Thursday, January 29, 2015

School of thoughts

Assalam lovelies ;)

A lovely Thursday alhamdulillah.
I have so many to share yet there's too little time. In short im just grateful with what happened and all the rizq around me that Allah had shown in so many ways.

This year around im trying to do things another way around. Try to have small business and learnt other ways how people think. I renamed myself and joined a business group under a top malaysian MLM as a kilang worker (well that's pretty true jugak kan) and see how they perceived me, but once in a while i cannot help to put english words in my conversation (huh, berlagak gila ..haha) and nearly blew my undercover. My objectives? I wanted to learn from down, from where people see you as invisible. Try it some time. It's really interesting. I love to be the engineer but sometimes wearing different hats is really cool in some ways. Alhmdulillah to my surprise, there is so many things that i have learnt and can possibly learn by only joining whatsapp groups. And that, i really love. :) :)

Really guys, try to learn something from people around you, even from facebook and colleagues, young and old. Some colleagues called me wikipedia bergerak, well how nerdy that sounded but well, what ever lah kan. I love reading things and doing small researches. And i love to share them. Bukan lah real researches but simple things. Simplest things. I've learnt from a fb friend about the fine line between happiness/knowledge sharing and innocent soft brag. hahaha.. simple things kan? Recognize what is valuable and dismiss what is not. And do not be afraid to tell the truth :)

Talking about telling the truth, children are the most honest beings on earth. so beware. In one incident late afternoon yesterday, my neighbour's boy came to play with the boys. He's only 6 and quite straight-forward and he adores my hubs but hates me..ahahah. Well, my hubby asked him then " Mana abah? Abah dah balik ke?" His answer?

" Abah ada kat atas. Tengah pujuk ummi merajuk dlm bilik air,"

Imagine if the situation was vice versa. Adoi, habis rahsia iman cerita ;p

About Charlie Hebdo assasinations, i have my own thoughts on this, but i havent yet time to put it in words yet. But, I loved what had been said by this brother, this ustaz. I have few of his books and i found that he has beautiful things going on his mind. Do read if you're interested here.

Tata for today. nanti kita cerita lagi.
Kita sambung melukis kejap. Kejap lagi nak balik dah :)



Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Doa Untuk Anak Anak Mommy


O Allah, be kind to me through the survival of my children,
setting them right for me, and allowing me to enjoy them.
My God, make long their lives for me,
increase their terms, bring up the smallest for me,
strengthen the weakest for me,

rectify for me their bodies, their religious dedication, and their moral traits,
make them well in their souls, their limbs,
and everything that concerns me of their affair,
and pour out for me and upon my hand their provisions!

Make them pious, fearing, insightful, hearing,
and obedient toward Thee, loving and well-disposed toward Thy friends,
and stubbornly resistant and full of hate toward all Thy enemies! Amen!

O Allah, through them strengthen my arm,
straighten my burdened back, multiply my number,
adorn my presence, keep alive my mention,
suffice me when I am away, help me in my needs,

and make them loving toward me, affectionate, approaching, upright, obedient,
Never disobedient, disrespectful, opposed, or offenders!

Help me in their upbringing, their education, and my devotion toward them,
give me among them from Thyself male children,
make that a good for me, and make them a help for me in that which I ask from Thee!

Give me and my progeny refuge from the accursed Satan,
for Thou hast created us, commanded us, and prohibited us, and made us desire
the reward of what Thou hast commanded, and fear its punishment!

My lil bookworms :)

My heart was touched tonight. As our usual weekdays dinner would be at 7, so waiting for maghrib the boys were still with dinner desserts leftovers lingering around the house. Hands full of chocolate sauce I asked them to wash their hands already for the umpteenth time since tiny ants were all around.

They didn't listen. And kept playing until I said "go wash your hands and mommy'll read you a story book". Both faces lit up and both scrambled towards the sink to wash up!

Oh my! How happy they were, and so did I! Books will always be a treat for them so far. Alhmdulillah! I was touched of how excited they were to sit on my lap for me to read their favorite book. Definitely mommy's boys..mommy's bodyguards, mommy's khalifahs to pray for me when I die. Amin.

