Monday, January 27, 2014

kisah isnin

Hi there!


Bored on morning like these.
Was planning to go to Denso (my vendor), but my boss asked me to send my colleague instead.
Macam tau tau je nk berjimba ke tmpat lain  and enjoy lunch w the vendors (--")
He asked me to attend 2 meetings instead. sheeesh ;p

Sigh   -.-

I'm just missing the boys, i think.
Who doesn't on mornings like these.
Muka serupa kan budak dua org ni?
Bila tidur lah br nmpk jelas. kalau x, not that obvious :)

i wish i don't work.
and stay at home.
and play whatever with the boys.
and cooked hearty meals

and got paid..hahaha.
berangan jelah.

ok ok.
i need inspirations.
Positive vibes please come to mama!!
And oh. It's a 4 days working week rupenyerr..
So yeaY!!

*please cepat these 4 days berlalu*
*please please please*

Hoping so as this week is full of outstations.
Off to Melaka, TGM

Well, patutnya bangi today.

Oh well. -.-"


Made more of this smlm. From cameron bought keledek madu.
I wish i am home. and could get some of this.
Current favorite of the boys.Yups..daddy as well :)

Gambar last two weeks.
Takpa recycle.
Output lebih krg jer ;p

So pengat keledek anyone?
Mai lah umah, ptg ni  :)

Have a nice Monday peeps.


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jom terjah :)
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