Thursday, May 31, 2012

TNTC = Trying not to conceive

TNTC (trying not to conceive) is in fact the same level of hard work as to TTC (trying to conceive).
Still looking for options out there, where in my case to naturally work with the biological clock does'nt work.
I think Allah has written for me that i should have c-sects for if i did had a SVD- perhaps I'll be conceiving every year (ok-i don't want to imagine that!).

Yet, I did had two babies on my 2nd anniversary which I don't regret.
(9mths with Iman + 6mths gap + 9mths with amsyar =24mths!). Alhamdulillah..I'm in bliss!

But the next one will sure be a loooong time more to go.
Mommy need to do some body maintainance (and repair as well!)
And Iman & Amsyar shall be needing all the attention from mommy and daddy..
At least for 5yrs to come :)

Still looking on options.
May Allah permudahkan.


*I asked the nurse who was giving me options for contraception - do we have implanons on men? She just laughed and said that if there even was ever existed-men will never be willing to endure the small pain of the procedure.lerr.. (--!)

**Remembered overhearing a conversation among male colleagues in the office talking about the pain of 'cabut gigi'..haha..cabut gigi?wonder if they need to go under the knife consciously for c-sect or endure natural child birth..that's real pain babeh..heheheeheh

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pantang Day 8

Alhamdulillah, amsyar is already 1week old and growing fast :)
Dah brapa kali kena hempuk dgn abg Iman, I think amsyar will grow up tough..hehehe..

So far so good, and mommy's scar is healing well. Just having the 2nd c-sect is not a very good opt actually as you could feel the pain doubles in the healing process.If i could turn back time i would really fight for a vbac as i have no complications at all during this pregnancy except poor spacing.

So bila dh rasa sakit tu..pandai-pandailah nak berpantang segala kan?Actually, if my mom finds out I'm crunching on my stomach typing this-abeslah..hehe..

Baby amsyar is a good baby. Nangis sb lapar..then tido. No meragam.
With a dimple on his cheek, he looks exactly like daddy..clone daddy.My sweet Amsyar.
Red warrior yg ber IC putrajaya :) And now i have two :)

Dimple adek alek sana..xnampok

Our breastfeeding journey this time was not as tough as with Iman as well.
Ive learnt my lesson well..breast or nothing. So at the hospital me and my mom were struggling to help baby amsyar latch properly.Me, lack of experience in direct feeding was really devastated at first when amsyar was not naturally a good latcher..but my mom was really determined and persistent.Still on epidural for the first 3days, I was energy-less, uncomfortable with a needle still attached on my spine and nearly gave up.
Thank you mom. I really owe a lot on you..i love you :)

I owe a lot to my husband (love and kisses to you abg!) and my mom especially for Amsyar's delivery.
And also to my brother's and dad for taking care of Iman. No word could ever describe my appreciation to them. Alhamdulillah we are here today..recovering well :)

Actually there's a lot to share.
Especially what I've discovered on sibling rivalry among my children, how to manage my own self during the pantang period and how being happy could effect on your milk production (i'm much more happier having my pantang in my mom's home compared to being with my in-laws) and also my experience in HPtrajaya which was great. Better, they serve post natal menu after you deliver which complies with what your mom would serve you :)

I'll try to update from time to time.

*can't wait for sister zakiyya to come home!

Till then


Monday, May 28, 2012

2 Beautiful years - Alhamdulillah~

Aku rela hidup dengan mu
Demi bahagia…
Hanya Tuhan bisa memisahkan kita

Jaga dan lena kukuntum kerinduanku
Untuk mempersembah sayang padamu
Keharuman bunga tak seharumnya cintaku
Istimewa untuk sunting jiwamu

Bermula pandang pertama
Kau utuskan senyum mesra
Aku ingin seribu tahun lagi

Kubinakan mu istana
Aku rendakan bahagia
Dengan niat suci
Kaulah permaisuri raja dihati :)

Sambutlah cinta abadi
Genggam dan semat di hati
Manisnya asmara
Kekal selamanya

28th May 2010
Marking our 2nd Anniversary :)

There is no words to decribe how grateful I am to have a soulmate like you :)

This is a scheduled entry as I'm afraid I shall not be able to write during our anniversary.
If all are well, lil baby Z is already here to celebrate this historical day with mommy and daddy and abgIman :)



Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Second Red Warrior! :)

Alhamdulillah, all things went well and here we're already home :)

Introducing :

Baby Zulhafidzey Amsyar Zulhalimey
" the one who guards (our guardian),  Amsyar = yang active (cergas!)"

