Friday, November 30, 2012

Coret-coret hari jumaat ;)

Hi Mommies!~
It has been a long week.
Mcm2 berlaku.And then its Jumaat again.

We've planned for a small getaway this weekend. But when being re-thinked- tak payah lah.
Maybe just a trip to the nearby swimming pool would be already wonderful :) Iman for sure would be thrilled!~ Kita simpan duit. Kita jalan next time :) Kita swim kat Putrajaya jer. So good when Putrajaya is only one exit on the highway away from our home sweet home :)

Amsyar pun dh start with solids. Alhamdulillah mommy berjaya cooked/prepared his baby meals every morning. Hoorey for Mommyzara yg malas ;p !! Now it becomes a routine. Mommy will try to adapt soon. Make it a morning must. Same with daddy's uniform ironing routine and Amsyar's 5.45am nursing timing :)So far the menu is quite the same-carrot puree with rice, carrot puree with raisins and rice, pears with raisin (ohh..yang ni manis sgt!) and pears with oats.Just simple with the same main ingredient. Carrots, pears, raisins. Will start with potatoes and sweet potatoes next week. And maybe some papaya :)

This coming weekend, a good friend of mine is getting married.Again.
Her 2nd marriage by the age of 28.Good for her.Congratulations dear!!! :)
I wish all the happiness in the world will be hers this time.May the man she had chose is her true match meant for a lifetime and until jannah. Inshallah.May all that she'd gone through before made her a better person, and strengthens her materially and internally.

It's really hard for her.
Nobody wants to be married twice or trice or worse - more.
Well, i don't.
Things happen for a reason.
I really want her to be happy. This time around.

Payah jadi janda muda ni. Ramai pula yg nak try masuk line.
Masalahnya yg teringin tu - dh lah dh tua, dh berbini, beranak ramai.
Bukan nya yg ada ada.
Yg ada cuma keinginan.

Esok, dah masuk 1 December. The last month for 2012. The nostalgic year.
The year of happiness and challenge. The year i took off away from school :)
A lot more to plan.Excited mode ON!~

So have a nice weekends mommies!
Have a good time with more and more projects to do.

Thank you for reading.



Thursday, November 29, 2012

Like Brothers

This was taken during a recent outing with my bestie : Shidah.
So much similarities. We both went to the same school. Now both are mothers to two boys.
Iman and Alif, our first borns were only 2mths apart-except for Iman was born in 2011. And Alif in Dec 2010.

During the outing, Alif seemed more extrovert and confident than Iman. Iman on the other hand was mesmerized by the new friend :) So cute when lil boys meet. Hehehe.

Missed my good old school friends tho.
Wish that we had a reunion soon and could continue on were we left behind before.
Wish there's someone in our clan last time could organize a reunion soon. Maybe before we hit 30.
It had been a long 10yrs since we left school and still the sister hood bond is still there :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Word~less Wednesdays : Tiru!

Children are very alert of their surroundings.
That's why there's a saying " Action speaks louder than words"

This is Iman, trying to imitate daddy wiping his car and tyres.
He's doing practically the same with mommy's kitchen wipes.
Oh my! :)

Beware.Jaga tingkah laku anda mommies!
Anda sedang diperhatikan :p


**bagus juga quality pics are so-so. xclear sket semak background tu..hahaha

Tuesday, November 27, 2012



Got a new booster solution yesterday..yippee!!~
I just found out that this works on me.

1tbsp of instant oats + 1 tbsp of condensed milk + 1cup of hot water.mixed up
Add 2tbsp or more (as you like) of raisins.
Served hot and steaming ;p

I drank this plus a tsp of halba (my usual routine these day as i found halba (fenugreek) could add 1oz for my daily 'hasil tuaian'.

Worked wonders when i got 11oz++ for this 9.30am session.yeay!~
Alhamdulillah. That's really something for a 6mths++ pumping mother like me.
Selalu takdelah meriah cmni pun.Biasa-biasa aje..
Tapi sikit atau byk ttp rezeki kan?
I put the blame on my plain water consumption of the day before kalau hari2 yg tak berapa memberangsangkan.huhu~

Just to share something today.
Maybe it could work for you too :)

Got some search and research work to do esp on parenting.
I think i got an extrovert toddler toddling inside my home now.
Got to find good ways to channel this talent.
To boost his confidence without being over-confident :)

2013 is really coming our way fast.
And I'm going back to school. Wish me luck! :)

Let's chant silently together now : 
Must graduate nxt year.Must graduate nxt year.Must graduate nxt year.Must graduate nxt year.Must graduate nxt year.Must graduate nxt year.Must graduate nxt year.Must graduate nxt year.Must graduate nxt year.Must graduate nxt year.Must graduate nxt year.Must graduate nxt year.

