Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Cake _ Amsyar's School Party!

Muka happy birthday boy dgn kek idaman sejak err...january ;p
Alhmdulillah dpt juga.

Inshallah klu permintaan reasonable mmg mommy bagi. Cuma this time daddy marah sikit sebab mommy xdan buatkan goody bags. Next time tau adik..ehh adik plak. Abgngah amsyar dh ni :)

Mommy double suka sb beli kek dpt toys free..haha 2 in 1 :)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Penutup for May Celebration : Our 6th Anniversary! :)

Dua Sejoli - Dewa

Usap air matamu
Yang menetes di pipimu
Ku pastikan semuanya
Akan baik-baik saja

Bila kau terus pandangi
Langit tinggi di angkasa
Tak kan ada habisnya
S’gala hasrat di dunia

Hawa tercipta di dunia
Untuk menemani sang Adam
Begitu juga dirimu ku
Tercipta tuk temani aku  kamu

Renungkan sejenak
Arti hadirku di sini
Jangan pernah ingkari
Dirimu adalah Wanita  lelaki

Harusnya dirimu menjadi
Perhiasan sangkar maduku
Walaupun kadang diriku
Bertekuk lutut di hadapanmu

Bukalah pintu jiwamu
Dengar bisikan sanubari
Semua adalah isyarat

Isyarat dari Sang Pencipta

Selamat Pengantin baru suamiku..baru 6tahun..ehemm..


For the 600 more years coming.. :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

May Happy-nings - Birth of Kawsar binti Hani

22nd May 2016
Birth of my beautiful niece

Kawsar binti Hani

Congratulations dear sister Zainab :)
Another reason to celebrate and rejoice in May!

Kawsar with her brother, Hamza

May you become as beautiful as your name, as intelligent as you mother and as solehah as Sayyidatina Fatimah Azzahra.


Love ,


This year indeed is a year for my mom to 'kumpul' cucus.

Cousins look alike, newborn Amsyar (2012) vs Kawsar (2016) :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mommy's Birthday 2016 -throwback

I always took a day off from the office on my birthday. Just to reward myself and enjoy the day..hahaha. Hubs took his day off too, and before this the day was always well spent. The usuals would be whether a movie date, or a karaoke date..minus the kids..haha! Baru syiok kannn? ;) Adalah once my birthday fell on General Election day (2013 kot) and it was not fun! Tp after that, every year we arranged for something and just enjoy each other's company.

This year, i didnt want any movies. i just wanted some chit chat..and good food. But hubs had other plans, and we went for gold hunting! Faktor usia agaknya ;p

Well, we got some great bargain at PKNS shah alam, a really nice birthday card. And some great dinner at D'one steakhouse shah alam. so im a happy mom!

Thank you hubs. Happy birthday to me! :)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Zulhafidzey Amsyar Zulhalimey

...is four(4) years old today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23rd MAY 2016 :)

Too many dua's for you my little one and of you becoming a lil bit naughty by day sebab nak dpat adik baru :) May you always be happy, healthy, soleh and being blessed all you life. may you be a good person, a good muslim who live to give in your future life my little one.

Zulhafidzey Amsyar b Zulhalimey

At 4 years old, knows how to read. Loves to count and sings his heart out for latest pop songs. Loves ultraman and captain america and would like to be a fire fighter one day.  He's favorite cartoons at the moment are Slugterra (oh my!), and superwings , and finally gave up on High-5 and disney playhouse :p Loves mommy's homemade puddings, muffins and could wallop up a whole bag of raisins in no time. Like big bro iman, amsyar is a fan of fruits, all kinds you name it, especially durian. Always a sweetheart, he's kinda teacher's pet at this age, and have always girls playing with him instead of boys at school. Knows how to pray and could recite most of the bacaan dlm solat himself already. Alhmdulillah~

Mommy loves you!
Every single second.

Happy birthday my happy baby!


ps- see i told you May is all about celebrations..another last one upcoming next..or is it two? hehehe..we'll have a small party prep at school ya amsyar? :) nak cake bola kan?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Happy Three Zero !!

Back then in 2010 :)

King of my heart is 3-oh! today! 
Life is just too short to waste any second without you :)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy Teacher's Day 2016!

Just some simple gestures for Iman's and Amsyar's teachers this year. A day before teacher's day was their report card day, and alhmdulillah both did well :) Iman had an average of 96% and Amsyar got 99.7%, and alhmdulillah both had already covered reading skills in Malay, English and arabic. Amsyar lah yg mommy plg gembira sb he had done it at 3 and half years old. Really thank you teachers! :)

Nothing comparable can really pay all of you! 

Also goes to my teachers.
In school.
In matrics.
In university.
And all my life lesson teachers in the working world :)
My mother and father.

Selamat Hari Guru 2016

Belated by few days :)

Mother's Day 2016 - Oh this is why May is so wonderful!

The perks of being a mom! :)

This year i got flowers from my boysss...
Awwww..kisses for both of you. May you grow up to be as sweet as you are now to the ones you love :) Well, no girlfriends until 30 ok boys ?!

Our day : For mother's day just chilling out at home. I let them mess the house while mommy finishes 1 novel with a cuppa latte :)

And later that night, just a mother's day dinner at Polperro Shah Alam. Nice choice daddy! Thanks for the treat!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Weekend @ Wetworld Shah Alam 2016!

Hi guys!

Post mid term exam, and the boys did great this half year, so we agreed to bring them for a splash in Wet world this weekend! Yay!! It was hot and sunny that morning..alhmdulillah. Sempatlah sunburnt seround muka semua. Fortunately the kids were like mommy, kulit dh sedia tinted..kalau terbakar akan merah, tp sehari je. takde gelupas, baik mcm biasa. Melanin byk ;p

We arrived around 11-ish, main 4hours mcm tu. Dh start pouring cats and dogs and elephants and horses. Puas main dh lah, with all the raisin fingers and toes, alhdulillah.  Dekat je..pool pun luas..so next time kita datang lagi okeh? Do the best for the next semester, kita main pool lg. Dah tinggi sikit kita g yang byk games, sekarang below 120cm tak lepas utk naik most rides lagi kat Sunway lagoon, USS etc.

Tickets for 2016 starts at RM20/head for height 90-130cm and RM25/head for 130cm and above. Murah lagi sesuai dgn keluasan and food inside are not too expensive. Nasi ayam set dgn air costs us rm8, which is ok. Corn in cup at rm3.50. Oklah kan.. Sewa pelampung giant pun murah ja..rm24 tp kena deposit rm20. Ramai nampak ambil cabana..boleh nak rest lepak2 and tidor, tp kami x ambil pun sebab semua terjun pool! Lockers are at reasonable price so mmg tak payah cabana cabana lah..for us lahh. 

Memang hot spot for Shah Alam-ites ..kami ja xpernah pergi lagi :)

So, daddy jom repeat next week!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Rezeki bergolek utk birthday mommy this year.Alhmdulillah.

A race to Penang from Shah Alam.
30th April 2016- 1st May 2016

2nd place out of 119 groups on the hunt! :)
Congratulations daddy for the treasure hunt! And also the birthday present.
Nice choice of birthday present, instead of a birthday getaway ;p

Next year masuk lagi. mommy bagi greenlight! ;p

Lucky number 055 :) 5th May? Geddit? ahaha dr aritu


jom terjah :)
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