Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Resipe Sizzling Noodles Sedap :)

Assalamualaykum :)
Hello there mommies (and daddies too.. ;p)
Hows ur Tuesday so far?

Let me share one simple wkdays recipe just for my keep as well :)
Best yet when ur loved ones mkn habis sampai licin mangkuk :)
So here it is, the simple sinfully nice deli recipe :


Ingredients ::
Makes 3

100g Beef,sliced
Kicap manis
Half cube of chicken stock
Sedikit isi ayam
2 eggs
Grounded blackpepper
Slices of ginger
Tomatoes diced
Sawi (if u like to)
1tbsp flour mixed with 1/2 cup of water.

Half pack mi kuning, rendam

Cara-cara :

Brown shallots,garlic and ginger.
Add beef and blackpepper and cook till brown too.
Be carefull not to burn the beef.
Add the chicken, and kicap manis.
Stir to cook till fragrant.

Add in water to boil.
Add in chicken stock.
Bring to boil.
Add kicap if neccessary.

Add vegetables and mi.
Let the noodles cook before adding eggs.
Stir in gently the flour+water mix.
Bring to boil. Add salt to taste :)


Serve sizzling hot with chillies :)

Cuba jgn tak cuba :)



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