Monday, January 6, 2014

Tadika Arif Minda - Iman goes to school

Assalam mommies,

Hi there! So far so good ya for 2014?

As i have shared before, our choice for Iman's 3years old playschool is :: Tadika Arif Minda. So far one of the best surveyed in Saujana Putra to my opinion. There are another few opening soon or just opened but most are franchise branches that are not to my likings for the reason of medium, location (shoplot) and also monthly fees. Alhamdulillah, i put trust in teachers in Arif Minda, and hope for the best for dear Iman :) so far there are only 4 3year olds in Iman's class. 

Year planner received, also class timetable for 3/4 years olds. 

          Just a note here for mommy to remember back on iman's 1st day of school. Knowing iman, he's a tough guy with a soft heart who doesn't likes to b pushed around. It made me a lil worried as well, but independent as he is, I know he'll survive well.

             School briefing for parents started on the 1st of January and school session orientation week started on the 2nd until end of this week. Iman cried being left on Thursday the 2nd, and refused to eat when mommy came fetching him at 12noon. Oklah for the 1st day.

               The 2nd day, mommy had to work and iman had to take the Van back to his bbsitter. He cried upon being left but the teacher said it didn't last long. By 10am, he was happy eating along with new friends and by 12noon refuses to go home. Well, I wasn't surprised as the teacher said he was busy playing playdoh. Playdoh us his current obsession now. Well, one of the things that made him stay still for at least 30mins.

Iman is growing up so fast, I had to catch my breath to follow up with him.

As for today, things are going positively better. He was happy reaching school but then changed his mind upon reaching the school. But alhmdulillah only crocodile tears this morning. Yet, he is ok. Mommy needs some more updates afterwards.Iman is reaching 3years old next month the 21st. Mommy really hopes he enjoys school, enjoys friends and could always be happy.Inshallah.

Mommy always love you..

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hensem sgt laaaa zahra... i nak booking boleh? *kelipkelipmata

:: zahra :: said...

thank you aunty jd fan no 1 saya..heheheh

byk akai ni aunty doraa..mcm mcm :)


jom terjah :)
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