Tuesday, January 14, 2014

House Projects and the weekends

Assalam mommies,

So how's your day? Cuti harini kan? Maulidurrasul.
Jom 30sec kita berselawat.

Allahumma solli ala Muhammad wa ali Muhammad.

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ak cerita yg hari sabtu dpt DH hadiah GA liana jasni.alhamdulillah!! Yeay! Rezeki tahun baru.thnx dearie..boleh la buat lg lps ni.  :) Thank you so much. Can add to my collection :)

For us, at home mcm biasa lah..home projects, cooking projects and homeschooling. Just this wk, mom came for lunch all the way from tganu so we postponed our dino making on Saturday. And read dino stories instead. hehehe..

For Sunday, I made some pengat keledek for hubby for a change :) Asyik donuts and cream puffs je..lets go back to kg style basic. Amsyar mmg suka Sgt..licin 2mangkuk! Hahaha..made it less sugar for our general health resolution this yr.hehehe


Let me show u around the House today. Acheh mcm cantik sgt je..i need to get some ideas for these two spaces..one is our reading corner and another is our small playroom. Both are still in the making and really need a make over. Maybe we'll start after CNY, so if you have any ideas, big or small, do drop me a line,ok? Hehehe..

Enjoy your days off mommies!!!
Pray for our safety back and fro :) Balik kampung 5 days ni..yay!

Till then,

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jom terjah :)
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