Today's book : Rapunzel :)

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Monday, January 26, 2015

The choice

I always emphasize to my workmates. My HUGE team. Assumptions kills. Prioritize on what matters most. We can make the change. 
It is us holding the keys.

Happy Monday everyone!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sembang petang masuk 2015

Assalamualaikum uols! :)

Asyik letak entry serious je..Jom kita sembang sembang la arini. 21days along 2015 kadang kadang tulis tarikh meeting minutes pun masih tertulis 2014. Seolah olah mcm masih xdpt compute yg dh 21 hari masuk ke 2015. Macam macam dh berlaku and mcm2 dh terjadi Tp masih lg xbrain dh 2015 ;p

WRV dh masuk hari ke 3 tido di parkir proton. Alhmdulillah, setakat ni spjg 7thn ni kalau Rosa atau pancit skalipun pastinya bkn ditgh jalan atau dicelah2 hutan dabong yg xde signal phone itewww. Alhmdulillah, sbab tu masih syg. Lampu lambang bateri turn sbnrnya dh 4-5 bln dh nyala skali skala tp kami buat donno saja.Kali ini semua lampu sgala abs, SRS airbags etc nyala, and radio ter On off.ttba lost power accelerator..masuk je parking square terus engine die off. Mmg just nice. Yalah wpn skrg terpaksa tinggalkan dulu tido di proton 3-4 hari ni. Alternator problem katanya..nk tukar? Ori parts katanya smpai rm600..nangis T_T tgh kering ni br je settle cash on school fees 3.3k 1hb aritu.Nangis.

Hmm..tinggal lah dulu. Tido elok elok di parkir proton tu yehh..takpe pakgad n CCTV ada teman T_T

Teringat perbincangan ttg financial freedom w my proton mommy group colleagues. Pnjg ceritanya. Maybe kita sembang one entry on that, tp smlm dlm temu mesra Tun M w proton workers, dia ada sebut benda2 yg mmg jadi asas kami2 yg masih disini. Dia sebut pasal job satisfaction. Satisfactiory yg result oriented bkn money oriented. Tun sebut kalau dia nk duit dia xjadi PM yg bergaji 20k (yeke PM 20k?). Tp what he have done to Malaysia and how Malaysia is still appreciating his works is what that counts. Betul la tu..

In one sense I agree w Tun. Apa objective kita kerja? Kenapa kita pindah kerja? Kenapa kita masih disini. Do not ask why they left but ask those who are still loyal why they r still here. Make sense tak? Tepuk dada tnya diri kenapa.

Benda berkait kait semuanya. Apa tujuan hidup kita. Apa harapan Kita? Kemana Kita mau didik anak2 kita? Mak sy slalu sbut, anak2 ni miracles..benda yg boleh ada dr yg tiada. Half of you and half of the person you love :)

Panjang nya sembang.ahahaha

Takpa release sikit stress, delaying w vendors yg suka compromy quality. Sedih.

This year my hopes heaps high. Ada list panjang tentang segala harapan segala perancangan, moga moga berjalan lancar. Plug tinggi harapan agar diri, anak2 and suami sihat sihat sahaja spnjg thn. Terbaca blogger yg melepaskan online shop yg diusahakannya dh 5thn, semuanya kehendak Allah swt.

Sayu hati melihat anak2 Kelantan ke sekolah berselipar jepun, tido masih dlm khemah. Moga ditabahkan hati. Besar sungguh dugaan darinya. Rezeki murah adik iparku zarif dpt full bantuan kemasukan ke SBP atas ticket mangsa banjir dan anak project khas (pendapatan keluarga krg 1k). Yaa..keluarga suami mmg susah. Antara sebab sy ingin berkahwin dgn dia selain atas dasar cinta. Kita kalau boleh nak suntik semangat berubah, atau jadi pengubah keluarga dari dlm. Biar ilmu jd bekalan..semangat juang untuk berubah perlu ada. Alhmdulillah 5thn bersama, suntikan demi suntikan, adik we dpt ke SBP. Yang pertama dlm keluarga mereka syabas! Moga esok lebih baik dr mereka. Moga lebih byk lagi berita kejayaan dr keluarga lindungan allah ini. Moga Allah bagi lebih kekuatan utk saya utk suntikan semangat lebih bg mereka Inshallah. Kalau tidal dpt byk, moga jadi cth ikutan dan tauladan utk lebih berjaya dan mengubah nasib keluarga. Mudah mudahan Allah permudahkan cara dan membukakan hati hati mereka. Amin.

