Friday, January 24, 2014

Mommy's tips and homemade ice pops

Hi there.

Kids are gifts from Allah. To keep our hearts filled up with love and kindness and all the goodness in the world.Husbands are gifts too. Your life companion. Your soulmate, the one who simply completes you.

One small tips from a working mommy like me.Who commutes to and fro to work with my soulmate.Wear lipstick or at least some nice light makeup everytime ur anticipating of being with ur hubby :) Buat apa pkai make up utk boss or ur work colleagues.i rarely re apply any make up in between workinh hours.but I do wear some after solat asar. Sb lepas tu, ill meet my honey bunny.#muntahlahkalaunak

Stressed at work, the last thing he wants to see is he's housemate's face all comot and busuk too :p


Senang je :) Its the effort that counts. It's not a new thing when i get questions on why i wear a lil makeup after asar 10minutes prior time out. At least nak kita cantik utk dia. Cheers :)

Morning smile. 7.20am :)

6.30pm :)


Made these yummy pops from extra pengat keledek last time :) The boys enjoyed it alhamdulillah. At least, the pops are chemical and preservatives free and sugar content controlled as well :) could be a great idea for you mommies out there for a change this weekends along :) Ice pop holders from #daiso

Nice and refreshing, eyh?  :)

Have a nice weekend ahead!


Mommy Z

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