Thursday, November 28, 2013

Zulhadzrey Iman & Zulhafidzey Amsyar :)

Alhamdulillah. Minat buku. Bacalah smp lebam buku tu dik. Buku boleh beli lg.Minat pd buku, xdapek nak beli beli dh.

Mommy buat yang toppings mcm ni 6biji. 2 adik yang mkn :)

Time baik kemain geng lagi..kalau tak..hmmmmmm...

Handle pun patah.oh la anak.

Yeay! Esok dh Furaidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Bengang tghari ni. Buat large scaled dwg since 10am, ttba nak save into system, dia hang, and matik sendiri (T_T) Buka blk CATIA apa yg dibuat semua dh default to asalan...uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

sebab esok jumaat.



Harini ke office dengan bibir bengkak.
Bengkak kena baling dgn toys.
Iman baling mlm td.

Tp dah camouflage and dah 9.30am takde yang tegur takpelah.

Tp sebenarnya mmg bengkak.
Smlm berdarah byk and sedikit terkeluar isi bibir.
Mujur tak brp sakit.
Daddy kata tak perlu nak jahit :)

Iman, mommy tak marah.
Jgn baling baling toys lagi yer.
Nanti kalau mommy g ofis mcm ni slalu..
Org lain ingat daddy yang cium ;p

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekend Project : Simple Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

This was our weekend project last week.

We had made cookies! Yeay!
The boys were excited watching and helping me with some steps, and watch the cookies baked in the oven. Iman helped mommy to stir in the almonds and chips in the batter whilst amsyar enjoyed taking in the uncooked batter into the fridge and out. Two lil mini masterchefs.

Both were anxiously waiting the cookies to cook in the HOT HOT oven. I told them, the cookies need to be cooked and they need to wait. You can look from a little bit far and you smell the cookies. Can you smell the cookies being cooked iman? He said it smells nice! It was really funny to see how Amsyar pronounced HOT!HOT! Really should get that on video :)

The best part of all : Of course eating the cookies!!

Alhamdulillah we got a whole jar of it, so we don't need our supply of chipsmore or chips ahoy these few weeks ahead, hopefully :) Maybe next project would be cookies involving cookie cutters pula..yeay!!

Resipi for simple Chocolate chip cookies!

What you need?

2cups of flour
1/2 cups of white sugar
 1/2 cups of brown sugar
1cup butter
1 egg
1tsp baking powder
1tsp vanilla essence

1cup choc chips
1cup almonds

How to turn all these into cookies?

Cream both type of sugars with butter (you can use white sugar only if you don't like chewy cookies).
Add egg and vanilla and mix.
Add flour and baking powder gradually until finished.
Fold in the chips and almonds (iman helped me with this step, and stole few chips in the process too). You can add raisins if you like :)
Refridgerate for 20mins.

Spoon into desired small lumps. onto a greased tray and bake for 15-20mins in 170 deg C

Makes a lot for a family of 4! (ok-does that help?)
I loss count since each batch were stolen by small hands once the cookie temperature becomes tolerably hold-able ;p

Selamat mencuba :)

Lepak2 mkn cookies whilst watching cartoons!

Alhamdulillah, full! Sorry for the mess. And the donuts interframing :)

Cookies maybe not that healthy, but still better homemade ones than store bought ones kan? ;)


Mommy zahra

Big Bad Wolf anyone??

Next week! Yeay!! 
And its open 24hrs !!!

Note this in your Dec calender, everybody!!



Saturday, November 23, 2013

I have finally resigned!

Nov 23rd, 2013

Today marks Amsyar's 18months birthday. Which also marks my 18th mths breastfeeding journey.I am more that gratitude could eventually mean to Allah for this opportunity and blessings. To be able to cope with all the ups and downs

The most feared month of the year was ramadhan.this time I had to go through twice during this journey.but Allah knows best and provide sustainance to us in all ways. Alhmdulillah I never missed sahur for all my bf days and 25oz per day was nvr less by an ounce those days.alhmdulillah.berkat ramadhan.

