM15 nak g tgk kat stadium SA.
Takpelah..tgk kat stadium Astro pun OK juga :)

Jom kerja!!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

15 “I Wonder What Would Happen If” Questions

I'm just happy Allah had showed me to Alissa Marque's pages.
I'm just loving all the creative ideas esp for toddlers.
Mmg kenalah dgn skrg ni tgh cr parenting tips.

Let me share some more tips on generating creativity in kids i got from her.

15 “I Wonder What Would Happen If” Questions:

I wonder what would happen if:
  • We add water to this?
  • We take this outside?
  • We take turns doing this?
  • I stop talking?
  • I ask my child where I should put this?
  • I get out my own paper and give this a try?
  • We mix THIS with THAT?
  • We took a little break and came back to this later?
  • I just let my kid do this all wrong?
  • I turn on music while we do this?
  • I set out this other art supply near my child?
  • I only set out two colors?
  • We glue something to this?
  •  I simply say, “Oh?” and let my child talk about it.
  • We don’t do this the way the directions say we should? (Will the police show up?)
nice! :)

Jom kita jenguk2 my favs.

Toddlerhood is only short.
Let's make the most out of it :)

Zahra :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WW- Last Coup-ONS!

Masalahnya baru 10hb!~


I made this last Sunday.
Easy peasy..that's why i've made it.hahaha.
klu recipe pelik2 bahan lebih 10.i mmg surrender awal2 ;p
Original recipe was from here. TQ cik epal :)

Terjuih2 kastard nya..

This is hubby's fav. Mine too actually.
Thankfully dia mkn dekat 20pc kot skali ngap.
And asyiklah kata sedap.kena pd tekak dia agaknya.alhamdulillah

Well-tips ye kwn2..klu nk wife ulang masak benda yg sama.Sila puji byk kali..hahaha

So this is the way how to make it ;)



1cup butter (125g)
1cup plain water(250ml)
1cup flour (150g)-ayak
4 eggs
Vanilla essence


2 tbs corn flour
2 tbs custard powder
2 eggs
1.5 cup full cream milk
3 tbs sugar
Vanilla essence

Icing sugar


1.Heat water + butter on stove in a pan until butter dissolves
2. Once dissolve add in flour a bit at a time while stirring continuously until flour finishes.

3. Turn off heat.
4. Stir in eggs one at a time until finish all 4eggs. Until it becomes a flowy-like consistency.

5. Pipe into small desired shape onto a baking sheet or a greased tray.
(me-i don't have a i jemput2 kan. see?hehehhehe)

6. Sprinkle/dab some plain water on the dough surface so that it turns out nice brownish done ;)
7. Bake in a 200degC pre-heated oven for 30mins :)

Tadaa..fresh from the oven!

For the custard, combine all ingredients in a small pot and whisk on low heat until it curdles nicely. bukan curdle la will become a thick nice creamy custard sauce.

Once the puffs are finished, cut pockets in the puffs and spoon in your creamy custard sauce.
Dust off some icing powder on top.
And voila!!!

Sedia utk santapan suami tercinta :)

Heavenly food does not really need hard work don't they??

Cuba jgn xcuba :)


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekends Activity : IIUM 28th Convocation

Last weekend alhamdulillah, was full of activities :)

One of the activity was attending BIL Hani's convo.
In IIUM! My beloved university!
Done his masters already.M.Eng Mechanical (pure) ;)
And even got an offer from Petronas carigali KLCC starting this Nov! Bye bye odd hours in his current British company.
Alhamdulillah.Rezeki :)

Just as a matter of fact, Hani is my undergrad times classmate.Now he is my sis Zaynab's husband.
Uncle Hani to Iman and Amsyar :)

And coincidentally, he's session was the same with cousin Yusuf and his lovely 38wks pregnant wifey, Sue.
So cute with the robe and the belly showing off. Adorably cute medical student couple. i guess attending the convo whilst pregnant just make the experience much more memorable!!

 So dptlah have a small get-together near the convocation hall with my mom, aunty, uncle and cousies as well ;)

Hubby on the other hand was so culture shocked with all the foreign students all around the campus..ramai sgt katanye.mcm bukan kat malaysia.heheh..for me, it is just a usual scene. Something you could get only in UIA when ur still in Malaysia. He was staring at the Iranian girls/students tho..cantik2 katanya.amboih!~ Iman and amsyar was just enjoying the ambience over there. The green lawns, the large pathways, the ambience of the calming engineering buildings i used to occupy once,the convo deco all the way really did mesmerized Iman. He was practically dancing. Seronok dia dpt lari2. Just happy when he is happy ;)

Met Hasan Abid and wifey my old friend who used to call me dubbah (go google what that means, jahat tau!)..receiving his masters scroll that day as well. Oh my..semua dh dpt masters.
And also my supervisor Dr Kassim in the parking lot.
Saje je park kat engineering. Saje nk tgk tgk tempat lama :)
Tho just for a short visit and even tak sempat nk jejak convest's OK.
Saya gembira :)


Congratulations to all of you!
Really happy that you guys had made it :)

Us. with Hani's sister Syafa if im not mistaken.