Hahahah..ok lah!
Toodles mommies!
Take care :)


Monday, November 26, 2012

Kisah Amsyar bambam...

Salam mommies..
How was your weekends?
Alhamdulillah-mine was bright and shining as sunny as the sunday sun. Yups-smlm panas cantik smp ke ptg so all my laundry were crispy and wangi :)


Weekends kami dipenuhi aktiviti-aktiviti santai dirumah. Main, makan and main lagi. This time our makan time is joined by a new member : Amsyar! Amsyar's already ready for solids!! Mommy try to do it right this time. To cook homemade food for amsyar. No need for instant cerelac-inshallah.

So first meal- mommy try to start with rice+carrots first. Nak bagi carrots je mcm xcukup khasiat jer. So what we have to do for a week's supply - mcm biasa : steam/boil-puree/blend-freeze :) For the rice sangai beras yg dh dibasuh-blend and store. Boleh dpt bubur nasi yg cepat- 15mins siap dh!~

Carrots already diced! Yang blkg tu utk abgIman-grilled potatoes+keledek :)

Muka heran dgn new taste of food :)

Sibuk nak rebut sudu dgn mommy juga!~

Yang ni kita freeze. 10 cubes for 5days.Comot comot sket..tak pelah. Asalkan the khasiat all are locked in.

Control senyum sket.. :p


Dah kenyang!..I'm one happy baby :)

Alhamdulillah, dapat juga mommy melengkapkan penyusuan penuh 6mths amsyar dr day 1 without any gaps. Its a special undescribable feeling. Rasa puas tgk all amsyar dr birth weight of 3.1kg dh jadi 8kg dgn susu mommy 100%. Alhamdulillah. So the journey continues :)

Amsyar anak yg alert. apa2 yg abg iman buat- dia mesti perhati.and at times akan try buat or ambil brg yg iman dok main tu. At one time, mommy pernah caught him angkat basikal iman to get a taste of the wheels.hehehehefunny to see the whole bicycle on top of him. nujurlah basikal tu besar tp ringan :)

Skrg amsyar still on his way to get his momentum to lung forward, roll and gostan dh terer dh. Habes dh semua tempat dia jelajah. And could sit by himself when assisted. Mandi pun mmg duduk dh skrg..senang sket.heheh I don't quite remember-but i think iman pun at this milestone juga at 6mths. And start crawling at 8mths. Dah pandai jerit2 to catch ppls attention and loves to baby talk to others. Sembur and make bubbles pun dh terer. And what mommy fear most : seperation anxiety!! dah start to kick off.. so skrg mommy mmg kena 24-7 ngadap muka amsyar ajelah. Tunggu badan dah keras sket..mommy nak bwk keluar walker Iman yg lama. rindu dh walker hijau tu :)
Dah nearly 1yr tersimpan.

Garu telinga.ngantuk..

Sibuk nak tangkap phone.dpt tangkap lobang idung je jdnya....

Ok lah cerita amsyar.
Mommy doakan amsyar membesar dgn sihat, cergas and cerdas sentiasa.

Till then..

tatatatattata titititi  tutututu

ok before last : aiskrim goreng mommy buat weekend aritu. daddy suka benar. boleh buat lagi.
lama tak mkn aiskrim goreng.dulu kat matrics uia pj nye pasar malam ada jual rm1/pc.
pastu dh xjumpa dh kat mana2.

nasi daging pakapau pun dh xjmp dh kat mana2.

ada halfmoon kecik tu dh kena gigit dgn iman b4 grg ;p



Friday, November 23, 2012

Zulhafidzey Amsyar is 6mths TODAY!

And mommy is really excited!~

Berkat doa and sokongan org2 tersayang- I have successfully completed my 6mths exclusively breastfeeding journey for my lil precious.

Assalamualaykum :)

Byk sgt bende nak tgk ni ...

Menghiburkan mommy yg penat seharian dgn project sports car

Sila lah gigit mommy....

So we could now target for the next stepping stone - 12mths + baby food :)

I think, mostly its mak's doa that made me through.
Tho at some times she did insist on introducing plain water to amsyar..hehehehe.
Every child crafts his/her own journey and I'm sure plenty of you mommies out there have already completed the 6mths exclusive BF journey.
For those who are still struggling..cheer up and keep on the motivation :) Its really hard but its achieveable :)
For those who had gave up. Praise Alhamdulillah for what the efforts you have done and perhaps there are good things beneath what had happened :)

As of last monday, Amsyar - was already 7.8kg.
Harini..Maybe plus few hundred gramms je kot.

Kita cerita lagi nanti2 lah.
Have a nice Friday peeps.



Thursday, November 22, 2012

Peristiwa Qarbala - have you even ever heard of it?