23rd May 2012

Our pride, our prince, our lil guardian angel, our legacy.

*So now let's get along with the 4.another 40days to go!~


Monday, May 21, 2012

Pregnant with Dengue?

Last saturday was a teribble day for me..the contraction was really hard.
And my stomach was hardening frequently. I even missed the FA finals game and only managed to bergolek2 atas my mom's bed :'(

The next day we went to Putrajaya Hospital for assessment.
I was put on CTG. No opening yet, but baby's amnion fluid was a minimum and heart beat was 170.
Quite high I was told.
My heart beat was also high, BP 145/90.. and down with fever pulak so I was put on IV drip.
Blood drawn for tests.
Habis two bottles of fluid, I was told that they suspected dengue.what?

Balik rumah, I was shivering. similar conditions when i was down with dengue last year. aches in joints.
Oh no..I am denying this. Please.
I really really hope it's really not dengue.

Whilst not pregnant pun siksanya..mashallah.
Ni pulak waktu waktu genting tunggu masa je adeQ nk lahir.

I have to come back on Tuesday.
If yes, I'm down with denggi-they will schedule to cut me open this Wednesday.
Let baby come out to see the world :)

Because pregnant with denggi is a really threatening condition. OMG!

Hopefully everything comes out right..
Hopefully everything has it's own hikmah against it.
Hopefully this baby survives, even if mommy doesn't :(

If really, mommy doesn't survive- and Iman and adeq are big enough to read this.
Do remember mommy loves both of you so much, each and every second mommy will always be watching upon both of you :)

Take care of yourself and take care of daddy too.
Abg Iman - Jgn nakal2 and sayang adeq tau :)

*xbaik kan ckp mcm ni?mm..xpelah. mati itu mmg pasti. Hidup sampai bila, tu je yg belum tentu lagi. betul tak?

**malam ni 1Rejab. Malam doa mustajab. Jom kita berdoa berjamaah bersama2 semua :)



Dearest Hubby :)

Happy 26th birthday dearest hubby :)


Thank you for being my room-mate, housemate, playmate, solat-mate, soul mate..
My doctor, my fashion critic, my pillow-talk mate :)

To be there always by my side.
To open my eyes on things I can't see.
To be my personal critic on things other's don't even dare to say.
To tell me where I'm wrong and to support me when I'm down.

I thank you Allah for you.
For every single thing that is with you.
That just completes me as a whole.

I love you with ALL i have.
May Allah always bless you, open all rezqi doors for you, and grant you with good health :)
And may the family we build together is always in great terms and harmony always.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Petang je..dh malas

Reminiscing 2years ago.
At this time- I'm extremely busy for my last minute wedding preps.
I never expected to be in this stage, carrying heavily my 2nd child 2years later.And anticipating each return home to meet my precious Iman :)

I just feel blessed. Alhmdulillah.

Still blurr with work today.
But managed to finish my pending items list. A good progress kan tuh?

Hopefully my boss xjatuh pengsan terkejut I dh start cuti next week :)

To my friend Huda who just gave birth to her second princess.Congratulations!!
Now its just me left in queue


Working at 38wks

Last day at work -before maternity leave insyallah.

Buat pending task list - blur.
Revise dwg/update EBOM dlm system for final nest stage release - blur.
Tgk muka boss -lagi blur.

Mmm..ok.jom buka internet. Buka emails, buka blogs..terus segar bugar.hehehehe~
Belum 9pagi dh blurr.
Pastu ada hati nk dpt commendable every year :p

hmm..hope today goes well.
tak sabar nak cuti.
xsabar nak bersalin :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

38th week check-up : Putrajaya Hospital


Selamat hari khamis everybody.

Ok.Iman dah OK.Smlm dh discharged at 10am :)
Cerita keluar hospital masuk hospital ajelah skrg ni kan :P

So kita cerita hospital lagi.Time ni turn cerita mommy pulak :)
And on the final mth of pregnancy - mmg check-up akan jd every week.
So today's check-up was the first in Putrajaya Hospital.
Appointment dpt last week to come at 9am today. So there i was. 8.30 sharp.30mins before appointment.
And was surprisingly it was very short!! 1hr dh siap semua. Came at 8.30 - siap check-up 9.30-ish cmtu.
And yet, I'm not under FPP yer..

