Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tadika Arif Minda :: Bandar Saujana Putra

Assalamualaikum wbt mommies!
Nice Wednesday morning isnt it?Gloomy and raining and cold.
Nice if i could get my dose of kopi 0 and nasi lemak.
And a pillow afterwards.


As promised before, here is my review for Tadika Arif Minda BSP. We have attended Arif Minda's open day last Saturday,viewed the facility, meet and greet the teachers and paid registration fees just to ensure we got a place after the final review.The school itself,is a nice double storey corner lot House in Desa Saujana near to in BSP. A comfortable clean and new environment it really made me felt invited and cosy.

We were told that they accepted kids from as early as 3yrs old, 4,5 and 6 years old for a maximum 17-20 students per class. Each year has a class teacher, they have one cook and another two helpers in their facilities. Classes begins at 8am and ends at 12pm, and they offer day care afterwards charged either monthly or hourly depending on the parents choice.

Arif minda classes were taught in both Malay and English and they offer basic subjects which includes aqidah and tauhid and also basic elements like prayers, doa and Islamic akhlaq, which is a good start. Well, it is no harm in having this school for Iman's playschool.

Dari segi silibus sbnrnya saya pn xbrpa pandai nk komen Dan tak buat lg full in depth research utk sekolah sekolah lain, tp sekolah ni menitikberatkan galakan kpd anak sejauh mana dia boleh kehadapan.The learning sessions are thematic in accordance to the calender of the year, for example ramadhan,or maulidur rasul. Im not sure whether its a good method or not so we'll see how things goes on.

 Other than that this school offers program membaca with Read Easy Ladybird and Bacalah Anakku and also Alfurqan Quran basis.They also offer PE, gardening activities, water play and also yearly sports day and graduation.So far so good.Just normal of what i expected a kindergarten would be.

Fees structure would be RM190 per month for school only without daycare and a registration and yearly fees (including uniform and Jan fees) of RM1324. For further details you can also log in their website Tadika Arif Minda

The brochure, and fees structure

The fee structure.Reasonable,eh?

My plan was to send iman here for two years and then continue with a basic Montessori oriented school to elevate his skills. Iman would be a great footballer/athlete as well from what i can observe now. You would definitely be awed in how hard he could kick a ball or throw a pen/toy directly aimed on something (like mommy or amsyar) (--").

I really hope Iman would enjoy and play and learn new things here. The most important thing is he is happy here and enjoy his introduction to school.For me, I am not really strict into yearly achievements academically but more onto character building, independence and self esteem integrated into Iman and also the first tints in tawheed knowledge. Iman enjoy yourself. Don't worry, just explore and learn and explore new world.There is so much out there for you :)

Take care Iman.
Mommy hope this school is good for you.

Love you always..



siti norsarah Aminuddin said...

hi neighbour, i also enrolled three of the boys dkt arif minda. adam is going to be 6 yrs old next year and the twins will reach 4 next year. so i bet, twins will be in the same class with Iman. hope they will get along and make frend to each other.

aryan tu taktau nak letak mana, still survey taska yg bagus. worst case nak merayu pada owner arif minda accpet aryan for 3 yrs class. dgr khabar dha penuh.

:: zahra :: said...

Yeay!! ada schoolmates dah :)
I think its one of the best options in BSP kot.hopefully!

Iman next year 3years, sarah. baby 2011. I think sebaya aryan. Mmg last week pun diorg kata dh nearly full for all classes. Sb max ambil smp 17-18 students je per class age.

Enroll je lah aryan situ.senang drop off semua skali :)

najah salwa ismail said...

Gud info mommy


jom terjah :)
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