From all those glorious days of reaping 25-30oz per day, the journey was nvr smooth. Challenges were always there. Work load and stress may b the main culprit as for me from three times per day of pumping at work, barely to get one session was already a struggle. Ending with only 3oz per day, I was really grateful with the rezeki for my little one, amsyar.

Amsyar had gotten the opportunity to be exclusively fully one whole year on breastmilk. And that was more than a wonderful achievement for mommy! For 3months he was on formula once a day, and then started to have only one bottle of mommy's milk for the next 3mths. So sad but yet its the truth.

Thank you Allah for all the gold fluid for my baby boy. For now I have decided to end the pumping journey, and continue only direct feed at night and weekends until whenever the milk is still there.
So now, officially declared, I have stopped pumping milk.

What a beautiful journey.
Now continued.Until there is no more :)



Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekends finally!

Hectic week.
 I just need rest, the guys they're all out to KLiMS this evening for benchmarking and eye candying. 
Not really my type of candy tho.No no no.

I can barely move my feet on evenings like this apatah lagi nak tag along.
With public transport plak tu..
Big no-no.

One of the posters from 3M

If you drive me from lobby to lobby pun lom tentu i pergi. Huhuhu.
Go if automotive is your blood. Maybe there's something good for you and your knowledge. Who knows.

Go explore.


But i think, this blog genre is more better to be advertised with this, ye tak?

Ware house sales anyone???

or even

Ha.. there's more like it,kan??

Pick your place. Or go to all!
Or just stay at home.

I'll choose the later.definitely.

Lemau sket dh ke petang jumaat mcm ni. i just need some rest. It has been a harsh week after all. draining what is left. pumping all the energy.
It would be nice to be home. Just to clean up, tidy up, domestic chores that i don't really like but don't really bother doing...and some cooking therapy perhaps (and some good eating too).

And with the help of these two cute domestic helpers for sure! :)

Two days. The short two days!!
Thank you Allah that you gave us weekends!!

Have a nice weekends nice peeps out there!



Thursday, November 21, 2013

When mommy demam :'(

Dear daddy darl,

Thank you daddy for making dinner for us two.and taking Care of the boys who happened to poo twice each last night.and for all the kindness you have showed me throughout the years.
Im really really grateful to have you :)

The meal was simple.But i think the love and care you put into fixing it, makes it extra delicious!Thank you b! Sedap bangat!

Hopefully mommy becomes better we could continue the fun at home with the boys. Tonight is play doh and read me a story night and if we reach home earlier, maybe we could have a stroll around the neighbourhood a round or two.

I really miss you boys. And gagahkan diri juga utk kerja harini.
I'd rather be home with you guys tho~

I love you.
And the boys of course!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Taska Berdaftar JKM Bandar Saujana Putra

Finally, our baby sitter had announced that she's not baby-sittying no more starting next year!!
Sedihnya :'( Sedih juga sb kakak ni mmg syg both boys and asuh mcm anak dia sendiri.
Apa anak dia mkn, semua mkn sama.
Kebetulan anak bongsu dia tua sikit je dr amsyar.

Dia pun sedih, sebab jaga Iman nearly 3yrs since iman 2mths old.
And Amsyar for 1.5 yrs also from 2mths old.
Yelah org melayu kata dr masih merah.
Tp, demi kesihatan dia, and anak2 dia yang perlukan perhatian,
She needs to make a decision and let go.


Which left us less than 2 mths to find the replacement for my babies! Amsyar is only 2 by next May so he can't join play school yet, and i would definitely want both to be in the same place. At least Iman who is a bit older, could be a spy for me and tell their chit and chats around the TASKA. hehehe.

