Monday, December 16, 2013

Proton Honda - what is so strange about that?

It is hard to please everyone....but life goes on.

Recently, Proton had launched a new re engineered model I shall call in collaboration with Honda. This had made malaysians esp furious of how a national car company could just re-badge Honda accord. But wait a minute :: Re-badge? Are you serious? Have you really seen how elongated the car is now? Hmm..and how short time they have given proton to come out with this? Well, all means said.

Not 100% agreeable.but some points are homogeneous with truth la.

Well as usual malaysians don't really care of all that. I was also bashed by some so called nationalists on questions about this car model. And I choose to just to let the flow,and let it go and on the mean time explain little about the model.

Just one comment from a friend,.woke me up. “ anak pertama haruslah harapan semua tinggi”. Ah yes, Malaysians have high expectations in their first borns. First borns must be the trend setter for the other siblings if any. And malaysian always feel deep down that proton is ours.belongs to the country (yeah..not anymore,ok?). And if anything, will bash everything on them. Like an eldest son getting 10As out of 12. With all the high hopes of the parents, do u think he will be appreciated, rejoiced. This will be a failure to his family. A failure to get straight As. But in actual he's far a high achiever. Get my point? Im not a real fan of proton either,actually because Im not really a happy customer for my persona. But my persona serves me his purpose, for the price i paid monthly.

Hehehe..mcm mcm tau org malaysia ni.wtv!

But still being an insider, I am family. And all families have the golden horns and also some skeletons in their closet somewhere. Just im happy with the gains and pains here that teaches me to be more a nationalist, a good human and how to b grateful. Which is more than money can buy J

Be grateful and proud your country produces cars. Just how many Muslims countries does that? And have a peek to our neighbours, Indonesia, Thailand and they have national cars? Fair enough.

Cheers! J

The Hot Guy on the Block ;p

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