Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 has come to the end...

Assalam mommies,

It was raining cats and dogs since 5am this morning in Salak Tinggi. Cats and dogs just dont justify i think, it was more to elephants,monkeys,giraffes and all if you know what I mean. We're staying in Salak Tinggi this week as my babysitter asked for a one week off. cuti balik kampung katanya cum cuti sekolah.Hmmm..

Me, im the kind of person who doesnt have the heart to say no to ppl who are kind to my children.and it happens not too often, and the last time she asked for days off were during raya. So, why not. Just let her be happy. I hope she'll be more content in taking care of both iman n amsyar.

As for mommy, I cant take 4days leave in short notice so, I decided to seek for my sister's help for the 1st 2days. 4days would be too much to ask Fortunately she was happy with that, and my father was around, so yeah, we're 'berkampung' here in Salak Tinggi. Alhmdulillah, Allah made it easier for us.

So for the next 2days post Christmas i'll be on leave, to be a 5-days paid stay at home mom..yeay!! Meal plans, school prep for iman, some house/home organizing projects and homeschooling days..yeay!!! Owh i cant wait!! Lets start listing!!

Seemingly the boys had fun staying home at geypa's place with auntychik. I feel so blessed alhmdulillah. Well, life is full of surprises :) You never could know what to expect.

Happy boys :)


Endings of a year always have a soft spot in my heart. To remind me of what have happened and made me wiser throughout the year, and to make me rmember not to redo mistakes that I have done.A new yr is always a new start, a moving point, a change, to a new book literally. And we are already 6days shy to 2014! Age is only a number for me, but how mentally a geed are uou actually which really counts.

Iman is going to school next year! Which is huge milestone :) And mommy is turning 30 :) Another huge thing, which needs mommy to sit and remember what did happen in my 20s years :) A lot of happy things I guess..alhmdulillah!

Yet, end of year always demands the most in the financial dept.

Allah nak uji, akhir akhir tahun begini lah tayar nak habis bunga. Need immediate change sebab dh keluar dawai and became a ticking bomb to explode anytime.Tapi alhmdulillah this car never betrayed us for all these 6yrs. Habis bateri dirumah, kalau tayar pancit pun dirumah. Just the norms of aging. Years of car is merely 7:1 ratio to humans. My persona is current in his 40s..still running strong :)

So, have you thinked of your next year hopes,wishlists and resolutions?

6days to go.
Still have plenty of time.

Ill work on mine these holidays.



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