At first we wanted to enroll iman to playschool halfday and the rest of the day balik rumah ibu. But Allah has better plans for us. So perhaps by next year we'll enroll both boys. Klu ada tadika cum taska yg boleh enroll both boys lagi baik lah. so lets kick start misi mencari! Yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Searching of nurseries/TASKA i found out that there are only 3 Taska(s) in Saujana Putra which are registered under JKM. Well, not many,ey? From all the TASKA available in BSP, only 3 registered, oh my!

But how good is the nurseries registered under JKM, and how bad are those which are'nt?
The below are the 3 :)

Taska Saffa
No 1, Jalan SP4/6, Bandar Saujana Putra, 42610 Jenjarom Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel : 03-51626269
Taska Ina Sayang
No 1, Jalan SP 4/5, Bandar Saujana Putra, 42610 Jenjarom, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel : 013-2013820
Taska Yaya
No 2, Jalan SP 4/14, Bandar Saujana Putra, 42610 Jenjarom, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel : 019-6181013

We are still undecided. 
All in all may our decisions be informed decisions.
To look and see yours do click to here : senarai taska JKM



Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to raise an articulated child?

First and foremost,
Ariticulate : expressing yourself easily or characterized by clear expressive language

Just in case your vocab is as bad as mine.hehehe. I googled it up as well you know.  ;p


Last saturday i overheard Iman talking to his lil brother,
" Amsyar ni, jgn sepah sepah. Abg baru je kemas 5 min ni. Ni dah sepah sepah"

I was really amazed by his array of sentence and how he could copy exactly the sentence i said to him earlier!Oh my!Then i stumbled upon this article.I think this article from babycenter is quite useful, me and also you could use a tip or two :)

How to raise an articulated child? 

Children who speak well feel confident both in the classroom and on the playground. You can encourage your child to feel comfortable speaking in many different situations and with different types of people by focusing on speaking skills at home.

Here are eight ways to raise an articulate child:

Be an avid listener

When your child tells you about his day, put down your newspaper, stop making dinner, and give him your undivided attention. If he feels as if he has center-stage when he talks to you, it will be easier for him to open up.

Use good grammar and appropriate language

Don't dumb down your speech when you talk to your child. Children are copycats and will imitate whatever you say — so instill good speech habits early. (And if you don't want your child to learn to curse, watch your own language!)

Correct mispronunciations and grammatical errors consistently but discreetly

If your child mispronounces a word or makes some other speech mistake, simply repeat the phrase back to him correctly and move on. For example, if he says, "I had pasghetti for lunch today," just say, "Did you like the spaghetti?" If you dwell on his mistake, you'll only make him more self-conscious about speaking.

Build his vocabulary

The most natural way to do this is to use different words to describe the same object whenever possible. For example, a dog can be a shepherd, a terrier, a collie, and so on. English is a very rich language; use synonyms as much as you can.

Ask open-ended questions

If you ask your child, "Did you have a good day at school today?" you're asking for a one-word answer. But if you ask, "What did you do after recess today?" you'll inspire him to describe what happened.

Encourage him to read aloud

By now your child can probably read a simple chapter book to you, so spend time each day reading together. 

Give your child many chances to talk to adults and older children

To help your child gain confidence talking to grown-ups, let him order food at a fast-food drive-thru or place his own order with the waitress at a restaurant. And refrain from answering for him when other adults ask him questions.

Play games that encourage speaking

List of games that are recommended could be seen here.

Hope this could be useful for you as well :)

Mommy Z

Monday, November 18, 2013

Next project!

Definitely inspiring from i heart!!

There are a few of our old cabinets that would definitely want to transform into this!!
So these would be my home project!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday mornings-bicara hati jurutera picisan :)


Sekejap je dah hari Jumaat semula.