Punyalah lain cara org malaysia melihat peristiwa karbala.
This was taken from a famous ustaz who i would not like to put his name here.

Ini cerita sejarah dlm Islam.Which i think almost ALL of us don't know.
Apatah lagi putar belit cerita politik and permainan kotor pemimpin negara.
Imagine that even one of my friend siap dgn yakin nya ckp,
"mana ada keturunan nabi dh zaman ni-itu semua propaganda org Syiah"

do you know siapa org syiah tu sbnrnya?

Ok.pernah tahu ke siapa dia Imam Mahdi yg kita percaya akan dtg selamatkan umat Islam akhir zaman?
Please search, and find what really happened during karbala.
Siapa dia Yazid, siapa Muawiyah?
Siapa sbnrnya bunuh Hasan and Husein cucu2 nabi yg mirip benar2 kepada baginda rasul junjungan kita.


I'll try to post some articles about Qarbala, Fatimah RA and her children's story maybe one day.
I hope my children will know more about our Prophet Muhammad SAW, and his family. And hopefully all those could come from me.

Quoted below is how this ustaz views the Qarbala assasination.

Melihat kepada sejarah mungkin miscommunication atau salah maklumat Perang Jamal ini berlaku. Ia dimulai apabila Aisyah r..a., Thalhah dan al-Zubair Ra beserta orang-orang yang bersama mereka pergi ke Basrah setelah pengangkatan Ali bin Abi Thalib Ra menjadi khalifah umat Islam. Tujuan Aisyah r.a ke Basrah untuk menyatukan umat Islam, bukan beperang atau memberontak terhadap Ali k.w. Pasukan Ali r.a. pun pergi ke Basrah bukan untuk memerangi pasukan Aisyah R.a, tetapi untuk bersatu dengan mereka menghadapi peristiwa pembunuhan Usman r.a. Jika tujuannya untuk mempersatukan umat Islam, kenapa terjadi peperangan antara pasukan Aisyah dan Ali?
Sebenarnya ada orang-orang yang membunuh Usman r.a menyamar di antara umat Islam . Mereka tidak suka melihat Aisyah r.a dan Ali k.w bersatu. Oleh kerana itu mereka merencanakan untuk mengadu domba mereka. Di pagi hari yang gelap para pembunuh Usman menyerang pasukan Aisyah yang sedang tidur dengan nyenyaknya. Pasukan Aisyah menyangka pasukan Ali mengkhianati mereka. Untuk mempertahankan diri mereka, pasukan Aisyah menyerang pasukan Ali. Pasukan Ali menyangka pasukan Aisyah telah mengkhianati mereka. Akibatnya terjadilah perang Jamal.
Muawiyah menolak berbai’ah kepada Ali bukan kerana tidak setuju dengan kekhalifahan Ali. Tapi beliau menginginkan agar Ali menjatuhkan hukuman hudud terlebih dahulu kepada Usman. Di sisi Amirul Mukminin Ali bin Abi Thalib, beliau bukan sengaja membiarkan pembunuh Usman berkeliaran dengan bebas. Tetapi umat Islam yang sedang terpecah belah menyebabkan beliau mengalami kesukaran untuk mengambil tindakan apapun.
Muawiyah bukan pemberontak, kerana walaupun beliau tidak berbai’ah kepada Ali, beliau hanya berdiam diri di Syam. Pasukan Ali lah yang bergerak ke Syam. Hal ini menyebabkan Muawiyah menyiapkan pasukannya juga dan berangkat menuju Kufah. Akhirnya kedua pasukan itu bertemu di suatu tempat yang dinamakan Siffin dan bermulalah peperangan yang dikenali dengan perang Siffin.
Ketika Muawiyah sedang tidur bersama isterinya dan mendengar berita terbunuhnya Ali, beliau terus bangun dan berkata: Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un. Kemudian beliau menangis. Kemudian beliau menangis. Istrinya berkata: “Kemarin engkau menyalahkannya dan hari ini engkau menangis untuknya?” Jawab Muawiyah: “Wahai istriku! Aku menangis mengenang manusia akan kehilangan sikap penyantunnya, ilmunya, kelebihannya, awalnya dia dalam Islam dan juga kebaikannya”.
Walaupun Muawiyah bukan pemberontak, tidak bererti Muawiyah berada di pihak yang benar. Di dalam Islam, apabila wujud perbezaan pendapat antara pemimpin dan yang dipimpin, maka kebenaran terletak pada pemimpin. Dalam peristiwa perang Siffin tersebut, pemimpin pada saat itu adalah Amirul Mukminin Ali. Maka sikap yang lebih tepat bagi Muawiyah adalah tidak meletakkan syarat untuk membai’ah Ali. Sebaliknya terus membai’ah beliau dan kemudian mencari penyelesaian untuk memdapatkan pembunuh Usman.
