Thursday, December 31, 2015

31.12.2015 : Lets say goodbye to 2015

Some fireworks hot spot for tonight :)

May all well be well. And let us embrace the new challenges we anticipate in front of us. Inshallah.

See you all next year! Inshallah.
4 days off lagi this weekend. Monday bersempena 1st day of school. Hajatnya nak p tgk dilwale..we'll see how :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

#whatishappiness day 7 : New Year!!!!!!

Well, new year's coming really soon!! in two days time and we have no particular plans this time around :) Just thinking of the new year really makes me feel happy and excited. So yeah.. its happiness no 7!

So with this lets end this challenge of 7 days of happiness (well in my case not consequently 7 days pun!) Ahahahha.. But that doesn't matter kan, as we finished the challenge! Yeay!!! 

And the blogging arena is quite slow nowadays kan, people prefer blog to Instagram instead. Maybe its the trend and instant-ness of updates, Ig becomes really popular. Most of my mommy friends even don't really blog no more. Sobs.

Well, what's with the new year welcoming?! What's your new year's resolution and self-targets? What's your achievement targets, or plans for a new you perhaps? I guess new years are really good for a beginning of everything. A refreshing kick-start.

I have plans of my own for next year, of course. But most are not yet finalized so let's give em a pause for now for these 2 more days to final tune what's in mind and set few targets. Yes targets. The boys pun i have put some milestones for them to achieve. So closely attached with each other, nowadays the age gap between Iman and Amsyar is hardly noticeable and people almost at all times mistaken them as twins. Haha.. i wish i had twins. That would be nice, but when come to think of it, only supermoms i mean great supermoms will be granted with twins. I could hardly handle one at a time, i cannot imagine with two (or even three!). 

Iman's turning 5 this february. And amsyar's 4 this coming May. So fast, right?

Few things i have in mind for 2016 now are :
  • To set a time table with the kids and follow. Must sleep at 10pm!
  • Bedtime storybook time. If possible everyday!
  • Tabung tabung tambahan : Holiday, Expensive (I want that) Item
  • Room separation! For the kids! Now tilam separation already works. And yes, they still share our bedroom but on toto comforters on the floor, so this cannot last long.
  • Milk bottle wean-off! No bottles no more
  • Enroll them for Tae Kwan Do
  • Enroll them for swimming class panasonic (either or both!)
  • Project Kebun Sekangkang amsyar ! (so far we have serai and daun bwg..haha
And there are more to this list! guys..2days..2more days!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#whatishappiness day 6

Saturday day out with family! To --> Dinoscovery! Yeah..the boys had a blast of time. Siap ulang 2x masuk balik bila dh keluar. diorg xkesah pun. 

What is the true happiness is the 5days leave (incl sat sun) for mommy last weekend. and guess what? KL was really lengang! Xde rmai org sgt pun. Dinoscovery was located in Avenue K (first time there!).  Sb xramai org parking space was ample!  And parking was rm5 per entry only! murah!  

Ok tata for now. nanti kita review dinoscoveria. diorg kata will be closed for reno this january. full revamp. xtaulah tu :)


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Selangor Holiday Day Out!

Last weekend was a loong unplanned 4 days holidays for Selangor. It was 3days at first in conjunction of the Sultan's birthday and MB Azmin Ali was crowned Dato Seri. But then Selangor won the Piala Malaysia against Kedah and the MB declared Monday as a PH. So Yippee yay yay!!!!!!

All first 3 days were rainy days here in Shah Alam. The cats and dogs and tigers and crocs type of raining ya. Yahh until astro goes huhu. And some places in Shah Alam were reported even to flood up. Adoi.

But on Monday, the sun was shining really  bright! So lets go for a walk. Hubs is not really the mall type so at most times we avoid malls. So a sunny day really makes us happy! :)

Nak jalan jauh jauh malas. Kita g tempat dekat2 sahaja. sebelum tu dh ke tempat events so kita p jalan2 kat Tmn Botani Putrajaya je. Tgk lake, tgk trees. Nak sewa basikal dah terlambat sikit..counter dh tutup! :)

Botani Garden Canopy Bridge

Kemain Hero :)

Selfie satu. Poluh2 omaknyo masuk hutan jalan jauh juga.

Taman Botani ni basically mmg utk tgk pokok and jalan2 tgk nature. Playground pun takde but there's many walkaways and paths through thematic gardens yang mmg molek utk yg nak keluarkan peluh. I have 2 energetic boys so mmg sesuai. Hah berlarilah kamu dlm ni :) seriously i guess i loss 2kgs walking alone. Baguihnya klu betul..haha

Inside the info center

Uphill!! when mommy's too exhausted to climb maleh.