The cousies :: Doctor Yusuf and siblings.

Aunty, Mamalong, Mak, and us :)

Yusuf, Sarah and glowing 38wks pregnant Sue :)

All weekend plans alhamdulillah were executed EXCEPT for the wedding.
Really felt bad for Nora tapi nak buat cmne..mmg xsempat.
With the babies, with me lagi hehehehhe..
Daddy pun kerje sekerat hari-balik dh 2pm++

Anyway.Hope that the wedding went marvelously well..
And you guys dpt babies cepat2 and live happily ever after.
Achehwah..mcm cerita fairy tales la plak.

So, that's for today,
Till then.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Tips of the day : With kids ;)

Loved these tips the most :)

29. To catch their kiss and put it on your cheek.
30. That their tickle tank is empty and you have to fill it.
31. That their high five is so powerful it nearly knocks you over.
32. That you are super ticklish.
33. That you are explorers in the amazing new world of your backyard.
34. That it’s party day!  Decorate for no reason!
35. To get enough sleep.
36. To drink enough water.
37. To eat decent food.
38. Wearing earrings, or whatever makes you feel pretty.
39. Calling a friend the next time you feel like you are about to lose it with the kids.
40. Giving a gentle touch to show approval, rather than saying something.
41. Dancing in the kitchen.
42. To get your kids to bop to the music with you in the car.
43. Showing your kids that you can do a somersault or handstand or a cartwheel.
44. Keeping that sigh to yourself.  Just jump in and help clean up cheerfully.
45. Using a kind voice, even if you have to fake it.

Time management : my way ;)

Salam dearies,

How was your day so far?
Hopefully everything is much better than before.

Throughout the whole 10 months of this year, to be honest, i have gone through miraculous phases of change that i thought to be so drastic.We bought a house, moved in, struggled with parenting, realized we were pregnant again, gave birth, parenting two babies (oh my!~), raya, weddings, work challenges, tukar management, friends leaving the company and i'm still here.. et cetera et cetera..

In short, i have gone through a lot of stress.
And time management.
Life management to be exact.

I dropped out of school even cause i am not able to handle another segment in my life.
Maybe i was too unrealistic then.

But allah always has his own ways of telling and showing me the best for me. For my family.
Alhamdulillah, so far what i wished, whatever terlintas dihati.
I got the answer almost immediately.

Once when i was heavily pregnant, and don't have the energy to walk to attend a meeting so far from the office province. i called a colleague to tell her that i'm not coming.i'm too tired to come.she was mocking me and told everyone that i was too tired.i was quiet embarrassed that time that i prayed that one time she'll understand my feelings at that time.her time will for sure come as well.she was single,slim and practically dancing at all times. that time.

Today-she is heavily pregnant and could not really even move from sitting to standing.
Mmm..merasa lah kan?

But i'm not all cruel la.
I hope that her delivery would be smooth, tho. and both mommy and baby would be healthy. Hope my doa this time is answered as well.
She got her part already.

Once another friend was mocking that c-zer mommies are not as tough as normal SVD mommies.Babies delivered c-sects are much prone to diseases, et cetera et cetera (like i care to remember kan?).
Tup tup..for her next kena c-zer now talk to the hand la kawan. (No shidah-this is not you..jgn terasa pula). This was her 3rd child. 

kata dulang paku serpih :p 
This one got hers too..

Baru sedar yg ibu mengandung sgt makbul doanya.Sgt2 bahaya!~
Amsyar even have dimples.
One of the sebab must be because i prayed almost everyday to have a baby with dimples and big eyes! p

Hmm..oklah kembali ke tajuk asal.
Dah menyimpang plak.


I have learnt my part in being a good parent to a small children is really a tough job. i wonder how my mom does it, seriuosly. But i have now the keys to my toddler handling tips..

1. Be nice and patient to your tod.
2. Be extremely nice to your tod.
3. Be extemely patient to your tod.

And i guess it works. 
I got two weeks in row not turning into green hulk handling Iman and Amsyar (personal achievement!!)
And this weekend was really a bonus for me when i could whip up some cream puffs even for dear hubby :)
And not to forget make some home-made milk dadih for Iman (and daddy as well - a secret in solving calcium intake deprivation in daddy!!).

Got a clean house, clean sheets and even wiped the whole house with my bare hands (ok-batang mop reput and asyiklah tak ingat nak beli bila ke kedai : so we were mop-less this weekend!).
Got to play with both Iman and amsyar. read them books out loud.
prayed together. baked together. washed together. jemur kain pun together.
I guess house-chores are quite amusing for his age as well.