Last year..minimum waiting hours would be 2.5 hrs tau.

And I got everything la..detailed scanning.
Jumpa Dr Hamidah the specialist there.
And the payment? RM5. hehehe~

Congrats KKM for the improvement :) Thank you for the improvement! You definitely made my day.
No more long waiting hours as per last year. And yet, today is Thursday.
Where Tuesdays and Thursdays are normal O&G clinic days :)
Orang ramai doctors pun ramai.
Baguslah tu.balance.

And for me :

Berat turun 1kg. Pelik juga. Hmm..maybe penat jaga Iman.
Baby dh 3.2kg. nmpak peha2 nya yg tembam tu.
BP- 130/80 tinggi sket.
Urine clear.



...kena admit hospital juga this monday kalau xbersalin lagi by weekend. OMG!!~

Sebab -
(i) baby dh besar and engaged.If tunggu another 2wks.Baby could reach 4kg. Yeke??
(ii) too lil spacing gap between baby 1 and 2.Hi risk for scar dehiscence <-- new word for me today!!
(iii) history of late onset PIH. wpn yg kali ni xde hi BP.

Most probably will undergo another LSCS. Hmm..
Tp sy redha dgn ketentuan tuhan.
Anything for my babies. As long as they are born healthy and strong.

Or should i seek for a second opinion?

Bleh je I opt for no-show on this Monday.
tggu smp nak bersalin baru nk munculkan diri kat labour room. Ada berani tanggung risk??

Tp what if dh week 41 tp baby xde langsung tanda2 nk kua.tup tup check heart beat dh xde.Nauzubillah. Menangis air mata darah skali pun time tu dh xguna kan?

Or another situation, contraction kuat sgt smp scar dehiscence tu berlaku kat umah. Or uterine rupture tu berlaku dlm kereta menuju ke hospital. Patut buka kat bwhm tp buka kat tempat belahan pertama plaks. Eh, bleh ke cmtu?
Ha cmno plak tu?Xdapek den nk bayangkan..mmg la percentage utk scar dehiscense ni 0.5% aje.but what if Im in the unlucky ones.huhu (--") ~



My clerk's wifey dh ikat pn still boleh conceive. She was one of the lucky ones in the 1% of conceiving possibilities bila dh ikat fallopian tube. Bila Allah kata kun fa ya kun apa pun bleh jadi. Tiada yg mustahil kan? dilemma now. Dahlah monday ni birthday hubby and 28th ni our annivrsary..xdapek lah nk smbut meriah meriah. dlm hospital aje la jawapnyerr..

Memandai mandai je kan..? OK lah, sy akan serahkan pada yg pakar.
Ikutkan ajer.

And on the same time-pray bersalin before 21st (Monday) ni for a normal delivery.
Second option yg mudah. If only God wills.

Mudah-mudahan Allah permudahkan segala urusan ku.Permudahkan aku bersalin kan putera ku kali ini.

Pray for me friends :)
Tak sabar sebenarnya nk jumpe si adik ni..



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life is just life

Just random ramblings whilst waiting for Iman to go asleep.

Iman says "mommy" for the 1st time tonite.
Fluently and mother's day gift ever :)
I love you Iman..mommy loves you sooo much!!

Sitting all day long with hubby side by side attending our sick child makes me realize how precious every second is.All these long we were too occupied with our lives and forget to just forget the whole world and go back to basics. Doing nothing but just talking to each other and playing with Iman.

Maybe Iman's being warded have its own silver lining after all.Extra time for mommy to be out of work and rest together with Iman. Extra time to just concentrate on Iman without having to do anything else around the house. Just to spend these final days before lil brother arrives. Well, no worries Iman, a mother's heart is big enough for all her children despite how many she has. But for sure time will never be. So this I celebrate with you the several remaining days of having just you.My firstborn :)

Life's harsh on me these days.
Body-aching each day. Iman's getting much clever and active with new tricks each day. BIG payments to handle with my soul-mate, despite the SMALL paycheque we have. Too much to do yet with so little time. Too much commitments to handle now and in near future, and economiwise, we are still struggling. At times sometimes, I feel like I have bite more than I can chew.