Dah penat tu Iman dh ngadu lapar :) Ada je seafood restaurant inside the botanical garden tp hubs insist nak p cari cendol. Kami p pusing kat ayer@8 tp mcm still byk kedai tak buka betul2 lagi and tak brapa menarik. So jomm p pekena sate willy sg ramal alang2 dh dekat ni. Set waze 15mins ja dh smpai.

Muka lapar daddy baru p order satay. kejap lg tidor la ni.confirm!

Cedappppppppp kata amsyar. Faveret dia buat masa ni. Habis 3cucuk sate :)

Sate dgn ayaq kelapa. Panas ni mmg syoklah. pastu order sket Kelantan Fried Chicken ayam mavellous. Nasik lemak rm2 sejemput..layannn. Abes mommy nye 2kg td. naik balik 2kg setengah..hahahaha

That was the weekends :) This weekend lom abes planning lg nih :) Apayaaa? :) Simpan simpan duit la jer kannn.. yuran yearly arif minda pun dh 1100++ tu pun after tolak books, uniform itu ini.

Till then...



Friday, December 18, 2015

#whatishappiness day 5 - astrocircle dinoscovery tix!

Many bad and not so happy things happened all day yesterday actually. I was forced to finish designing 3 items in one day and by lunch hour i was already cracked. I asked for a lunch date with hubs and a tour to the bakery shop and by 2.30pm i was already back on track.

But despite all the stress, the mailbox back home welcomed me with....

 I've got my tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets go roar-ing this christmas holidays :) or maybe the new year long weekend. Nak masuk KL ni kna plan for whole day in KL sb malas nk tempuh jam. Shah Alam mmg lain ya dr KL. Weekend takdak org pung! and of course dah year's end ni every week pun full with plans :)

Redeemed at astrocircles. Check your astro points and redeem from here.
Happy redeeming guys!

**4 tix caused me 500 points only! yay! which acculumates to around rm120 if purchased on site. Alhmdulillah rezeki Iman n Amsyar la ni :)

And this is the tix price if you're interested to go :) more info on dinoscovery click here~


 Happy weekends ahead dearies!



Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#whatishappiness challenge day 4

4 days at home last weekend was really a bliss for me. we did some spring cleaning sebab amsyar naik gatal2 habis, carpet and all but it seems that many things are really there for me to be grateful than gloomy :) Happy aura come to mommy!!

These three were supposed to be last weekends' happiness :) so yeah..

No 1
My fav for Gegar Vaganza : Siti Nordiana won first place! Yeay! Congrats Nana! bertudung or not there's no issue here in Malaysia apparently. Big yeay! Hubs was Ezad's fan so boo for him.haha.

No 2

We finally completed our Lego Shell collection!  All 7 of them! Yeay with the shell tanker. It was really a wanted item, soughted even before midnight. We were at Putra Heights Shell at 11.50pm and the Q line was already long. being the 20-ish person, hubs got his hand onto the awaited model. Hooray! haha..

Gila org malaysia ni. #legoshell was a phenomenon and collectibles are too cute to resist..kikiki

No 3

Mission to #bbw2015 accomplished! Yipppeeeee! Last minute plan for last day of the exhibition. Mujurlah sempat. Grabbed few books for the kids yeay! Really great happy time for mommy :) I kan ulatbuku.haha

Ok tu je.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

#whatishappiness day 3


Thank you Red Giants, Next year kita beli jersey selangor. kalau menang bulih cuti kitewwwwwwwwwww.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

#whatishappiness day 2

I really cant do this daily. So we'll try to do it AS WE COULD DO IT! Bahahaha..

So lets do day 2 ;p

Well, yesterday was a good day. A hectic day. So many things bad but we would like to rmember the good ones don't we?

And our car overheated in Kesas highway at 7.35am! Ironically enough ya? I asked hubs to stop for awhile until the temperature lowers down, and start again to at least get us to the office compound! Alhmdulillah it worked. SO instead of being a disappointing moment, it was a good one! Alhmdulillah we reached the office, clocked in on time and went to see the cars whereabouts again.

After some time, hubs decided that i should be staying in, and he would disassemble the engine parts to see whats wrong. 

bab bib bub bababa.. tadaa! Siap!

This was the culprit. Thermostat not open. Dah stuck.