Apabila Ali bin Abi Thalib k.w dibunuh, maka orang ramai melantik anaknya Hasan sebagai khalifah yang baru. Akan tetapi Hasan menginginkan kemaslahatan dan persatuan umat Islam, sehingga beliau memutuskan untuk memberikan jawatan khalifah kepada Mu’awiyah dan kemudian membai’ah Mu’awiyah sebagai khalifah umat Islam yang baru.
Orang menuduh bahwa Muawiyah pembunuh Hasan. Padahal tidak ada bukti yang mengaitkan Muawiyah dengan pembunuhan Hasan. Sampai sekarang tidak diketahui siapa yang meracuni Hasan.
Sejarah versi Syi’ah mencela Muawiyah kerana telah menyerahkan jawatan khalifah kepada anaknya Yazid. Padahal pelantikan Yazid tersebut telah disetujui oleh rakyatnya demi kemaslahatan umat. Menurut versi Syi’ah, Yazid bin Muawiah juga terkenal dengan berbagai kejelekan. Yang paling menonjol adalah memerintahkan bawahannya untuk membunuh Husain bin Ali ra.
Setelah Yazid dibai’ah menjadi khalifah, Husain menerima surat dari penduduk Kufah. Yang menulis surat tersebut adalah kaum Syi’ah dan para pembunuh Usman. Isi surat tersebut adalah mengundang Husain untuk datang ke Khuffah guna dilantik sebagai khalifah. Para sahabat seperti Muhammad bin Hanafiyah, Abdullah bin Abbas, Abdullah bin Ja’far, Abdullah bin Umar, Abu Sa’id al-Khudri, dan Yazid menasihati Husain agar mengabaikan undangan tersebut. Namun Husain enggan mendengar nasihat tersebut dan meneruskan perjalanannya ke Khuffah bersama anggota keluarganya.
Ketika Yazid menerima berita keberangkatan Husain dan keluarganya ke Khuffah, beliau memerintahkan gabernornya di Basrah, Ubaidullah bin Ziyad, untuk ke Kufah guna memperhatikan pergerakan Husain dan penduduk Kufah tetapi akibat suasana yang tegang di Kufah, pergerakan Husain ke Kufah dan sikap Ubaidullah yang tergopoh-gapah, menyebabkan terbunuhnya Husain dan sebagian keluarganya di Karbala.
Adalah sebuah fitnah yang mengatakan bahwa Yazid memerintahkan pembunuhan Husain dan menyuruh membawa kepala Husain kepadanya. Sebenarnya Yazid merasa sangat sedih ketika mendengar Husain dibunuh oleh Ubaidullah bin Ziyad. Ubaidullah memerintahkan agar Husain dibunuh dan kepalanya di bawa kepadanya. Akibat perbuatannya tersebut, Ubaidullah bin Ziyad dibunuh.
Pertarungan di kalangan sahabat adalah hasil dari ijtihad masing-masing. Pembunuhan Usman adalah penyebab segala-galanya. Pintu fitnah ini telah menyeret para sahabat ke medan pertempuran sesama sendiri. Campur tangan golongan munafiqun yang diketuai oleh pendiri Syi’ah, ‘Abd Allah ibn Saba’, telah memainkan peranan dalam menghidupkan episod pertarungan sesama para sahabat. Sesungguhnya pertempuran tersebut berlaku bukan kerana perebutan harta dan kekuasaan, tetapi sebaliknya kerana ingin melihat keadilan dan kebenaran. Sejarah mencatat semua sahabat termasuk Sayyidina ‘Ali menyesali keterlibatan mereka dalam kancah tersebut. Fitnah itu hilang setelah berakhirnya zaman tersebut. Semua umat Islam mengakui kebenaran berada di pihak Ali k.w.
Sama-samalah kita berdoa agar umat Islam tidak lagi berpecah dan semoga kasih sayang menyinari bumi Malaysia ini dengan cahaya Islam…

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WW-Just for laughs :)

hahahahha :D
ok back to work.

better isn't it?
Than berita hari2 tnya pendapat semua org hukum doa KO kan UMNO ;p
smlm yg plg kelakar.
tnya hukum agama pd Dato' Aji sumthing.
Silat Gayong Malaysia nye penaung or sumthing.

*pening tgk buletin utama*

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dear Iman, Dear Amsyar,.....from mommy with love

November 20th, 2012.

Tomorrow my 1st born, Zulhadzrey Iman will be 21months old.
Another 3mths to 2years old. 
How time flies.