I'm trying hard to be strong. And try to focus on all the positiveness available.
And find strength in every occasion that appears to be much unfortunate and try to find the meaning of being grateful and thank you Allah for what i have.
And for what i still don't have to give me the reasons to still be leaving.
For all the people who loves me and i love back.

And for the live, and hopes, and visions, and passions that makes me stronger each day.
O Allah give me strength.

Well, what does not kill you, makes you stronger-after all kan?

Warded-day 4 already

Salam :)
Fuhhh lega rsnya bila dh dpt WIFI connection from mamak 24hrs seblah hospital ni.
We're already in day 4 in SALAM Hospital Seksyen 19 SA ni..nak harap WIFI hospital.*pengsan* lembab..

Oh no - not me yg dh warded for labour..huhu.but my lil hero-Iman.

Iman demam and warded sb temp ON/OFF, darah bervirus and at nights could reach 40degC.
Max recorded was 40.2degC..sian dia.merah smp ke telinga and dh menggigil time tu.sedih hati ni tgk anak demam. max recorded on me pun, as far as i could remember 39.5degC.itu pun rs mcm nk mati dah.inikan pula budak kenit umur 14bulan ni.. T_T

Alhamdulillah, so far so good.but mode kitorg sumer dh smp tahap BORING giler dok dlm ward ni. Iman lagi lagi la..sian dia.demam pun lasak juga tau.hero la katakan :p Masa warded tu Iman dh ada dua ulcer besar kat lidah and bibir-so dia dh xnk makan atau minum..mmg full time on IV drip la. Mujur juga bawak dia ke pd mulanya ingat demam biasa je and xleh nk bygkan tgn tembam dia tu kna cucuk IV drip T_T

Tp best condition utk dia ialah dipantau 100% in hospital environment. Biar cepat sembuh anak mommy ni :)
Now waiting for antibiotics drip dia is scheduled ESOK! Yeay..!!!!!

So this year's mother's day was celebrated in SALAM Hospital.Xpelah..mommy redha demi Iman.

You could never imagine how far the bounderies for things a mother could do for her children.

Ok iman dh till then.
Byk juga nak share bout this hospital. Though small, but effective.Alhamdulillah.
Better than D*MC.



Friday, May 11, 2012

Final Check-list before Hospital :)

Salam all~
Jumaats are as always :: my favorite day of the week :)
And its raining today..alhamdulillah. i always love wet-rainy days.
Sejukk je rasa :)

Starting the day - we went to Hosp Putrajaya for Delivery pre-booking.
Everything went well as they have already my record as i was admitted twice here before, I have given an appointment for next week for check-up.Insyallah doc-if di izinkan tidak bersalin lagi.
Next week will be 38th week and surely I'm getting nervous every second now.Huhu~

So I'm now finalizing my check-list for the check-in in Putrajaya soon :: i hope so :)

 My Final check-list before going to the hospital

1. Baby's bag to hospital - done : diapers, his small newborn clothes, receiving blankie, barut, bantal and toiletries (travel set).

2. Mommy's bag - separa done : sweaters, kain batik, undergarments,socks,al-qur'an, foodies, charger and also sepersalinan to come back from hospital nanti :)
Need to buy :postnatal pad (first few days need the maternity pads sb lbh tebal), sabun mandi, berus gigi.
Must finalize this weekend!~
3. Pam susu -already serviced. tqvm hubby for servicing it yourself. Done.Jimat duit den :)

4. Tilam baby - Done.need to angkut to salak tinggi.

5. Bakul baby - kna beli.

6. Katil/crib baby -lum kemas takpe.this one stays at saujana putra.

7. Baby seat - lum basuh (wkend ni!)
8. Kelambu baby- lum  basuh-dlm bonet persona.ok - wkend task :)

9. Air selusuh - daddy tlg buat !!!Owh yang ni blum.

10. Himpunan ayat2 mudahkan bersalin..yg ni pun blum.

11. Bantal kecil utk mommy peluk in hospital klu rindukan Iman :)

12. Foodies for hospital stay : Milo 3 in 1, biscuits, oats 3-in-1.

13. Mug, plate, fork and spoon, tupperware kosong. Just in case :)

Setakat ni tu jelah kot.. hmm.apa lagi ek yg perlu?Mmm..
Letih nak fikir..but i need to be organized! NAnti menyusahkan org lain bila dh xlarat~

I hope Iman will be ok when Mommy's not around as i noticed him being extra clingy these days.
And now he knows to say "maseh" when i give him something-either his milk, or a biscuit or a piece of cake or a toy. Sama2 kaseh Iman :) Big boy mommy dh dia..iman budak baik kan? I bring you back a playmate soon! :)

Still cannot say "mommy" tho. He calls me mamama everytime.

