Thursday, January 30, 2014

Homeschool Projects 2014 :: All about Dinosaurs Part 1

Assalam Mommies,

How is your day so far?
Esok nak cuti kan? So let's let out the positive vibes!!
For today at least :)

Just another homeschool idea that might interest you.
We were going into the dinosaurs theme this month.


So most activities were on counting dinosaurs. Reading about dinosaurs and also coloring dinosaurs.
I bought a simple encyclopedia of dinosaurs and we read together about t-rex, stegosaurus and brontosaurus and some tyrannosaurus as well :)

It was fun and amazing.
And as interesting as animals ( I think it is even more).
I told them these were the animals around long long time ago.
Before mommy was little, and grandma was little.
They are still working on that idea concept tho..hehehehe.
We'll figure out more in depth all about dinosaurs maybe before a trip to Petrosains :)

One of our dinosaurs book grabbed at BBW recently :)

One of the activities was coloring stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus :)
Mommy got them free on the net :)

Adik amsyar is a lefty :) My precious lefty. 

Then later, we counted dinosaurs. Stegosaurus' on a paper.
And cut them out. and glued them on a big board with the numbers.

It's ok. Scissors and cutting skills are really quite tricky to master :)

Opps..iman, you've cut off one of the stego's fingers..uh-oh! :p

I missed taking pictures of the end product. But all the messy and glue-ey was really a nice project to do.
We are planning to do more dinosaurs projects this weekend :) Inshallah.
But it really depends on the boys.Maybe we'll do color and shapes instead :)

Homeschooling supposed to be fun and not structured and better spontaneous fun :)
Stay tuned!! ;)

Below are some of the dinosaurs printable available online. Most of the nicest are up in pinterest :)
Google up mommies. Its all free (well mostly :p)! Just to share the idea :)

Well, after all the dinosaurs stories, it does't kill to read up any books you like kan?

Share your homeschool ideas mommies. Let's built quality time.
It's not the SAHM only who have all the time.
We, working moms also can :)

Till then mommies.


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Fizah said...

terbaekkk...blh masuk dlm list to do ni =)


jom terjah :)
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