Dah lama rasanya tak meluahkan perasaan. Maaflah kalau tak suka.
Minggu ni mmg busy yang teramat, nk duduk buat dwg pun dh tak menyempat. Balik meeting, duduk sekejap kna pula hadiri meeting seterusnya. Asyik meeting sahaja bila nak buat kerja2 design nya.Tp klu tak meet and think, asyik lah bertubi2 email2 menanahkan peti inbox. Tp berapa ramai jer yang meet and think. Ramai je yang attend to meet. Tp taknak pun think and contribute :p

So in between, kita update blog dulu. And find out informations yg menjadikan hidup kita lebih bermakna dan bukan utk bekerja semata mata :)

Working here, mmg byk bertemu jumpa dgn org yang pelbagai. Berhadapan dgn manusia yang pelbagai kerenah, yang bercakap macam professionals tapi sebenarnya professional liars, mmg stress. Apa kita cakap, akan digunakan ke atas kita, demi kepentingan, demi menyelamatkan tengkuk sendiri. Yang mungkin dipenalti seposen dua. Bukan seposen dua lah klu dlm dunia perkilangan automotif. Nilai seminit sudah berjuta. Satu kesalahan boleh menyebabkan acuan pembuatan (mould) ratus ratus ribu harganya dibuang begitu sahaja. Kalau acuan itu bukan buatan malaysia tp di Jerman, maka ratus ratus juta itu sudah jadi Euro kiraanya. Itu baru acuan nya. agaknya lah acuan membentuk besi menjadi sebahagian autokar contohnya pintu, berapalah besarnya kan? Agak lah cuba agak. Kita bukan menerap biskut, kita bercakap tentang menerap besi dan bijih. Klu terbaring org dlm nya skali terap, dah tak boleh beza mana kaki mana kepala. Nauzubillah. Itu contoh.contoh

Tapi kalau tak stress dan tak bertemu dgn org2 mcm ni, mmg tak berapa berkembanglah kemahiran sosio-interaktif kita. Yang plg susah ialah utk bercakap dgn bahasa plg baik dlm keadaan marah. Dan juga tegas dgn org2 yang memperkecil kecilkan kita. Mmg susah. Bekerja di dunia bisness, mmg kena tegas, kena bertilamkan asas fakta, memang kadang2 nak nangis, bila design kita dipersoalkan. Design and development stage tentulah plg mencabar, tapi kita belajar utk menyempurnakan kesilapan kita yg terdahulu. Cuba utk jadi setanding atau lbh baik dr yang setara. Kadang kadang idea nak menyelesaikan masalah, dah habis pikir, balik rumah sambil goreng ayam pun dok terfikir lagi. Bukan senang nak duduk disini. Ramai dh berputus harap, berputus asa dan putus macam macam lagi..hehehe.Biarkan lah. Rezeki kan ada dimana mana.Yelah barang kita jual bukan sebarang rm10-20 ringgit. Kita jual bende org pakai hari hari, 7,8,9 tahun pun belum tentu habis bayar lagi.

Bercakap memang senang, nak komen lagilah senang. Tapi saya sudah kebal. Komenlah. Saya mendengar. Apa yg dlm kuasa saya, saya perbaiki. Tuhan pun mengajar kita utk menjadi lebih baik dan merubah diri utk lebih sempurna dr smlm nya. Cuba duduk sini dan buat apa yang kita buat, tak mahu. Bercakap sahaja mahu. Kerja buat air tapi mcm dah bina kapalterbang dah lagaknya. Cermin dicipta bukan lah hanya utk merapi diri. Manusia yang baik sentiasa akan renung dan berfikir. Hidup kan utk memberi.

Kalau di ikutkan gaji yang dibayar, mmg tak berbaloi dgn apa yg dikerah.Tp nilai value added yg dpt di tempat ni mmg sukar nak dpt ditempat lain. Namun nilai dimata org lain-lain pemahaman nya. Manusia kan tidak semua ber ideologi sama? Ada yang menghargai wang, ada yang menghargai ilmu, pengalaman, pengetahuan, ada yang menghargai pangkat dan jawatan. Ada juga yang mmg bukan jenis menghargai. Datang kerja goyang kaki, bwk kereta pusing skali skali masih lagi mahu mempersoalkan tentang pangkat dan kenaikan gaji. Mmg susah. 