As of Iman, he is still struggling for his emotional expressions and how to relate himself with his surroundings. Learning how to communicate how he feels and what he wants. Learning also how to understand instructions and work the instructions right. Trying really hard to comprehend each and every sentence he came across and tries to construct his very own. My sweet Iman. Sometimes I just feel guilty not having enough time for him. Not nurturing his talents well. Forgive me my little one, mommy is only human. I have tried, and at most attempts I fail rather than success especially in controlling my rages and angers towards you my little boy. Sometimes I mislooked you of being big already. Of being the older one.

Iman now has many talents : of singing, of dancing, of jumping, of scribbling on paper and also of constructing sentences. Sometimes he just go spontaneously “ Mommy shhh..amsyar ido” (read: Mommy shhhh..amsyar tidur) or “ Nasi edas,air cepat” (hehe-u could translate that could you?) or even “ Iman yak, ucukkk” whilst pinching his nose.
When being told to fetch things or to take toys to Amsyar, he understands and will do as commanded. Just when we don’t understand him or denies what he wants, he will be in furious rage. He is just being himself, learning to express his feelings. Trying to be a 21mth old child.

Sometime I just feel you’re avoiding me as you’re jealous of your lil brother Amsyar. Don’t worry Iman, hard enough I tried but Allah had made a mother’s heart to equally love her children no matter how many she has. I would never love amsyar more, or even you more than him. I have too much love to spare to both of you. It is really hard to explain, but a mothers love is unconditional. It flows unstoppable from the day I realize you exist. From the day the stick shows two lines. From the very first scan, the very 1st kick, the very first sight.

Mommy loves you Iman. Mommy loves you forever and ever.

Zulhafidzey Amsyar.
My cheeky boy. My smart baby. My miracle baby.

A true miracle when the doc didn’t find your heartbeat at 8wks and sent me off for D&C. But mommy waited, and hoped, and prayed, that you’re are still there. For a miracle to happen. And here you are my exclusively breastfed baby. My beautiful angel. My round cheeks and cute bumbum.
My heart-melter.

Of how easy you’re to be taken care of since the early days. Yet not a day leaving mommy with sleepless nights. I’m very grateful. Maybe mommy is quite harsh with you sometimes, but you’re still my perfect little angel.And now, near to six full-moons have passed. How fast you’ve grown. I’ll try my best for your milk supply and first food introductions. To reimburse back what I’ve gone wrong with your brother last time. My bad, yes I know. Forgive mommy my precious sons.

Remember my dearest, Iman loves you a lot. He may have his own ways to express his devotions, but please don’t judge him wrong. He is still learning to be your big brother. Your protector. Same as you learning to be his, my darling sons. And a long way from now to be my protector when I’m no longer standing tall and strong. May the brotherhood bonds be always there, eventhough mommy may not be here any longer.

Remember my boys, that knowledge is the key of all doors, all possibilities, all the good things and also the bad things as well. So be wise in making your decisions. Have faith in Allah and you will not go astray. Mommy might not be always there, but I’m here now and I’ll try to make open all options that you may have. Open your eyes my dear boys and try to appreciate what is around you. Use what you have and whine not of what you have not. As perhaps what you do not have is better off for you. Be courteous to people and be the humblest person around. And remember my boys, that being honest is always the only option available and safe.

When you're reading this and I'm already far far away, remember that once your mommy had love you with all her heart and the love was so strong that it remains lingering among you two forever and ever.

I love you, Iman.
I love you, Amsyar.



Monday, November 19, 2012

Ideas for Amsyar's 6mo solid food.

Just an entry fr an over excited mommy.

Mommy mmg dah tak sabar ...
Nak start solid food for Amsyar. A whole new puree experimental adventure to venture into.
Mommy has some already in mind.
And a philips blender to assist me already.
And Iman's small food container last time - re use ajerr :).
And Panasonic's eco food container got for free purchasing our new fridge last time for the transport to Ibu Wan's (baby sitter) house nanti.

Some in mind so far :
1. Spinach Puree
2. Apples Puree
3. Pears Puree
4. Carrots Puree
5. Labu Puree
6. Raisins & Kurma Puree
7. Peas Puree
8. Avacado Mashed/Blend
9. Bananas? Bleh ke pisang ek?nak kena google lagi ni.
10. Kentang? Hmm..

So, were doing these this weekend :)

Then the dry-fry beras then blend.
To get an instant bubur nasi for precious amsyar.
Maybe first week we try fruits only.No nasi.Hmm.. lil boy dh nak masuk 6mo!

Mommy mmg dah tak sabar ... nak bg makan budak boo000lat mommy nih.
Yang skrg dh develop his separation anxiety phase (aarrgh..xsuka!)
So everytime mommy leaves his sight, mmg melalak mcm kena cubit2 lah kan?
Mengengsot ke depan xpandai tahu masuk gear reverse ajer.
Maybe kita buat entry khas untuk amsyar pas ni :)

Budak boo00oolat yang dh nak makan :)

We'll see how it turns out eventually.

