Friday, April 18, 2014

Berpisah susu

Gambar macho abg amsyar satu :)
Abg amsyar sb this yr nak dpt lg dua adik spupu :)

This coming May this little boy I named Zulhafidzey Amsyar is turning 2. Alhmdulillah.

Cuma harini nak bercerita tentang cerai susu. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but its ok, menambahkan ilmu.if you have been following my blog (really thank you for that!) i believe that u know i really write about anything, from treatments,happenings, politics, you name it. Caca merba, but this is what life is.I really love little projects to research and work with, and share some interesting findings

Alhmdulillah, amsyar was fully breastfed until 1 yr old, and then was on alternate milk until 18mths.Then mommy stopped pumping.and cont only feedings at night. Balik kerja je, mmg seronok la amsyar, bila supply full je.mommy plak kuat mkn.byk lah susunya..hahaha.Alhmdulillah..I feel so blessed. I do believe that after 1yr, when the child starts eating good food, mommy's milk is just supplementary, and of course the method for the baby to feel comfortably hugged by the mom.

But reaching 24mths ni, I feel that i had enough.
amsyar had enough feedings.sometimes he just need the cuddles which he had related with being breastfed eversince he was born. So I guess cerai susu will surely be a big deal to him.

I tried to be very gentle and subtle to not let him feel rejected. So I limit the nursing time gradually and tried to procrastinate at times, telling him.." sekejap sayang mommy mandi dulu.." or " makan nasi dulu lepas lepas ni kita minum ok". Or sometimes the drastic "susu habis lah adik..kejap lg baru ada". Cruel eh? Hahaha.

Well 2yrs is quite enough.

Some suggested to put some asam jawa.or maybe a little salt. Tp xsanggup lg kot.
Maybe gradually will work.
Night feedings pun i've limited to bedtime only. In the middle of the nights, kalau nak, kita bg botol susu. 

Tgn debab..main vacuum mommy!

I target to wholly stop by this coming 23rd of May, another 1 mth+ to go adik.Mommy know u'll survive. Ur a big boy now, kan? Don't worry mommy love you always, sayang semestinya.

Pray for me. Inshallah will be OK.


Have a nice weekend peeps!


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