When i was working with the dough, i gave a piece of flour+water dough mixture for Iman and it worked wonders. He was playing with his dough all the time and didn't bother me. It was a lil messy..but as long as it kept him occupied it was ok for. Lil Amsyar was too a lil cranky..but after i but him in his own seat to have the VIP view (yes on the work table!) of me cooking, he was all fine. He coo-ed and babbled along my singings of ABC to Iman.

 I even attempted to bake Iman's dia tak bg lah plak.
Takpelah..maybe he's not yet reached the idea of getting the dough into the oven will turn it to eatable items.
Next time.

Only one word to express my gratitude : Alhamdullilah!!

From the oven

End product: made with love :)

I guess all in all : a happy mommy is the backbone of a happy family.
If Im stressed, it's effect everybody in my small family and make things worst!

I'm still struggling on time management, juggling with my two boys and learnt the hard way that a clean and tidy home doesn't really picture a true happy family. Let boys be boys.
Let it be. Let iman enjoy his oreo..and just clean up after him.
The tired of forbidding him is equal to the tire-some of cleeaning up.
So why would you want both.

So far my KPI target is to cook a home dinner every day.
Let it be simple.
As long as it is home-cooked.
So far alhamdulillah-2 weeks have gone with a breeze.
Menus include : Ayam bakar, Ayam kicap, Ayam goreng kentucky style, ikan sweet sour, daging goreng, soup campur, ayam percik t'ganu, daging petai pedas.
Hehe..kurangkan masakan berlemak :p

And maybe sometimes hubby might not like it. But he has to know that mommy has her own tastes too.
Sharing and compromising is always a part of the marriage itself.


Why daddies are always the favorite one??


Daddies spell FUN!

Sebab . . .
Kalau pergi Mydin Mall USJ.

Mommy akan beli these ...

And also these...

Tapi daddy bought these..

Yang konon2 nya nk guna utk mengajar these...

Hakikatnyaaaa.... eyed plak ;p

Ni sebenarnya tgh jerit2 menyanyi...

Dah byk kali dh sword tu kna kepala mommy.
Lagi sket je nk kna kepala adek.
mujur juga sword tu soft.buat dr sponge..but stilll!!~

Happy Monday mommies!!~
Selamat bekerja :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fridays are always the best day of the week!!

Its 1.30pm and i'm already in no mood for work ;p
Lotsa plans for tomorrow perhaps..leaving me enthusiastic to wait for tmrw.
But still, if daddy can't take half day tmrw-plans will just remain as plans.
Tak boleh execute.
But mommy always have plan B handy tho..hehe~

So lets do blogging.


Last night my ex-student head was on TV. Suzardi Maulan.
Aired on my ex-teacher's show : Ust Wan Akashah & Ustzh Bahiyah. on Tv9
Was intending to watch, but fell asleep in the middle of the show.
After cooking and all the cleaning..tertido dpn tv sambil susukan baby Amsyar.

And when i woke up...wallaaahh-rumah dh siap berkemas,kain berlipat, lantai bersapu.
Amsyar's bottles were also already cleaned and line-up!~
Buka mata..nampak semua mcm bersinar2..sebnrnya berpinar sb still ngantuk.

Thank you, hubby!
I love you for that..I love you always :)


Just to share this actually today.

I have stumbled across a nice website..a good one for me at this moment too.
Basically it has all you would like to know to plan to play and to handle toddlers.
And help to get them creative too..
Owh i like!!

Ok iman..mommy ada plan baik punya dgn kamu :)
Ok weekend plan no.1 revealed already :)

I remembered playing pudding on aluminum foils with my own mom when i was little.We write and draw using pudding..and when we were tired already we ate the pudding stuck at our fingers. Messy yet fun!~
And how we glued on crayon nye abuks (sharp the crayons with a shrpener to get these lovely abukss) to make a collage of our own.
My pre-school homeschooling sessions with mak were always fun as i could remember.
Yups it was.

Mom was still at school by that time (mak was 19 when she got me :)), and could not afford pre-school.
So i was home-schooled. I could read and write in dual languages at age 3 and could count to any number at 4.

Thank you mom.i love you~~

My mom was trully a good handler with kids.
I wished i could be like her,tho...
I jenih tak sabar.*sigh*


Congrats to my BIL Hani Ludin (Zaynab's hubby) for his masters convo tomorrow!
Dah convo dh. M.Eng-Pure mechanical plak tu.ahhhh..
Jeles mode!

OK-weekend plan no.2 revealed.
So UIA, here we come!! Nice to be back on grass we have always been playing on.

When would be mine plak?hmmmmm..



Other agenda's planned as well :
Acheh..plan mesti baik kan??

Nak buat this :)
First keeping my fingers crossed.

Cream Puff pics yg di google ;)

and also attending my old friend's wedding.ini antara dlm senarai wajib pergi saya nih ...

plans mesti baik punya kan??
pdhal weekends itu adalah hanya dua hari.

Have a lovely weekend darlings!~


ps-ada plan juga nak power-pumping weekends ni..nk selit tang mana pulak tu.huhu (--")


jom terjah :)
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