Last two nites, watching football (klate vs Myanmar team)-hubby was just teasing me.
Hubby : Iman, cepat sebut Ghaddar? (Ghaddar=player import klate)
Iman : Ghaddar!!
Hubby : Ghaddar?(halfly menyorak)
Iman : Ghaddar!!
Hubby : Ghaddar?(halfly menyorak-again)
Iman : Ghaddar!!
Hubby : Mommy?
Iman : *krik*krik*krik* muka confuse.



My plan is just to be in mom's house for confinement. Better to be in my own family's house for the comfort and the warmth i need :) Iman pun dh biasa tido dgn geyma no prob with that. and the school holidays are coming soon. So big yeay!! Aliyya & Ali will be around. Husein is staying at mom's all these time pun. Zaynab also will be around as her hubby will be going back to Mekah for his brother's wedding this June whilst her MA classes are still on. Zakiyya also will be coming back from Egypt for her summer holidays. So, i have plenty of help at home. Yeay! Good thing for me :)

I bet my mom will be the happiest as everyone's home including the apple of her eyes : Iman :)
Well, not for long Iman- soon you'll have a cuter competitor. 
Newborns are always adorably cute!!~


Oklah melalut kemana2 dh cerita kat blog arini. Tajuk asal lain.

Last but not least..last time hubby was half whispering 

"Yang, pantang kat umah ajelah.nak tak?"
"Nape?Abg duduk je la umah sorang.Skali skala tido umah mak.Bukan jauh sgt pun"
"Tp nti sengsorang..kesik la dok umah ni"

Hehe..seram la tuh nk kna dok sengsorang. tau pun. klu kitorg ada, bising2 kat umah-kata serabut yer?

Ok-have a good weekend everyone!



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hantaran Request :: SIL Wedding's coming soon!!

Hi ladies~
It's finally Thursday!!I like!!~

And finally it has been decided ::  SIL is getting married on this coming 4th of Eidil Fitri!! Aha..

My task given this time : To make the hantarans!!~
Thank god they requested early.
(mcm ms k.ngah bertunang haritu..requested me to 'help' with the hantaran the night before the majlis.OMG!!~)

Something i love actually. Before..err before la.
Before lil Iman is here.
And now in 4wks (or less) will be with Iman's lil bro as well.Mommy's cute lil helpers... :)
Camano tuh? Big SIGH (--")

Tgh fikir2 juga nih..
Should I reject the request? It seems that they are really hoping. Hoping for a FOC service as well..huhu.

Done it several times before.
For own engagement, wedding, sister's engagement and wedding, SILs engagement and few close cousins.
Some of my 'masterpieces' before. Not really nice work as got much more to improve.
Just to share.

These were done with a bundle of love and limited budget and time.

kain pelekat&sejadah
chocs :)

towel with embroidery :)

ring case

simple design isn't it? 

and few more :)

These were for my own wedding nearly two yrs ago.
tapi yg ni serabut sket sb xcukup masa.
sedih sb wedding sendiri, xdpt betul2 buat bersungguh2 :'(

bunga stokin buat sendiri hasil tunjuk ajar my good friend shidah..tqvm shidah :)

songket mahal :P

sepersalinan for him

 time watcher

lapik kaki

Utk bersiram

Wangi wangian

Halwa betik as manisan

Manisan lagi :: chocs

Grapes :)

Qur'an And Tasbih yg dh senget benget pas kena angkat dgn dayang2.

Uncang wang :)

Ad-hoc cake :)

First few first touches..sometime ago ...for dear cousin Ust. Munawwir.
Skrg dia pun dh beranak dua :)

bunga rampai&wangian




Tas tangan

This was actually meant for the hantaran money.

