Monday, January 13, 2014

Homeschool Projects 2014 :: The Lion Mask!

Session 2014 has begun! Yeay!!
I have not yet really list down the activities and the wish lists of projects, so we go by random for now.

This week we decided to do lion masks. To explore on using scissors (highly under supervision of course!) and also how glue..makes to paper stick together. Iman is already ready to comprehend on the function of the scissors and had fun on doing it. Amsyar on the other hand, was really into glue at the moment.

Ok. so what do we want to do today?
Yeay! One lion mask and one tigerr!! So lets trace two rounds on a cardboard paper. Here in Malaysia's bookstores it is called manila card.

After tracing we cut through the paper. Mommy did some final trimmings just to make it tidy.

Then we made cut out ears and lion mane for the lion and tiger triangle stripes for the tiger. Then mane was nicely cut-out by Iman. Mommy helped to curl the mane with a pencil.

Then its time to glue! Ears, then mane. Then the stripes! Yeay! Gluing is sticky and fun!

Then mommy helped to draw the ears,nose and lion's mouth. Don't forget the sharp teeth :)
Cut the eye holes! And voila!! The mask is ready!!

It was a fun-tastic activity!!!
Amsyar glued other things as well and poured half the bottle of the glue onto the carpet. But mommy says its ok, that's part of the activity and learning process as well :)

Come and have a try on this..its really ROaRsome!!! :)

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eug|ena said...

nice lah mommy!

nak try jugak laaa

great idea + cheap.. skang semua kena cost saving :P

thanks for sharing :)


jom terjah :)
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