Yummy yummy :)

Our Breastfeeding Journey - 5days to 6 mths!~

One more week to go!
Then we're 6.
The 23rd to be exact

Got the spectra 3 from Shidah already.Thanks a lot shidah.
So the pumping work is resuming as usual after this.
Nice short gathering also last saturday.
Should do more gatherings soon.

Be strong mommy.have faith.
May Allah give us the chance and rezeki

payah nau nak senyum ini budak tau.pfffft.

Excited to start solid for Amsyar as well :)
Tak sabar!!

Have a nice monday mommies!
Ok dah, jom kerja.
Boss takde arini..Yeay *jogetjogetjoget*
Cuti.sempena cuti sekolah :)


Friday, November 16, 2012

Drypers WeeWeeDry

Drypers L68 tgh sale kat Pasaraya Hero berdekatan anda.
Sampai 18th November.
Info for those staying around Shah Alam/Ampang. :)

L68 for RM31.
Murah la kot..kan?
Iman Amsyar mmg pkai yg ni :)
Mak depa takdak duit nak pakaikan MamyPoko..hehehe

Sekian info.
Mmg mcm mak mak rasanya buat post macam ni ;p

Selamat Hari Jumaat Ladies!
Terjah mall mana lunch nanti?



Thursday, November 15, 2012


Salam Maal Hijrah mommies!~
And happy new hijrah year 1434H!
Hope that our resolution for this year becomes better this year.

This is a recipe altered by me and aliyya, mak su Iman& Amsyar on Deepavali day. It turned out to be marvellous!heart winner for my lil picky eater iman. Worth the try :) Saja2 je buat sebenarnya..dh lama tak ber cookies...hehe

My version ni ada letak cornflakes sket..lg crunchy lg sedap.bleh juga boh raisins klu suka chewy2 sket :)


1 bar of butter 250g
1cup of vegetable oil
4cups++ flour
1tbs corn flour
1 tsp baking powder
1cup sugar
1 egg
2 handsfull of cornflakes crushed
1handful roasted almond chopped
1 cup choc chips..more if you like.
1 tsp vanilla essence


1. Cream butter,oil and sugar.
2. Add in the egg and vanilla essence and continue on creaming.
3. Fold in flour, corn starch and baking powder-little by little.
4.Add in choc chips, cornflakes, almonds.
5. Make sure dough is stiff enough to mould into small balls. If too watery add a lil more flour.
6. Make small balls of your dough, and rearrange your cookies on a buttered baking tray.
7. Bake for 10-15mins in a pre-heated 150degC oven.
8. Ready to serve! Yeay!!

Boleh add in oats/walnuts kalau suka, ikut suka :)
I bet you this recipe will not dissapoint you (dissapointed woman who doesn't like to push heavy cars also could try.. ;p)

Happy cuti-day everybody! :)


Monday, November 12, 2012


Monday as usual.Are usually bo00ring.
But today it's diferent since esok rabu and khamis=cuti!!~
Tak abes2 lagi excited nak cuti.
Pastu mood cuti di tenggelamkan dgn email ni.

Aaaaa? Boleh pula meeting hari cuti umum?
Mana bleh!~
I nak cuti.I demand to cuti!!!!!!!!!
I have plans already.
Plans nak balik kampung. camano nih?


ok malas nak fikir bab tu.
terus down from early morning.


Jom cerita bab pam susu.
Bagus juga i have this blog.some of my friends really keep track of what i'm currently up to just by reading this blog. Hi uols! :) And I'm really fortunate that my bestie did read bout my faulty pam- and decided to lend me hers. Aaa..relieve sket. Although my spectra manual is serving me great. tp bila malas melanda-the electric pump could do wonders for me. Thanx Shidah, for the offer. Since she'v got herself a new pump already-her spectra is sitting still in the closet since. Tak tahu lah knp, i thnik i'm just good with spectra tho.

So, we'll get the new pump. so called new. but at least still working great :)
Thank you guys, for reading my entries :)
Love you till death for that.


ok back to sulking sebab kena attend meeting on deepavali.
could i bring my babies tmrw? since tmrw kan holiday.
so my babysitter cuti uols..

**abg bangla ccuci tingkap bangunan rnd pun cuti esok uols..sobsob**

Friday, November 9, 2012

Rainy Friday

Ai..xsabar nak cuti.

isnin kerja.takpelah.

pastu CUTI!~

wlu pun Jumaat next week ttp kerja.takpelah.
qadha' blk cuti raya haji yg kami bercuti kat hospital salam aritu :)

cuti sekolah pun dh bermula ni. apa plan cuti hujung tahun uols?
bestnya klu dpt cuti paaaanjang mcm cikgu2.
ttba nak apply jd cikgu lah.

