Thursday, April 24, 2014

Countries I wish to visit...

...err maybe someday :)

There are places I really want to visit, and may it be with my partner or with the boys :) Born and raised until 6yrs old in the US makes my memories of being there, were like an old classic film.We came back home in 1990 so that i could start school soon (that time).

 I barely could remember it there. Things i remembered, were the snow, the cat we used to have, Taco Bell, the chocolate Autumn lawn, Walmart and of course the Sesame Street..hehehe. Just to name a few. i would love to go again if given the chance for sure. Well, it had been 24 yrs ago.
Daddy once upon a time ago..mcm amsyar kan?

Banyaknya countries yang masih belum pergi! Yang dah pergi pun boleh kira dgn jari ;p

If we have the rezeki soon, here would be where i want to go most.
Maybe before 40? Inshallah.

1. Istambul, Turkey

2. Japan!

3.  Magical Romania :)

4.  Italy!

Wish and dreams are free aren't they?

*saving pennies starting from now!*


Have a nice day peeps!



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