Thursday, January 9, 2014

My 2014 Resolution List!

Lets start simple. To be more objective and achievable ;) Inshallah
1. Eat clean. Drink plenty. Target for 3L of plain water. Avoid sodas and limit on caffein.
2. Early to bed and early up. Try to make breakfast for iman inshallah. 11pm max everyday. And 6.45 on the breakfast table :)
3. Solat awal waktu. All 5times daily. Doa lebih banyak. Inshallah. Habiskan at least Iqra' 1 with Iman and try for jamaah as family timeout :)
4. Reorganize weekend homeschooling. Write down your activities! And plan by monthly. Mommy get organized! New book for homeschooling activities and recipe compilations :)
5. To not get pregnant this year (yet). Inshallah. Let mommy study more on healing and gentle birthing. More information on hypnobirthing and alternatives. Inshallah if have a chance to attend Amani class.
6. Get more brain developing food recipes for my boys. Homemade of course. Learn about homemade natural remedies. Au natural this year for a start
7. Organize more parties (birthdays!!Yeay!)/kesyukuran jamuan and invite ppl to our home.
8. Plan for a getaway by June with the boys. No need to be expensive, just something simple :)
9. Organize work.Organize hard and smart.and try to stay humble.Inshallah.
10. Try to be a great companion and partner to mr hubby. Less whining and nagging and appreciate more. Ingatkan diri selalu tentang mati. Inshallah.

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All the best Zahra! :)


jom terjah :)
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