Have you ever read/know about Montessori programs?
Or Maria Montesorri methods?
Just asking if anyone have some ideas of how good is her pedagogy of learning.
Plan to send iman to Brainy Bunch Montessori.
But I don't know.
Still in study :)

The boys. My boys.Both at 5mths :)

Have a nice cuti everyone!
Mommy have good plans with Iman and Amsyar this weekend as well.
And also good plans for PP (powerpumping..!!)

Hari2 pun hujan nowadays.need to find methods/games to keep active iman entertained inside the house.
And how to keep the laundry fresh and crisp! (guna TOP mmg berkesan for indoor ever tried compared to other department brands).



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Daily Routines

Just feel like writing today. Luahan hati.

Sometimes i think life is quite harsh on me.But the more you think of it, the more its torturing.So i stopped thinking and daydream of all the luxuries and what other people are indulging in.And just move on. This is my life so i should shape it as i want it and just let be.I have a demanding cute 21mo hunny bunny and another exclusively breastfed 5 and a half mths old sugar donut to spend my time with at night. So sometimes i just let go of all the house chores and use my little time to play with my lil men :). 

And alhamdulillah ever since, i managed to cook our daily dinner every day by now. Let it be just one main course with plain rice, but we're happier. I try not to be angry at Iman at almost all times and let his curiousity develops. Main lah all mommies pots and pans. My tupperwares and tipuwares. My onions and garlics. Even my bag of colourful straws. He just loves to be at the kitchen with me. And i'm still trying to adjust to love his presence as well instead to be annoyed as before.  At his age, he imitates a lot. How i cook, how i wash my pots, how i cut my veges. I find it so cute tho. And at the end of the day when he's already asleep, i'll just keep back ALL the mess. Kadang2 bukan byk pun, but before- all the melarang, and keeping it back once he put it out then repeating the act every 10 mins just did left me much more exhausted. 

I tried to end my day early and start again the next morning earlier than i should.By 11pm, we tried to have all lights off already. Except on some days it always extend to 10 to 15 mins more. But why should i be so strict. Just follow with the flow and move on.

I'm still struggling with my milk supplies. Its just another 16 days to go for 6months full BF. For Amsyar to be 6mo. With all the ups and downs- my frozen stock thawed, my breast pump broke-down. Small issues actually but some how it did effected me and my motivation. With tight budget constraint-i think this happens to all small young families- buying a new pump is really not in our monthly budget unless the management surprisingly nak bg bonus or increase our pay. Payday is always another payday. Kira cukup blanja secukupnya. At least we don't want to be in debt with orang, Pinjam sana sini. Hutang tak terbayar. Sesak2 sket- at least we are eating and living on our own-takde nak berhutang2 uang. Eh, panjang pulak cerita..asalnya bab pam yg rosak aje. The pump had already served me well-dah cukup haul dh. And now I'm with spectra manual that happened to be my spare pump one time ago. Kecik but i love the suction. 10mins pump is already sufficient and its really a handy pump. Cuma jangan kena time berpenyakit 'M' la.. malas and mengada. Malas pump manually. Mmg xdapek nak tolong la kan?Another 16days zahra-then we could support with solid food :) And inshallah I think we could make this happen.The first stepping stone. Bila dh bleh start solid dh jatuhlah gelaran exclusive BF tu. Takpelah kan. Then we target further, for 1yr pula :)

Nights are really hectic for me as a working mommy and I'm still struggling to cope. My night routines. Just to put it here..cause maybe some time ahead- i'll not be having this routine again.

7pm-play, read to iman, mandi, solat sama sama, play some more, BF Amsyar while resting. Play some more with both.
8pm- start to cook while keeping the 8pm news on : sambil masak sambil 'dengar' berita heheh (bila ada berita menarik-lari2 ke depan tv tgk tv), clean house sket, run the washing machine, check the bottles while daddy put both babies to sleep.well, most of the time tak berjaya la..iman still playing, amsyar still wiggling.
9pm- dinner. jemur baju. kemas dapur. kemas rumah. clean iman yg makan dinner sepah sapu kuah ayam the whole baju and tumpahkan air :p
10pm- Finally, TV time. Lipat kain. Sedia kan bottles for next day supply.Some more playing if Iman's still awake, prepare the boys bag for tmrw. Pump another round if possible.
11pm- Brush teeth with Iman (still trying to do this). Pray.Sleep.

If time belajar - 11pm - start study/homework/coursework.
12 midnite- pengsan.

If you happen to be reading this. Thank you very much. This is just a diary of my routines, whereas i might be forgetting it one time soon and this entry will still be here to refresh my memories of how my days were when i was a young mother of two babies :)

Till then,
Have a nice wednesday peeps,
May our day today be much better than yesterday. Inshallah.