Moga anak2 yg lahir dr perkahwinan ini menjadi pembela meneruskan perjuangan mommy. Menjadi anak2 lelaki soleh dan kuat fizikal dan mentalnya dan ibu ibu mithali dan solehah penerus generasi.

Inshallah :)


Mommy Zahra

Selit selingan sikit :)
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Ray-ban Aviator Online Original

**sticky post entry ***

Hello there lovelies!


How’s your day so far?Alhamdulillah few things happened and made me feel more alive for 2015 lately. But not everyday is a sunny day, so once in a while on a bad hair day mode, of course, we need something to at least add some spark, and for me, sunglasses just will do the trick :)

Climbing the career ladder, I do realize that image plays quite a big role in getting where you want to be especially in the corporate world. A clean image is essential, but how you present yourself will be most important.

Let me be frank, what do you think when you come across people in sunglasses? For me, a pair of sunglasses just adds up a lovely tint to your everyday normal wear. And furthermore spruce out  a little more confidence in you. Between me and hubby, he’s the collector. Me, I will wear when necessary..especially to hide puffy or panda eyes..hehehe.

The best thing about sunglasses is that they are very versatile to be matched with all types of clothing. Among the famous sunglass picks often purchased are the Ray-ban aviators collection for women. What do you think about aviators collection? Versatile kan? Comey aihhh.. I just love this one. Which is quite great even for me :)

For  trendy women, there are several ways a woman can attempt on flaunting their trendy pair of Ray-ban aviators. The first look idea is the most common one seen by us which is the casual t-shirt and jeans appearance. Everyone has those days where you just do not want to wear any make up on and prefer to wear something comfy yet stylish. With a simple Ray ban aviators, the sunglasses can definitely add a little bit of style into your plain casual clothes, hijabi or not.

For the ladies who want to appear rugged and edgy, sunglasses can definitely do the trick. Style the aviator sunglasses with a nice leather jacket for a complete boyish appearance. Whether the leather jackets are matched with a dress or even a pair of jeans, the sunglasses definitely helps bring out your aggressive and funky side.

 The next way a woman can style their Ray-ban aviator is with their jumpsuits or playsuits. It can be a bit hard to accessorize jumpsuits with jewelleries as you might be afraid to overcrowd the outfit. The effective way to appear stunning in jumpsuits is by wearing a pair of Rayban aviator sunglasses. It will absolutely bring out the feminine yet easy going edge in the whole entire outfit. Besides that, jumpsuits are the perfect substitute of clothing for those who are just bored wearing t-shirts and jeans, just to suggest some alternative styles.

If you have no time to go out and pick your own aviators, like a busy mommy like me, thank you to the online retailing world, we can now even purchase original Ray-bans online. Betul, tak tipu nih..and fret not, even Zalora offers raybans in its retail line nowadays. Tgk kalau tak percaya. Lets roar abit and boost the inner confidence in you, buy Ray-ban aviator sunglasses online from ZALORA today.

Personally, I love Zalora. Just click click esok sampai :) Even if you have no cash in hand, boleh COD dgn dana encik suami…*wink*wink*. Taksuka, tak puashati, boleh pulang balik tukar no problem, I did some myself..hahaha. Even bought some birthday surprise for hubby last time via zalora :)

So apalagi, jom zalora jom!  Kalau nak COD, suami bayar pun boleh. hehehe


Zahra :)

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Monday, January 19, 2015

One City Mall Rooftop Skypark

Assalamualaikum lovelies!!