For the ring. With candles :)

Mm..simple je kan sbnrnya?
Well i like simplicity (and ehemmm..economy..)..if you could afford each par for >RM50 only for gubahan and hiasan, the outcome ofcourse la lbh boom de vaaas kan?
cantik pun sbnrnya subjective :P

For sister zaynab was a bit extravagant..but unfortunately i have no pics of the collection to show today.
Hers were in black and white theme.A bit rare..but cantik tau.
Her choice of color. i follow ajer.

As i have some ideas already....mmmm..sempat lagi nk fikir tuHope SIL will be flex and let me choose for her.Maybe I'll just go for it anyway despite my lil heroes, Ramadhan which is coming soon and also a tight budget..hmm..we'll see where it goes from here.
Ok - positive vibes...come to mama.... ...

Hopefully MIL agrees and like what I could fix for her beloved daughter.

Congrats kakngah for the coming wedding.
An event for this year to look ahead for :)

**excited mode ON!~

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Word-Less Wednesday : Do you know?

* There are some doubts though.Studying through this diagram you'll find that your uncle (the person whom you mom's or dad's sister married) is not your mahram. Mm..I've been salaming my uncles for ages..yelah paklong, paknjang, pakngah semua tu..

Kena kaji labih ni.sumber internet is not the main source.sedangkan ramai perawi hadis pun ditolak hadisnya and categorized as hadis dhaif..inikan pula internet..hmm..

Let's find out together.

Happy Wednesday ladies!~



**Zombie mode today cause Iman refuses to sleep on his matress..and wakes up every 2hrs setelah diturunkan. so katil adalah cramping!~

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sleeping In Style.

Ai budak debab ni..tidor xberbaju dek cuaca panas membahang dua tiga hari ni :)
Waktu ni lah mommy nk mengemas segala toys etc2 yg Iman dh tolong selongkar.

Iman : Charge battery sb pasni nak smbung blk 'tolong mommy mengemas'...yeah..i must be very energetic to help mommy bersalin kan adik awal
Mommy : (--")

Angelic look masa tidor.geram nak keronyok2!!~

Anak oh anak~

MC for yesterday.

Due to backpain.
Doctor said due to last year's epidural jap.And the weight I'm carrying in front.
Aduh..that is what it pays to be a mom.

I'm waiting for Iman to be old enough to wish me "Happy Mother's Day"
As for now, a wet kiss should be sufficient enough to celebrate this coming Saturday :)

** iv read somewhere that Mother's Day is actually celebrated by Christian's for Mother__??_ Im not sure.
I don't care pun. For me, I'm just celebrating my own mother. And all the mothers out there for a great year of motherhood. jd nun xbleh dikategori kan sbg they celebrate celibacy.

Soal terpesong aqidah?Jauh sekali... nauzubillah~

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bliss.Thank you Allah for these 28years :)

Today is my birthday. The 28th :)

I am just grateful and blissed with all that had happened around me, and i expect to be happening soon.
Dreams  at most are already real.
I am enjoying life with my loved ones and those who love me.
Alhamdulillah :)

Thank you Allah for all the wonders of the world that you have let me have.

Thank you for the loving husband you send for me, though sometimes we fight over small and silly things,and complaint a lot bout each other, but never fail to recite Qur'an after every Maghrib, offers me bottomless love and kiss me goodnight, every night :)

Thank you Allah for lil Zulhadzrey Iman who you let me carry and give birth to..and raised for the past 15mths, who never fails to melt my heart with every giggle. Thank you Allah for this second child, who led me to grateful tears with every kick, who i look forward to meet in every contraction i feel.

Thank you for the small house we have bought that shelters our family from every rain and sunshine and the neighbours that always care.

Thank you for the black sedan we own, though we complaint every crinks and cranks of it, but never fail to drive us to work every day :)

Thank you Allah for the payslip that i always complained to be too small, and let me pay every debt and never yet left us for hunger.

Thank you Allah.

I am just happy and syukur to be alive today :)


Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 36 check-up ;)

Selamat hari Jumaat :)
Mode : Happy today as the baby check-up this morning went all well :)

Lil bro inside is now 2.487kg and heartbeat is 160.
Head's down but still not engaged.

So far so good :)

Mommy? Urine-clear. BP-120/80
Weight-unchanged from last two weeks, a good thing so no need for air gula test what so ever :)
( i had been eating all those foodies everyday I think!~)

So everything's looking fine. As of now. So another 4wks to-go..insyallah.
The doctor is also always positive which makes every check-up something fun, though waiting time at the clinic is near to 2hrs. I have a good lesson learned experienced from Iman's time :)
Wish Hosp Putrajaya Labour Room is vacant on my delivery day.