30 and counting++

Suami saya selalu marah bila saya tanya "Syg x kat sy?"
Dia kata sy slalu sgt tnya.
Dia kata dia mmg lah syg kat saya.
Yelah.Mungkin sb sy mmg tnya dia hari hari..;p

Hari ni Anniversary mak dgn ayah saya.
Anniversary yg ke-30.
Happy Anniversary mak!
Bapak juga.. :)

Harap2nya jodoh kami juga aman dan kukuh sempat sambut anniversary ke-30 juga.
Mcm mak dgn bapak.
Ntah mcm mana rupanya nanti.
Ntah kan bleh lagi diputar cd kawen waktu tu nanti.
Iman dh tentu 29thn dh.
Amsyar 28.

Anyway, I always love anniversaries.
Mcm moment kenangan terindah.
May all the love in the world be inside both your hearts.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Surat Cinta for me...

I got this on my windscreen yesterday.

Dear Dissapointed Woman,

I am trully sorry i blocked your car and my car is heavy. I will buy a viva next time.
My office is 15mins away from the parking lot, so sorry that i'm always late.
Feel free to ask the guard to assist you to push my car next time.
Don't be disappointed anymore.Senyum senyum ya.
Lain kali tinggal la hp number. Boleh kita berkenalan.
Letak la at least plat number kereta you.i pun xingat siapa i block.nanti kalau nampak kereta you i park lerr jejauh sket.

And really nice of you remembering my plat number and printing the letter as well.
Kdg2 mmg xsalah guna printer office utk surat2 cmni.kekekekek.

Peace war.


Monday, November 5, 2012

The Perfect Weekend

A perfect weekend for me must be of some if not all of the followings :

1. Healthy children. Flu free. Fever Free. Active laughing and  smiling. Healthy mommy and daddy as well :)
2. Plenty of cookings and makan makan. Some nice recipes to be tried as well :) Making pleasure food makes your life a stage  happier :)
3. Fresh Laundry. Managed to finished all including towels. Owh..i love fluffy fresh towels!~
4. Rest and relax.
5. Some baking to do. May it be a tart-let. A simple bread pudding. Or some great choc chip cookies :)
6. More relaxing and movie watching. Some book reading.
7. Some home-schooling activities : Let it be painting a rock. Or just playing home-made play-dough :)
8. A walk to the park or to grandma's with the boys :)
9. A sparkling house. Mopped and dusting work finished.
10. Everybody's home. The more the merrier.

So did you have your perfect weekend?
I did.


So happy Monday peeps :)
Alhamdulillah we had our off-days.
Just to clear up our minds :)



Friday, November 2, 2012

A dedication to geypa! :)

This is dedicated to my sons grandfather : my beloved father.
Happy Belated Birthday Bapak.The 48th Birthday this year!
On the 31st of October Actually :)
May many happy returns to you in the future :)

Ahh..yes. I call my father-bapak.
Traditional isn't it?
I like!!~

Inspiring others

Salam Ladies,
Hope we all have a lovely Friday today.
Its always nice to be in Fridays.
Just plain nice with not really much specific reasons.

Do you like blogwalking?I do.especially when the system's slow and my engineering dwgs are loading too slow.There are really blogs out there which are in hugh quality contents. Some are inspiring and create happy feelings. Some are with usefull tips for BF and toddler time parenting. 

I always find this blog soothing and inspiring and most of the pictures are really admirable awesome. Most recipes are also so inspiring that i feel like doing them myself.Let me share with you.Do have a look to mamatiamia's page. Sometimes i just wish to be happy and jolly like her. I think that perhaps the fact that she  has her aging mother live in home with her, makes all the rezeki open wide for her and Allah always hide all her sorrows for her.May her deed be always blessed as well. Amin.

Sometimes i really feel blessed to be involved in this blogging world.Making new friends,getting updated with friends, connecting with hi school mates, getting tips,sharing some, sharing recipes, copying styles opps.. Some just blog for fun, keeping memories for children milestones, for wedding preps.
Its just a wonderful feeling.To be able to share.

I hope one day, i'll be able to write wonderful stuffs as well. Be a good inspiration to others. But that's a loong loong way to go. For now it's just a beginning and being emotional sometimes is just a part of being human :)

Have a beautiful Friday mommies.



Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nape dikkkk? :p

Pics adik suka sgt jengil2 mata yg bulat tu..
Bukan satu dua..tapi byk jugalah yg buntang cmni pose nya.
takpelah dik..ttp nyomel di mata mommy ;p
Geram mommy tgk.
Hari2 balik kerja terkam gigit pipi hat ni dulu..

Saja je..lama tak letak pics amsyar.
Have a nice day peeps.




jom terjah :)
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