We had an opportunity to view what's here nearby in One City mall. Dah buka quite for a long time but biasalah..we had no opportunity to get there yet. So yah ..we had one in the opening of 2015 :)

Mommy and the boys

We arrived around 4.30pm and had few strolls around where there are few mobile/accessories related floors selling at remarkable price. Murah murah! So we could not resist to buy few :) There where few Halal restaurants available and old town cafe was jammed packed. Hopefully they'll add few more family favorites along time.
The mall itself is small but there's a serenity trademark in its design that pleases the eyes :) We purchased some coupons offer that included a sling bag and two cinema passes. Bila lah nak tgk tu :p and then without further adieu we headed up to checkout the skypark. Yeay sky park :) lucky for us the evening was sunny bright.yeay!

Couple of the year :)

Rajnikanth... opppppssss...

Muka tak puas hati -zulhafidzey amsyar

Two excited boys meeting Mickey from a mickey outlet shop 

The rooftop is on the 10th floor if not mistaken. Just a lift ride above, so it was indeed a nice experience (plus - the elevator was glass walled and the parkings was still free).

Hiways from way above. Thanx to the sunshine for the glowing complexionnnn ;p

Glass roof yang nmpak way down to ground floor. Seramm

Ok then. Ada peluang come and visit this nice spot. There's a few dining places up here on the roof for nice dinners once in a while. 

Till then.


Mommy Zahra

Main place USJ21 in view.

Homemade Churros Resipi ala Malaysia

Selamat Pagi Lovelies!

Semalam try this recipe for our tea time. Turned out it was a nice resipe. so let us save it here for future references.. churros ni ala ala cream puffs yg digoreng. Sedap and cair dimulut.

oklah hampir hampir cair. tak cair sgt laaa... :p



1 1/2 cups flour
1cup water
2 tbsp sugar
2tbsp butter

Vanilla essence

Chocolate sauce --> Melt chocholate bar with milk. Serve :)


Boil water with butter and sugar until all dissolved. Add in flour little by little and stirr vigurously until fully mixed.

Turn off flame and mix in egg. Stir until all become even.

Pipe with a star tip.

Deep fry and serve with chocolate sauce :)

Senang kan?

Slamat mencoba!


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Thursday, January 15, 2015

SMAPKajang in memory always

Kata org tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang, inikan pula tempat bermain :)


Hari pendaftaran pelajar baru sessi 2015. On the exact date 18yrs ago, I was in his shoes, registering for the same school. Alhmdulillah di berikan rezeki utk bertemu lagi sekolah yg dh 13thn ditinggalkan.

The environment was just as it was when we left, the trees were still there only taller, the buildings as rustic as it ever was. It was like the whole school froze in a time capsule that didn't age. Even the teachers did not look older, same youthful teachers I had long long time ago :)

I was really mesmerized with the moment. There was a lot of memories created here. Good ones especially, and most of my lifetime friends were friends from this school as well. The field was as it was, all the basketball poles and taqraw nets, and the kemuncups and whatnots. The masjid is as old as it was before..worn out of age and frequent use.

All reminded me of how I used to be. The serenity and dusty bed where we slept and nvr complained. The huff and puff of 17-18 friends in one dormitory. The stinky dewan makan. All those things we liked back then.

What have thought me into who I am today. All the blessings and habits that became the foundations of me. Alhmdulillah.

Alhmdulillah. Belajar rajin rajin my dearest adik. Kakak wish you all the best :)

Maahad Al-Islami Alfidraali Kaajang in memory 1997-2001



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Saturday, January 10, 2015

On the go APPLE PIES recipe

Apple pies inspired by Mc Donalds :)


2 apples cubed
4 tbs sugar
2 tbs sugar to caramelize
One cinnamon stick or half teaspoon cinnamon powder
1 clove
2tbs flour mixed into 1cup of water

6 pieces of bread
Oil to deep fry


Caramelize 2tbsp of sugar by heating up sugar in cooking pan. Add in 1/2cup water and keep stirring.

Add in apples and sugar. Cook until apples are a little soft. Add cinnamon n clove.