Di jabatan ini khususnya, pendalaman ilmu mmg teras tugasan. Ilmu pun byk jenis ilmu, ilmu mendesign, ilmu menyalahkan org lain, ilmu mencari punca masalah yang semestinya dr org lain, ilmu mempertahankan idea, mencantas idea org lain, ilmu membahaskan pegangan, tak kurang juga ilmu memanipulasikan pembuat keputusan yang sudah berumur rata rata nya dlm presentasi kejuruteraan..hehehe. Dangkal bukan?

Maaflah dgn kemahiran berbahasa yang mungkin canggung. Saya bukan org sastera. Org bijak menulis pun bukan. Saya hanyalah jurutera picisan.Moga apa yang saya lakukan mendapat keberkatan dan gaji saya terima bulan bulan adalah hasil keringat yang dihalalkan utk darah daging warisan. Bertabahlah hati, bertabahlah tubuh dan upaya. Kuatlah minda supaya dapat berfikir untuk bangsa. Untuk teknologi yang dapat diwariskan utk yang akan datang.


Pagi ini hujan selebat lebat nya. Bukan hari ini sahaja yang hujan minggu ini, malahan dalam lima hari bekerja ini, serasa tiap tiap pagi basah jalanraya sepanjang perjalanan saya.

Moga hari ini berlalu pantas, agar dptlah saya menatap wajah pahlawan-pahlawan syurga saya, dan mendalami isi hati kecil mereka, memasakkan apa yang mereka hendak, dan membacakan apa yang mereka ingin tahu. Ahh..Tak sabar mahu pulang!!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Throwbacks :: Babies :)

It never slipped out my mind how tembam you boys were before.
Sometime mommy just forget to remember seeing you both so big and grown up now.
I wonder if i threw back these pictures in another 5 yrs :)

November, 2012
Amsyar 6mths :)

November, 2011

Rindu bau baby!!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ditoso Class Kota Kemuning :: Right Brain Development :)

Hi mommies!!

Let's talk about Ditoso class today!

This is an entry that i was working with (acheehh..sbnrnya dok tangguh.nangis! (T_T) since few weeks back.

What is Ditoso class??
Ditoso means happy and blessed in Portugese.
For the place we've been to, was just the sake for the name of the center.
Lovely center, with nice interior decorations. And nice teachers.

Let's learn more about right brain development just for a start. I had no idea before, but that is why is around, kan?? :)

Below is abstracted from Ditoso's website :)

The Brain
The brain is divided laterally into two hemispheres. Although two sides of the brain are designed to work together, each has a vastly unique personality and abilities. 
The Left and right
why right brain-01
Use or lose it
Just like a muscle, our brains works on the principle of “Use it or Lose it”. Around the second year of age, a process called “Synaptic Pruning” starts to eliminate the weaker synaptic connections while stronger connections are kept and strengthened; that is, the side of hemisphere which is utilized more than the other does will gradually take the dominance.
Hemispheric Dominance
A person’s dominant hemisphere is usually the one that processes incoming information; that means, hemispheric dominance has everything to do with learning, for example, reading.
why right brain-02