So just a quick lunchtime update for today.
Just for my own record :)

** May is already here. I always love May. Always.Hopefully lil bro will pop out this 21st as a birthday gift to dearest hubby :)

Till then.



Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chenta hati dunia akhirat saya :)

Whilst at work, mommy miss you two mucho~
Rasa nak balik skrg jugaaa...

Groceries Mishap..embarassing!!~

Dearest Blog,

Today I'm already walking (literally paddling myself) through my 36th week of pregnancy. Everything seems well and I tried to avoid stress as much as I could but some things are sometimes unavoidable. The back pain and insomnia due to heavy pregnancy is there as predicted. Nothing much difference as whilst carrying Iman last year :) Iman seems to be progressing well too. I'll do an entry for him later

In the office everything seems to run out smoothly and most project kick-offs are still lukewarm in progress as everybody is still tired working to meet ends for Preve previously. We have some renovation work up here in my building and everything that seems to be related with renovation and moving seems to trigger the inner stress point in me. I hate renovations..and all. And the fact that now we're temporarily located where my place is the highway for everyone to pass by is just ticking me off. I just miss my old workstation, the location, the coffee smell in the morning. I need some privacy. Everyone does. Well as the say goes, nobody like changes, except small babies with a wet diaper :)
To start with, yesterday was a disaster at the groceries for me and hubby. To kill time waiting for hubby's bro to arrive from Kelate, we decided to go groceries shopping after work. As usual we picked up basically all and every item : from the milk, fruits,diapers, tomatoes, chicken, potatoes,veges, fish-scaled off and all to canned sardines, cili sos, mayo and pasta. We're already at the paying counter more or less nearly our way through when i realized that my purse went missing! No where to find in my handbag!!!~

All the money, both our ATM cards (bleh plak time2 camni tersimpan kan his ATM card!), the credit card, my IC and all were inside. My hubby was with only RM70 cash which is definitely not enough for the groceries altogether.bummer! I was quite furious as the purse means hell a lot for me. I need my IC to give birth anytime now. OMG!~

I went to the car immediately tagging hubby along to check. Bodyguard kan?mana bleh tggal.
Lantak la all the things on the counter. My purse needs to be found first. Barely searching, I was rumbling throughout the black sedan..tarik seat.tolak.angkat all shoes.Hmm..But still to no avail-tak ada :'(

Mood down already, I ask hubby to go back to the counter on our behalf  to tell them that we lost our purse. But he was too angry (and ego perhaps..well,what do you expect?) with me as i lost the purse and all, and refused to go (--"). I was too upset at the moment, and asked him to just drive off.

But that was the terrible mistake.
I should just go and apologized that my purse went missing. Now both of us are officially banned from that store.oh my..rugi sb at that store ayam segar ialah super segar and priced at only at 4.90 per kg!sigh~ Klu g apologize pun rasanya dh kena banned juga..huhu~

Hubby swears, he won't enter the store again. Not for this decade.
And me? Maybe after delivery bleh la kot..kot2 org dh xingat/xcam..
Basically we didn't do any crime, but that was totally embarassing!!~
 But I feel really guilty again thinking about all the huff and puff the store staffs have to go through putting all our items away again..I'm dreadfully sorry. Ya Allah..please forgive me :'(
Please kakak2, abg2 kedai - please forgive us :'(

First time things like this happen to me..hmm..takpelah..maybe there's a silver lining behind all these.
Ada hikmah sebalik kejadian. Must be much careful each time.

Dugaan sarat mengandung (--")
May I become much more of a person after this.Amin.


*purse dh ditemui, tertinggal dlm laci meja office.alhamdulillah :)
** suami isteri dh saling memaafkan :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Word-less Wednesdays - Yeay!!!~

Muka happy sgt2 :)

Brave boy ni :)

Big boy mommy :)
**Aksi2 ini diulang 80++ kali for the rest 30mins.kemudiannya diikuti dgn aksi berguling di floor playground sb mommy ajak balik (--") **

Happy wednesday peeps.
To those yg baru naik dr cuti 4days(seperti saya)..jgn ngelat.
Sila bekerja dgn bersungguh2 :)




jom terjah :)
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