Add flour water mixture, and bring to boil. Stir until sauce thickens. Cool it down

Spoon 3 tbsp of sauce onto bread. Press bread ends with a fork to secure closure.

Deep fry pies 8-10 second per side and serve immediately :)


Slamat mencoba kawan2 :)

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Renewing our vows

Every couple needs a reviving session once in a while. A team building session to discuss hopes and strategize missions for the future. Alhmdulillah we try to do this at least once in 3-6 mths :)

A day out date just the two of us.
So that we can concentrate to each other :)

I havent listen to this man's heart for awhile. We're sleeping next to each other, drive back and fro work side by side but am i listening to my oldest forever baby? No. T_T

I'm concentrating to be a mom and a career woman, sometimes I forget that being a wife is not necessarily attending to only his physical biological needs *sobs . This old baby needs more. More out of me emotionally tho it always looked like I'm the only one with emotions in the house.

I watched several excerps from 'being me' seminar on TV alhijrah before for talks from few famous Muslim icons where one talked about different hats a woman has to wear. Maybe I'll try to make it to this year's event to improve my inner self as before this I kept missing the seminar for things I myself can't remember.

This year, is our 5th year of marriage. The target is still doing things that works and working out things that don't before. The journey still needs sparks to fill in the excitement. To not go monotonous eventually and leaving both just for the sake that its unlawful to be seperated. Its a sacred bond that needs both parties to work on it. I'm into this wholeheartedly. And so is he. So this will work Inshallah. For the many many years either here or the hereafter to come!

Just walking together, borak borak watching fishes talking about our dreams, what we wanted for our children, plans for more children (if Allah may) ..just made my day. Although he cancelled my plans to watch a movie, its he made it more special without a movie.

But do not get me wrong la.. This man is not hopelessly romantic and sweet kind of person. I always dreamt he was..bummer.but Instead of keep on dreaming, let me try to be the romantic one. Eventually he'll grow into one. Just give it a try ladies out there..and see how beatifully it can go as just believe in what you give you'll get back.

I love you dear.
But this year i plan it to be different.

This year I love you for the love of Allah.
Uhibbuka fillah.

Pray for our happiness :)

Lots of love,


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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Amsyar's First day of school


Alhmdulillah amsyar is already attending playschool/ preschool at the age of 32months. He'll be 3 by May tapi, xpelah mommy hantar juga. My baby was so brave that he got positive feedbacks from the teachers. No tears during drop and pick up but the teacher said that he cried once in class maybe out of sleepiness. 11am dh nap time biasanya.

He came back only complaining he's tired. And fell asleep at 9.30pm. Bagus anak mommy :) He'll surely make some friends soon. Abg Iman pun ada senior kenit dh thn ni.

These two weeks are orientation and play weeks only so we'll see how. Inshallah yg Baik baik sahaja.

May Allah protect u always my lil khalifah.



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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tak muat

Iman always says the darnest thing. Byk sangat kenkadang xterlayan mommy :p

One lovely day...

"Mommy, Iman xboleh pakai dh underwear Iman. Iman punya dh tak muat. Boleh tak Iman pakai daddy punya?"

" Haa? Kenapa xmuat pulak.mommy beli yg besar aritu.."

" Ish mommy ni xfahamlah. Mommy tau tak k*t@ Iman dah besar. Iman kena pkai yg mcm daddy punya baru muat"

Kahkahkah..! Xmenahan mommy nk gelak!
Tapi kutahan jebat. Oh my anok jateyy mommy ni!

" Yeke imann? Laaa...kalau besar kena g potong la..kna sunat!"

" Tapi Iman rasa dah kecik balik la.boleh muat kot ni mommy.."

Aduhailah anak. Bila dah besar nanti kalau iman baca ni mesti tergelak guling guling.


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Iman's and amsyar's 1st haircut

Some pictures of it..just mommy nk ingat satu hari nanti :)

Both we're alhamdulillah relax sahaja.sonang kerja mommy.and the machaa charged us rm6 per head.. :)

Syg baby hair mommy save some for keepsake :)

Handsome x anak bujang mommy? :)


Mommy Zahra

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jom terjah :)
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