Right brain in a society of left-brained teaching approach
Left-brained approach has been in place for decades; it has been endorsed and blessed by national associations, and it is taught in teaching colleges. However, at ages between 0~6, a child’s brain is at a development stage in which his right brain is developing rapidly. If at this stage, the child’s right brain is left unused or unchallenged, or he is educated in an extremely left-brain oriented environment, his right brain will grow weaker and weaker, as a result of “Use or Lose it”.
Balance is the goal!
"There is no way to tell whether the patterns extracted by the right hemisphere are real or imaginary without subjecting them to left-hemisphere scrutiny. On the other hand, mere critical thinking, without creative and intuitive insights, without the search for new patterns, is sterile and doomed.To solve complex problems in changing circumstances requires the activity of both cerebral hemispheres; the path to the future lies through the corpus callosum."
--The dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan
When the right brain is kept active as the conscious left-brain develops and matures, then the whole brain will be used in all activities; which means that if we want to help our children learn to the best of their abilities and potential, it is crucial to:
starProvide them with abundant stimulus for their right brain at their right brain developing stage
starProvide them with sufficient stimulus for their right brain in an educational system of left-brained oriented

Right Brain Window, 0~6
Age 0-3 is the period in which the child maximizes the utilization of the right brain. From age 4-6, the brain starts to link and switch to using left hemispheres while the right brain remains open and active. Henceforth, the critical period of ages 0-6 is also known as “the right brain window”. The window will never close, however, certain learning capabilities, such as “hearing mechanism”, are only open for this critical period of time; missing it would be difficult or even impossible to modify the capability.

To begin with, Hamizah, a friend of mine, found some great offers online and decide to ask us, her office friends to tag along for the 1 hr class. Office friends sounds really better and warm than office colleagues kan?, btw. At normal rate the class would be RM100/hr, but we got it on discount, so why not? We booked a session on a Friday afternoon and all four of us went :) All four of us had boys aged around 2yrs old with Adeeb going to be 5 next yr.

It was a really great exposure for Iman actually, he was really excited! :)
We arrived at 10.45 and waited for others. We had a tour around the class, which turns to have a great interior design and made Iman excited as well. They have a waiting lounge, several classrooms, an office room, a kitchen and a beautiful toilet. Yes, i said beautiful! :) He played and run around happily and did'nt even want to drink milk. He washed his hands in the sink provided three times! Excited.

Wash hands instructions

The class finally started off at 11.45 after all arrived . I was already a lil worry as Iman was starting to become a bit cranky due to all the waiting. Nevertheless he bear with the class and was excited at first. All the kids were required to wash hands before the class begins. A good thing!

He concentrated on half of the class and was a little distracted and hungry on the other half, as i expected. Tak apa iman, mommy understand how you felt, sb mommy pun dok kriok kriok lapar juga..hehehehee. He had his bottle in class, and wanted to sleep.Despite of that, he seems to understand some of the games and was quite eager on what the teacher has to offer. Ok lah. He answered several questions correctly and was interested with games with gadgets rather than cards and pictures. I think that is really typical with boys. 

There were a lot of cards and show and picture games which gave me some ideas on how generally the right brain training is all about and gave me some ideas to have some games re-created at home! How nice- bagi ideas for me on my weekend homeschooling project!! Most games were brain games and memory games and really need concentration. Some involves listening and singing as well.  But if you're really into having all the games and play and schooling to the experts than, Ditoso and classes like this are nice choices. 

All in all, it was really a nice time with the Teacher Josephine from Taiwan and all the other friends, Adeeb, Aniq and Haziq. They looked like they had enjoyed the class. :)

 Let's see some pictures in class, as well  :)

However, for my lil Iman, frankly, these kind of classes seems to bore him off, as the activities were quite similar between one another and was done in a stray of arrays. Nonstop for one hour..hmm. Some, even bore me off.. hahaha. I would rather find a nicer playgroup or class that involves physical activity, and more gadget playings and maybe some pretend play (doctor, play masterchef, play grocery store), or even puppet plays as well in between for Iman's personality. This is just my view. Other mommies might differ.

For now, lets just have all of that 3hrs on saturday and 3hrs on sunday (9am-12pm) at home with mommy, Mommy will try to do her best!! :)
Thank you to mama adeeb, mama aniQ and mama haziQ for courtesy of the pictures :)


Mommy Zahra


jom terjah :)
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