This old buddy of mine dh 250k dh umurnya so a lot of things and muscle strain lah kan. Tp kita still syg sebab tak pernah beronar setakat ni. klu mati pun di parking ofis. pancit pun di rumah :) Rezeki tu. Alhmdulillah. Umur pun lg tua dr usia perkahwinan saya :p Masa p dating zaman muda muda pun dgn dia :)

So happiness is when the car is ready..on time!
And breaks down almost at not-to-worry conditions. Alhmdulillah :)

Esok cuti! Yeay! Another happiness..kikiki. so toodles!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

#whatishappinesschallenge day 1

Tuesday. A normal day but with a breakfast mini seminar this morning. Nothing much, just some kuehs and roti and 434 coffee. Ahaa the coffee!


Yes. Today's happiness is the 434 coffee! Exclusive Muo (Muar, Johore) Black Coffee that is my personal fav! They made it too thin but nvtheless. i still love it. Happiness is just having the opportunity to share the unique taste w the group.

i just love this group. Not so makchicky, not too loud, not too bland and blur. Pure work and engineering with few gossips in between. minimal i could say. just the way i love it.

Have a nice day uols. Try 434 ya?!

Let's do this! #HappinessChallenge

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Sanah Helwah Grandma!

5th December 1963

That is my mom's birthday!
I have no word to describe how much i love you :)

May Allah bless you always mak. And grant you all your wishes. And pray for me to not be durhaka at you all my life. Forgive all my sins mak, and may Allah grant me more rezeqi to make you happy mak.

Love you from the moon and back.

Always :)

Friday, December 4, 2015

Things we've done in 2015

Hi guys

Its december already and we're going to leave 2015 already! so fast isnt it? But i like things fast. almost everything. Except for my babies to grow up too fast.sobs.

So lets start reflecting on things we've done all year so that we can do things we wanted to do in first place that had not been crossed out the to-do list yet! We can start on simple things then go for the big cheeses. Like, retreats for example!

So yeah, 2015 had been tough. Counting on economical point of view, the struggled and survived alhamdulillah. Still credit card-less for the 3rd year already! Not so much money stuffed in the savings account tho. Need to work on that of course! So that's a tick for 2015. What else...hmm..nevermind, lets first do a 11 month throwback for places we've gone to. No such thing as a percutian mewah for us, nothing much this year not yet. So yes, always on the budget-tight holidays is really the way to go for me! :)  As long as we're happy, that's fine for us :)


The beginning of the year selalunya pokai. So kita dok diam2 pergi jln2 dekat2 je. We went for our Date on the first day of school because it was an off day for us. And the lids were at school. It was Amsyar's first day. And seemed ok, confident and happy :) So ok lah.

Checking out what's in onecity w the boys

From onecity's rooftop


We went for a short weekend getaway in PD! And celebrated Iman's birthday in Glory Beach Resort. Nice place, shabby but ok :) The beach was really nice of course. 2d1n stay with my big family as well ;)


Balik kampung yeay! As we couldnt make it for the bah besar, this was our first time back after the banjir besar 2014. We took the long route back via Terengganu and hit for few beach stops. Syok jalan mcm ni. Jalan2 cari makan, but the bauxite mining in Kuantan was really a spoil! Maybe next time lah kita cuti cuti malaysia sini.

One of the beaches in Terengganu. Cantik bangat terengganu beaches ni ;)


We went for a budget holiday in Langkawi! Yeay!! Murah2 aje semua..only Rm1700 inclusive of air tickets, sewa kereta and hotels for a 4days3nights stay :) Alhamdulillah, the boys first island trip.  

And of course in may we had May babies birthday party! :)


This time around were the ramadhan and syawal celebrations. Mcm biasa road trips round malaysia for us this year for raya. We started from KL- Slayang- Sg Buaya then up north to Bukit Merah.

Aloq Setar- Baling - Tasik Banding - Gerik

Then Kelantam....yeay!

Jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan. Byk kutipan (duit raya hehehe).


TAkdak p mana sgt August as we're looking forward on events in September! Yeay September. Just one PD retreat for Merdeka day here :) Yes. We love our port dickson beach! :P


The awaited month! As we had plans for.......


Really nice trip. Must repeat. Tak puas.

Then we have our beloved sister's wedding in September juga! So a balik kg trip to kelate of course! this time via cameron highlands! Weee... :)


Kita tutup dgn Gold Coast Morib. All time favorite kita :)


Well, we'll see how. Another 27days for December waiting for us, kan? Trip to Kedah/Penang last few days pun tak habis penat lg :)

Well, that sums our 2015 as for now. 
Cuti cuti malaysia ajorr.cuti bajet. Lets plan for next year! Dah dpt list of long weekends and PH for 2016 kan? The kiddos pun dh besar sikit, they're already understand things and surroundings so maybe boleh start planning for overseas trips. We'll see.

How about your year?




jom terjah :)
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