Thursday, January 9, 2014

Iman goes to school part 2

Alhmdulillah iman had finished his orientation week. And today the learning process begins. I hope everything seems interesting to Iman and he is happy with it. I don't want to set any limits or expectations to Iman, and let him explore with what he likes. He's in generation alpha afterall.

 It's afterall preschool cum playschool. Not even the real school yet :) Really, if ada rezeki lebih, mommy wil enroll you to Montessori concept school. inshalllah.

Today, he toddles cheerfully to school.
Kissed mommy and daddy and waived goodbye. Finally!!! Such a good boy.already all big and brave :) I think finally he gets to the idea that school is fun :)Alhamdulillah :) :) :)

Spot iman?  :)
I asked him ysterday were the cikgu nice..

He said, "takde cikgu, ada teacher"
"Ohoo.. teacher.Teacher baik tak?"
"Teacher baik"
"Teacher ajar apa?"
"Teacher ajar nyanyi songs"
"Owh sing songs? Songs apa?"
"Ahaa sing songs,  abc, 123, little shtarshss"


"So best x school?"
Ok.that's a really great relieve for mommy :)
" Iman mkn x kat school?" -Angguk- "Iman mkn apa?"
" makan nasi, fish, shayurr"

Hmm..a doubt that a lil..

That night, while helping me hang out laundry at 10pm, iman pointed out and asked.
"Tu apa mommy?"
" owh tu moon"
"moon? Shtarss la"
" tu moon, stars yg kecik kecik, twinkle twinkle"
" Oh..!"
Then he started singing " Twinkle lil stars" till the end..
Oh dah pandai!! He nvr sang the whole song. I was so amazed!

"Siapa ajar this song?"
"Kat sekolah ke?"
"Kat school la mommy!!"

So many he could learn in just so little time.
3year olds are really sponges as it's said.

Happy mommy you have found confidence within yourself to be alone at school. Hopefully you grow up to be a strong, healthy,confident and soleh khalifah.
Amin :)

Mommy loves you iman.
Mommy loves you soooo much!!!


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