Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday for mommy

Harini genap 7hari Iman kesekolah. Dan alhmdulillah, dropping him off was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier than before. And most precious is that he seems to be happy being sent to school. now i have sold the idea to him that he have to go to school as he is already a big boy. And all he's teachers and friends are waiting for him. I know he's one confident boy and inshallah could socialize well :)

For me, I'm just down exhausted today. Maybe as the routine had changed and taking some extra miles before next week's long holidays for me. i really need good rest. Work is as work can be. The usuals. The non stop projects and activities daily not by routine. My only routine in the office is to head straight to the cafe after punching in and heading back as early as i could the second the 5.30 bell dings off. In between is unpredictable.

I'm a mother of two lil munchkins, only, yet i feel really can't do the supermom thingy. The last day i swept my floor was last Monday. Hahaha.. I could only cook simple dishes for precious Chef Djoul (aka mr hubby) and do the laundry. Others mmg ke laut...hehehe. Betul. By 10pm, my battery storage is already empty. I hope that's normal.

For my family, the least mommy can do is to make us a proper dinner, Inshallah.

Kari ikan ayo aka ikan tongkol

Sambal sotong.daging blackpepper.bendi celur

Hero of the week! Sardines and kobess.. :P Repeat bendi celur..hehehe

Am really looking forward for this weekend as i had promised the boys for a dinosaur project this wkend. Last week we went over together an (mini) encyclopedia of dinosaurs. Yeay!!!Iman’s current obsession are aliens, and dinosaurs. And another one quite funny to mention :: underpants.
Well thanks to his new favorite books. Hahaha.

Well, happy weekends my lovelies! Do you know that my husband works every weekends? So instead of whining over it, I think its quite rather nice to see the glass half full. To take that oppurtunities to find the mommy inside of me and to take my time entirely to entertain, cook and play with the boys. Embracing what is aligned beneath rather than looking what is missing.

I missed a lot in between the 5days I was working.
The boys are growing up really fast in 5days you know.


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